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War "Fathers" and "Children." For what Akhmetov and other oligarchs will fight

War "Fathers" and "Children." For what Akhmetov and other oligarchs will fight

The conflict situation around the Metalist football club reflects profound changes in the balance of forces indicated in the parliamentary elections of October 28.

The essence is the intraelite conflict of "fathers" and "children", taking more and more radical forms.

First, we define definitions.

“Fathers” is a party nomenclature plus gangsters plus adventurers who in the 90s gained control over economic assets and the state. Conventionally, this is about 300 families who have concentrated enormous resources in their hands. Their motivation is to retain control, assets, and also transfer them to their successors. However, not all the "children" of the "fathers" will receive the acquired "overwork"

"Children" - children of the above subjects, having ambitions to gain power. In this case, the “children” are Aleksandr Yanukovich and the group of “young reformers”, which are usually designated in the media as Family.

The essence of the contradictions - the "children" want to occupy key positions in the power hierarchy. It requires resources. Resources give economic assets. Resources cannot be created quickly - it takes time and considerable effort. Therefore, resources can only be redistributed. After they were withdrawn from FIGs that are not affiliated with Donetsk, the struggle inside the heterogeneous power group unfolds. In this struggle, the "children" begin to devour the "fathers", because otherwise they will not be able to get full power. The speed of the spread of the conflict is directly correlated with the growth of foreign policy pressure on Ukraine.

Brzezinski is absolutely right when he said in early December:

“How about Yanukovych?” There was a promising chance, but as it turned out, Yanukovych and his financial sponsors are more interested in identifying their own territory almost as much as the gang. And they do not want another gang to occupy their territory, ”Brzezinski said.

“They say to Russia: we are with you, but this is our territory, and only we own the right to steal and deceive in this zone - this is ours, not yours. And this determines the tone of the discussion on the hegemony of Russia under Putin’s regime, ”he believes.

At the same time, Putin’s attempts to draw Ukraine into the Customs Union are directly related to the difficult geopolitical situation in which Russia itself finds itself today.

It needs to strengthen its resilience (above all, in the area of ​​security and the economy) in order to withstand the global crisis. Therefore, Putin is putting pressure on Ukraine, creating various problems for the Yanukovych regime that can overturn him. Hence, Yanukovych is constantly looking for resources to strengthen his own sustainability, where the Family is the main carrier. At the same time, the Family is not homogeneous, there are their groups of influence, between which there is also competition. Nevertheless, Yanukovych for them is a bridge to the future, while the “Fathers” is an obstacle that does not allow to rise higher.

Therefore, the scandal around the Metalist club, which ended with the rapid capitulation of Alexander Yaroslavsky, shows that the struggle for a place in the sun begins to gain momentum and will affect absolutely all the key actors of the existing model of the state.

Who is Alexander Yaroslavsky? The son-in-law of Maselsky, the former governor of the Kharkiv region, is extremely powerful in the 90s.

Who is Kernes on the background of Yaroslavsky? Definitely, their scale is incomparable, but it is he who formally emerges as the winner in this conflict.

However, the real winner is not Kernes, but the Gas of Ukraine company, headed by Sergey Kurchenko, 27-year-old, a friend of Alexander Yanukovich.

The Kharkiv situation is generally interesting because it is here that all the evils of the existing regime are most pronounced. In Soviet times, Kharkiv had the glory of a “militia city”, and it is symbolic that it was here that a bunch of criminal elements with security officials clearly formed. Since 2010, in Kharkov, raider attacks have been observed, followed by a figure of the son of the head of the GPU Artem Pshonka, by chance or not by chance.

Not only medium-sized businessmen unable to defend themselves, but even Kernes, from whom they took the asphalt plant, came under the watchful eye of young eagles. The plant made good money on repairing roads, combining, so to speak, business with pleasure. By the way, the same история happened to the mayor of Vinnitsa - he was also deprived of the possibility of honest and relatively safe earnings at tenders. However, we digress.

The situation that occurred with Yaroslavsky reflects the new scale of redistribution.

According to him, in seven years he invested in Metalist the preparation of Kharkiv for Euro-2012 570 million dollars. Sources "Forbes" note that "Gas of Ukraine" bought "Metalist" from Yaroslavsky for 300 million dollars. It can be said that it is still godly. Yaroslavsky noted that the only reason he gave control of the club was “unprecedented psychological pressure,” that is, read between the lines, forced.

Interested observers immediately realized which way the wind was blowing. The statement of Rinat Akhmetov about the situation around Metalist is indicative.

We quote in full: “The fact that Alexander Vladilenovich decided to transfer the club to another investor, I learned on the eve of the official statement about this. Yaroslavsky called me and said that he had made such a decision. I had no opportunity, no time to convince him, and, honestly, this news I was shocked. I immediately thought how it would affect FC Metalist and in general all Ukrainian football. After all, Metalist has established itself as a team that demonstrates a beautiful, bright attacking football, a team with which it is difficult to play and victory over which you especially value. ”Blah blah blah.

The reaction of Rinat Akhmetov is an indicator that he perfectly understands where the wind blows. Therefore, sooner or later, these trends will lead football fans to the SCM office.


The conflict between the Family and the super-large oligarchs (Akhmetov, in particular) is predetermined by the logic of their interests.

Strategic Family Task
- In 2015, to roll over Yanukovych’s power. Power is needed to ensure the security of assets obtained during the presidency. Loss of power 100% will lead to loss of assets. Getting power depends on its legitimization in the presidential election. For this you need to buy a mass of sop. For this we need resources. These resources are limited and are constantly shrinking (read the articles for details). "Economy era pokrashchennya" и 2013 budget: the suicidal finale of the "era of stagnation").

Opportunities to take resources from outside (West, Russia, China) from the Family are limited and they are all connected with the transfer of part of power to supranational players. Therefore, its efforts will be aimed at establishing full control over internal resources.

From here two key tasks follow:

First, in 2013, establish control over shadow flows. By all. Hence the loud rhetoric about the fight against the black economy. She pursues a strategic goal. Politically, this will expand control over the middle class, where there are many representatives of small and medium businesses. The family should break his back, as Stalin broke the back of the peasantry in the USSR by collectivization. Stalin pursued a similar task - only the establishment of control over the village guaranteed the stability of the regime. Without solving this problem, the Soviet government could not start to solve another - the modernization of the economy, which strengthened the stability of the regime against external risks.

The Yanukovich regime goes in the same logic - consciously or unconsciously, it destroys the economic base of its opponents (explicit or implicit), which prevents them from delivering a concentrated blow.

If the Family solves this problem in 2013, it will dramatically weaken the mass base of competitors and be able to move on to the next task.

