US President is losing Muslim support ahead of upcoming elections due to his stance on Israel

US President is losing Muslim support ahead of upcoming elections due to his stance on Israel

Americans of Arab origin and Muslim faith, as well as citizens who sympathize with them, criticize President Joe Biden's position regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The current US President is being urged to take steps aimed at preventing a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, so as not to lose a significant part of his support in the upcoming presidential elections.

The group of scholars, political activists and administration officials noted the disappointment of some groups of Americans that Biden has not pressed for any humanitarian end to the armed conflict, even despite the mass deaths of civilians in the Palestinian enclave due to Israeli bombing.

The growing frustration could affect Biden's eventual re-election bid, which polls show is shaping up to be a rematch of sorts with Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

For example, in Michigan, where Arab Americans make up 5% of the population, Biden defeated Trump in the last presidential election by a razor-thin margin of less than 3% of the popular vote. An almost similar situation is observed in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Condemning the Oct. 7 Palestinian Hamas attack on Israeli civilians, Arab Americans said Israel's response was disproportionate, and Biden's refusal to condemn Israel's bombing of the Gaza Strip has many questioning his stated commitment to a supposedly human rights-oriented foreign policy. .
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  1. +1
    25 October 2023 10: 05
    I remembered an anecdote from the times of the late USSR:
    Brezhnev and Chernenko meet in the afterlife
    - Who is in charge there now?
    -Yes Misha Gorbachev
    -Who supports him?
    - Nobody supports him, he walks on his own!
    So is Biden. It’s time to give him a walker, but he’s still thinking about support in the elections. Although it’s more likely not him, but those who pull his strings. Leave grandpa alone, let him live in peace in retirement.
    1. +1
      25 October 2023 10: 29
      How long will this old fart ruin the air around the world...?
    2. 0
      25 October 2023 12: 08
      He may want peace, but the people behind him really want power. And there is nothing better than a nominal president of advanced age for whom advisers decide everything.
  2. +2
    25 October 2023 10: 19
    US President is losing Muslim support ahead of upcoming elections due to his stance on Israel
    . Elections, elections, all the candidates... will be forced to spin around like in a frying pan!
    By the way, I really feel sorry for the candidates... no, no, they themselves are getting into that mess.
    1. 0
      25 October 2023 12: 12
      Quote: rocket757
      ..... Elections, .... By the way, I feel sorry for the candidates... no, no, themselves, THEMSELVES, are getting into that mess.

      Greetings Victor bully Yes, I wonder which of the candidates will succeed? Written about Muslims of Arab origin. And the so-called African-Americans? They are mostly Muslim. But not the Arabs. I wonder how they are? After all, many of these blacks are just migrants whom my grandfather invited and let into the states. recourse They were given benefits and they are like his electorate
  3. +1
    25 October 2023 10: 29
    Israel's response was disproportionate, Biden's refusal to convict Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip is causing many doubt in his previously declared desire to pursue a foreign policy, allegedly human rights-oriented.

    A thousand for the first time on the “same rake”! This is Amer’s handwriting! Genocide peoples...
  4. 0
    25 October 2023 10: 39
    Arabs and Muslims in the US do not support Biden? Ha, but Jews in the US support Biden. And that support will be more serious than Arab support in terms of size, influence, and money. Now even Jewish Republicans, if there are any, will support Biden - as they aptly wrote here - so as not to fall.
  5. 0
    25 October 2023 10: 43
    Growing frustration could impact Biden's eventual re-election bid
    Does anyone in the United States still hope for Biden's re-election? Well, if only he himself. But the Democrats will definitely lose part of their electorate. But let them have a headache about this.
  6. 0
    25 October 2023 11: 08
    So let's see which faith is closer to American Muslims. Islam or Democracy.
  7. +1
    25 October 2023 11: 24
    After the scandalous last elections, there is no reason to hope that this time the Democrats will consider everything a little differently.
  8. +1
    25 October 2023 11: 24
    The can is not afraid either. They have the magic of necromancy by mail. They will instantly draw 100500% of dead souls.
  9. Two
    25 October 2023 15: 25
    No one in the USA is interested in their opinion; money rules there, and it is led by Jewish clans.
  10. 0
    25 October 2023 16: 26
    So the self-propelled grandfather does not solve anything. The Easter bunnies decide for him. And grandfather himself has not understood anything for a long time. And when he says something, he is not fundamentally different from a mockingbird toy: what they say in his ear, he repeats.

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