“All warehouses are empty”: Shmygal announced the depletion of artillery shells around the world

“All warehouses are empty”: Shmygal announced the depletion of artillery shells around the world

Ukraine is experiencing a huge shortage of artillery shells, but today there is no way to correct this situation, since this situation is also observed in the rest of the world. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal.

Ukraine admitted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will soon be left without shells, and US promises will remain only promises. As Shmygal said, the arsenals of other countries are already empty, stocks of artillery shells are depleted around the world, so the Ukrainian army will not receive the amount of ammunition it needs for the war with Russia. In this situation, the Ukrainian prime minister sees only one way out - this is to start producing shells on our own and on Ukrainian territory. In this case, Kyiv will be able to reduce its dependence on Western sponsors.

We have a huge shortage of ammunition not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world (...) We understand that we must produce it here in Ukraine, because all over the world they have run out, stocks are depleted. All warehouses are empty

- said Shmygal.

It is worth noting that the issue of Ukraine’s own production of ammunition was raised more than once, but all attempts to organize such production failed, and the allocated money simply disappeared into thin air. During all the years of independence, Ukraine has not been able to build a single plant of this type, except for small-scale production, the opening of which was presented as a global event.

Now the situation is even worse, despite the fact that some countries are ready to invest in the construction of factories for the production of artillery shells. However, no one will do this during hostilities; in the West they know how to count money. The arrival of one or two missiles will put a big end to far-reaching plans. Therefore, Kyiv has only hope in the West and its existing reserves, but they will not last long.

The Ukrainian government also stated that even if all global production weapons sent to provide assistance to Ukraine, then, you see, it will not be enough for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine...
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    1. +10
      24 October 2023 11: 16
      Just Yaroslavna's crying..... It's not a pity
      1. +13
        24 October 2023 11: 30
        Come on, we’re out of stock, Russia has shells, let him ask, we’ll ship it to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, we’re not greedy.
      2. +6
        24 October 2023 11: 31
        There is information that ammunition depots are being destroyed, including with the help of Italmas UAVs. Video at the link below.
        The Russian Armed Forces used new long-range Italmas drones for the first time in the northwestern military zone. They are lighter than Geraniums, run on gas and produce a completely different sound, which makes them more difficult to recognize and shoot down.
        Presumably, the footage in which you can hear a “mad lawnmower” was filmed in the Kyiv region (video No. 1). A Zala drone flew into an ammunition depot and left the Ukrainian Armed Forces without another round of ammunition and missiles. The production code name for the UAV is “Product 54.”


        A massive drone raid on facilities in the Kyiv region on October 21 confirmed the use of new loitering munitions. .... During strikes on Ukrainian Armed Forces facilities in the Kiev region, at the site of the destroyed facility, fragments of a small gas engine DLE 60, uncharacteristic for the Geranium, were found. It produces a different, higher-pitched sound, more reminiscent of the operation of a lawn mower or chainsaw than the characteristic “moped » the “Geranium” hum that the MD550 engine makes.

        Today, there are two main versions of what kind of drone it could be. According to the first version, In Kyiv, Italmas drones (Izdeliye 54) from the Aeroscan company (Zala Aero) were used for the first time. The same company produces the Lancet attack drones. It is publicly stated that a flying wing drone can be launched at a range of more than 200 km, but its actual range may be much higher.

        According to another version, engine debris found during an attack, presumably on an air defense facility in Vyshgorod, belongs to a new version of the Geran-3 loitering munition. Structurally, these drones are believed to be able to replicate the Iranian Shahed-131, a younger version of the Shahed-136 drone, a further development of which is the drones of the Geranium-2 family.

        According to the Military Chronicle, “Geran-3” may have half the warhead - 25 kg instead of 50 kg for “Geran-2”, but its range is comparable to the “older” model.At the same time, the thermal signature and overall level of acoustic and infrared signature of the Geran-3 are significantly lower, which makes it possible to attack military targets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces without lengthy planning of operations and careful preparation. At the same time, the cost of producing a drone can presumably be three times lower than that of the Geran-2 drones.

    2. +5
      24 October 2023 11: 18
      To completely bury the military-industrial complex of Nazi Ukraine, it is necessary to completely destroy all thermal power plants.
      Turn out the lights.
      1. -4
        24 October 2023 11: 29
        It's right. But for some reason our command only fires at transformer substations, which are easy to replace. Apparently, for reasons of “not freezing the civilian population.” I hope they understand what they are doing there.
        1. +7
          24 October 2023 11: 40
          It’s just that Ukraine doesn’t have transformers
          1. +1
            24 October 2023 13: 08
            It’s just that Ukraine doesn’t have transformers

            For this reason, Russia produces them in large quantities. Which is what they use there, purchasing them through third countries.
    3. +5
      24 October 2023 11: 20
      We have a huge shortage of ammunition not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world
      Who else but the Prime Minister of Ukraine should know about this, because... they run around the world with an outstretched hand and know exactly who has what is left. And the deficit arose solely because of Kyiv, and then Israel arrived at the wrong time with its conflict. Is there a big fire coming or what?
    4. PN
      24 October 2023 11: 20
      And at this time, SK begins a brisk trade with us in its bookmaker company. It’s good for them, it’s good for us, and it’s bad for our brothers. Profit!
    5. +1
      24 October 2023 11: 22
      Apparently, Russia doesn’t send them enough, since they want to organize their own production. It will be an excellent target.
    6. +1
      24 October 2023 11: 26
      You can't believe the enemy's propaganda. With words, the enemy says what is beneficial to him, for example, he weakens our vigilance in order to inflict more damage in the future.
      And what can only intelligence really find out?