The second, in 2014, go to the attack on super-large oligarchs, building a presidential campaign to fight them, as “returning justice to the underprivileged masses” (by that time, fully). In this game, an important role will be assigned to Pygniboku, who will have to play the role of "main threat". And so that he would not be too enthusiastic, it would be logical to release Tymoshenko, which would allow to increase the fragmentation in the opposition camp. However, these are nuances of political tactics. The strategic goal is to destroy the "Fathers" - super-large oligarchs in order to take their place.

If we look at the disposition that has taken place after the parliamentary elections and after the appointments to the new Cabinet of Ministers of Azarov, we will see that it is an illustration of the logic that I have expanded above.

Even clean quantitative analysis of the distribution of posts in Kambin Azarov 2.0 shows that the Family has strengthened and expanded its position. Arbuzov did not become prime minister only because other oligarchs opposed this, above all, Akhmetov and Firtash interspersed with Kolomoisky, Grigorishin, Yeremeyev and other representatives of big business. However, everyone understands the interimness of this Cabinet. Azarov publicly acknowledgesthat in this company he is only Zits-chairman of Pound, when he says that Arbuzov’s dreams of premiership are justified.

New Cabinet has fixed new balance of power. In the past there were all intermediate figures and groups. Such once powerful players as the ISD group, Vladimir Boyko, and now Alexander Yaroslavsky have been forced out to the periphery. Significantly changed the balance of power within the Donetsk group. In the 2010-2012 years, we saw a lot of conflict situations, as a result of which such figures as Valeriy Konovalyuk, Vasily Khara and others were pushed onto margines. It took off, but the star of Yuri Ivanyushchenko quickly rolled up (the reason for the fall in influence was a direct conflict with Alexander Yanukovych).

Distances from the government Petro Poroshenko, Sergey Tigipko, Valery Khoroshkovsky. The latter, by the way, the Family offered to sell Inter to which Khoroshkovsky responded with a polite refusal and an increase in the number of critical scenes.

All parties understand that 2013 will be the decisive year for their future. Hence the strategic tasks of the oligarchs, above all, Akhmetov, as the most powerful player.

Akhmetov's strategic task - protect your assets and not allow the balance of power to permanently change against him in 2013-2015.

The power of Akhmetov, like other oligarchs, rests not on mass support, but on control over economic assets. Controlling a third of the Ukrainian economy, Akhmetov can afford a large-scale game. His key task is not to allow the situation that the economic strength of the Family exceeds his own. Conflict relations between him and the Family will increase as her power grows.

Akhmetov can no longer be confident in his future, relying solely on the Party of Regions, which from a flock federation turns into a confederation of competitors. Therefore, he began to diversify political risks, the efforts of the positions of other political actors.

It is well known that Akhmetov supported Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Natalia Korolevskaya in the parliamentary elections, although I wouldn’t be surprised if in one way or another he fed all the political parties from the top five, or even dozens.

Akhmetov also began to bring in the first league new political figures that he had carefully nurtured in recent years. First of all, we are talking about Alexander Vilkul, who has moved from the chair of the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region to the post of deputy prime minister.

In this case, Akhmetov made exactly the same castling as the Family, which had moved Arbuzov from the NBU to the chair of the first deputy prime minister.

In general, in the new Cabinet Akhmetov is the only one of the non-Family players who not only did not weaken, but even somewhat increased his influence.

These moves are directly related to the upcoming bouts, when reliance on the previous figures becomes shaky. Therefore, Yanukovych brings to the fore those who are “not sorry” to be thrown into the furnace of the crisis - Azarov and Fisher, who are weak compromise players who can be sacrificed. This is a classic step back, then to take two forwards, i.e. to appoint a protégé Family - the experience of Arbuzov.

Let's return to Akhmetov. In 2013, his strategy will be to avoid being cut off from budget flows. In a crisis, access to the budget means the availability of a guaranteed resource. The moment when they begin to cut off the budget will mean a transition to military action.

Akhmetov's strategy may have several options, depending on how far the Family goes far in disrupting the balance of power.

First option. If the Family goes into a large-scale offensive in the second half of 2013 — the first half of 2014, the oligarchs will respond with increased support from opposition parties. Further, the space will be formed for the formation of a new oligarchic consensus. Our oligarchs have always put on a figure that was viewed as a lesser threat in terms of expanding the potential of its subjectivity. So in 2004, the oligarchs decided that Yushchenko was more profitable for them than the overbearing Kuchma, and in 2010, Yanukovych, than Tymoshenko. By the presidential election of 2015, this motivation will again be dominant.

The second option is the toughest, including the elimination of Yanukovych from power ahead of time, through violent mechanisms. It is possible if the Family starts to gain momentum too quickly, which will sharply narrow the space for other scenarios. This option provides for a coup in one form or another.

Third Embodiment - If Yanukovych loses power faster than the ability to take assets from the oligarchs, then a perspective emerges for a transition to a parliamentary republic, where the president will be elected in the Rada.

Strictly speaking, this option is considered by Yanukovych himself, as insurance in case of failure. In a parliamentary republic, the concentration of power in the volumes of the presidential model is unreal. It is in this plane that all these maneuvers should be considered around the development of a new Constitution, the introduction of a law on referendum, which allows making certain key decisions in circumvention of the unmanaged Verkhovna Rada.

For Akhmetov and other oligarchs, the third option is quite acceptable, since it will remove the threat of further growth in the strength of the Family. But…

The development of a particular scenario directly depends on how the economic and foreign policy situation develops..

We can definitely say that it will be worse in 2013 than in 2012, and worse in 2014 than in 2013. This implies the threat of the collapse of the current state model. More precisely, the collapse is inevitable, important forms to overcome it. The existing elite are frightened by the prospect of losing control over a situation that is fraught with the loss of everything (power, economic assets, life).

When Akhmetov bought a mansion in central London for huge money, he demonstrated that he was aware of the seriousness of the situation and was preparing an extra site. As a matter of fact, all representatives of the Ukrainian establishment have spare sites in the West. However, they can not understand that the loss of power in Ukraine may result in the loss of everything else abroad. The example of Muammar Gaddafi from whom 160 billion dollars was withdrawn as soon as he ceased to meet the interests of European oligarchic clans is too obvious. The United States and Europe are faced with too serious problems, so as not to use the opportunity to profit by criminalized barbaric elements from the East. Therefore, the loss of control over Ukraine is considered by key actors of our policy as an extremely dangerous scenario.

In this regard, it is worthwhile to dwell separately on the motivations of external actors in the Ukrainian question. Up to this point, their interests have not been considered in this game, although they play an important, and on a number of issues, a decisive role.

