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Ukrainian sources reported explosions in Odessa, Krivoy Rog and Ukrainian-controlled Kherson

Ukrainian sources reported explosions in Odessa, Krivoy Rog and Ukrainian-controlled Kherson

A number of Ukrainian Telegram channels report explosions in the area of ​​the cities of Odessa and Krivoy Rog, in addition, air raid signals are sounded in the Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Nikolaev and Odessa regions. Subsequently, the authorities of Krivoy Rog explained the explosions that occurred in the city as allegedly the work of air defense.

In addition, a protege of the Kyiv regime in the occupied Ukrainian Armed Forces of Kherson also reported explosions in the city. But what exactly exploded is not specified. Ukrainian media seriously censor information disseminated about the arrival of Russian missiles or unmanned aerial vehicles. If the consequences of the arrivals are reported, it is in such a way that attacks were allegedly carried out on civilian targets.

Strikes against the rear targets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are carried out regularly and are undertaken with the aim of disrupting the supply of the advancing militant groups of the Kyiv regime. In addition, massive missile and drone attacks are regularly carried out on the port infrastructure of the Black Sea regions of the Odessa region, which is used by the Ukrainian army for the production, storage and launch of marine drones, used including for attacks on ships of the Black Sea fleet.

Meanwhile, shortly before the explosions, missile launches were reported from the territory of the two above-mentioned cities. The enemy launched a large-scale missile attack on Crimea and the Azov region. In total, the militants of the Kyiv regime fired at least 10-15 missiles, including S-200 air defense missiles converted for this purpose.

It is also reported that at least two missiles were shot down over the northern regions of Crimea and one missile was shot down in the Sevastopol area. Two more Ukrainian missiles were shot down near Melitopol and in the Berdyansk region.

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  1. ZovSailor
    ZovSailor 20 October 2023 20: 09
    Wow, friends and not friends!
    While most of the world's media and military experts, including those in Russia, are busy with hot events in the Middle East, is there a threat of a resumption of the so-called. new grain corridors with arms supplies to Banderstat? Anyone in the subject, can share information about the state of the terminals of Reni, Izmail, Ilyichevsk, Yuzhny, Odessa and are there any hot guys - insurance companies that still insure grain carriers and other vessels there = minesweepers and tugs?
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 20 October 2023 20: 27
      Open maritime traffic and you will see ships crowding there. Here is the result
  2. antivirus
    antivirus 20 October 2023 20: 15
    I know it's not my fault...
    But still, still...
    Once again the Ginka-Bandera will flee to Argentina and Canada-Kunguru.
    Do our law graduates have enough strength and will to pull them out for the courts and life in Susuman? Or again notes of protest and other crap, verbiage... Until their peaceful death in the 2080-90s
    1. Reader 2013
      Reader 2013 20 October 2023 20: 16
      Don't drink anymore
  3. Lt. Air Force stock
    Lt. Air Force stock 20 October 2023 20: 27
    Many people say they are destroying warehouses and factories, but nothing really changes, well, they destroyed the warehouse, but weapons are coming from abroad and are being produced there, they can store ammunition somewhere in forest plantations 200-300 km from the line of combat contact.