Military expert: In connection with the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza by the IDF, even those who had no connection with Hamas will take up arms against Israel

Military expert: In connection with the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza by the IDF, even those who had no connection with Hamas will take up arms against Israel

For more than two weeks, every day, the Israeli military-political leadership has been announcing the “imminent” start of a ground operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. All this time Israeli aviation launches missile and bomb attacks on the densely populated Palestinian enclave, on Hamas targets, or on any target that can then be presented as such in broadcasts.

The postponement of the start of the ground operation against the backdrop of loud statements from Israeli politicians and the military that Hamas will be defeated raises more and more questions. Military experts even draw some parallels with Ukrainian statements that “there will be an offensive that will end in unconditional victory.” Today Zelensky himself admitted that there is no counter-offensive. Officially, for now it’s like this: “The counter-offensive was forced to be suspended to strengthen the defense of Avdeevka.”

Vasily Fatigarov, a member of the Presidium of the all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, military journalist, political scientist, comments for Military Review on the situation with the promises of the military-political leadership of Israel to begin a ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

According to the military expert, the Israeli authorities and the Israeli army have not yet clearly taken into account such a factor as the willingness of the Palestinian population to take revenge for thousands of their dead fellow citizens and family members. According to official data from the Palestinian authorities, about 7 thousand people have already died in Gaza (since October 7), including hundreds of children.

Vasily Fatigarov:

A situation is emerging in which those Palestinians who had nothing to do with Hamas and whose close relatives and children died under Israeli bombs are now ready to take weapon and oppose the IDF. For them, Israeli soldiers of both sexes are now blood enemies. They will fight them to the end even with their bare hands.

The military journalist emphasizes that with its actions, its indiscriminate bombing, Israel not only makes it clear that for it there are no principles of warfare, but also increases the number of supporters and members of the armed wing of Hamas:

The fathers of the dead children will now also stand in line with members of the Hamas group. For Israel, which was going to simply take Gaza and set up its posts there, this becomes a serious challenge.
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    1. +3
      25 October 2023 16: 04
      How can one not remember Konstantin Simonov with his: Kill...”.
      1. +1
        25 October 2023 16: 19
        It is difficult to argue with this conclusion, so we come to a logical question - “Who benefited from the Hamas attack on 07.10.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX?”

        Of course, someone will say that it is Hamas itself, someone will say Iran or even Israel, but still those who believe that with this attack it was the Anglo-Saxons who pushed Arabs and Jews together in order to reformat the entire Neighborhood through the wrong hands will be right. East and then come as if nothing had happened to the ashes and offer their “help” to the fire victims at exorbitant interest rates. hi

        As long as the Arabs kill Jews, and the Jews of the Arabs do not bring peace to this region, there will always be a shortage of weapons, blood will flow like a river, states collapse and fall into poverty, but those who prevent the creation of the state of Palestine will definitely not be at a loss, that’s why they supply Until now, both sides are armed and are bringing in recruits from all over the world.
        1. -1
          25 October 2023 16: 44
          Why did the war between Egypt and Israel end 50 years ago? Why peace between Israel and Jordan? Why did Fatah abandon the armed struggle? Perhaps they somehow managed to escape from the clutches of the treacherous Anglo-Saxons? And, by the way, the Palestinian Arabs have their own state - this is Jordan
          1. -2
            25 October 2023 16: 54
            Quote: Oleg Zorin
            Why did the war between Egypt and Israel end 50 years ago? Why peace between Israel and Jordan? Why did Fatah abandon the armed struggle? Perhaps they somehow managed to escape from the clutches of the treacherous Anglo-Saxons? And, by the way, the Palestinian Arabs have their own state - this is Jordan

            There is a big difference between the Anglo-Saxons and the Jews and it is not in favor of the latter.
            Therefore, what you call peace between Israel and some of its neighbors, the Anglo-Saxons define it as a respite and always try to make sure that it never lasts. hi
            1. 0
              25 October 2023 20: 22
              Wow, these syllogisms can explain anything. laughing to the point that the time until the second coming of Christ is a respite inspired by the Anglo-Saxons laughing
        2. old
          25 October 2023 16: 46

          The Gaza Strip is isolated by concrete walls and blocked from the sea (Palestinians are not even allowed to fish more than 6 miles from the coast).

          The sector has 2 checkpoints with Israel and one with Egypt.