      Recently there was information that the Ukrainians have stepped up the camouflage of ammunition depots and are placing them in underground storage facilities. So now, of course, they can talk about reducing ground-based warehouses, but this does not mean that they do not have ammunition.
    7. +4
      24 October 2023 11: 27
      We understand that we must produce them here in Ukraine
      Try it ...
      I think the Russian Aerospace Forces will not approve of this. And the rocket scientists will probably be against it too.

      I’ll add gastritis - unless titanium is exported to the West along the railway roads supplying these factories with raw materials.

      We were not sold like that in Afghanistan - for gas, for titanium. Anything happened, there is no war without rats. But SO, for the interests of specific nits, the country did not sell us.
    8. +1
      24 October 2023 11: 28
      War is a bottomless financial hole...No one can hold out indefinitely...You need to pay pensions, pay wages, repair roads, and so on...
      1. +4
        24 October 2023 11: 43
        . No one can last forever

        A small country will not cope. Big, self-sufficient will handle it. Previously they pulled request
    9. 0
      24 October 2023 11: 32
      At the moment the situation is strongly in our favor. However, if the production of shells in NATO countries is increased (I really don’t understand why this hasn’t happened yet. I didn’t think that the military infrastructure there was SO destroyed) the situation will change very, very much.
      I hope with all my might that there will not be another failure of intelligence and analysts, as at the beginning of the special operation, and that our real offensive will begin on time.
      1. 0
        24 October 2023 12: 13
        Why should NATO countries increase the production of ammunition? Where will the power go after the end of the conflict (and it will end, even in a year)? The West does not want to put the economy on a war footing, and it cannot. But creating problems for Russia along the entire perimeter of its borders does not require economic restructuring.
        1. 0
          24 October 2023 16: 41
          Quote: Roma-1977
          Why should NATO countries increase the production of ammunition?

          To order. Don't know how to do this? Customers are states. The industrialist says - I will fulfill your order if you pay me for new equipment, and separately. Or I won't get involved.
          The government will collect taxes from the people and pay for the equipment. When the order runs out, we preserve the conveyors and that’s it. That's where everything goes. Put the buildings under conservation and that’s it. No problem.
    10. 0
      24 October 2023 11: 34
      Very satisfied. Unless this character with a telling surname was carrying a blizzard, which is typical for this Aboriginal tribe. But if this is actually true. Russia is performing with a set of power supplies, and also carrying “gifts” from Uncle Kim in a basket. Oil painting.
    11. 0
      24 October 2023 11: 45
      Well, the man told her everything.
      And she believed it.

      The enemy's words are his weapon; believing him is the last thing.
    12. +1
      24 October 2023 11: 46
      and I know where the shells are piled up. DPRK! But that’s not for you, Ukrainians. wassat
    13. +2
      24 October 2023 11: 48
      I wonder how accurate the information about the start of deliveries of 152 mm shells from the DPRK is. If it's accurate, then it's a harem end.
      1. 0
        24 October 2023 12: 35
        There are already photos of them from the front line on the Internet, at least I saw DPRK 122mm shells, but there are photos of 152mm caliber as well.

