The President of Russia announced our country’s readiness to mediate in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

The President of Russia announced our country’s readiness to mediate in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

The Russian Federation is ready to act as a mediator in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This statement was made by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

As the head of the Russian state noted, our country has very good relations with both Israel and Palestine. Putin noted that Russia has had very good relations with Israel for at least the last 15 years. Russia has traditional ties with Palestine, dating back to the Soviet period. stories.

Good relations with both Israel and Palestine, Putin noted, will allow Russia to become a mediator, and no one will suspect Moscow of trying to play along with anyone. However, such mediation, the Russian president emphasized, is only possible if the parties to the conflict really need it. After all, it will initially be necessary to achieve appropriate agreements between the parties to the conflict.

In addition, the Russian President emphasized that many of our compatriots live in Israel. According to the head of state, Russia also has long-standing good relations with the Arab world.

Previously, Putin stated that the path to a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict lies through the creation of an independent Palestinian state, within the borders of 1967. However, it is unlikely that Israel itself, as well as the countries of the “collective West”, led by the United States, will agree with this position.
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  1. +16
    13 October 2023 17: 36
    Not serious. We would like to sort out our own affairs for now. And let the guys figure it out themselves somehow. Besides, it's useless now. Both sides really need to let off steam and they will let it out. Those who are especially eager to fight will calm down in a year, and only then can they be offered something as a way out of the war.
    1. +6
      13 October 2023 17: 43
      And rightly so. I hope Putin said about mediation for show. Let them scalp each other first. Why should we go there? request
      When Jordan, Lebanon, and suddenly Syria and Iran get involved, then we can offer services. And so let Israel further discredit itself, maybe break its neck in the sector.
      At the same time, there will be fewer tanks and shells in the world. Otherwise, it looks like they sent them to Ukraine out of excess. Now there will be something to do
      1. +5
        13 October 2023 18: 10
        The President of Russia announced our country’s readiness to mediate in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

        Ah, here I wish things didn’t go beyond words No.
  2. +3
    13 October 2023 17: 36
    Vladimir the Peacemaker! Not otherwise! ))
    1. -2
      13 October 2023 17: 38
      “Blessed are the peacemakers, for these shall be called the sons of God.”
      1. +6
        13 October 2023 18: 13
        Quote: Sergiy_OSV
        “Blessed are the peacemakers, for these shall be called the sons of God.”

        This is understandable, but sometimes it is better to be lenient and silent.
    2. +4
      13 October 2023 17: 40
      In the history of Russia there was the Most Important One, and also a “Peacemaker”. The Tsar was given this for peace in the Empire. But what is this for?
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. +5
    13 October 2023 17: 41
    So he wants to reconcile Israel not with Hamas, but with Palestine. This is actually a charade! And a dislocation of the brain! wassat
  5. +15
    13 October 2023 17: 49
    I like our foreign policy, they imposed sanctions, a plane was shot down, a base was shelled here, peacekeepers were killed, and somewhere they are fighting openly. But everything is around dear friends and respected partners, all that’s missing is rainbows and unicorns...
  6. +11
    13 October 2023 17: 51
    First, I would bring order to my own house and then to the neighbors.
  7. +8
    13 October 2023 17: 52
    Yeah, but who will deal with their conflict, uncle?
  8. +4
    13 October 2023 17: 52
    Good Grandfather Pu... Just Leopold the Cat "Guys, let's live together"
  9. -3
    13 October 2023 17: 53
    The West will definitely not like our plan. Israel should be a thorn in the Middle East. We look at Egypt, in theory it should be pro-American, but something in this century the West did not get along with Egypt. The Jews forbade the Americans to produce gas on their shelf, stopping production gas after the Hamas attack. Egyptian LNG plants are shutting down. Prices for gas in Europe are rising, with almost full UGS, up to $570 per 1000 cubic meters. The USA will be happy to supply LNG at such prices. In the USA $120 per 1000 cubic meters. The life of an American Jew is priceless , unlike a resident of Israel.
  10. +5
    13 October 2023 18: 18
    Russia doesn’t need to interfere...then we will remain extreme as always...take neutrality...and watch like China.
  11. +4
    13 October 2023 18: 23
    Quote: Pavel_Sveshnikov
    Not serious.

    TA-dah. Shame. Nobody perceives Russia as a serious player and an influential force after the shameful bummer in Ukraine - in 2022 they will actually stand at the walls of Kiev, Kharkov and Nikolaev, and then so mediocrely merge and roll back to the point of even evacuating their navy from Crimea to Abkhazia. Corruption, agreements, impotence of the top of the Kremlin.
  12. +2
    13 October 2023 18: 25
    Yes, personal ties with Netanyahu and the Palestinian leadership in general give Russia a chance of success in resolving (temporary, because... an insoluble conflict, IMHO) of this crisis. But, firstly, it’s not time yet, as they said above. Secondly, we need to coordinate with our dear friends from Turkey and Iran.
    But we need to declare this, we are not idiots, but we have the right!
  13. 0
    13 October 2023 19: 36
    La plupart des pays du Sud sont pour la cause palestinienne, sauf l'Inde (qui ne pourra tenir longtemps cette position, à mon avis). Les pays qui sont pour un monde multipolaire, sont du Sud, et donc, pour la cause palestinienne. Xi a d'ailleurs mis les choses au point.
  14. +1
    13 October 2023 20: 48
    Why? - let them fight - for our joy
  15. +1
    13 October 2023 22: 04
    The Russian Federation is ready to act as a mediator in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

    Trolling level 80, I think... lol
  16. 0
    14 October 2023 20: 23
    Former compatriots. We must not forget about this. More precisely, forget that they are compatriots...

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