          Israelis: we built the largest concentration camp in history for the indigenous people! Why don't they like us?
          1. -1
            25 October 2023 20: 40
            The last Israeli soldier left the Gaza Strip in September 2005. De jure, the sector is one of two parts of the partially recognized Arab state of Palestine (along with the territory of the West Bank). Israel supplies water and electricity to the sector, people from the sector went to work in Israel. Yes, in free elections, residents of the sector voted for Hamas, which began supplying missiles to Israel (on its own) and actively collaborating with Israel’s enemies. Are you wondering why Israel has isolated itself from its restless neighbors? Why isn’t it surprising that Egypt also fenced itself off? And once again - the Gaza Strip is not Israeli territory
        3. 0
          25 October 2023 20: 41
          Dear credo! I’ll probably upset you a little by saying that everything that happened is beneficial to Britain... She doesn’t care about Hamas, although it is her “brainchild”, nurtured and nurtured over many years, in “counterbalance” to Yasser Arafat’s PLO, her ( Britain) does not care about Israel, the formation of which it has long, persistently and sophisticatedly opposed... As a result of this “multi-move” - war, Britain will try to “gain weight and regain authority” in the Middle East, lost as a result of the victories of the USSR in the Second World War and “ the victorious march" of the American dollar around the world... If you noticed, even the USA is in some confusion and is frantically trying to "save face" through loud statements, saber-rattling, military assistance to Israel and all sorts of demarches of its satellites...
    2. +2
      25 October 2023 16: 06
      Even those who had no connection with Hamas will take up arms against Israel
      I agree, they will definitely take it if the IDF decides to carry out an operation, it won’t be an easy walk, they will get stuck in the ruins.
      1. +1
        25 October 2023 16: 21
        It won’t be an easy walk, they’ll get stuck in the ruins

        Unless they put into action their plan to flood (along with Israeli hostages) all the tunnels in Gaza.
    3. -1
      25 October 2023 16: 19
      Not to mention the fact that Jews themselves turn the whole world against themselves. And very successfully.
      1. +2
        25 October 2023 16: 52
        “The whole world” doesn’t care about these showdowns. The whole world is not Greta and tearful housewives. Only expediency ruled. Only a weak government can succumb to the street, if it is against the interests of the beneficiaries, they will replace and disperse the street.
    4. 0
      25 October 2023 16: 19
      Despite all the accusations of co-operation, the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces acts wisely, avoiding attacks on civilians.
      1. +8
        25 October 2023 16: 34
        Quote: Rumata
        avoiding attacks on civilians

        There are no civilians there except children. The entire adult population, especially in Western Ukraine, are mobilization resources; in the rear they also work for the war.
        Quote: Rumata
        cooperation, General Staff of the RF Armed Forces

        It consists of a careful attitude towards the military-political leadership of Zelensky. Neither he nor a single person from his entourage was harmed since the beginning of the SVO. Just as the Ukrainian gas pipeline system, which pumps our gas at a record pace to the sponsors of Ukrainian terrorists and neo-Nazis, despite sanctions, is absolutely safe.
        The cynicism of the situation is simply amazing.
    5. +1
      25 October 2023 16: 34
      It is unlikely. There will, of course, be some influx into the ranks... uh-uh (well, we understand where), but not everyone
      1. +2
        25 October 2023 16: 46
        There has never been a shortage of personnel there. Education from the cradle - “kill the Jew” - bore fruit. It was simply economically impossible for Hamaz to expand. The peaceful people should flee to Egypt, then they will survive. And they have Palestine, in another place.
        1. +1
          25 October 2023 20: 44
          Well...Singapore is only twice the size of the sector in area. What a difference in development! Because normal people were involved in the development of the country
    6. +1
      25 October 2023 16: 59
      Strongly disagree.
      “Everyone, young and old, will not take up arms.” This is a journalist's fantasy wish. He would like everyone to “go on the attack.”
      Alas, sir. Man by nature is structured somewhat differently than a journalist. Probably, according to the logic of a journalist-military expert, one can assume: his family (daughter, wife, son, brother, matchmaker, father, mother) also completely took the karamultuk into their hands and went west. So?
      The instinct of self-preservation, the banal and normal fear of dying, the hope that everything will work out “without me,” the usual desire to survive are always stronger than patriotic proclamations. Of course, some will go. But most - NO! And there is no need to fool people. And you don’t have to look far for examples. I hope the hint is clear.
      And people will die there for something “not clear”! And this “incomprehensible something” will very soon prevail on both sides. There are plenty of examples of such developments! Reading the story.
      And those at the top are trying to prepare the population for this “issue.” But in vain!
      The thirst for revenge is a noble feeling. But it “works” only under conditions of meaningful actions. This applies to all “parade participants.” Otherwise, we get on all sides a bloody mess of sworn military men, crazy fanatics, ideological volunteers and civilians, of whom there will be an overwhelming majority.
    7. +3
      25 October 2023 17: 58
      However, “indiscriminate”, “carpet”, “bombings” became more frequent. Firstly, they are indiscriminate. And selective, as I understand it, these are strikes on military targets? Well, terrorists usually hide all military targets behind peaceful objects. Thousands of kilometers of tunnels have been dug under the city. Carpets. Carpet bombings are carried out by long-range or strategic bombers with unguided aerial bombs. Perhaps Israel should have wiped itself off and asked for mercy from the League of Arab States? This will never happen! The Arabs will ask for mercy. And the sooner populist politicians understand this, the better. Palestine is Ukraine!
      1. 0
        25 October 2023 19: 18
        It seems like this happened more than once. You just didn’t know those asking, there were many of them, and there will be even more.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    8. +1
      25 October 2023 18: 42
      And who, exactly, will “take it”?
    9. 0
      26 October 2023 12: 15
      And in Israel they understand this well, which is why they declared that they would destroy everyone and destroy all buildings!

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