Footage of the assault on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Avdeevsky direction has appeared

Footage of the assault on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Avdeevsky direction has appeared

Filmed with the help of drones footage of objective control, in which you can see the assault by units of the Russian army on the positions of militants of the Kyiv regime in the Avdeevka area.

In particular, the footage captured a successful attack by soldiers of the separate reconnaissance and assault detachment “Cluny” of the Volunteer Corps of the Southern Group of Forces on a stronghold of the Ukrainian army. Thanks to the coordinated and highly professional actions of Russian military personnel, the position came under the full control of the Russian Armed Forces.

Currently, the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces against Avdeevka continues. The Ukrainian command is transferring reserves, trying to save the desperate situation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this direction. According to military correspondents, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already transferred the 1st separate tank brigade, as well as the 45th and 63rd separate rifle battalions. In turn, the Russian army is increasing the density of artillery fire and air strikes. In the Avdeevka area, active hostilities continue to the north and south of the settlement. At the same time, the advance of Russian troops is limited.

In addition, the enemy reports the intensification of offensive actions by the Russian army in the Artemovsky and Kupyansky directions. However, talk about the formation of the Avdeevka cauldron is still premature, but the settlement is currently on the verge of tactical encirclement.

  • Ministry of Defense of Russia
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  1. +12
    19 October 2023 13: 26
    - "Work, brothers!" ...
  2. +11
    19 October 2023 13: 46
    The video shows the professionalism of our guys in working in the enemy trenches. Good luck and minimal losses.
    1. +1
      19 October 2023 13: 58
      Comrade "Gunmaster" is not so optimistic, however.
    2. +2
      19 October 2023 15: 05
      too many shrapnel wounds and casualties from sniper fire
      we need new mass armored suits up to 30 kg with an unloading exoskeleton
      principle: base anti-fragmentation suit 1,5 mm thick titanium area 1,6-2 sq.m.
      main protection: 10x10 cm plates with a thickness of 1 mm titanium filled with 5 mm boron carbide (1 square 10x10 weight 180 grams, 1 trapezoid 10x8 160 grams)
      100% coating consists of 160 plates of about 30 kg, incl. UHMWPE and anti-traumatic 6 kg
      protection class Br 6
      wearable repair kit for up to 40 plates weighing up to 4,5 kg
      Ratnik-3 worked on this option, but with open ceramic plates, which crumble after being hit by bullets and require frequent replacement
      1. 0
        19 October 2023 16: 20
        Soon terminators will fight instead of people, in 30 years.
        1. 0
          19 October 2023 17: 00
          Terminators may already appear in NATO earlier
          Without a spacesuit, it somehow doesn’t work out when they’re working on you from the TOS
    3. 0
      20 October 2023 14: 43
      according to the classics.. First, a grenade, then shoot the horn.. then we just go in
  3. +3
    19 October 2023 13: 52
    Guys, stay alive. There will be victory, the main thing is that you were alive!!!
  4. +8
    19 October 2023 13: 55
    Twenty-five again. They took the prop, but a lot of questions remain:

    Why is an attack on an enemy stronghold not accompanied by UAVs with drops or FPV drones?

    Why don't we achieve a significant advantage during attack and defense, given our resources?

    Why not equip assault groups with at least RG-6 revolver grenade launchers to increase the attack power of attack aircraft?

    And when will generals, colonels and other officers be punished for their mistakes that led to large losses by being demoted to privates with transfer to Sturm-Z? The mistakes of ossified mediocrities in high uniforms, who did not care about the needs of soldiers in everyday life and in battle, but demand the fulfillment of assigned tasks, cost the country too much.

    If you can’t provide your soldiers with everything they need, you don’t understand what they need to successfully complete their tasks - leave, otherwise if you fail, you, the leader, will have to answer to the fullest extent!!!
    1. 0
      19 October 2023 15: 05
      WOW! Hand revolver grenade launcher! This is a gun for me! give me two!
      I played the game, it spreads well! The main thing there is to get the hang of it depending on the distances + - throw ammunition under your feet...
    2. 0
      19 October 2023 18: 23
      Oh, another smart guy. If you were mobilized, this does not mean that you automatically graduated from the General Staff Academy
  5. +2
    19 October 2023 14: 59
    Quote: Ratmir_Ryazan
    And when will generals, colonels and other officers be punished for their mistakes that led to large losses by being demoted to privates with transfer to Sturm-Z?

    So it will be necessary to start with the most important general. "This is fantastic, son." Unfortunately...
  6. +1
    20 October 2023 00: 03
    that somehow there are no concrete Nazi fortifications under Avdiivka. Ordinary trenches and dugouts.
  7. 0
    20 October 2023 13: 37
    I hope that what is happening near Avdiivka will not become Bakhmut No. 2 - almost a year-long assault, with progress measured in square meters, 20 thousand dead on our side for the ruins smashed into rubble and a complete lack of answer to the question - was it worth it?
    Is this for the sake of stopping the shelling of Donetsk? This thesis is constantly being discussed, and those who repeat it endlessly have the impression that they are not aware of the significant saturation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with artillery systems with a range of 40 km, missile weapons with a range of up to 150 km, and now even higher. So they will be able to hit any important target even if Avdiivka is abandoned. And push back the LBS at least to the Dnieper... Well, well...
  8. 0
    20 October 2023 19: 59
    This is what infuriates me most of all - “The enemy has transferred the 1st tank brigade. Aviation does not let us raise our heads, this is not about this SVO.

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