The US recommended that Israel postpone the ground operation in the Gaza Strip

The US recommended that Israel postpone the ground operation in the Gaza Strip

There is information that Israel is not starting a ground operation in the Gaza Strip on the instructions of the US administration. The Biden administration says that Israel is recommended to begin a ground operation in the Palestinian enclave only after Palestinian civilians leave northern Gaza.

Let us recall that the Israeli authorities demanded that Gaza civilians move to the southern part of the strip. For this purpose, a special map was even prepared that divided the Gaza Strip into northern and southern parts.

Judging by IDF activity, Israel intends to take control of at least the northern part of the strip, which will deprive the major city of Gaza of access to the sea.

If Israel's operation is successful in this regard, then the Gaza Strip in its current form will cease to exist.

At the same time, the Israeli authorities will not miss the opportunity to transfer the territories that have come under their control into the constitutional part of the state, and they frankly don’t give a damn what people think about this abroad.
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    1. +11
      14 October 2023 01: 24
      Let's wait and see how things turn out there. Good luck to the Arabs and a couple of missiles without surrender.
      1. +1
        14 October 2023 06: 56
        This suggests that mattress analysts have calculated the options and these alignments are not in favor of the Jews! If Israel enters Gaza, it will receive an analogue of our entry into Grozny, when they burned all our armor and defeated the group. At the same time, the option of a second front from Lebanon remains, where Hezbollah will create more problems for the Jews than they have ever seen.
        And the interest of mattresses is obvious; if Israel is defeated, American bases will begin to be destroyed by missiles and drones, and in the end they will have to flee from there, just as they already fled from Afghanistan. At the same time, all their weapons will remain in place... And this is the political death of the Clinton clan.
        1. 0
          14 October 2023 10: 28
          Quote: Mikhail-Ivanov
          If Israel enters Gaza, it will receive an analogue of our entry into Grozny, when they burned all our armor and defeated the group.

          Surely... since Israel actively uses aviation and does not take into account the consequences, but what does this mean? This means that Gaza will be wiped off the face of the earth with the help of bombs and airstrikes, the entire city will be completely destroyed) and only then will they begin a ground operation on the ruins.

          This is the most likely scenario.... firstly, they will reduce the losses of the Israeli army as much as possible, and completely destroy the city... so that the Palestinians have nowhere to return. And the United States is worried about the reaction of the Arab world, because... If the city and its population are demolished, the consequences could be very significant.

          Now all Palestine's hope is in Iran, and pro-Iranian proxies in the region.... but Turkey/SA/Qatar and other monarchies are doubtful that they will intervene in this conflict). They will condemn it - yes, they may even launch an energy strike on the West, but they will not send in troops. We'll see how events develop, but it seems that Gaza is lost forever (for the Palestinians).
        2. 0
          14 October 2023 20: 36
          Oh, I belittle you and what are you thinking, but I have my own question for you. But you don’t want five fronts, for a ground operation against ruins.
    2. +7
      14 October 2023 01: 26
      What do you mean "recommended"? They directly indicated what needs to be done, and not at all what is voiced in the media, the mask of “peacefulness” must be preserved on the face.
    3. +4
      14 October 2023 01: 37
      That’s right, the killing of civilians under whatever pretext Israel announces will cause serious complications for Israel and the United States. Another important point here is mercenaries. The United States is transferring mercenaries from Ukraine (I think not only) just for the operation in Palestinian territory. The United States does not want a repeat of the second protracted wars. So they gather everything they can and prepare.
    4. +2
      14 October 2023 02: 30
      Here's some pretty interesting information from the rabbi:

      or follow this link -
    5. +3
      14 October 2023 02: 38
      Well, let’s go to Odessa... Mother Catherine looks at us.
    6. +3
      14 October 2023 03: 12
      Everything is according to the American training manual. First, they will level all the buildings into dust and then the infantry will move. Everything is like in ground operations during the capture of Iraq and Syria
      1. +4
        14 October 2023 03: 26
        Yes, we're already sick of it!!! This is generally how it should be, they gave the civilians 48 hours, and then razed everything to the ground, and then the infantry! Or why do you like it when our soldiers give up hundreds of lives for a wretched village of three houses? Why should a Russian beg the enemy? I would really like my country not to react to anyone, but to destroy the enemy in the most terrible and sophisticated way. Then not a single mongrel will attack Russia. And we play in the humanities, the Jews over there add up to zero, and nothing.
    7. +6
      14 October 2023 04: 54
      Yeah, otherwise the Jews are so stupid that they don’t understand what their “shine” is in the event of a ground operation)))
      The Israeli elite repeated the mistake of the Kyiv elite - they promised “three boxes”, now we have to get out)))
    8. +2
      14 October 2023 04: 59
      Why should Israel listen to the Americans? Many of the top officials in the US government are Jewish, don't forget that!
      1. +5
        14 October 2023 05: 29
        Because the owners live in Washington, they decide who should do what)))
    9. 0
      14 October 2023 05: 23
      No one needs to rush anymore. We'll have to wait for the organic matter to decompose in the ruins. I'm not just talking about victims... And there were refrigerators in houses and shops... Now there is work for flies.
      1. +2
        14 October 2023 05: 30
        First of all, it's not so hot anymore. Secondly, I think there are enough supplies there for at least a couple of months.
        1. -2
          14 October 2023 06: 25
          First of all, it's not so hot anymore.

          24 degrees Celsius today.
          Secondly, I think there are enough supplies there for a couple of months,

          I'm not talking about dry food, but about the decomposition of organic matter in ruins. There were refrigerators in apartments and warehouses, but now it’s all rotting. Victims, animals, fabric....
          Have you ever worked in modern ruins?
    10. +3
      14 October 2023 05: 34
      In the assault on Gaza, Israel and the United States lose politically: recognition of Eretz Israel by Saudi Arabia will go down the drain, as will an increase in production for the US elections. And this is still the softest option.
    11. +4
      14 October 2023 05: 52
      Netanyahu's point is not made of iron.
      And the Jews’ vaunted “Iron Dome” has already been torn apart.

      Zugzwang, however.
      1. +1
        14 October 2023 12: 25
        Well, a hundred random launches in one salvo cannot be taken out by any air defense in the world, let’s be honest!
    12. +1
      14 October 2023 06: 35
      Israel is not launching a ground operation in the Gaza Strip on the instructions of the US administration
      Where to go? The United States “recommended”, and such “recommendations” must be followed. It is strange that the United States suddenly expressed concern about civilians. Previously, neither in Afghanistan, nor in Syria, nor in Iraq did this happen to the Americans. Oh yes, the matter directly concerned the security of the US military.
    13. 0
      14 October 2023 06: 42
      In the US State Department, 2/3 are Jews, it turns out that our own people went against our own.
    14. +1
      14 October 2023 08: 53
      Frankly, I don’t give a damn about this approach of Israel, it would turn out... If, and what they need for safety. They will put a bolt on everything, but they will do what needs to be learned. They may act rather rudely, but for sure

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