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US authorities are planning to introduce a relaxation of oil and political sanctions against Venezuela

US authorities are planning to introduce a relaxation of oil and political sanctions against Venezuela

The American administration continues to look for ways to prevent world oil prices from rising to extremely high levels. To date, a barrel of Brent oil is trading at almost $90, and the Russian Urals brand exceeds the “ceiling” imposed by the West by $19, trading at $79 per barrel.

Due to the fact that oil, which is approaching a hundred dollars in price, can minimize the chances of the Democratic Party in the elections, the White House is looking for options to solve the problem. It got to the point that the American authorities again turned to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who previously, generally speaking, was not considered a president, but applauded in Congress the self-proclaimed “head of Venezuela” Juan Guaido. Now they no longer remember Guaido, but they have to turn to Maduro.

According to the Washington Post, the Biden administration and Venezuelan President Maduro's office are expected to announce an agreement today that would "ease U.S. sanctions on Venezuelan oil companies." The agreement will also announce that "the United States will open the door for Venezuela to hold presidential elections." As if without the United States, Venezuelans are not able to do this themselves. Or does “opening up opportunities,” translated from the “language of democracy,” mean that the United States will not sponsor anti-government forces, as was the case with Guaido?

Experts are discussing the purpose for which Washington is easing sanctions. One of the assumptions being made is that the Biden administration wants to get Maduro to increase production of “black gold,” which could ultimately lead to a decrease in its price on the world market. Previously, the Venezuelan authorities refused the American “proposal” to significantly increase oil production volumes.

US politics at its finest. When it is beneficial for them, they are ready to establish contacts with the one who until recently was called “the bloody dictator who usurped power in Venezuela,” against whom they attempted a coup d’état, sponsoring Guaido and his entourage. When the “material” has been worked out, a new administration will come and declare that it was a “mistake” of the previous administration, and therefore nothing personal...

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  1. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 17 October 2023 07: 04
    “Buns” from the United States are more dangerous than sanctions; if you were Maduro, you need to think about why and what this could lead to.
    1. km-21
      km-21 17 October 2023 07: 15
      It won't lead to anything.
      The Americans screwed up Venezuela
      and now Maduro is unlikely to fall for the tricks of these losers.
    2. Saburov_Alexander53
      Saburov_Alexander53 17 October 2023 07: 23
      If you were Maduro, you need to think
      This is correct, but one cannot help but remember the current state of the Venezuelan economy. And if the United States is ready to buy more oil from it, without k.l. counter political concessions, then why not? We traded with the United States with all our might, replacing heavy oil and fuel oil from Venezuela when the United States declared an embargo on them. You could say they took advantage of the moment by leaving the Venezuelan market.
      I also remember how Lukashenko refused to buy oil from us and rushed to Venezuela for help... True, one tanker was enough, after which we again made concessions to Old Man. So, let them think, and most importantly, do not violate the production limit according to the OPEC quota, which includes Venezuela. This is precisely the question that the author of the article does not answer - what does the United States want from them? Just buy within the limit or force you to go beyond this limit?
      1. km-21
        km-21 17 October 2023 07: 50
        Whatever the state of the Venezuelan economy, one must understand that any carrot from the United States is not just a handout. This is bait with a hook, which will certainly be followed by a frying pan. Do they need it?
        1. Saburov_Alexander53
          Saburov_Alexander53 17 October 2023 09: 23
          Do they need it?
          Do we or everyone else, especially China, need it? You are somehow too categorical about trade with the United States. All countries consider it the highest achievement of economic activity to be able to sell something in the USA, where there has always been the highest demand and benefit for the supplier. And only in the last decade, Asian markets began to surpass the United States in terms of profitability from oil sales. But where is Asia for Venezuela and where is the USA? Look at the globe...
          1. km-21
            km-21 17 October 2023 09: 50
            Following your advice, I looked at the globe. The difference is within thirty centimeters.

            But seriously, in trading it is necessary to take into account not only short-term revenue, but also long-term consequences. Americans don't need Venezuelan oil. They want to regain control of the global oil market, which is currently being contested by OPEC+. And if they succeed, they will then punish Venezuela twice. Firstly, very strict conditions will be imposed on her. And secondly, they will quarrel with other oil suppliers. And most importantly - with Russia, which is the most important pillar of Venezuelan independence. With all the ensuing consequences...

