At night, the Russian Armed Forces carried out combined strikes on military targets in Izyum, Dnepropetrovsk and Nikolaev regions of Ukraine

At night, the Russian Armed Forces carried out combined strikes on military targets in Izyum, Dnepropetrovsk and Nikolaev regions of Ukraine

The Russian Armed Forces continue to launch combined precision strikes weapons on military and military-related objects in the rear areas of the territory of Ukraine controlled by the Kyiv regime. The Russian Ministry of Defense rarely and rather sparingly reports details of exactly which targets were hit.

In turn, Ukrainian official sources are mostly spreading propaganda details about the destruction of almost all drones-kamikazes and missiles of the Russian Armed Forces, while declaring that a small number of them (often the arithmetic is very contradictory) hit exclusively civilian targets. However, the residents of Ukrainian settlements themselves, despite the strictest ban, still occasionally post quite plausible details of the attacks.

Regarding civilian objects: they very often contain places of deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, mercenaries, command posts and warehouses with weapons and ammunition, which makes these buildings legitimate targets for the RF Armed Forces. The destruction of residential high-rise buildings occurs due to the unprofessional work of Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners, who deliberately place air defense systems not along the perimeter of populated areas, but in city blocks.

Tonight, air raid signals sounded again in several regions of Ukraine. It is known that facilities in the city of Izyum in the Kharkov region were under attack. Ukrainian official channels, again, report that a rocket hit a fire department. Of course, they will remain silent about the fact that Ukrainian soldiers were there.

Unnamed targets were attacked in the Nikolaev region, in particular in the vicinity of the city of Voznesensk. The strikes were carried out by kamikaze drones “Geranium”, which Ukrainian propaganda resources traditionally call “Shaheds”. As a result of the arrivals, a fire started, which was extinguished by six o'clock in the morning. In Soviet times, there were many industrial enterprises operating on the territory of the city and in its environs, mainly food enterprises, which almost all stopped operating during the period of “independence”. However, the remaining buildings in the industrial zone may well be used for military purposes.

An air raid alert was declared on the Kyiv-controlled territory of the DPR and the Kharkov region.

Residents of Dnepropetrovsk write about explosions in the city and region. At the same time, no air raid signals sounded. There are also no official reports of arrivals in this region.

Objects are under fire in Kherson, which certainly cannot be called a peaceful city, given that it is located directly on the front line in the right bank of the Dnieper occupied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, the mayor of the city, Roman Mrochko, appointed by the Kyiv regime, routinely reports on hits in residential buildings in the Dnieper district of the city, publishing a whole list of almost two dozen addresses of high-rise buildings that allegedly came under fire.
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    1. -1
      27 October 2023 10: 13
      In Izium - this is good, but what about grain trucks in Odessa near the wall?
    2. +1
      27 October 2023 10: 34
      Daily strikes without a break have become the norm for the Russian armed forces. I have a question for those who edit articles - why constantly repeat from article to article?
      kamikaze drones "Geranium", which Ukrainian propaganda resources traditionally call “Shaheds”
      Yes, even if they call it what they call it, everyone has long known that it is a “Geranium” and is flying to another facility on the territory of Ukraine.
    3. +1
      27 October 2023 10: 36
      This is useful.
      But... tonight our team managed to shoot down a UAV over the Kursk region.
      And not just anywhere, but not far from Kurchatov.
      And there... nuclear power plant, just a minute.
      Attack on a nuclear facility... And?..
      Will we continue to pretend that “nothing is happening and SVO methods are enough to achieve”?..
      1. The comment was deleted.
    4. +2
      27 October 2023 10: 57
      At night, the Russian Armed Forces carried out combined strikes on military targets in Izyum, Dnepropetrovsk and Nikolaev regions of Ukraine

      It’s time to kick out the Jewish Nazi from the Izyum Road. sad
      * * *
      With the advent of a sufficient number of UAVs, tanks with fuel and lubricants and energy facilities require the main attention. Don’t listen to anyone who says that restoring a 35-110 kV power substation is easier than a steamed turnip. You can’t assemble equipment of this voltage on a stool and you can’t tie it to a network with ropes.
    5. +2
      27 October 2023 11: 50
      that a small number of them end up exclusively in civilian targets.
      If they actually hit a civilian object. There would already be heaps of photos from all angles, both before the hit and after the hit, and the very moment of the hit - from at least five points... Well, it turns out that it didn’t hit civilians.
    6. +3
      27 October 2023 12: 02
      The fact that the strikes are carried out at night, when there are no personnel at the facilities, on the one hand, is logical - there are no unnecessary casualties.
      On the other hand, unafraid personnel will move to new facilities or restore the work of destroyed ones.
      Until they start to cover up defense industry facilities and their personnel, engineers and workers will not begin to be afraid and avoid going out and sabotaging the work.
      Did you work during the day for the benefit of the Ukrainian defense industry and went to rest peacefully? - this is not the right approach. Workers of defense enterprises in the Outskirts should be afraid to go to work and avoid defense enterprises. Only fear and destruction can paralyze the defense industry.
      Although I may be wrong in my opinion, but on the other side the workers are working conscientiously for the benefit of the Ukrainian defense industry, and there is no point in having intimate conversations about brotherhood with those who rivet ammunition and weapons for that army.

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