Ukrainian “head” of the Avdiivka VGA: The loss of the railway will not affect the supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces garrison in any way

Ukrainian “head” of the Avdiivka VGA: The loss of the railway will not affect the supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces garrison in any way

Russian troops continue to advance near Avdeevka, trying to advance to Berdychi, but the railway has become an obstacle that they cannot overcome. This statement was made by the so-called head of the Avdeevka military-civil administration, Vitaly Barbash.

A representative of the Kyiv authorities tried to reassure Ukrainian citizens who were asking many questions about the situation around Avdiivka. According to him, the situation is difficult, but not very difficult, the Ukrainian army stopped the onslaught of Russian troops, preventing them from crossing the railway for further advance towards Berdychi. In addition, according to him, the loss of the railway, and this is what everything is heading towards, will not in any way affect the supply of the garrison.

Now the railway does not make sense from a logistics point of view because it is not used. The occupiers are trying to approach the railway and storm it, but fire control on our part is very serious there

- said Barbash.

Also, the head of the VGA tried to say that the waste heap captured by Russian troops also “has no significance” and in general it is in a gray zone. Allegedly, Russian troops do not control it. In general, it is not clear why in Kyiv they called the situation critical if everything is so good.

There is a waste heap itself, and several small ones near it. (...) If the Avdeevka waste heap was under the control of the occupiers, then it would be impossible to enter the city. Although the situation is really difficult

- added Barbash.

Meanwhile, as reported from the front line, over the past XNUMX hours Russian troops have not conducted active combat operations in the Avdeevka area; assault units are being consolidated in occupied positions. But Russian artillery is very active and aviation, the territory of the Avdeevka coking plant and the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces around the city are under attack. From the left flank, ours began to probe the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Severnoe region.

It is assumed that the next breakthrough of the assault detachments of the Russian Armed Forces will occur in the next few days; no one has given an exact date. As has already been reported, near Avdeevka, the tactics of “jerks” were chosen, when units carry out a lightning attack, knock the enemy out of positions and immediately gain a foothold in them, preparing for the next one. So far there have been two assaults.
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    1. +18
      25 October 2023 17: 43
      No need for a hard drive. The waste heap was subsidized and in general it was a different waste heap, not a real one.
      1. +4
        25 October 2023 17: 49
        will be supplied by air with the “ghost of Kyiv”!!!
      2. +7
        25 October 2023 18: 43
        It's 2024. Barabash with his family and belongings crosses the border with Poland.
        A correspondent for the newspaper Rzeczpospolita recognizes him and asks: “How are things going in Ukraine?”
        Barabash, making a belligerent grimace and his chest heaving, answers without hesitation: “The loss of Ukraine will not in any way affect the supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces garrison.”
        “What garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine if Russia has already liberated all of Ukraine and in a day will be on the border with Poland?” - the correspondent still doesn’t let up.
        "Like what?" - Barabash, taken aback by such impudence of the correspondent, exclaimed indignantly, “Our emigrants in Poland are our garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We planned its creation in 2022.”
    2. -3
      25 October 2023 17: 59
      I think it’s time to send out mobile gunships of the Russian Armed Forces to comb the territories; not otherwise
      In addition to the excavated Black Sea, the Kakels excavated in ancient times, secretly from world history, the entire territory of VNA 404, and Kukuev is connected
      a group of strategic tunnels with all the most important centers, including Avdievka.
      It is worth recalling the times of the Second World War, when the Fuhrer had several buried bunkers
      in different regions of Germany and Geyropa, including Vinnytsia region.
      There has been noticeably less shelling of Donetsk from Avdeevka, which is understandable,
      unfortunately, the pincers from the north and south are not yet fully clamped,
      but I remember so warmly and sincerely the cauldron in Debaltsevo, it’s time to remind the clown
      at the lonely piano.
      Good luck to our soldiers, families and we think about you and believe in our victory.
    3. 0
      25 October 2023 18: 05
      As the article correctly states, there were two assaults.
      The first on October 14-15 by three brigades with a large number of armored vehicles.
      Two brigades were withdrawn for reorganization, three fresh brigades were added and a second assault was carried out on the 20th - more successful.
      This time, almost without armored vehicles.
      We advanced north from Avdeevka.
      This is according to ISW, which has been referenced many times in VO articles.
    4. +7
      25 October 2023 18: 08
      Let the empty mind fly. Avdeevka doesn’t care, it’s just that ours are doing everything slowly, using all available funds. Zelya throws the VSUk into another meat grinder. The bloody show continues.
    5. 0
      25 October 2023 18: 26
      The Ukrainian army stopped the onslaught of Russian troops, preventing them from crossing the railway
      And what about it??? But we closed the crossing for them, now they’re waiting for us to open it...
    6. +4
      25 October 2023 18: 39
      The Russian Federation needs to take control of the air over the Ukrrr, destroy the air defense and demolish everything from the air! ZhZ interchanges demolish railway trains, locomotive workshops and ports, bridges, etc.! If there is such a possibility, I won’t be surprised anymore
    7. +3
      25 October 2023 19: 30
      Probably, the so-called head of the Avdeevsk military-civil administration, Vitaly Barbash, remembered how in Stalingrad, in 1943, they supplied the Paulus group... Yes, there was no railway connection between the Reich and Stalingrad, but there was a Reich transport aviation that did 75 - 90 flights per day in that direction... What about transport aviation at Ukroreich? Or is this question rhetorical in the current circumstances????
    8. +1
      25 October 2023 21: 22
      but fire control on our part is very serious there
      - said Barbash.

      Bandera's followers seem to have a new trick. It's called "fire control". wassat
      1. +2
        26 October 2023 10: 02
        There is one more feature - a psychological victory. But most likely mental.
    9. +1
      26 October 2023 06: 30
      If you read Ukrainian news, they still control Bakhmut. The flirtatious formulation used is “at Bakhmut they recaptured, repulsed, knocked out”

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