The position of the United States. Ukraine for the United States is a secondary priority, which is updated in the context of their relations with Russia and Europe. Strategically, the United States is fully satisfied with the current situation in Ukraine. It is important for them that Russia does not strengthen in Ukraine so much that it will return fully under its control over it. From this point of view, Yanukovych turned out to be a completely manageable and predictable president. Brzezinski in this regard absolutely accurately expressed the interest of Americans who were ready to accept Yanukovich as “a son of a bitch, but our son of a bitch” (the famous expression of one of the American presidents about the dictator in Latin America), since the Donetsk people view this territory as the patrimony of their gang.

At the same time, the United States is trying to prevent the situation, so that Yanukovych is so strong that it would turn into a full-fledged subject of the policy-maker of this state. Therefore, they use the "carrot and stick" policy.

On the one hand, various concessions are being knocked out of Yanukovych, for example, the surrender of weapons-grade uranium, important in the context of US strategic interests.

On the other hand, the United States supports the opposition in one form or another in order to have a guaranteed set of figures who will be able to maintain the balance of power in Eastern Europe based on their foreign policy goals. See what changes in this context, if we say Yatsenyuk, Tymoshenko, Klitschko or Tyagnibok become president of Ukraine? From the point of view of the Americans, nothing, perhaps, with the exception of Tymoshenko, who is able to play a strong pro-Russian party (suffice it to recall the gas agreements of the year 2009). Perhaps that is why the Americans pushed Yanukovych to arrest Tymoshenko in 2011 year. This created an ideal situation where Viktor Fedorovich was in limbo and extremely dependent on external criticism and support.

It should be noted separately that the Americans conduct a competent imperial policy when they defend their interests through an agent of influence in a particular territory. In this case, such an agent of influence is Rinat Akhmetov. Its attachment to Western markets, as well as the storage of capital in Western banks, creates dependence on Uncle Sam.

Americans do not need to directly finance, say, Yatsenyuk, since they “advise” Akhmetov who is better supported in Ukraine on the basis of his long-term interest.

On the other hand, objective interests also make Akhmetov interested in US loyalty. He understands perfectly well that if Ukraine enters Russia’s orbit more closely, he will lose the share of subjectivity that he has today. For Russia, the presence of large subjects in Ukraine is strategically unprofitable, because it will be an obstacle to the realization of its own interests.

Europe's position. In general, it is in line with the American strategy. Yes, Europe is extremely interested in Ukraine. This was shown by the feverish statements of a number of European politicians in response to Yanukovych’s intentions to sign an agreement on the integration of the December 18 Customs Union. Europe began to promise a lot if only Ukraine entered the FTA. However, the weakness of Europe’s position lies in the fact that it is burdened with a growing economic crisis. Therefore, today it is not ready to pay for the right to include Ukraine in its orbit. Namely, Yanukovych needs money to stabilize the situation and prolong his regime.

In addition, the position of Europe is heterogeneous in the Ukrainian question. A key player, Germany, is awaiting the outcome of the parliamentary elections of the 2013 of the year, therefore the internal agenda is more important for the Germans. There, one of the key issues is the issue price for Germany's European ambitions. Discussions in Germany about how much she is willing to pay for European unity directly hurt the financial interests of every German taxpayer. It is possible on 100% to be sure that in the near future Germany will not be ready to pay for the dubious right to strengthen cooperation with the foul-smelling Yanukovych regime.

In addition, Germany has traditionally focused on Russia in its Eastern policy. Although the last Russia-EU summit, which took place on December 21, fixed a certain cooling in Europe’s relations with Putin’s Russia (it was even acknowledged by such a German Russophile as Alexander Rahr), but objective economic interests always take up the motivations of Europeans. For Germany, it is crucial to maintain access to the huge Russian market in times of crisis, as well as to receive guaranteed gas in order to maintain the stability of its economy. Therefore, Ukraine will remain an important, but a minor element of the eastern policy of Germany.

As for the other major European actors, their position on the Ukrainian issue is shaped more by political considerations than by real economic linkage. The exception is Poland, but it does not define European policy. The position of Poland is important, but not critical, as the position of any “translator”.

Russia's position. Moscow definitely has the motivation to strengthen its influence in Ukraine and, most importantly, is ready to pay for it. As I have already casually mentioned above, Russia today is experiencing the same state model crisis as Ukraine. Strictly speaking, this is not surprising, given the general morphology. The scale of the challenges facing Russia is bigger and more dangerous, because there is the same feverish search for ways out. Under these conditions, the Ukrainian question is extremely important, since the situation in Ukraine can directly affect the development of the situation in Russia.

Russia has two key motivations:

1) Strengthen security around its perimeter in the context of a sharp deterioration in relations with the West. This requires the involvement of Ukraine in certain forms of military-political cooperation.

2) Strengthen economic influence in order to become more resilient to fluctuations of the global economy through the expansion of market capacity.

If Russia does not solve these issues, then in conjunction with internal problems (total corruption of the state apparatus, growth of interethnic tension, degradation of regions, degradation of infrastructure, etc.), the threat of overturning of the Russian state sharply increases. After 100 years Russia faces similar challenges that the Russian Empire faced at one time.

This forms a tough stance against Ukraine, where the Yanukovych regime has become an obstacle to protecting its interests.

The problem of Russia in Ukraine lies in the fact that in the 20 years it has not created pro-Russian political parties. All Russian politics suffered a complete collapse in this direction. Perhaps, at the moment, the only noteworthy is the activity of Viktor Medvedchuk as a promoter of the Customs Union.

Today, Medvedchuk leads a semi-autonomous game trying to unleash his political power before the wave of crisis begins to ruin the Yanukovych regime. It is certain that Medvedchuk enjoys Putin's loyalty, but hardly has a blank check as his protégé in Ukraine. For this, there is no corresponding political influence on the masses. There is no political ideology that would enthrall the masses. There is no structured political organization, although systematic work is already visible here. Finally, there is no request for the return of Medvedchuk among the ruling elite. He is more afraid than desired. Least of all, who needs Medvedchuk’s growing influence today, is Yanukovych.

But Medvedchuk is an experienced combinator. His actions in 2012 show that he is expanding his political organization with a view to destabilizing the situation. Therefore, the vector of its propaganda messages lies outside the existing political system.

Medvedchuk's chances are increased if the Family breaks through with Akhmetov and other oligarchs, and even better mutually destroy each other. From this point of view, it is important to note two points.

First of all, according to our information, structures of Medvedchuk were involved in a powerful information campaign on baiting Boris Kolesnikov in connection with the failure of “Hyundayev”. Kolesnikov today, if not in disgrace, then prefer to stay away from him. At the same time, as you know, Boris Viktorovich is affiliated with Akhmetov. Of course, over the years of infrastructure management, it has become significantly stronger and has become more independent, but the fact remains.

