The United States will supply two Iron Dome missile defense systems to Israel as part of a “leaseback”

The United States will supply two Iron Dome missile defense systems to Israel as part of a “leaseback”

The United States will supply Israel with two Iron Dome missile defense systems once purchased by the Americans from the Jewish state. Reuters reports this.

According to the British agency, citing high-ranking sources in the United States, Washington has decided to transfer two Iron Dome missile defense systems to Israel as part of the so-called “leaseback”. That is, the Americans give the anti-aircraft systems purchased from them for temporary use to the Israelis. Delivery will take place in the near future, there is no information about leasing payment.

The Pentagon told members of Congress at a briefing on Wednesday that it intends to send its two Iron Dome missile defense systems back to Israel as part of a leaseback deal.

- reports agency.

As already reported, the United States, as part of military assistance, has already sent Israel a certain number of missiles for anti-aircraft systems, including those for the Iron Dome, and promises to continue deliveries. Joe Biden, who visited Israel and met with Benjamin Netanyahu, promised to go to Congress to get permission for "unprecedented aid" to Israel.

Previously, a number of military experts suggested that if rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip and the Lebanese Hezbollah continue, the Israeli missile defense system simply will not be able to intercept such a number of missiles. Therefore, supplies of air defense systems and ammunition for them will now go to Israel, and not to Ukraine, although Zelensky from every podium demands as many air defense systems as possible to protect against Russian missiles and drones. However, the near future will show how the situation will develop further.
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    1. +4
      19 October 2023 21: 24
      Mutual transfer between sidekicks of an iron skull cap full of lice, nits and dandruff! tongue
      1. +1
        19 October 2023 21: 40
        But how persistently Zelensky and Klitschko begged for these “domes” for the air defense of Kiev on you too... A complete bummer... At least pin the domes on Klitschko’s back... They simply won’t fit on the back of a clown...
    2. +3
      19 October 2023 21: 25
      Back and forth, oh my god, how nice it is. And somewhere in Kyiv the extinguished clown began to cry.
    3. +1
      19 October 2023 21: 46
      That's how the Jews are zhmotyars. They sold their last panties for money. And now they will wear other people’s worn clothes. How much of a complete piece of shit do you have to be?
      I wouldn’t be surprised if they eat their own shit out of greed a second time. These are not people, they are not even pigs. These are some kind of worms.
      1. +1
        20 October 2023 00: 14
        They thought they would overwhelm the Americans with these domes. They thought of installing them on the same chassis as the Hemars. But something didn't work out
    4. 0
      19 October 2023 22: 06
      Hm strange. I believed that the Israelis did not have enough Tamirs to reload because The number of interceptor missiles should go into the hundreds, but here there are two full-fledged and, as I understand it, equipped systems. Are they going to fight on several fronts? what
      PS Actually, this is not even a question, I’m just puzzled. Logically, it’s the executable missiles that are missing, since the system’s radars are not damaged? Well, or there are not enough introductions.
      PSS By the way, where do the Americans remove the Israeli air defense systems from, please tell me. It was written somewhere, I missed it, I’m trying to remember.
      1. -3
        20 October 2023 00: 00
        These complexes are located in the United States.
        The Marine Corps deploys them as needed.
        during overseas operations. To cover military bases
        from Grad class missiles.
        1. +1
          20 October 2023 02: 47
          These complexes are located in the United States.

          No. These products are from the Middle East (which is why I asked for tips).
      2. 0
        20 October 2023 03: 33
        They wrote that they were going to be deployed to protect the White House, but it didn’t work out. Apparently reality turned out to be far from advertising. Moreover, the second one remained in the warehouse, it was not even opened, and they recently promised to give either one or both to the Ukrainians for use.
        Jews know how to tell lies about their invincible army and super-duper weapons, but sometimes the truth comes out. They wrote about a weapons scandal in one of the South American countries related to some advertised Jewish miracle weapon which, when tested, turned out to be complete crap.
    5. +1
      20 October 2023 02: 11
      That is, the Americans give the anti-aircraft systems they purchased from them for temporary use to the Israelis.
      And they will charge the Jews for rent, as capitalists are supposed to do. bully
      1. -1
        20 October 2023 03: 38
        And they will rip off the Jews for rent

        Wait, they will soon pay the Jews. There they are urgently preparing a $100 billion package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, but surely 90% will go to the Jews and they will still make money.
    6. 0
      20 October 2023 17: 37
      The Jews are floundering among themselves, at first Moishe sold Bluma a product for a few shekels, but now Bluma simply gave this product to Moishe to vilify a little, as if maybe later you’ll get my shekels back. What if a pipe hits the goods? And Moishe has all his moves written down, no goods - no shekels.))))

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