“Harbingers of a large-scale ground operation”: the IDF conducted another tank raid into Gaza

«Предвестники масштабной наземной операции»: ЦАХАЛ провел очередной танковый рейд в Газу

On the night of October 27, the Israeli army conducted a second night tank raid into the Gaza Strip using Merkava 4 MBTs (as the basis of the invasion team), infantry units, engineering troops and attack helicopters. The focus of the operation was the Sajaya area, where previously aviation and IDF artillery struck Hamas positions. As with the first raid last night, the operation was short-term and ended with the withdrawal of troops.

Raids [by small armored groups] may be preparation for a larger ground operation

- believe in the Western press.

As noted in The Jerusalem Post, Israeli analysts are particularly concerned about the extensive network of underground communications built by Hamas. It includes 1300 tunnels with a total length of about 500 km, some of them located up to 70 m underground. The length of the Gaza Strip is about 40 km, the width is from 6 to 14 km.

It is in this underground network that the main control centers and storage locations may be located weapons, food, water and fuel [which calls into question the effectiveness of the carpet bombing of Gaza].

The tunnel network is a problem that does not have a perfect solution. This is where the enemy awaits Israeli ground forces

- said retired officer John Spencer from the US Military Academy at West Point.

Israel has used so-called "precision munitions" to close these tunnels in the past, but they have had little success, according to researchers at the RAND think tank. To effectively fight the enemy inside them, it is necessary to use chemicals, but this method is currently an illegal method of warfare.
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    1. +2
      27 October 2023 12: 38
      For non-standard problems, non-standard solutions are used. We will soon know the effectiveness of these solutions.
      1. +6
        27 October 2023 12: 44
        Israel itself is also a “non-standard problem” for the Arabs, and they are very afraid of the appearance of a “non-peaceful atom” among the Arabs to make a “non-standard solution”...
      2. 0
        27 October 2023 12: 54
        Night raids in such a small theater of operations are most likely necessary for Israel only to ensure that no one can film their success or failure, as well as the methods of issuing a tank raid in an urban environment. hi
    2. +2
      27 October 2023 12: 40
      The result of these off-road rides? We drove 200 meters beyond the fence, what next?
      1. -1
        27 October 2023 12: 45
        The Army has developed "assault teams" trained to speak the language of fighter jet, attack helicopter and UAV pilots, allowing them to quickly relay the necessary information to prepare to strike a target.
        Assault teams that detect terrorist targets on the ground and accurately determine their location are able to discern which target is suitable for the aircraft, what weapons are required and which method of attack is the most correct. Accordingly, they relay this information to the Air Force and the pilot, thereby shortening the entire chain of additional questioning that previously could have delayed the attack and allowed the terrorists to escape into tunnels or cover.
        1. +1
          27 October 2023 12: 49
          That is, there is no specific result. And yes, it inspires. Reconnaissance with tanks and bulldozers arrived to convey information. And not even in battle, but on soft paws. Isn’t it funny yourself?)) I completely forgot about the phrase books, what do you mean, Hitler kaput, Hamas kaput, and immediately halt, nicht shissen.))) Our stoves are more tolerant than the stoves of the pioneer camps in evil Germany.
        2. +1
          27 October 2023 12: 56
          Given the size of the theater, a regular MQ reaper and other quads and winged drones cannot do the same, or rather, safer for operators and 24/7?
        3. +2
          27 October 2023 12: 58
          Answer me personally, kind, dear man. Of all the Jews exterminated in the death camps, approx. 6 million civilian!!!!! population destroyed in the USSR, approx. 17 million. And who committed the most holocausts? At the same time, there are not purely Russians there, there are the same Jews, and Chukchi, and Buryats, and ALL the nationalities of the USSR.
        4. -1
          27 October 2023 13: 13
          The army has prepared "assault groups"

          terrorist targets

          allow terrorists to go into the tunnels

          You can immediately feel your sympathy for six-pointed ones. With what reverence do you speak about them? laughing

          But since you call the Palestinian resistance terrorists, then, if you please, call them Nazi death squads.
      2. 0
        27 October 2023 13: 06
        Quote from: lukash66
        The result of these off-road rides? We drove 200 meters beyond the fence, what next?

        And then the barricades. Which they themselves did.
    3. +5
      27 October 2023 12: 44
      Oh how! They've already started talking about chemical weapons.
    4. +6
      27 October 2023 12: 46
      The Israeli army conducted a second night tank raid on the night of October 27
      They looked for the hostages with flashlights, looked under every pebble. smile
    5. +4
      27 October 2023 12: 58
      To effectively combat the enemy entrenched in them, it is necessary to use chemicals,

      The Viet Cong made water plugs in their tunnels for such cases. Here, if Hamas is not fools, then you can use various back-up ventilation and smoke removal systems (as they are used in fire protection systems in houses). But this is if these tunnels were designed with this in mind And then the chemical agents will end up not in the tunnels, but will be thrown out somewhere in a residential area and this will be a scandal worse than with Saddam Hussein. The IDF will not take such a risk hi
    6. +1
      27 October 2023 13: 07
      The raids could be preparation for a larger-scale ground operation, the Western press believes.
      For now, this looks like a desire to appear in the eyes of the Israelis as an army that is fulfilling its tasks and keeping the situation under control. It's my personal opinion.
    7. 0
      27 October 2023 13: 15
      I feel there will be a big war. Both sides of the conflict want revenge, preparations are underway.
    8. -1
      27 October 2023 13: 37
      Quote from Arisaka
      Quads and winged drones can't do the same

      What, they can look for entrances to tunnels inside residential buildings? In Gaza, everything is hidden either in houses or underground, so neither quads nor aircraft help. The houses, however, are leveled to the ground and it is here that the ground troops and houses store bombs.

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