Secondly, it is worth paying attention to Medvedchuk’s friendship with Andrei Petrovich Klyuev, who is now the secretary of the NSDC. Klyuev after staff castling remained on the sidelines. It is too early to say whether this is a consequence of its weakening, or whether it is a pause before a new personnel breakthrough. Perhaps he will still appear in the chair of the head of the AP, after Levochkin is sent as ambassador to the United States or somewhere else far away. In our opinion, Klyuev’s orientation towards Russia is important, which can make the Medvedchuk-Klyuev bundle one of the most powerful in terms of promoting the topic of integration into the Customs Union.

However, the line Medvedchuk so far is one of the plots in the Russian game in Ukraine. The main line so far is built around the axis Putin-Yanukovych. It should be noted that over the past year, Putin took the Ukrainian topic under direct control. He takes all the key decisions on Ukraine personally; before, many serious business issues were solved through his entourage.

Putin is well aware that in a strategic perspective, Yanukovych’s position will weaken. Therefore, Yanukovych is quietly stifled with the help of various economic measures. This strategy is practically win-win, because sooner or later Yanukovych faces a choice: either the oligarchs are tearing it up, or the people are tearing it up. Therefore, logic will push him to follow the path of least evil, i.e. having gone to the Customs Union to obtain the necessary resources for the stabilization of power.

Note that Khmelnitsky also had similar motivations in 1654, when a lack of resources in the civil war with the Poles (it was a civil war, since Ukraine was deeply incorporated into Rzeczpospolita and Khmelnitsky himself initially did not see any reason to leave the RP) his alliance with the kingdom of Moscow.

Yanukovych, of course, is not Khmelnitsky, but the logic works in the same direction. And we note that the consequences of this step may be quite the same as after the conclusion of the Khmelnytsky union with the Moscow Tsar - Ruin.


Because there is one more force that until this moment was out of sight of this analysis - the people.

Up to this point, I practically did not speak about the people, and it might have been an impression that he was subjectless in all these schemes. This is not true.

The masses are moving, they begin to "breathe" and this was vividly shown by the October 28 election.

Parliamentary elections clearly recorded the mobilization of Yanukovych’s opponents in the west, in the center and in the northeast, while the southeastern regions showed a decrease in turnout and a clear prostration after a fabulous “crackdown” from the Party of Regions.

A tough standoff in majoritarian districts was a demonstration not only of the forces of the feudal barons who, by hook or by crook, were trying to get into the Rada, but an electorate excited and charged with hatred for the Regions.

The recent storming of the Odessa City Council, the battle with OMON at the OIC 132 majority district after the election is a clear demonstration of the awakening mass.

This contributes to a sharp deterioration in the socio-economic situation in the country. Stopping dozens of enterprises, including industrial giants of the southeast (Zaporizhstal, Zaporizhia Ferroalloy Plant, Azovstal, Ilyich Plant and others), mass layoffs on the railroad, the ruin of small and medium businesses are creating a massive layer of the disaffected. At the same time, unlike 2008-2009's, this embittered mass no longer has a fatty cushion of savings. Yesterday on one of the channels there was an interesting story about the fall in sales of pork on the eve of the New Year. Sellers lamented, they say, the New Year, there were always queues, but now nobody is suitable. And who will be suitable if most of the people are sitting on bread and potatoes? No matter how much Azarov says “pokraschennya”, halvah will not appear in the mouth.

The danger of the situation is that the old political forces are not able to absorb the beastly bottoms. The explosive growth of Freedom results in the elections reflects a public demand for radical solutions to social problems. And this is only the first sign of the emerging new socio-political reality in 2013-2015.

What follows from this? Collapse of the existing state model.

An attentive reader will easily see that the emergence of each new subject of analysis introduces an additional fraction of uncertainty. The positions of all the main actors are unstable. All problems that were consciously or unconsciously ignored for more than twenty years merge into a single destructive stream and rush by the shock wave through the compartments of a sinking ship.

What will happen if the United States imposes sanctions on Ukraine, as is the case with the “Magnitsky list”? How will the economic blockade on the part of Russia affect Ukraine? How will the crisis in the eurozone 2013 of the year hit the Ukrainian economy? What will the authorities do if, due to frost, several districts of such a megalopolis as Kiev will be cut off from heat and electricity? How will society react to the shooting of a prosecutor or a judge with desperate 7 kilometer entrepreneurs? How will Rada work if Yanukovych signs an agreement on the Customs Union and, most importantly, how will the West of Ukraine react to this? There are dozens of such questions and they all give rise to a lot of uncertainties.

In sum, they tear apart the decrepit, bitten by the corruption moth, the social and political fabric of the dying Second Republic. In 2013, Ukraine enters the final stage of its existence. All resources are exhausted, all words are spoken, almost all is plundered and destroyed. The leaders cannot rule in a new way, and the lower classes do not want to live as slaves. The country is entering a storm. And this is very good. You can not rot for generations. It’s ugly to live in a society where women are burned alive, where whole families are cut off, where the worst manifestations of human nature have become the norm.

Once again in its history, Ukraine is entering stage of decomposition and civil war. It will be very bad if we do not draw proper conclusions from our mistakes and try, finally, to consciously build a better future.

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    What will Akhmetov and other oligarchs fight for?

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      Yanukovych should be "removed" in 2014, and everyone will feel better, if you believe the elders and all sorts of accidents:

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      Botanologist 10 January 2013 23: 14
      Tough article. But as a person who has relatives in Ukraine, I am sadly aware of its truthfulness.
      One thing is sad - while we break off the horns of Ukrainian oligarchs, there will be no people left there.
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    Only huge money and righteousness protection forced to fight the so-called ELITE
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    Everything will fall into place as soon as the West gives its soul to God. And I think it’s not long to wait. The USA is already folding flippers. Europe is bursting at the seams. And further on Freud.
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      Quote: alexneg
      And further on Freud.

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        Despite the illness of independence, they will not go anywhere with a submarine.
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        Quote: alexneg
        Everything will fall into place as soon as the West gives its soul to God. And I think it’s not long to wait. The USA is already folding flippers. Europe is bursting at the seams. And further on Freud.

