Russian Ministry of Defense: The Ukrainian regime attacked Crimea with converted S-200 air defense missiles

Russian Ministry of Defense: The Ukrainian regime attacked Crimea with converted S-200 air defense missiles

Today at about 17:40 Moscow time, the Ukrainian armed forces attempted to attack the Crimean Peninsula with converted missiles of the S-200 anti-aircraft missile system. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian regime fired 2 S-200 missiles towards Crimea. They were detected in time and intercepted by the air defense systems of the Russian Armed Forces.

The Ministry of Defense reported that fragments of Ukrainian missiles destroyed in the air fell in a deserted area and subsequently detonated on the ground. Fortunately, there was no destruction or casualties.

Earlier, the governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, announced an attempt to launch a missile strike on the city. In the Kara-Koba area, according to the governor, a Ukrainian missile was intercepted. Its fragments fell into a field, where they detonated, without igniting the vegetation.

Let us note that Ukrainian formations use S-200 air defense systems converted into strike anti-aircraft missiles to strike targets at a considerable distance from the launch site of the missiles themselves. However, most often such missiles are shot down by Russian air defense systems.

The Crimean peninsula is regularly subject to attempted attacks by Ukrainian forces. To carry out strikes, the Ukrainian Armed Forces use missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, and also send unmanned boats and sabotage and reconnaissance groups to the shores of Crimea. All of them are successfully destroyed by Russian troops.
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    1. +12
      18 October 2023 19: 34
      The work of the peninsula's air defense is being calculated. A more serious attack should be expected in the near future
      1. +9
        18 October 2023 19: 41
        dmi.pris 1 hi, well, they installed the Atamaks, and now they are preparing a large-scale attack on the Crimea or border regions in order to muffle the failure of the offensive. I think they will stir up something like Palestine, a short-term operation in order to discredit the power of V.S. Russia.
        1. +2
          18 October 2023 19: 56
          This is the first time I’ve seen “Russian Armed Forces” abbreviated like initials, separated by a period.
          Quote: Murmur 55
          V.S. Russia.
          Although, as Comrade Chuvakin once wrote to me, my “literacy is at the level of a high school student.”
          1. +2
            19 October 2023 08: 00
            Come on, flirt, everything is fine... with literacy.
            But regarding old weapons, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are recycling everything they can, not just junk from the West. Maybe our “voentorg” also needs to use his brains or whatever is left there... not only in his head, but in his warehouses.
            We already know how to weld “wings” to bombs.
    2. +6
      18 October 2023 19: 35
      The number of attacks on our territory is not subsiding, they are hammering everyone with imports and cheap crafts and alterations of the USSR, and it does not seem that this is ending for them, as well as the desire to strike, it is unfortunate.
      1. 0
        19 October 2023 08: 31
        Why would they end up with something? they recycle what they produced a long time ago. and at the same time they begin to accelerate their military-industrial complexes.
        To paraphrase someone - They haven't even started yet.
    3. 0
      18 October 2023 19: 41
      How many more S-200 missiles are left? They were removed from service even before the SVO.
      1. +7
        18 October 2023 19: 45
        Lt. Air Force Reserve hi, “Swifts” were also not in service with them, but there were handy and big-headed ones that were able to restore them.
        1. 0
          19 October 2023 08: 07
          Alex, hi. I am also surprised at the naivety of the “lieutenant”. There seems to be a lot of this stuff in the 404 warehouses... they are beginning to “master it.”
          Maybe our craftsmen also need to use their brains (not literally)
    4. +3
      18 October 2023 19: 45
      Well, it all comes together. Ukrokrysy fired missiles across Crimea. Russian air defense worked...and NATO rats, led by the United States, flying several reconnaissance planes near Crimea today observed and calculated this whole thing for the thousandth time. How to then deliver the main attack as destructively as possible.
      1. 0
        19 October 2023 08: 32
        why should it not agree if they are fighting according to science?
    5. -1
      18 October 2023 20: 03
      In a small salvo (two S-200 missiles) they will detect our air defense systems and then strike en masse both at air defense and other targets.
      1. 0
        19 October 2023 05: 16
        it is necessary to constantly change the location of the air defense
    6. +2
      18 October 2023 20: 05
      Quote from: dmi.pris1
      The work of the peninsula's air defense is being calculated. A more serious attack should be expected in the near future

      Let's put it this way - it is being tested, reconnaissance of capabilities and reaction time is being carried out. You are right - these are reconnaissance launches. I would like to be sure that the troops understand this. In addition, everyone knows the once advertised photos of S-400 positions in Crimea, where four launchers stand side by side. It’s curious whether they “live” like this and are waiting for trouble, or the commanders still decided to disperse, as it should be according to the requirements of the air defense guidelines for organizing the position area of ​​an air defense unit/division. Or is everything as usual - until the first flight? sad
    7. +7
      18 October 2023 20: 15
      “followed by detonation”, “where they detonated, there was no fire in the vegetation” - why was there a fright about detonation? An ordinary explosion. Thanks to the author that at least his grass could catch fire and not detonate. Illiteracy rules. request о
    8. 0
      19 October 2023 04: 26
      fragments of Ukrainian missiles destroyed in the air fell in a deserted area with subsequent detonation on the ground.

      Those. during a weak explosion they did not detonate, but this happened only with a powerful impact on the ground. It's clear.

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