Footage of the work of the Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian armored vehicles from a captured Javelin ATGM made in the USA has appeared

Footage of the work of the Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian armored vehicles from a captured Javelin ATGM made in the USA has appeared

The photo is illustrative.

Russian military personnel are using captured Western-made weapons to destroy Ukrainian military equipment. This follows from numerous messages in Russian military Telegram channels and communities on social networks.

As you know, with the start of a special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, the United States supplied the Kyiv regime with a large number of American-made Javelin anti-tank systems. It was assumed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would use anti-tank systems to stop Russian armored vehicles.

However, everything turned out differently. Of course, Ukrainian formations actively used anti-tank systems transferred from the United States. But some of the Javelins fell into the hands of the Russian military. Occupying Ukrainian positions, they often discovered warehouses of weapons transferred from the West, including Javelin anti-tank systems, Stinger MANPADS, and so on.

As a result, in Telegram channel RT Footage has appeared of the Russian military themselves using captured American-made Javelin ATGMs to strike Ukrainian armored vehicles. Specific footage was filmed in the Artemovsk direction.

Now American weapons are also at the disposal of Russian troops, which is unlikely to please anyone in the Pentagon, not to mention representatives of the Ukrainian command.

However, this is the inevitable result of huge and poorly controlled supplies of American and European weapons to the Kyiv regime. And it would be nice if only we had this weapon, but there are known cases of its resale by Ukraine to third countries and, apparently, to organized criminal groups and extremist organizations operating, including in the Middle East, against Israel’s closest American ally.

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    1. +4
      24 October 2023 13: 32
      Well, our Cornet is many times better, those who have experienced it for themselves, leopards, and challengers and all sorts of other foreign brently-winkles won’t let you lie;
      the most important thing is that it has no misfires, and expired Javlins shoot in their own, the guys told many examples.
      1. -1
        24 October 2023 17: 52
        During the Second World War, this already happened with the Fausts, the same thing happened with the Tryndels, and in the end the RPG-7 did the same with it. Misfires?? Each soldier has his own experience and there is no need to speak for everyone. And the fact that this formidable weapon is proven by the Ukrainians near Avdiivka. Alas, there is something to look at and grab your head in an angry outburst. Well, Cornet is as good as everything else, that’s why battles are already going on near Kiev?? Comparing 2nd generation and 3rd generation ATGMs is stupid. It’s difficult to saturate units with Cornets, just like with mortars, but with Javelina-like weapons there are no problems, that’s what the 3rd generation is for. One person can replace the calculation. The only problem we have is that we don’t have a 3rd generation.
        1. +2
          25 October 2023 07: 19
          RPG-7 and fauspatron are two big differences. Recoilless guns and cumuli were known before the advent of the fauspatron. The RPG-7 is unique (one could call it the ancestor of subsequent generations) thanks to its jet engine and “turbine” for spinning the ammunition...
        2. +2
          25 October 2023 18: 47
          You also forgot to say "Kievzatridnya"
        3. -4
          25 October 2023 20: 44
          The only problem we have is that we don’t have a 3rd generation.
          Should we measure ourselves by generations or is it necessary for it to work reliably?
    2. 0
      24 October 2023 13: 38
      better is better, but not quite comparable IMHO... the nature of the application itself is somewhat different
      1. -2
        24 October 2023 16: 44
        Quote: Casey_Ryback
        the nature of the application itself is somewhat different

        The characters are different, here there is one fighter, there is at least a couple or three...
        The news is bad. Now you can’t tell that the barmalei bought “Java” from corrupt officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
        1. +1
          25 October 2023 10: 02
          Quote: haron
          Now you can’t tell that the barmalei bought “Java” from corrupt officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