        That’s for sure, we are on the verge of a big schucher!
    2. Papakiko
      Papakiko 10 January 2013 09: 34
      in the United States is gaining momentum NEW EMPLOYMENT (these are prisoners in prisons, sentenced to a long term. Thus, they will save (restore) the production of consumer goods. There will be "interest-free" loans for consumption to inflate (say, the return of the loan is not money, but public works). weapons and disagreements (the most active, 1000-000) will be sent to concentration camps.
      Let me remind you the lines from Mayakovsky V.V.
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      And what the "oligophrenics" divide, so we in the majority do not know and do not know.
      An article in this form "faker sucks", material is "cheerful" but presented from the back.
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    Ukraine needs to be in alliance with Russia, in Europe it is a stranger. Yes, and the European Union is already breathing.
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      Ukraine, within the borders existing today, IMHO is not viable.
      The article, in my opinion, is quite informative. I got the impression during reading that the political get-together in the republic is one big bastard! At least put every single one against the wall! Greed will destroy the frayers. And in my opinion, the one who has common sense and the instinct of self-preservation will begin to wake up earlier than to fill up the pockets with "green", he still has time to jump into the last car of the outgoing train of the Ukrainian "nezalezhnost". recourse The game went on the verge of a foul. I would not want to scam, but the October Revolution at 17 may seem like a childish prank compared to what could happen to our brothers in the near future.
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    I really look forward to when I live in a single country with my relatives near Odessa.
    The author of the article is a big plus. Read like a political detective. Detailed and clear analysis. Let there be more such articles.
  6. valokordin
    valokordin 10 January 2013 08: 40
    The article is interesting, the situation described by the author shows all the rot created by the American leaders of the regime in Ukraine. Also in Russia, where the government is thinking about preserving itself, its income. Only the restoration of Soviet power will save the peoples of Ukraine and Russia, but the bandits will not give up power for that, human rights, security officers, repressions will begin again, but how to deal with criminals to those who do not want to join them. Again, maybe not resisting evil with violence. (L.N. Tolstoy), or will beauty save the world, or if you were hit on one cheek, turn the other?
  7. predator.3
    predator.3 10 January 2013 08: 40
    One thing is clear, in any situation the Ukrainian elite needs to buy real estate in London and its environs, and Akhmetov also has a football club! laughing
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 10 January 2013 14: 39
      Quote: predator.3
      One thing is clear, in any situation the Ukrainian elite needs to buy real estate in London and its environs, and Akhmetov also has a football club!

      And they have already bought everything for a long time. The usual comprador elite ..

      Ukraine: houses of thieves Akhmetov and Pinchuk in London

      Kensington, Upper Phillimore Gardens, 17
      In 2008, the British public was also shocked by the news about the acquisition of the most expensive home in the world - the estate in the quiet London area was acquired by the daughter of ex-president of Kuchma, Elena Pinchuk
      which at that time still bore the name Franchuk. For a five-story Victorian villa, she paid 80 million pounds, that is, more than a billion hryvnias at today's rate.
      1. WW3
        WW3 10 January 2013 15: 25
        Rinat Akhmetov is the Ukrainian who bought a three-story unfurnished penthouse in the London One Hyde Park complex overlooking Hyde Park for a record amount for the UK. It is reported by the Financial Times.

        Rinat Akhmetova’s personal spokeswoman, Elena Dovzhenko, confirmed to the British newspaper that the System Capital Managemen (SCM) holding, which Akhmetov owned, is one of the investors in the construction of the One Hyde Park complex.

        The price of the penthouse is £ 136 million ($ 220 million).

        Earlier it was reported that the transaction was carried out at the final stage of real estate market growth in 2007 through an offshore company Water Property Holdings involving a law firm with offices in Russia and Ukraine.

        According to the transaction, the buyer plans to spend up to £ 60 million ($ 97,6 million) to equip the penthouse.

    2. MG42
      MG42 10 January 2013 16: 33
      predator.3the figure does not correctly reflect the oligarchic reality in Ukraine, there is neither Akhmetov, nor Yaroslavsky, nor Firtash, nor Khoroshkovsky, nor Tigipko and others, nor the most important Yanukovych, but Poroshenko is represented in the center, this is not a very large figure. In this figure, only Kolomoisky and Pinchuk = son-in-law of Kuchma deserve attention.
  8. 2k11
    2k11 10 January 2013 08: 52
    I wonder why there are no comments from Ukrainians?
    1. Nevsky
      Nevsky 10 January 2013 09: 38
      interesting, and why there are no comments from Ukrainians?

      And am I not enough? laughing

      Everyone just came to terms with this order of things. angry recourse
    2. Genry
      Genry 10 January 2013 13: 02
      There is a feeling of heaviness of the article and incomprehensibility.

      For example, phrases like: "The Americans do not need to directly finance, say, Yatsenyuk, since they are" advising "Akhmetov who is better to support in Ukraine based on their long-term interest."
      This does not fit our logic as Akhmetov supports the party of regions of Yanukovych.
      It is Yatsenyuk, Yushchenko, and Tymoshenko who support the United States.

      The rest of the text is obscure picking in ...
      Those. it’s not laid out here, but everything is swept and mixed. More precisely, the separation within the government is shown and there is no comparison with the opposition - a silence that creates the impression that power creates all the troubles.

      We are more interested in the balance of power - the opposition, which determines the movement of Ukraine.
        OSTAP BENDER 10 January 2013 15: 30
        Quote: Genry
        This does not fit our logic.

        And how does this alignment fit into the logic: the Jewish oligarch Kolomoisky, being in the Party of Regions, finances nationalists from Svoboda? There is nothing logical in Ukrainian politics, everything is against logic, and against the people, the interests of the clans are there !!!!
        1. Genry
          Genry 10 January 2013 16: 28
          When Hitler rose, the Jews also financed him. Apparently Tyagnybok, like Hitler, is also a Jew (there is some truth in every joke)
        2. Don
          Don 10 January 2013 17: 54
          Quote: OSTAP BENDER
          Jewish oligarch Kolomoisky being in the Party of Regions,

          Kolomoisky is not in the Party of Regions.
    3. Egoza
      Egoza 10 January 2013 13: 08
      Quote: 2k11
      and why there are no comments from Ukrainians?

      Wait! We just have time ... the difference with you is 2 hours
      OSTAP BENDER 10 January 2013 15: 26
      Quote: 2k11
      I wonder why there are no comments from Ukrainians?

      What to comment on? As they say, a fact on the face! The names listed in the article cause such disgust among the people that no one wants to talk about them, they just feel sick!
  9. Apollo
    Apollo 10 January 2013 09: 17
    Before you understand all of these intricacies, you first need to understand who he is Rinat Akhmetov!

    judging by the surname and name by nationality of the Tatar and reading his data one of the richest people in Ukraine. so who is he ?!

