The Ministry of Defense announced the use of the latest heavy flamethrower systems TOS-2 "Tosochka" in the North Military District zone

The Ministry of Defense announced the use of the latest heavy flamethrower systems TOS-2 "Tosochka" in the North Military District zone

The latest heavy flamethrower system TOS-2 ("Tosochka") is used by Russian troops during a special operation. The use of this complex in combat operations first became known at the end of May last year, but the military department did not publish official reports. Up to this day. As stated in a statement from the Ministry of Defense, the TOS-2 crew of the Central Military District's RKhBZ units destroyed a concentration of enemy manpower in one of the sectors of the front.

The TOS-2 heavy flamethrower system began to arrive at RKhBZ units in 2021 after state testing. At the time of the start of the SVO, a number of new flamethrower systems were already in service with the troops, but there was no exact information about this; the military kept such data secret. Over the past year, TOS-2 was not mentioned in military department reports, but informed sources reported its use in special operations. Now the military has also reported on TOS-2.

Having become attached to the terrain, the crew launched a long-range thermobaric projectile, successfully hitting a concentration of enemy infantry concentrated in a fortified area (...) experts highly appreciate the performance characteristics of the TOS-2 Tosochka flamethrower system due to increased mobility, enhanced firepower, and increased range and high accuracy of the ammunition used

- it is spoken in the message of the Ministry of Defense.

The TOS-2 heavy flame-throwing system was created on the basis of the TOS-1 "Buratino" and TOS-1A "Solntsepek", but in contrast to them it has a wheelbase and improved tactical and technical characteristics. Earlier it was reported about the creation of new ammunition for TOS-2. The machine was created taking into account the experience of using such weapons during the hostilities in the Middle East.

TOS-2 in the future will replace TOS-1 and TOS-1A, but track-mounted flamethrower systems will not be removed from service, but will be modernized. The modernized vehicles will receive modern digital communication facilities, as well as equipment for a closed data transmission segment, which will allow them to be integrated into automatic control systems (ACS) of the tactical level. In addition, long-range ammunition from TOS-1 will be adapted for TOS-1 and TOS-2A, thereby increasing their range to 15 km instead of the currently available 6 km.
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    1. -8
      17 October 2023 06: 38
      TOCs have been working for a year and a half, why report their use in the news today?
      1. +3
        17 October 2023 06: 43
        will be upgraded

        ...well, that’s right, why write off a good thing.
        Andrey, you ask why... so this is from the “let’s talk” area)
      2. +12
        17 October 2023 06: 49
        TOS Solntepek operated on caterpillar tracks. Tosochka on wheels and with longer-range missiles
        1. 0
          18 October 2023 12: 07
          And with more accurate ones, which is important
      3. +1
        17 October 2023 09: 02
        TOCs have been working for a year and a half, why report their use in the news today? know how to read carefully; .
        at the end of May last year, but the military department did not publish official reports. Up to this day.
        ...that's all...what questions...
    2. 0
      17 October 2023 06: 39
      Great-granddaughter of the legendary "Katyusha"? I just don’t understand what the connection is with the RCBZ troops? Does it disinfect against all sorts of “germs”?
      1. +17
        17 October 2023 06: 43
        Initially, thermal bars were created to neutralize combat agents. Therefore, they were organizationally included in the RCBZ troops
        1. +3
          17 October 2023 19: 38
          And in principle, all flamethrower systems have always been the weapons of chemical troops, no matter what they were called in different historical periods. Among the tasks of modern RCBZ troops is inflicting losses on the enemy using incendiary weapons. The first flamethrower tanks were also called chemical tanks (ХТ-26/БХМ-3, for example).
      2. +4
        17 October 2023 06: 44
        Andrei Nikolaevich hi, so we have RPO which “Bumblebee” is registered with chemists, such a paper trick.
        1. +4
          17 October 2023 07: 02
          Flamethrowers have always been classified as chemical protection. At least since the thirties of the last century
        2. +1
          17 October 2023 07: 30
          Interesting... I'll know now. Thank you.
        3. +2
          17 October 2023 08: 43
          and bicycles, oddly enough, were for the armored service, mtlb for the automobile service, horse harness for the RAV service
      3. +2
        17 October 2023 06: 48
        Heavy FLAME-THROWER system, flamethrowers are RKhBZ, like RPO Bumblebee, for example.
        1. The comment was deleted.
      4. +5
        17 October 2023 06: 52
        I just don’t understand what the connection is with the RCBZ troops?
        Because flamethrower units are a regular part of the RCBZ and one of the tasks of these troops is “inflicting losses on the enemy using incendiary weapons.”
        1. -1
          17 October 2023 09: 26
          That is, when a Hail Smerch Hurricane is fired with thermal bars, they are temporarily transferred to the RCBZ?
    3. 0
      17 October 2023 08: 59
      Well, thank God... we finally returned to the old reliable wheeled chassis for such systems
      1. -1
        17 October 2023 21: 07
        With a range of 15 km!
        Just to save money.
    4. 0
      17 October 2023 09: 02
      Quote: Andrey Moskvin
      TOSs have been working for a year and a half

