A Russian court sentenced Ukrainian marines who shot civilians to long terms of imprisonment.

A Russian court sentenced Ukrainian marines who shot civilians to long terms of imprisonment.

A court in Donetsk sentenced two Ukrainian Marines to 26 years in a maximum security colony for shooting a car carrying civilians during the battle for Mariupol.

According to the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, it was established that on March 29, 2022, servicemen of the 36th separate marine brigade of the Ukrainian army Nazariy Moroz and Andrey Egorov, taking up combat positions in Mariupol, noticed a civilian car in which three civilians were traveling.

The order to open fire on the car was given by Egorov, who was the senior officer in the position. Militants of the Kiev regime shot up the car, as a result of which the woman died on the spot, her husband, who was in the shelled car, was injured, but survived thanks to timely medical care, the child, fortunately, was not injured.

During interrogation, the accused admitted that they had seen white ribbons tied to the mirrors of a civilian car and were a sign that there were civilians in the vehicle. any weapons Moroz and Egorov were not seen among the victims.

Considering the gravity of the crime, the court sentenced Egorov and Moroz to imprisonment for a term of 26 years each. They will serve their sentence in a maximum security penal colony.

The convicts were found guilty of cruel treatment of the civilian population, guided by motives of political and ideological hatred, as well as the use of prohibited methods during an armed conflict, murder and attempted murder of two or more persons, committed by an organized group of persons.
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  1. +6
    20 October 2023 16: 23
    Well done for finding it. I wonder how you managed it? Find and judge every Ukronazi criminal!
    1. +15
      20 October 2023 16: 26
      “The most unpleasant thing in the service of the commandant platoon was the execution of sentences for Bandera’s men, these scoundrels tried to bite their wrists out of fear and because of this they were all covered in blood and shit, where they got so much shit from is unknown. They had to be dragged to the place of execution, and these meters were accompanied by stench and howling; they could not stand on their feet. The spectacle was disgusting and more than once the question arose about shooting these nits in some barn and not showing these monsters in full “color,” but the order was not changed - Hang ... "(from the memoirs of the commander of the NKVD commandant platoon, 1944)...that would be the case now, but......
      1. +7
        20 October 2023 16: 33
        There's no point in playing at being politically correct!! They hang people all over the world, and we need them to see and piss on ourselves
      2. +1
        20 October 2023 16: 49
        Black, what is the name of the piece? Where to find?
        1. -3
          20 October 2023 17: 34
          This nonsense is from VKontakte. There is nothing else besides the text given by Black. Here is the link: https://vk.com/wall89534430_346. The commandant's platoon, like the commandant's office, are purely army structures. .
          1. +1
            21 October 2023 05: 46
            Dear history expert - this “nonsense”, as you deigned to call it, is captured in newsreels laughing ..For example, in the documentary film "Reckoning. Execution of war criminals"..Kyiv, 1946.
            And regarding commandant platoons only in the army....are you sure you live in Russia? winked They were in both the Red Army and the NKVD troops. And I’ll tell you a terrible secret - now even the police have them... I’m already silent about the Armed Forces and the Russian Guard bully
    2. +5
      20 October 2023 16: 37
      These are "small pawns". If only the war criminals-leaders of the Banderaites who started the ATO in DONBASS!.
  2. +8
    20 October 2023 16: 24
    I really hope that these scum will spend luxurious, unforgettable years under the camp shack of a cock corner
    1. +3
      20 October 2023 16: 34
      I think the appropriate instructions will lead to the godfather
    2. +4
      20 October 2023 16: 35
      You won't scare them with this. They have been “under the belt” of the entire EU for 30 years. And they are proud of it. It’s better to have a “brick on your head, by accident” in the ITK.
    3. +1
      21 October 2023 20: 21
      Quote: Black
      I really hope that these scum will spend luxurious, unforgettable years under the camp shack of a cock corner
      Finally, in all fairness, their place is in the loop. But since the judges didn’t have enough Faberge, then a rooster’s corner will do. However, a rope and a strong hook in the ceiling should be available in case they themselves want justice.
  3. +9
    20 October 2023 16: 25
    A Russian court sentenced Ukrainian marines who shot civilians to long terms of imprisonment.

    After all, there was a golden time, before the DPR joined Russia! There was the death penalty there! Now feed these... am
  4. +2
    20 October 2023 18: 16
    Surprisingly, we their marines are 26 years old, they are ours 22, in the end we will change them. Well, what for this circus, apparently so that the judges don’t get bored.
  5. +1
    20 October 2023 19: 21
    Hohliki, another “bell” is ringing for you - live (for now) and be afraid... and they will get to you.
  6. +2
    20 October 2023 19: 58
    It is extremely unfortunate that they were not extradited to Belarus, this is the highest measure...
  7. +1
    21 October 2023 09: 41
    There was a story by Alexei Kapler - “Two out of twenty million”. There we are talking about two Soviet soldiers who could have lived a good and beautiful life - but died along with others.

    And this name can also be applied to this news. But its meaning and background will be completely different...
    There are too many Nazis in Ukraine. Convicting two people every year and a half - I’m not sure that the Earth will last that long.
  8. +1
    21 October 2023 20: 15
    Why not hanged like war criminals, according to the precedent of the Nuremberg Tribunal?

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