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British intelligence: If Russian troops occupy the heights around Avdeevka, the fall of the city will be a matter of time

British intelligence: If Russian troops occupy the heights around Avdeevka, the fall of the city will be a matter of time

The Ukrainian army needs to build a new line of defense behind Avdiivka; if this city is lost, the Ukrainian Armed Forces simply have nowhere to retreat. According to British intelligence, the command of the Russian Armed Forces is preparing a large-scale offensive operation, the implementation of which will begin in the coming months.

According to the British, the Russian army plans to conduct a military operation near Avdeevka, the purpose of which will be to encircle the city. The Russian command does not want to take it head on, as this will lead to large losses. What is happening now on the northern and southern flanks of the defense of the Avdeevka group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is only the beginning, according to the intelligence of the United Kingdom, the main events will begin in the winter.

According to British analysts, the Russian command will try to turn Avdeevka into a second Bakhmut, forcing the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to throw reserves in this direction, which will be destroyed. Thus, Moscow will try to force Kyiv to choose whether to continue to defend the encircled Avdeevka or leave it and retreat to other defensive lines, which, by the way, do not exist yet. In the event of a retreat, and this option is considered one of the most likely, the Ukrainian Armed Forces simply have nowhere to retreat; there are no other such defensive positions.

So far, intelligence data is being received from British intelligence, but if the operation begins in the winter, then the question will again arise for the bet: should we hold the city to the end or retreat to new frontiers, which no one is preparing yet

- writes the Ukrainian TG-channel Resident.

The British are confident that if the Russian army takes control of the heights around Avdievka, the fall of the city will only be a matter of time, since supplying the garrison will be impossible.

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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 17 October 2023 11: 58
    To occupy heights you need to make detours, and quite deep ones at that. I'm afraid our army is not quite capable of this now.
    1. credo
      credo 17 October 2023 12: 06
      Britons are so “worried” about the heights around Avdievka as if they were the heights around London.
      Apparently the Britons also invested money in the creation of this fortified area, hoping that it would exist here forever, but apparently it was not fate.
      The efforts of the razors were met with a copper basin. bully
      1. Orange Bigg
        Orange Bigg 17 October 2023 12: 09
        According to a source from the Office of the President of Ukraine, British intelligence MI6 conveyed to the Zelensky administration that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will conduct a massive bombing of Avdiivka over the coming months.

        It is reported that the Israeli scenario will be applied: civilians will be given 24 hours to leave the combat zone, and after that Russian aircraft will level the city along with its defenders. After this, the units will begin a ground operation in Avdeevka. British intelligence services called on the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to be prepared for such a development of events towards the end of the year; at the moment, the positions of the Ukrainian formations are being “processed” by the artillery of the Russian army.

        However, from the very beginning of the Russian Special Military Operation, the Russian Army has not actually resorted to such methods. The primary task of the units was to minimize destruction and casualties among civilians. Therefore, for a long time, Russian aviation did not even use heavy aerial bombs of the FAB-1000 and FAB-1500 types. Even now, these munitions are used either far from urban areas, or locally at industrial or infrastructure facilities.
    2. Archon
      Archon 17 October 2023 12: 14
      It is not necessary to occupy everything; non-shootable areas can be controlled from the air. A disruption of supplies by 50-70% will already have a noticeable result: there will be a shell famine, a shortage of provisions and medicines, the wounded will not be taken out of there, morale will drop and the ability to negotiate will increase.
      Basically, all cargo is delivered by wheeled vehicles and craters on some important roads will impede traffic or even stop it.
    3. knn54
      knn54 17 October 2023 12: 34
      After the UNEXPECTED attack, the Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed the NECESSARY reinforcements, including artillery, to the breakthrough site. If the RF Armed Forces redeploy more troops to this area, then the Ukrainian Armed Forces will do the same. Taking into account modern NATO artillery and more effective Western CBB weapons, the situation will be similar to Bakhmut. T,e advancement of several tens of meters, with constant counterattacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
      Until the leadership in stripes makes fundamental decisions, the meat grinder will continue.
  2. Vlad2012
    Vlad2012 17 October 2023 12: 01
    In my opinion, Resident and Legitimate is a Russian channel broadcast to Ukrainians. In general, intelligence from British intelligence, which shares intelligence about the plans of the Russian command, looks somewhat strange for the TG channel.
    1. sergey_vakk
      sergey_vakk 17 October 2023 12: 10
      And they come up with the sources themselves. But many people believe that the resident’s sources sit at all the secret meetings.
    2. Fluoride11
      Fluoride11 17 October 2023 12: 20
      I also had the same feeling, but the tone was too pro-Ukrainian, just like the Zerada channel. Take Panchenko, she doesn’t particularly care for Russia, she just writes and says obvious things, and so do these TG channels. The only problem is that the majority of Ukrainians do not read them. And according to Avdeevka, you’re right about the bypasses, the feeling is that we have a crisis in the attack. For a month we have been hanging around Sinkovka, Kleshcheevka, and I’m generally silent about Zaporozhye. Here someone is making Napoleonic plans to take Odessa and Nikolaev, well, well. This is possible if the elite of these cities stupidly surrender everything. But for now, such a situation will not arise in the next year. It’s the same with Kharkov, and even if you take Kupyansk, Seversk, which you can reach with your hand, all this will turn into Bakhmut, if not worse. What are we talking about, even the frail Chasov Yar doesn’t shine for us, Rabotino is still in the gray zone...
    3. French messenger
      French messenger 17 October 2023 12: 54
      right. these are our channels =)
  3. blackcat
    blackcat 17 October 2023 12: 04
    British intelligence captain obvious, I can do this too, if you surround any enemy supporter, then most likely he will soon fall
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 October 2023 12: 13
    British Intelligence
    Sometimes I don’t understand why British intelligence is needed? To obtain real information about the enemy or to analyze Ukrainian media and make forecasts that are clear even without intelligence?
    The Ukrainian Armed Forces simply have nowhere to retreat; there are no other such defensive positions.
    These are questions for NATO advisers who are planning the course of military operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  5. Romanenko
    Romanenko 17 October 2023 12: 20
    If Russian troops occupy the heights around Avdeevka, the fall of the city will be a matter of time.