      But instead of 5 km, the range of the new ones has been increased to 10 km,
      which will STRONGLY help in battles.
      In addition: since the new one is on a wheelbase, it is possible to produce more such systems (as well as the tanks that went into its production earlier).
      1. 0
        17 October 2023 21: 57
        What's stopping you from installing this system on old tanks?
    5. -2
      17 October 2023 11: 23
      You have not been active as a commentator for a long time (write comments). Voting is prohibited.
    6. 0
      17 October 2023 12: 52
      She would like to increase her range
    7. -2
      17 October 2023 20: 15
      15 km is already something. You definitely won’t be able to reach the hole with a mortar. But I would like more for 100 km like the Hymers.
      1. 0
        17 October 2023 20: 41
        Quote: wladimirjankov
        15 km is already something. You definitely won’t be able to reach the hole with a mortar. But I would like more for 100 km like the Hymers.

        There is Tornado-S for this. And here 50 would be enough to drive the adversary’s long-range artillery with thermal bars.
        1. -1
          18 October 2023 10: 30
          And how will a thermal bar harm artefacts? Will the calculation be reset? So they will train new ones, as many as are needed for the existing hundred or two long-range systems, which have been a nightmare for our troops for a year now, and still won’t end, despite all the efforts of Konashenkov... In order for the enemy artillery to really end, it is necessary to turn it into scrap metal. Neither thermal bars, nor Lancets, nor FPV drones are suitable for this.
          Aviation is ideal for this, but it is turned off...
          High-precision 152mm ammunition is not enough, because there is neither Kaolitsiya nor ammunition for it...
          They get the RZSO, but there is no precision-guided ammunition...
          And industry seems unable to break this vicious circle. But he is able to rivet primitive crafts that are useless for these purposes from cheap Chinese components, which give a minimal destructive effect, but a maximum propaganda effect... And at this time, behind the scenes, the affected targets are quickly repaired, and again into battle...
          1. 0
            18 October 2023 10: 56
            Thermal bars are a good solution against art. New ones are not so easy to train. Yes, the mat part is also damaged. But the range is simply poor. 15 km versus 50 km. Only against mortars and trenches.
            1. 0
              18 October 2023 12: 25
              This is what it was created for - assault operations against the first line. The first variants generally fired at three kilometers.
            2. 0
              18 October 2023 17: 06
              Specifically, how is the art damaged? The thermal bar's brisance and explosiveness are minimal and are ensured only by a small initiating charge. And the main impact is provided by the front of the shock wave inside the cloud (plus an insignificant distance outside it), and the pressure in the cloud, i.e. in the detonation zone of the thermal bar, is very low, 30 atm at best, in contrast to a high-explosive warhead, where the pressure in the detonation zone 100000 atm. Actually this is the essence of the difference. Conventional explosives bluntly crush and bend any material, steel or not, it makes no difference, because the initial pressure in the detonation zone provides an impact that exceeds the tensile strength of any material (naturally, the impact falls exponentially with distance from the detonation zone, but does not fall from 30 atm, and from 100000 atm). Therefore, a thermal bar is capable of destroying only either very low-strength objects, or moderately strong, but extended ones, with a large surface area, such as “windage”. Such as people, cars, light buildings like a "brick shed". But in the case of art, we are talking about a massive piece of metal that is specially made especially strong to withstand the enormous energy of the shot. What can a pressure front of 30 atm from a thermal bar do? Yes, absolutely nothing, he won’t even really throw this crowbar away, because its “windage” is minimal, and the high-speed pressure of the shock wave (relatively high explosive) is negligible compared to the shock wave from a classic explosive.
          2. 0
            18 October 2023 11: 20
            Why kill enemy soldiers? They will train, give birth.....100-200-300....500000-1000000?
          3. 0
            18 October 2023 18: 16
            But the Ukrainian Armed Forces have problems with trained personnel, because they have already been reset for the entire war since 2014. And now there are only recruits or men 40-50 years old. If you send an untrained squad into battle, they will be immediately destroyed. I doubt that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are deployed in Khaimars; there are definitely officers no lower than a NATO senior lieutenant. Would you trust such an expensive MLRS to new recruits?
    8. 0
      17 October 2023 21: 51
      It’s not clear why they abandoned the tracked version. Clearly, both tracked and wheeled versions are needed, each has its own pros and cons. For example, this spring I saw how TOS vehicles after “work” went into shelters across the field. So no Kamaz or Ural will fit through there And by the way, we left on time, although the raid was not precise, but strong.
      1. -1
        18 October 2023 10: 59
        The main thing here is that the chassis is open. Any sneeze and hello to the crew and car. And a range of 15 km is nothing. Only against direct fire and rifle fire. Well, even against some mortars.
      2. 0
        18 October 2023 12: 22