          Look for someone who benefits. It is beneficial for the logistics support colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is beneficial for the overly enterprising “volunteer”, but the Kremlin is not. Does it make sense for us to supply equipment to Hamas? Not Syria, not Iran, but Hamas? To bribe Hamas with generous gifts? For what? What will we get in return? Maybe to annoy Israel? For what? So that he changes his conditionally neutral position and begins supplying Iron Domes, Spikes, Harops? Like we’ll seize new trophies and send them again to Hamas? Like a cool cycle, sticky... The ceiling-coffee analysts amaze with their logic.
    3. +14
      24 October 2023 13: 40
      Yesterday they showed on TV the captured Ukrainian Armed Forces supporter. Our fighter from the ATGMs of American, English and other manufacturers assembled in one place says that, apparently, the l/s of this supporter did not know how to use these weapons, because no used. And we, he says, will definitely use it against the enemy.
      1. 0
        24 October 2023 16: 05
        All that remains is to wait for a domestic replica of this product...
    4. +5
      24 October 2023 13: 41
      Now American weapons are also at the disposal of Russian troops, which is unlikely to please anyone in the Pentagon, not to mention representatives of the Ukrainian command.
      Those who supplied it to Ukraine “deeply care” who will destroy whom with these weapons, the main thing is that money was paid for this product.
      1. +4
        24 October 2023 13: 59
        It's unlikely that the money was paid. Most likely borrowed at interest.
        1. +4
          24 October 2023 14: 07
          Quote: Bumblebee_3
          It's unlikely that the money was paid.

          The producers got theirs anyway. Yes, and the intermediaries are sticky too.
          1. +5
            24 October 2023 14: 09
            I meant that Ukraine paid for it.
          2. +5
            24 October 2023 14: 59
            The problem is that no one has repealed the laws of conservation))) Ukraine does not have even half of the necessary funds for this, all at the expense of the United States, comrades)) And if the West allocates it, in particular, the UWB, it goes to the expense of the military-industrial complex. The military-industrial complex never works in real time, it can ONLY work on credit)) Or rather, it may receive money in real time, but only at the expense of budgets) These expenses must be compensated somehow, for this it is necessary to increase GDP. And how will they increase it when many markets have been squeezed out of them by China, whose GDP according to PPP is already in first place in the world, and the Russian market with its population of almost one and a half hundred million people they have completely thrown into the trash))) This can only be done idealists, in the case of the USA - from liberal ideology. Do not take into account the possibilities, but push only by force and regardless of the costs. As a result, the GDP balance is quite cheerful for our time. From the 40s to 2000, the US national debt was around half of GDP. The USSR collapsed, the world collapsed at the feet of the idealists, they lost their shores from this, and kicked the realists out of politics, and began to crush all those who disagreed, instead of reaching an agreement with them. I don't care about the expenses. As a result, the national debt of Americans in 2010 soared to 90%, and in 2020 to almost 120. In 2022, it seems to have been around 131%. This is economics, science is actually harsh) And it does not forgive many mistakes, it’s just that for empires the processes of accumulation of errors and the onset of results are rather slow, but inevitable. Nowadays, banal informatization has accelerated many processes by orders of magnitude. So, in theory, the collapse of the United States as a hegemon is not far off; a couple of decades will be enough.
    5. 0
      24 October 2023 13: 46
      The title of the note in no way corresponds to the content of the video - a shot from an unknown fighter in a field, in the direction of a dark silhouette resembling some kind of armored fighting vehicle standing in the same place, and for a long time, the hit is not shown. The video looks more like training shooting at a stationary armored target that has long been knocked out or abandoned. In short, dislike this cheap thing. sad
    6. +3
      24 October 2023 14: 05
      Russian military personnel use captured Western-made weapons

      This is a practical solution. Everything must be put to good use.
    7. -2
      24 October 2023 15: 10
      It is not clear who is shooting, where he is shooting and whether he has hit. Cool
      1. +3
        24 October 2023 16: 18
        In the cart, these personnel have already been repeatedly explained - the mobs are being trained at the training ground.
    8. +2
      24 October 2023 17: 43
      Now we will wait for the launch of the stinger on f16
    9. 0
      24 October 2023 20: 49
      Maybe, after all, we should finance the extremely radical wing of the Scottish Liberation Army, give them captured NATO missiles, fill them with captured depleted uranium and distribute long-known addresses...
    10. 0
      26 October 2023 08: 17
      Everything will come in handy on the farm!

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