    14. -3
      24 October 2023 11: 50
      Well, what nonsense....Where did the VSU shells come from then? Like in the joke about Chapaev when Petka’s machine gun went silent. But you are a communist Petka, and you fired up the machine gun with renewed vigor. There are already articles like this about empty arsenals and war fatigue. But in a strange way, ours cannot go on the offensive under such conditions. Just some kind of miracles
    15. +1
      24 October 2023 11: 54
      I listened to A. Kots on RadioKP today. He says that so far at the front there is no shortage of shells from Ukraine. They are still beating, especially a lot of cassette ones. In theory, the shortage should already be felt; perhaps, in response to the requirements for savings on the other side, commanders are simply putting in the equipment. Let's see...sooner or later they will have to count shells individually, and not by trains
      1. +4
        24 October 2023 12: 15
        Please note: cluster munitions were produced by NATO countries during the Cold War, and they began to be supplied to Ukraine after the depletion of conventional ammunition. Cassette tapes are also not endless.
    16. +2
      24 October 2023 12: 04
      I hope our command does not believe in this hat and will not take such heresy into account in future planning.
    17. -3
      24 October 2023 12: 20
      For a year now, TV experts have been saying that the West is running out of shells. But according to reports from the battlefields, our fighters are falling asleep completely.
      1. +1
        25 October 2023 01: 19
        Well, on the outskirts, the government has been reassuring the big-haired people for more than a year now: Russia has two salvos left of its type of missiles. So, don’t trust these TV experts - how can they know how much and what is left. Those who know are silent, otherwise they could be sent far and long for disclosure.
    18. +2
      24 October 2023 12: 21
      They have been since 2014. not a single cartridge plant could be built in Ukraine after the Lugansk cartridge plant remained with the LPR, and at the same time no one bombed their enterprises. This storyteller is Shmygal.
      1. -2
        24 October 2023 14: 23
        Lugansk cartridges are the sloppiest in the entire former Union. And in general, there are problems with cartridges both under the Union and under the Russian Federation. There is no gunpowder, no primers, no bullets, no cartridges. And also try to bring something decent. Finnish Lapua cartridges, Amer Berger cartridges, the same Vihta toners, etc. Moreover, garbage problems can be created during the relocation period.
        1. +1
          24 October 2023 15: 00
          It’s strange, what are they producing at these enterprises then?
          NPF Azot (Krasnozavodsk) - Gladk. cartridges
          KHZ (Krasnozavodsk) - Gladk. cartridges
          NPF SVK (Krasnozavodsk) - Rifled cartridges, cartridges for self-defense
          NOT (Sergiev Posad) - Cartridges for self-defense
          SKM Industry (Odintsovo) - Gladk. cartridges
          FETTER (Podolsk) - Gladk. cartridges
          KSPZ (Podolsk) - Rifled cartridges, small-caliber cartridges
          TSNIITOCHMASH (Podolsk) - Rifled cartridges.
          MOK (Mytishchi) - Rifled cartridges
          KBIS (Tarusa) - Rifled cartridges
          ROCK (Tarusa) - Self-defense cartridges, signal cartridges
          MPZ (Murom) - Small-caliber cartridges*
          TekhKrim (Izhevsk) - Smooth, rifled cartridges and cartridges for self-defense
          BPZ (Barnaul) - Smooth, rifled cartridges
          UPZ (Ulyanovsk) - Rifled cartridges
          TPZ (Tula) - Rifled cartridges
          Promtekhnologiya (Podolsk, Tula) - Rifled cartridges
          TsKIB (Tula) - Rifled cartridges
          A+A (Tula) - Self-defense cartridges
          Cartridge Manufactory (Tula, Zarinsk, Timashevsk) - Gladk. cartridges
          APZ Vympel (Amursk) - Rifled cartridges
          Fortuna (Central) - Rifled cartridges, self-defense cartridges
          Refinery (Novosibirsk) - Rifled cartridges
          KZORS (Kirov) - Gladk. cartridges
          NIIPH (S. Posad) - Gladk. cartridges
          SVK (Moscow) - Rifled cartridges
          I understand what you mean, but the country cannot afford to purchase 5,45x39 ammo. $1 per shot 5,45x39.
    19. +1
      24 October 2023 12: 22
      The Ukrainian prime minister sees only one way out - this is to start producing shells on our own and on Ukrainian territory.

      Projectiles do not reproduce by budding.
      Production requires metallurgy and developed chemical production. They are?
      Even if something is found, Russia’s strikes against them will correct it. fellow Yes lol
    20. 0
      24 October 2023 12: 50
      Probably a couple of times a month such news appears about empty warehouses; I have been reading such news for probably a year now.
    21. BAT
      24 October 2023 12: 51
      To believe them is to deceive yourself. The shells seem to be running out, but nevertheless they are raining down on our guys in full. And Donetsk is constantly being hit. They don't save. Somehow they are not very hungry for ammunition.
    22. BAT
      24 October 2023 12: 52
      To believe them is to deceive yourself. The shells seem to be running out, but nevertheless they are raining down on our guys in full. And Donetsk is constantly being hit. They don't save. Somehow they are not very hungry for ammunition.
    23. 0
      24 October 2023 14: 01
      We understand that we must produce them here in Ukraine, because all over the world they have run out, stocks are depleted. All warehouses are empty
      Fall headfirst onto a brick wall. Kyiv is truly the center of the triangular globe of Ukraine. It’s not for nothing that they say that the game of “Russian roulette” using PM instead of a revolver was invented in Ukraine...
    24. 0
      24 October 2023 14: 14
      The logic is, of course, ironclad, the Reich needs it, but these misers won’t give it. Have you ever tried to do something yourself? Freeloaders.
    25. 0
      24 October 2023 14: 17
      Surely they waited! "Skumbrievich swam!" Shmygal! They are preparing public opinion for a big change.
    26. 0
      24 October 2023 15: 02
      We have a huge shortage of ammunition not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world (...)
      Shmygal is wrong here. They exist in North Korea, China, and in other states that support Russia.
    27. 0
      24 October 2023 21: 43
      Well, we don’t know what’s out there in the world, but in the two quietest and kindest countries, they are not empty. The PRC and the DPRK rule. Maybe I walked through the wrong barns with a candle.))))
    28. 0
      25 October 2023 23: 07
      I wouldn't believe any of this chatter in general,
      nor Shmygal in particular.

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