    Rinat Akhmetov
    Status: $ 17414 million 09.01.2013
    Status change: - $ 162 million 08.01.2013 one-day note status change - $ 162mn and at least henna. winked
    Age: 46
    Field of Interest: Metallurgy, Fuel and Energy Complex
    Place of birth: Donetsk region, Voroshilovsky, Donetsk
    It is one of the five richest people in the world whose foundation is ferrous metallurgy. Above him in the list of Forbes billionaires are Indian Lakshmi Mittal ($ 20,7 billion), Russian Alisher Usmanov ($ 18,1 billion) and Australian Georgina Reinhart ($ 18 billion). Closes the top five Vladimir Lisin ($ 15,9 billion) from Russia.
    In the 2060 year, when the DTEK concession period for state mine administrations expires, Akhmetov will be 94 years, and his youngest son Almir - 63.
    Akhmetov is a full holder of the Order of Merit of Ukraine. He was awarded two presidents: Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko.
    Akhmetov paid $ 221 million last year for two apartments in the One Hyde Park complex in London. This is almost 15% of the declared value of the entire complex (1,1 billion pounds).
    The domain name was intercepted by cybersquatters, was not registered.

    Education: Donetsk National University (2001)
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 10 January 2013 13: 10
      It is also significant that this time Akhmetov did not become a deputy! Generally not included in the ranks.
      But we must pay tribute - in football and city improvement contributed a lot.
    2. WW3
      WW3 10 January 2013 15: 03
      Quote: Apollon
      who is he Rinat Akhmetov!

      The one who really rules through Yanukovych and the richest man in Ukraine
    3. Don
      Don 10 January 2013 17: 56
      Quote: Apollon
      when the DTEK concession period for state mine administrations expires,

      DTEK does not manage state mine administrations; it has its own mines.
  10. askort154
    askort154 10 January 2013 09: 24
    In Ukraine, the situation in which Russia was in 2000 is now. In power
    and the capital of the country had a "family". The country was ruled by an oligarchy.
    Putin cut this knot, putting one in prison, others fled, the rest were swollen, they do not claim power. Yanukovych with his son at the head of the "family" as
    once Yeltsin with his daughter. Ukraine urgently needs "Putin", otherwise, complete collapse is not far off
    1. Nevsky
      Nevsky 10 January 2013 10: 01
      Ukraine urgently needs "Putin", otherwise, complete collapse is not far off

      Where can I get it? Tyagnibok is offered from the radicals, and he is slowly gaining sympathy, advancing to the East of Ukraine. I wrote about this on the website "Voennoye Obozreniye". Of the Russian-speaking security officials, politicians, alas, not. Or they simply don’t. recourse

      As a consequence, the Russian ethnos dissolves. Everything in Ukraine is bad from the Russian officials of the oligarchs or Russian-speaking Ukrainians, and the good from the Galicians, who will lead the gas to Geyropa ... am Such a message is given ...
      1. Oidsoldier
        Oidsoldier 10 January 2013 11: 14
        The current situation in Ukraine is the result of the struggle of the oligarchs for power. They are very smart and learn from the mistakes of others - in particular from the mistakes of the Russian oligarchs. Their main task was to prevent the political leadership of the country from gaining real power in the state. To this end, a successful operation was carried out to divide the country into two warring, irreconcilable political camps: West - East. In this situation, any politician, having gained power in the country, is not able to impose the will of the state on the oligarchs. With such an attempt, the oligarchy mobilizes the opposition and will always impose its conditions. Therefore, whoever we choose, decisions are made not by politicians, but by moneybags on whom the people have no influence. And precisely for this reason, there is still no policy that meets the interests of most Ukrainians.
        1. Genry
          Genry 10 January 2013 13: 14
          Let's just say there are politicians (Medvedchuk, for example), but which of the population will support him now. The population by their vote and chooses the life that ...
          In Russia, if they had not voted for Putin, then he would not have been.

          The people are worthy of the one they chose !!!
      2. Egoza
        Egoza 10 January 2013 13: 12
        Tyagnibok has a specific ideology. Clear and understandable. This attracts. The party cannot attract supporters if there is no clear ideology, and even more so if all promises are forgotten immediately after the election.
    2. serge
      serge 10 January 2013 18: 34
      Ukraine urgently needs "Putin"
      Not "Ukraine needs Putin", but simply "Ukraine needs Putin."
  11. Apollo
    Apollo 10 January 2013 09: 30

    pay attention to the age of all that 46 years. In my opinion, obviously there could not have done without some kind of protege. Farther

    The beginning of a long journey. The biography of the billionaire was not without white spots. For example, like most Ukrainian rich, he didn’t very clearly explain when and how he earned start-up capital and the first million. In his interviews, Akhmetov said that he was able to get rich by taking many entrepreneurial risks in the first years after the collapse of the USSR. In 1995, he stood at the origins of the creation of the Dongorbank.
    It also remains a mystery to the public whether only friendship and legal business connected Akhmetov with Akhat Bragin (also known under the nickname Alec the Greek). He was a reputable Donetsk businessman (in particular, he was known as the president of FC Shakhtar) and, according to law enforcement agencies, an influential crime boss. Died in October 1995 at the Shakhtar Donetsk stadium as a result of a planned explosion.

    .................................................. ..............................

    Participation in politics. During the 2004 presidential election campaign, Akhmetov actively supported the pro-government candidate, Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, with whom he had long established business and friendly relations by that time. After the victory of Viktor Yushchenko, Akhmetov's business empire, as many then thought, was on the verge of collapse. A serious shock for the entrepreneur in the fall of 2005 was the re-privatization of the Krivorozhstal steel plant, which he owned together with Pinchuk. However, after the Orange Revolution, the loss of Krivorozhstal turned out to be very large, but the only material loss.


    As a result of the “orange team” coming to power, Akhmetov suffered some moral costs. In the summer of 2005, law enforcement officials suspected that he might be involved in a criminal showdown 18 years ago and in several economic crimes. The businessman's addresses were showered with invitations "to a conversation to give testimony", followed by searches in his offices and residence. Akhmetov decided to wait out the "bad weather" in one of the favorite places of the European wealthy - the quiet and calm principality of Monaco. And after a few months of "rest and work" abroad he calmly returned to Ukraine and continued to actively engage not only in business, but also in politics.
    Akhmetov was and still remains one of the main sponsors Party of Regions.
    the only thing I can say from the content of the article is a typical case for all post-Soviet states without exception.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 10 January 2013 13: 14
      Quote: Apollon
      he didn’t very clearly explain when and how he earned start-up capital and the first million.

      Dear Apollo! Yes, not a single millionaire in the whole world admits HOW he earned his first million!
      1. WW3
        WW3 10 January 2013 15: 06
        Quote: Egoza
        Yes, no millionaire in the whole world admits HOW he earned his first million!

        Yes, there are a lot of materials and videos, including about the "first lemon" of the Tatar, you did not look carefully winked
        1. WW3
          WW3 11 January 2013 04: 37
          It is enough to enter the name Bragin next to Akhmetov in the search engine and many details are very bloody like this the first lemon was earned in the dashing 90s .....