            And yes, today’s planet is indeed very small, and Venesula turns out to be unexpectedly close to both Russia and Asia.
            1. Saburov_Alexander53
              Saburov_Alexander53 18 October 2023 15: 40
              looked at the globe. The difference is within thirty centimeters.
              -Where are we going to make the waist? - I immediately remembered L. Bronevoy in “That Same Munghausen”.
              I didn't understand your conclusion - Americans don't need Venezuelan oil.[B] [/ b]
              How is this not needed if they themselves decided to lift part of the sanctions in order to receive it again? As far as I understand the problem, in the United States there is a need for heavy grade oil, such as our Urals and that from Venezuela. And all because of fuel oil, which, oddly enough, is widely used in the United States. And I noted that when Venezuela came under sanctions, it was Russia that replaced its oil on the US market.
              So what did you want to say about the insidiousness of pind...s who will first lure you in and then cheat you out? That is why Maduro needs to think carefully and carefully consider the terms of the agreement on the resumption of oil sales to the United States. But the fact that for Venezuela, like for Iran and any other country under sanctions, it is beneficial to lift them, this is not in dispute. Let's see...
      2. igorbrsv
        igorbrsv 17 October 2023 07: 52
        I think the proposal to ease sanctions against Venezuela is caused not only by the price of oil. More than 80 Mir ATMs have opened in Venezuela. I suspect this may mean that Venezuela is moving away from paying in dollars for oil and circumventing the sanctions imposed on it. That’s why Maduro spits from a high tower on the supply of mattress covers
        1. blackGRAIL
          blackGRAIL 17 October 2023 09: 15
          Yeah, he spits. Maduro agreed. The United States has always been the main trading partner for Venezuela, regardless of any rhetoric and any slaps on their part. This is reality.
          1. bayard
            bayard 18 October 2023 03: 21
            Quote from: blackGRAIL
            Yeah, he spits. Maduro agreed.

            Did you agree to sell the oil?
            And what ? How will the United States pay him? Will Venezuelan accounts be unblocked? Or maybe it will resume the supply of American gas condensate for injection into wells for better recovery of super-heavy oil?
            And what's wrong with that? Or surprising for Venezuela? Was it Venezuela that imposed sanctions on the United States? Or has the United States banned itself from purchasing Venezuelan oil? lol
            So who caved in?
            Really Maduro?
            Or has Biden given up?
        2. Saburov_Alexander53
          Saburov_Alexander53 17 October 2023 09: 42
          That’s why Maduro spits from a high tower on the supply of mattress covers
          This is unlikely... he will rather swallow all his snot and be glad if the United States starts buying oil from Venezuela again. Another thing is that we do not know under what conditions the United States wants to resume trade. There, half of the wells and platforms are mothballed, without spare parts or old equipment. And it is not even possible to drill new wells, given that Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world!!! More than any Arabs or us. And for me the biggest mystery is how the United States missed Chavez’s revolution and did not nip him in the bud when neither Russia nor China could yet intercede. They hoped that the blockade and poverty would do this without guns and bombing. Especially after the death of Chavez and the rise to power of Maduro, who was not laughed at only by the birds that appeared to him in his dreams in the form of Chavez, which he was not ashamed to talk about publicly. I think it was only thanks to our personal security together with the Cubans that his own people did not strangle him.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 October 2023 07: 21
    Now they no longer remember Guaido, but they have to turn to Maduro.
    This is a constant “hiccup” in US politics, which does not show them in the best light. When the Americans are pressed, they forget about their projects and begin to work on the one they were trying to overthrow yesterday. For those who are being treated by the Americans, the main thing is not to forget that “caresses” can at one moment end in blood for the one who falls for them.
    1. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 17 October 2023 08: 21
      This is definitely Cuba, Iran, Venezuela... Only they haven’t gone to the DPRK yet, they know it’s useless
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 17 October 2023 07: 24
    US authorities are planning to introduce a relaxation of oil and political sanctions against Venezuela
    . Carrot and stick, this may well be the case... on the other hand, minke whales have enough problems and it may be an objective necessity to reduce tension in some areas!
    1. Kuroneko
      Kuroneko 17 October 2023 09: 42
      It’s more like patching holes in a long-rotten ship. There's a leak here, there's a leak here - and then they frantically apply patches. Failure after failure, loss of the last remnants of authority. But the ship itself, with madness and courage, continues to move forward.

      Oh, how I look forward to 2024. I laugh heartily, especially on the eve of the elections. The year will definitely be more entertaining than any comedy show.
  4. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 17 October 2023 08: 01
    Maduro is not so simple - Iran, BRICS and in the near future they are waiting for him in Moscow. There they will interfere with everything with oil. bully
    1. Saburov_Alexander53
      Saburov_Alexander53 17 October 2023 09: 48
      he is expected in Moscow in the near future
      How nice it is to realize that now we have “our own son of a bitch” in South America. If only he didn’t break down and leave the race, like Evo Morales in Bolivia.
  5. Romanenko
    Romanenko 17 October 2023 10: 59
    They are testing Kolya Maduro for weakness, but what about gratitude for the easing of sanctions?
    We are nothing to you (well, at best, they will rename you a half-enemy of the United States), and Venezuela, in gratitude for the oil, will pump up a freebie.
    Is it a good deal?