India plans to have an orbital space station by 2035

India plans to have an orbital space station by 2035

During the Cold War, two superpowers - the USSR and the USA - competed in outer space. However, over the past decades, many changes have occurred, and the number of space powers is growing.

One of the countries successfully exploring space is India. The head of the Indian government, Narendra Modi, noted the need to further develop the country's space programs. In addition, Modi instructed the Department of Space Research to begin creating India's first manned orbital station.

It is reported that this station should be ready by 2035. In addition, the Indians have another ambitious project - to land the first Indian astronauts on the Moon by 2040.

Let us recall that this year India successfully conducted two major space missions - Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L-1. The first was associated with the landing of an Indian spacecraft on the Moon in July, and the second with the launch in September of an autonomous space station to study the Sun.

During his meeting with representatives of the Department of Space Research, Modi also discussed the more recent Gaganyaan space project. This is the project of India's first manned space mission, which is planned to be launched in 2025. Issues related to the exploration of the planets closest to Earth – Mars and Venus – were also discussed.
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    1. -15
      18 October 2023 09: 30
      Land the first Indian astronauts on the Moon by 2040.
      A repair team for a probe that cracked in the first week?
      1. +4
        18 October 2023 09: 45
        If we’ve already started talking about this, let’s go to the end, comment on our “successful” landing of Luna-25.
        1. -5
          18 October 2023 09: 58
          comment on our “successful” landing of Luna 25.
          Actually, in decent houses they ban you for this. This is a completely different topic and has nothing to do with the article.
          1. +1
            18 October 2023 10: 14
            In general, in decent houses they respect the opponent’s opinion and do not threaten to throw him out. But this only happens in decent houses and decent society.
            1. -1
              18 October 2023 12: 08
              They express their opinion by discussing the relevant topic. They have already commented on our “landing”, paid for it, and gloated. What does it have to do with the plans of the Hindus? And where did you see the threat? Or is the thief wearing a hat?
      2. +4
        18 October 2023 09: 47
        India entered the space race, and it didn't turn out badly.
      3. +2
        18 October 2023 10: 09
        Quote: Bolt Cutter
        A repair team for a probe that cracked in the first week?

        For what? He successfully completed the main research program, turned off all instruments regularly and sent data to Earth. And it was not designed for survival in moonlit night conditions (which could have been a pleasant bonus, but it wasn’t).
        1. -3
          18 October 2023 10: 12
          He successfully completed a major research program
          If he didn’t fulfill it, his premature death became an unpleasant fact for the Indians.
          1. +2
            18 October 2023 10: 15
            Done, done.

    2. 0
      18 October 2023 09: 39
      It feels like there will be no joint projects with losers...
      They took it, decided and... that's it!
      But the sediment remained. Yes
      1. +5
        18 October 2023 09: 50
        I would use a different term, punters and rushers, although China itself does not fully possess space technologies and metal science resources, but this is a matter of time, if we are only proud of our past achievements, not only India and China, but also the DPRK will bypass us in Space.
        1. 0
          18 October 2023 09: 59
          Space doesn’t bring any money into your pocket, and you can’t cut a lot of money there anymore, so it’s practically not interesting to our current bourgeois government..
          1. 0
            18 October 2023 10: 11
            Is the government in India socialist?
            1. +2
              18 October 2023 10: 21
              I emphasized our capitalism. In principle, even the bourgeoisie can be forced to work for society, even if he gets away with it. In the USA, this sometimes works out well. But in the Russian Federation - alas, all our types of highly efficient owners, like officials, do not associate themselves with Russia at all, and therefore do not see any need to do anything that does not bring money directly into their personal pockets..
              1. 0
                19 October 2023 03: 41
                Quote: paul3390
                All our types of highly efficient owners, like officials, don’t associate themselves with Russia,

                Do you think American capitalists associate themselves with the Walmart people? And the standard of living there is more or less compared to the rest of the world, precisely because something remains after the total robbery of this very World... Capitalism is the same everywhere. There is no “right” or “wrong” capitalism!
    3. 0
      18 October 2023 09: 56
      For starters, it would be nice to live until 2035, and then we’ll see
      1. +1
        18 October 2023 10: 02
        What is there to see? Gabon will explore space, Russia will continue to explore Ukraine.
    4. +1
      18 October 2023 10: 20
      And yet, why do you believe this more than Luna-26, 27, 28, etc...

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