    Don’t even doubt it, they’ll take it
  6. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 17 October 2023 12: 27
    The fall of Avdiivka is already a matter of time. The Artemovsky variant is repeated. There is only one road and it is shot from both sides.
  7. French messenger
    French messenger 17 October 2023 12: 52
    Well, there's still a long way to go until that happens. The news from those places is still the same.


    Well, that's it, we're stuck. We can’t move on, they immediately cut us out of everything. Occupied positions are bombarded with cassettes, mines, and drones. In the afternoon, thank God, it started to rain, and the enemy was left without eyes. As we are. But rain is no problem for cassettes. But we don’t have cassettes. There are still problems with counter-battery warfare. The guys on the front are sitting in the cracks; you literally can’t raise your head there. Hurricanes, sunny days... Where are you? Take down this Royal hunt already! Help us! For now we are keeping busy, but it is very, very difficult. If there is not the same powerful artillery barrage as on the first day, we will get stuck there. I know everyone is waiting for victorious reports, but the picture is a little, damn it, different. We don’t export without heavy artillery.”
    1. Nickelium
      Nickelium 17 October 2023 15: 25
      Is it difficult to mention the author of this opus? As for Hurricanes and Sunshine, there are enough there. In general, Yaroslavna’s crying is tired. If you fight, fight. If you don't agree, go to jail. Under worse conditions, Ukrainians fight and not only hold out, but also go on the attack. And we have only Khodakovskys, crying on social networks. Are you warriors or women after all? Why did miners and tractor drivers fight for 8 years without heavy artillery, tanks, aircraft, missiles, and you just fucking cry? Damn, maybe you can come up with something yourself, like a smoke flare or a decoy target or something else, instead of constantly whining.
      1. French messenger
        French messenger 18 October 2023 05: 28
        the author of this opus
        1. Nickelium
          Nickelium 18 October 2023 22: 03
          And what is this scarecrow?
          The text of your comment is too short and in the opinion of the site administration does not carry useful information.
  8. VicktorVR
    VicktorVR 17 October 2023 13: 09
    British intelligence in the public field as British scientists :)
    1. Dmitry Bolotsky
      Dmitry Bolotsky 17 October 2023 17: 30
      I wanted to write that myself! British intelligence... Already funny! Shavers have long been under the Amer's cap.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Agasi
    Agasi 18 October 2023 09: 51
    the cruiser Moscow was sunk with the help of British intelligence, the Crimean bridge was hit 2 times with the help of British intelligence, the Russian fleet was relocated to Novorossiysk thanks to the tireless work of British forces and their assistance. Great Britain in the post-Soviet space acts more cynically and aggressively than the United States, it was Boris Johnson who was one of those who strongly encouraged Zelensky to go to war with Russia, Zelensky is protected by British intelligence services... is it really not clear that this country, Great Britain, should disappear from the world stage , which by the way is quite simple to organize without missiles, having contributed to Scotland in their quest for independence, England will soon turn into a country like the Baltic states and will no longer be able to hit Russia with the same spread. And this will be the first blow to the Anglo-Saxons, the next blow will be the collapse of the United States in its current state. However, the first blow should be aimed at the British, because it is easier and this is the right hand of the United States in Europe, and if you weaken one hand, then you obviously weaken the grip.
    1. Nickelium
      Nickelium 18 October 2023 22: 04
      Don’t worry, the time to answer them will come. As soon as the hegemon falls, Britain will not last long.
  11. Castro Ruiz
    Castro Ruiz 20 October 2023 19: 27
    The right question is not if, but when will these heights be occupied. :)