  12. fenix57
    fenix57 10 January 2013 10: 15
    And for what such merits: "... a full Knight of the Order of Ukraine" For Merit. "He was awarded by two presidents: Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko." Akhmetov was and remains one of the main sponsors of the Party of Regions."-Rewarded Yushchenko, and sponsors the" Party of Regions. "Interesting movie.
    1. sincman
      10 January 2013 11: 43
      Forgot to add "and has accommodation in London" ... This is a very important note. Your crooks have the same housing in London ... :)
  13. zambo
    zambo 10 January 2013 11: 58
    The article is very informative, opening eyes to the current state of political life in Ukraine and, in fact, raising many new questions for the future. Indeed, it "smacks" of civil war, God forbid, of course ...
    1. Genry
      Genry 10 January 2013 13: 49
      The article may be informative, but one-sided, indiscriminately opposed.
      It is aimed at downgrading the Party of Regions rating (the current government),

      Business in power has been and will always be with everyone. The only "BUT !!!", if only this business was from a clan of producers and not from a clan of traders.

      The clan of producers is interested in the strength of its power, it is he who creates the material resources (money) of the country.

      The clan of merchants is engaged in the redistribution of these resources (here the greatest profit for which they can kill), they aggressively behave towards the clan of producers. Often, due to poorly controlled purchase and import of goods from abroad, the activities of the producer clan and the impoverishment of the country are disrupted.

      In Ukraine, this is the situation. Party of Regions - clan of producers. Tymoshenko, Yatsenyuk, and almost - this is a clan of merchants. The Communist Party is nothing.

      When one or another clan comes to power, first of all, changes are made to the tax legislation (the balance of taxes on production and trade changes). Under Tymoshenko-Yushchenko there was a sharp collapse of the Ukrainian economy.
  14. Vufel
    Vufel 10 January 2013 13: 05
    Fill Yanyka! How to give give up! There he is dear. Although this also applies to his opponents. I think no one will be sorry. But here the question arises: then what? And here healthy forces will need the help of Russia!
    1. Genry
      Genry 10 January 2013 14: 35
      Quote: Vufel
      Fill Yanyka! How to give give up!

      Who and how.? SBU will be very interesting.
    2. WW3
      WW3 10 January 2013 15: 15
      Quote: Vufel
      Fill Yanyka! How to give give up!

      There was only one attempt on Yanukovych ... with the help of a chicken egg wassat

      Now he has so much protection and the coolest motorcade ... laughing , the truth from the incident with the wreath did not save ... such a fate ....
  15. Egoza
    Egoza 10 January 2013 13: 17
    By the way, people are ALREADY tired of "kids" and other relatives in parliament. people will vote against precisely because they are fed up with nepotism since the time of Yushchenko. So the "children" may be very unlucky, they will get a fig, not power.
    1. Vufel
      Vufel 10 January 2013 13: 45
      Children may not be unlucky, they should be unlucky, just like their "sugar daddies". That it would not be customary to drink the blood of the working people!
  16. Nevsky
    Nevsky 10 January 2013 14: 02
    Yanukovych is a project of the West to arouse maximum disgust among Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the South-East of Ukraine. Gold toilets, private residences, corteges. the oligarchs around him and the "family". For the Ukrainian, one path is specially left, bright and open: Tyagniboka, the EU and NATO. The rest is all discredited: the Ukrainian communists. watch everyone:

    Real Communists:

    1. Genry
      Genry 10 January 2013 14: 23
      Quote: Nevsky
      Yanukovych - a project of the West

      In your opinion, Yanukovych was led into power by the West, although the entire election campaign was conducted against him (for Tymoshenko).

      The West protects Tymoshenko:

      av-rezolyuciyu / 456770


      And in your opinion, only Tyagnybok from the Svolota party is white and fluffy?
      1. Nevsky
        Nevsky 10 January 2013 14: 34
        Read and listen to Fedorov. bully And you still believe the campaign "Donetsk" ?! I personally am only Russian, but Russian in Russia.
        1. Genry
          Genry 10 January 2013 14: 38
          You are naive if you believe someone. God is a prime example.
          I respect Fedorov and consider him an analogue in Ukraine of Medvedchuk.

          I am glad that Putin is in Russia, but I cannot in any way associate him with Svolota, there are too different views.
  17. biglow
    biglow 10 January 2013 14: 48
    For all oligarchs, the end will be one, housing in London or a camera in their homeland
    1. Genry
      Genry 10 January 2013 15: 00
      Naivety begets stupidity.
      The proud word "Oligarch" was reduced to a curse.
      Already all the oligarchs in the 17th graduated, their families, children, relatives and acquaintances. And what they got: cooks in power.
      These cooks grew and grew and then grabbed and became again what ???
      The dragon is dead! Long live the dragon!

      Society, like a tree, has a tip, there are roots .... If a tree is healthy, then it can withstand any storm. If it is rotten, then firewood (both the top and the roots and ...). Everything will burn.
      Here they’re trying to bring rot to the foul And, first of all, to the roots.
      1. wax
        wax 10 January 2013 22: 52
        Where did you see the cooks in power in Soviet times? But the education of Ukrainian leaders today is impressive.
  18. anchonsha
    anchonsha 10 January 2013 15: 19
    Talk, talk, talk and moan. ... Ukraine, Yushchenko, at the suggestion of the United States, was divided into two different political motives: the East and the West, which becomes the main obstacle to solving the question: what to do next with the country? Nobody will yield to anyone. The oligarchs are still adding fuel to the fire and the issue is becoming more and more confusing. Therefore, it is not known how it will end for Ukraine.
  19. toguns
    toguns 10 January 2013 15: 51
    wassat So who are the real heroes in Ukraine :)
  20. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 10 January 2013 17: 05
    Good article. The author feels "in the subject" and he is not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine. And the situation there is getting worse and worse, and she herself, it seems, cannot get out without help. The "moment of truth" is approaching. Sitting on two chairs with famous promises and "yours and ours" no longer rolls. It is necessary to determine, but with whom to go? It is extremely important for the EU not to let Ukraine get closer to Russia, but it can hardly help with anything concrete: it has its own problems "above the roof". Most likely, it will confine itself to general considerations about the benefits of European integration and, most importantly, promise not to insist on any democratic changes in the country, so that the Ukrainian elite can be calm about what they have acquired by back-breaking labor. But this will not improve the economic situation, so it will be a "kicked-off". Joining the CU with Russia is really capable of causing an economic rise in Ukraine, but it will also require retaliatory steps from Ukraine, which the Ukrainian elite clearly does not want, fearing for their possessions and their acquired. She (the elite) would like to receive everything from the TS, but give ... at a minimum, "do not let go" to herself! A historic moment for both Ukraine and Russia! Let us move on together for the good of our countries and in fulfillment of the aspirations of our peoples, or let us resolutely disperse with unpredictable consequences. It is not for nothing that Vladimir Putin himself supervises this issue. It is a pity that the Ukrainian Minin and Pozharsky have not yet appeared, which would have forced the Ukrainian elite to agree to a true alliance with Russia and Belarus! Russia is READY for this union!

