Relatives of the Turkish President took part in mass rallies in support of Palestine

В массовых акциях в поддержку Палестины приняли участие родственники президента Турции

Relatives of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took part in mass protests in support of Palestine this weekend in Istanbul. We are talking about his son and son-in-law.

This was reported by the French news agency AFP.

It is also known that former speaker of the Turkish Parliament Mustafa Shentop and ex-Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkey Suleyman Soylu took part in the demonstrations. In total, several tens of thousands of people attended events in support of Palestine in Istanbul.

They've been kicking people out of their homes for years

- one of the participants in the demonstration told AFP journalists, speaking about the attitude of the Israeli authorities towards the Palestinians.

He said that for a long time the Israelis killed local Arabs about one every day, and now they are doing it en masse. It is precisely this situation that, according to him, the march participants are protesting against.

Down with Israel! Down with America!

- such inscriptions can be seen on posters that people carry.

The protesters also expressed support for the Hamas movement and demanded that the Turkish government send troops to the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, Turkish President Erdogan harshly condemned the actions of the Israeli military against the residents of the Palestinian Authority. He called them "a massacre of innocent people." According to the Turkish leader, Israel does not behave like a state. He strongly supported Palestine.

In response, representatives of Western countries reminded Erdogan that Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, therefore the Turkish leadership must support the common values ​​of NATO countries.

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    1. -6
      16 October 2023 11: 15
      Why don’t we have demonstrations in Russia in support of the Arabs? I would definitely go for one like this!
      1. +1
        16 October 2023 11: 16
        Because we are slowing down as always.
        1. 0
          16 October 2023 15: 17
          Go to a rally and support me, clown, 20 years ago, no one dared to go, in Moscow, wrapped in a rag, now these wretches are on all playgrounds
      2. -1
        16 October 2023 11: 55
        What would we do at this demonstration? We have nothing to demand. And then it’s good to organize demonstrations there, it’s warm there. And it’s already frosty here. Not before the rally. In the summer I would also go. On a weekend winked
      3. +1
        16 October 2023 11: 57
        Well, these migrants on the streets of Russian cities are not enough for you, I decided to support them, go and support LGBT people, you are ours
      4. +4
        16 October 2023 12: 18
        Because personally, for example, I don’t like both sides deeply.. Besides, somehow I don’t remember Arab demonstrations against the shelling of Donbass..
      5. -2
        16 October 2023 13: 29
        demonstrations in support of the Arabs?

        Yeah! And if you take it near the former Nord-Ost building on Dubrovka, you can also take with you posters with a photo of the terrorist Khatab, they say Hamas respected him very much good
    2. +3
      16 October 2023 11: 15
      We are talking about his son and son-in-law.
      Isn’t this the same son-in-law, from the Bayraktar clan, who is for Ukraine, for Ukraine....
    3. +5
      16 October 2023 11: 22
      representatives of Western countries reminded Erdogan that Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, therefore the Turkish leadership must support the common values ​​of NATO countries
      Yes, he knows about them, knows and supports them, somewhere deep in his soul, but he breaks the hands of the West for knowing these values ​​in his favor. smile
    4. +5
      16 October 2023 11: 33
      Down with Israel! Down with America!
      A good slogan, but America had to be put first, because... if the US kirdyk comes, then Israel itself will shrink.
    5. +4
      16 October 2023 11: 38
      It turns out that the whole world is with us Jews. Blinken was firmly put on the “fifth point” by Egyptian President Sisi (so that he would not burst into tears - I’m a Jew, etc.): You say - you are a Jew, and an Egyptian who has lived his whole life with Jewish neighbors. Prince Salman actually made Blinken wait all night. The meeting was scheduled for the evening, and Salman showed up only in the morning and the first thing he said was: I demand de-escalation in Gaza. A “statement decree” was leaked to the US media: American diplomats are prohibited from using the words: De-escalation, peace negotiations, excessive casualties in the Gaza Strip. Let's look further, today is only Monday, the Arab world can step on the United States' finger so much that it will become sickening. The question is - what are 500-600 Palestinians with American citizenship doing in Gaza? Are they supplying weapons? Or is the Hamas loot being transferred?
    6. 0
      16 October 2023 12: 03
      It turns out interesting. The Jews were once dispersed, and the Kurds were scattered throughout the world. Jews were given land on foreign territory because the Holocaust and they were “God’s chosen ones.” But for some reason the Kurds were persecuted and continue to be persecuted. No Holocaust, no genocide, a piece of land was denied even that. True, they also want to settle on foreign territory. In northern Syria. Based on the experience with the Jews, there is probably no need to stop the Turks. Let them drive the Kurds further. The mattresses, represented by the Kurds, wanted to get another analogue of Israel in the Middle East. Recep saw through their plan right away.
    7. 0
      16 October 2023 13: 26
      SVO continues... winked Yes, yes, we also know about the text of the comment and so on
    8. 0
      16 October 2023 15: 44
      Turkey’s position is interesting, it cannot leave Hamas and is a member of NATO.
      Who will pull who over?
    9. 0
      17 October 2023 13: 11
      In response, representatives of Western countries reminded Erdogan that Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, therefore the Turkish leadership must support the common values ​​of NATO countries.

      They also forgot to add that he has been sitting on a chair in the dressing room of the European Union for 36 years.

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