        Understand a simple thing - in order to hit from the TOS, you must first crawl through the mud to the enemy, and then crawl through the same mud back to the shelter, and Tosochka doesn’t even have to leave the road for this - she fired a volley, moved along the road, fired another volley.
      3. 0
        18 October 2023 18: 26
        Yes, I think the point is clear that there is a shortage of tank chassis. It would be more logical to put it on wheels, it’s like with the B4 howitzer, the entire Second World War was fought on tracks. And the speed when assembled is no more than 5-7 km per hour, and even then with a good primer (in practice everything was much worse). After the war, the issue of increasing the mobility of the OM gun became acute, and they simply carried out modernization, on wheels. The speed increased to 35 km per hour, and transportation became much easier. And when in the 21st century, mobility is aspect number 1. In addition, a truck chassis is a priori 10 times cheaper.
    9. 0
      17 October 2023 22: 00
      It’s good that the range has been increased to 15 km
    10. +1
      18 October 2023 08: 55
      The TOS system is becoming weirder and weirder. Well, okay, it was originally intended for direct support of infantry and on a tank chassis - a sort of storm tiger with thermobaric shells. Of course, the idea of ​​going into battle on a tank with hundreds of kilograms of explosives on top is a bit of a bummer, but okay, it’ll do against some Papuans. But no, now this system is tied to a wheeled chassis. As a result, we got the Hurricane at minimum wages and with a truncated selection of shells. Why all this if there are hundreds of Hurricanes in warehouses?
      1. -1
        18 October 2023 11: 00
        Maybe everything is not so good with the Hurricanes? The thermobar is certainly a good thing. But we are being crushed by long-range artillery.
        1. 0
          18 October 2023 12: 17
          They have different tasks. The Hurricane has a longer range and therefore its task is the operational rear, and the TOS is to destroy the support forces on the front line.
          1. 0
            18 October 2023 18: 33
            This may be a guess, but I think that the Hurricane has too much spread across areas and is hardly suitable for fighting on the front line. In addition, it has a dead radius of approximately 9 km. You can, of course, use high-precision ammunition like the Bicaliber installations on the MAZ or Kamaz chassis. But for the long-haired, I think, cheap NURS thermobaric mixtures were considered sufficient. And the second aspect, rather, the problem is money. There is no point in spending on the production of 220 mm rockets when there is a Tornado S with 300 mm. Which is capable of resetting Avdiivka and Khaimarsa. However, there is only 1 division in the entire army. I think that’s why they bought supported DPRK MLRS.
          2. 0
            19 October 2023 03: 20
            But will such a vehicle based on the Urals reach the front line?
      2. +1
        18 October 2023 11: 10
        So we have nowhere to put the money, and each department has its own budget that needs to be spent. And therefore, instead of doing nonsense, optimize everything at the system level, simplify life for absolutely everyone, and stupidly make two unified chassis (ala Grad/Tornado/TOS and Smerch/Iskander), with replaceable packages of various calibers and types of warheads (for to reduce costs, you can even reload reusable bags directly in the field), and in which direction the rogues from the USA are moving, we make many, many different systems for each branch of the military and for each caliber separately. And in general, departmental interests are looked after by specific respected people, and some kind of weapon effectiveness in terms of cost/effectiveness, flexibility, convenience, these are all completely ephemeral concepts for which no one is personally responsible.
        1. 0
          18 October 2023 12: 14
          Count better in your pockets. A lot of things are now being switched to wheeled ones due to the high efficiency of counter-battery fire. Mobility is becoming a vital necessity. Especially for TOS with its bulletproof armor of the launcher and the risk of a large badabum from the very first 152mm fragment.
          1. 0
            18 October 2023 17: 31
            Quote: puzoter
            Count better in your pockets.

            Even so, there is an obvious dependence between the personal pocket of each citizen and the efficiency of spending very limited resources on war. You can work with the whole country for food, but lose because the resources were spent with low efficiency, and then the whole country, for generations, pay reparations to the winner, so it would be better to still calculate everything as it should...
    11. 0
      18 October 2023 12: 11
      About the whole thing. The guidance head must be there, so that one missile - one prop. At least this type of rocket is definitely needed.
    12. The comment was deleted.
    13. -1
      18 October 2023 19: 59
      Soltsepeks need to be introduced into the staff of tank and air assault DIVISIONS as a means of breaking through the defense line and destroying enemy fortified areas.
      The tactics of the RCBZ to burn out territories contaminated with pathogenic viruses with the help of Solntsepek and Buratino is complete insanity, FIRST, the zones of possible destruction are HUNDREDS, and maybe thousands of times higher than the capabilities of all available RCBZ teams to neutralize these zones from biological contamination.
      Secondly, who will live in this scorched desert?
    14. 0
      19 October 2023 03: 18
      The range is low. Cars will be at risk of constant destruction by FPV drones. If for TOS 1 based on a tank a meeting with an FPV drone is not so dangerous, then vehicles based on the Ural will be easily destroyed

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