  21. MG42
    MG42 10 January 2013 17: 09
    Very interesting stuff +++. Did Yanukovych Have a Pre-Election Slogan "Ukraine for People"? sad = for the oligarchic clans, and the people are held for bydlo.
  22. ayyildiz
    ayyildiz 10 January 2013 18: 10
    Every nation needs rich people! But these rich should use their capital for the benefit of the people, creating new jobs and paying taxes to the state
    1. alexdol
      alexdol 11 January 2013 00: 30
      ayyildiz RU 'Every state needs rich people! ...'
      Nobody is against "wealth", but it must be HONESTLY earned! And here just nothing happens! Even Marx said that the first million is based on a great CRIME! And it's hard to argue with that! So what kind of "rich" people do you need? They are all thieves and bandits! I would put them all against the wall! Here's my verse called "A Simple Law":
      And no matter what they say
      A thief to be ashamed and sinful
      But here is a simple law discovered
      Stealing, only a lot of good!

      Comrade stole a penny
      He is a petty crook, just a thief
      They put him on a bench
      And the court is talking to him

      And took, for example, so it’s difficult
      Submit or Count!
      You acted terribly wise
      The lord became - neither give nor take!

      And everyone knows that he is a thief!
      But come close to him?
      Such a blizzard will rise ...
      And now the tracks are all covered up!
      I invite everyone to my lit. page
  23. asf32wesdg
    asf32wesdg 10 January 2013 18: 33
    It just can't be !!! The FSB has created this database about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. Really was really scared
    there are a lot of interesting things about me (addresses, phone numbers, even my photos of a different nature) - I wonder where they dug up this. In general, there are good sides - this
    Information can be deleted from the site.
    I advise you to hurry, you never know how to fumble there ...
    1. sincman
      10 January 2013 18: 40
      Wow ... it can't be!
      Well ... I’ll go and check ... Suddenly they have already figured me out! ;)))
    2. MG42
      MG42 10 January 2013 18: 44
      spam-thrower robot disappear! This is an old SMS scam. negative
  24. uizik
    uizik 10 January 2013 19: 11
    What does the people do? Waiting! There is no desire to comment, so tired of these figures! What will happen? They will ruin the country. Another bubble will burst! Protect money bags - let their kids fight!
  25. Sergio-1
    Sergio-1 10 January 2013 19: 16
    Everyone yells that Ukraine is close to its disintegration, that something needs to be done ... It is especially touching to hear this from the Russians. Firstly, are you not enough of your own problems? Secondly, and this is the main thing, Russia will only benefit from this. The South and East of Ukraine, if not assimilated, will certainly enter the "Russian orbit", and the impoverished West of Ukraine will get bogged down in the civil war of the "independent" and supporters of the country's annexation to Poland or some Romania. This scenario is very likely, as well as the rejection of an already not very rich population beyond the line of not only poverty, but also survival. I live in this country, and therefore I hope that all these gloomy predictions will not come true. As they say, God forbid you to live in an era of change ...
    1. biglow
      biglow 10 January 2013 19: 55
      all of what you wrote is harsh reality, but the longer the timelessness lasts, the worse it will be for everyone, and for us as residents of the southeast, the prospect of returning to the original borders of Russia does not seem to be something wrong at all. Sooner or later we will come there, but I hope that sooner . Czech Republic peacefully parted with Slovakia and nothing happened.
      1. MG42
        MG42 10 January 2013 20: 14
        Quote: biglow
        The Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully parted and nothing happened.

        Here are two maps = the territorial rift is observed stably during the presidential election in Ukraine.

        1. sergo0000
          sergo0000 10 January 2013 23: 04
          Galicia and Volhynia for Ukraine, like a stone tossed overboard!
          Yes, in fact, they were never full members of the USSR. negative
        2. biglow
          biglow 10 January 2013 23: 28
          whoever says anything and this is inevitable
          1. sergo0000
            sergo0000 11 January 2013 00: 00
            Now, if they themselves declared their independence, and did not position themselves with the rest of the Ukrainians, I think it would be easier for everyone! winked
            One could safely say: good riddance with a tablecloth.
            The air would be cleaner!
            1. sincman
              11 January 2013 12: 46
              Quote: sergo0000
              Now, if they themselves declared their independence

              The problem is that almost all production, as well as deposits of the floor. fossils are found in the east and south. It is for this reason that the Galicians will never separate themselves and will in every way impede the separation of the south and east. Otherwise, they will be left with nothing.
        3. WW3
          WW3 11 January 2013 04: 31
          What to be-that cannot be avoided ... these are two different Ukraine .. how not to glue a broken cup .... two opposite vectors ....
  26. plotnikov561956
    plotnikov561956 10 January 2013 19: 32
    The article is a huge plus ... all comments are respected by their position
    The deterioration of the welfare of the people and the degradation of power are precisely these two factors that will cause the social explosion that sweeps statehood in Ukraine as it is now ....
    1. Sergio-1
      Sergio-1 10 January 2013 19: 43
      And statehood will be replaced by anarchy, anarchy and a mess. A kind of version of the apocalypse in Ukrainian. Hope we have a lot less idiots than you think! Look at the countries of "victorious American democracy"! We don't need to wish that! Forgot your "Swamp"? Then, too, "friends of Russia" shouted at every corner and from every fence that, they say, the Russian people woke up! That the present power will fall and God's kingdom will come. But your mind has triumphed, respect to you and respect. Our power must change, or it will change. Only without any explosions there, okay?
  27. georg737577
    georg737577 10 January 2013 21: 34
    Ukraine through the efforts of the so-called. The "elite" (read - bandits and scum) successfully passed the "point of no return" when one could still hope for the formation of a normal state in a non-violent way. Now the possibility of a "revolution from below" will begin to acquire features of a real perspective. Moreover, this will happen not under political or economic, but class slogans. Rich people and officials (who do not have time to escape), as well as their relatives, will simply be killed, at home they will be robbed and burned ... And it will probably be terrible, but right .. And they, too, are beginning to understand this. Some diseases can only be treated with surgery, especially neglected ones.
  28. xan
    xan 10 January 2013 23: 57
    wow alignment!
    Ukrainians will not envy. If Yanukovych will solve the problems of fathers and children in the first place, you can put an end to the statehood of Ukraine - the cynical Kremlin man will gobble up the EU and America will not help. And this is at best.
  29. uizik
    uizik 11 January 2013 00: 19
    The people are silent. Waiting for! There is no desire either to write about them or to see them.