The army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces began to receive serial heavy Mi-26T2V helicopters.

The army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces began to receive serial heavy Mi-26T2V helicopters.

Army aviation The Russian Aerospace Forces has begun to receive serial heavy Mi-26T2V helicopters; the delivery of the modernized helicopter is on schedule and without disruption. This was announced by the head of army aviation, Igor Romanov.

The Russian defense industry is fully coping with state defense orders, despite the conduct of a special military operation. Helicopter deliveries are being carried out on schedule and without disruption; this year the army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces has been replenished with new helicopters, including the serial heavy Mi-26T2V. Romanov did not name the number of helicopters entering service, but at the first stage the Ministry of Defense planned to order at least 10 Mi-26T2V. At least, such information was announced earlier.

The army aviation fleet is updated annually due to the arrival of new and modernized aircraft. (...) This year we have already received and continue to receive helicopters Ka-52M, Mi-28NM, Mi-8AMTSh-V, Mi-8MTV-5M, as well as Mi-26T2V

- Romanov said in an interview with the newspaper "A red star".

The first flight of the modernized Mi-26T2V helicopter took place in August 2018, and preliminary tests, which confirmed the characteristics inherent in the machine, were completed in January 2019.

The new Mi-26T2V helicopter differs from the basic Mi-26 model in the presence of an integrated set of onboard radio-electronic equipment, capable of automatically flying along a route, reaching a predetermined point, landing, as well as pre-landing maneuvering and returning to the main or alternate airfields. In addition, the helicopter is equipped with a digital flight system and the Vitebsk airborne defense system. With a maximum take-off weight of up to 56 tons, the helicopter can lift 20 tons of cargo into the air, both inside the cabin and on an external sling.
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    1. +6
      27 October 2023 08: 17
      In the Patriot park I took a photo on the wheel of an ordinary Mi-26... from the outside I look so tiny)
    2. +6
      27 October 2023 08: 23
      Where did the engines come from? Did they really make a reserve in advance? Or is this a modernization of the existing fleet?
      1. +4
        27 October 2023 08: 45
        Two options - stock or PD-8 finished.
        1. +1
          27 October 2023 09: 44
          Most likely, D-136 from warehouses. Although it is possible that repairs and modernization have been carried out somewhere. Yes, and PD - 8 is a little weak. 136 - oh - 12 thousand horses.
          1. Eug
            28 October 2023 10: 00
            The PD-8 cannot be “weak”, because the D-36 with a thrust of 6500 kg, on the basis of which the D-136 was made, is weaker than the PD-8. Do not confuse the PD-8’s 8-ton THRUST with the 12 e.l. POWER. With. D-000.
            1. +1
              28 October 2023 11: 38
              Is there a turboshaft version of the PD-8?))) When it is available, then we’ll discuss it.
    3. +6
      27 October 2023 08: 48
      Our industry can and will produce everything that is needed!
      It's not a one day process...
    4. +3
      27 October 2023 09: 08
      It’s unlikely that they had time to make one based on the PD-8 for a helicopter. Most likely, old stocks were purchased before 2014.
      1. +2
        27 October 2023 09: 41
        Most likely, old stocks were purchased before 2014.

        Exactly. So far, we don’t even produce the old TV3-117, which was renamed VK-2500, in sufficient quantities.
        1. +4
          27 October 2023 09: 46
          It would be more correct that TV - 3 - 117 is a converted "Klimov", since Zaporozhye produces them under the Leningrad license.
          1. +6
            27 October 2023 10: 05
            It would be more correct that TV - 3 - 117 is a converted "Klimov", since Zaporozhye produces them under the Leningrad license.

            That's right TV3-117. And no license, because production began during the Soviet years.
            1. +1
              28 October 2023 11: 43
              Are you not aware that Ukraine has been an independent state since 1991?))) Leningrad is the copyright holder of all technologies. Motor is owned by the joint LLC Jupiter, through which the issue of licensed production was resolved. Leningrad could revoke the license at any time. Yes, the production of motors could be continued, but an unlicensed copy is not feng shui.
    5. +9
      27 October 2023 10: 06
      Why is there no dislike for illiterate articles? This helicopter does not have an engine. It's not there yet! There will be a modification based on the PD-8. There have not even been bench tests yet, not just flight tests. This engine does not yet exist in hardware! And the author of the article has already opened mass production! laughing
    6. exo
      27 October 2023 10: 42
      I was working on AN-12 when I managed to visit MI-26. The size, even in comparison with AN, surprised me.
      Well, and most importantly, solve the issue with the engine. Although there seems to be some progress.
    7. +1
      27 October 2023 12: 36
      I don’t have time to follow the development and improvement of this most important kind. Either as part of the Air Force, then in the Army, then they were subordinated to the districts, then they were returned to the Aerospace Forces, but in an incomprehensible form. I remember at the beginning of the 26s, eight regiments were disbanded at a time. As unnecessary. I also remember how the commander of the AA, the legendary helicopter pilot, hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel General Pavlov, was fired by Minister Ivanov one day. For the incident with the Mi-XNUMX, by the way. Despite the fact that the security of the site was not ensured and the spirits were beating from a distance of less than a kilometer from the sites... Now the AA commander is no longer there. There is a boss. Well, at least not the manager...
    8. +1
      27 October 2023 14: 44
      Quote: vovochkarzhevsky
      And no license, because production began during the Soviet years

      And Russia is the USSR.

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