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The Israeli army struck Lebanese territory after shelling a border military post from the Lebanese side

The Israeli army struck Lebanese territory after shelling a border military post from the Lebanese side

The Israel Defense Forces are currently conducting strikes into Lebanese territory in response to an anti-tank guided missile attack on a border post. Israeli media reported this, citing local sources.

Prior to this, an Israeli army border post was attacked in the Arab El-Aramshi area. Israeli media reported that the losses were quite serious. In fact, this brings closer the opening of a “second front” on the northern Israeli borders.

According to Israeli security forces, the incident on the border with Lebanon changes the “rules of the game.” The Israeli-Lebanese border is becoming a new hotbed of fighting, only here the IDF will have to face not Hamas, but the Shiite movement Hezbollah operating in Lebanon. Now in the north of Israel they are already preparing bomb shelters.

Sources report that Hezbollah troops have begun to storm the Israeli borders. Fighting is currently underway in the Al-Dhahaira and Yarin areas in southern Lebanon; earlier it was reported that Hezbollah may have hit an Israeli Zelda M-113 armored personnel carrier using an anti-tank missile system.

According to some reports, Israel is trying to censor information about the clashes on the Lebanese border as much as possible, probably in order to prevent further growth of Arab solidarity in neighboring states with the actions of Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north. The very fact of the movement joining the actions of Hamas could provoke the growth of the conflict and the involvement of new players in it, including Iran.
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  1. Trapp1st
    Trapp1st 11 October 2023 12: 09
    it was reported about a possible defeat by Hezbollah of an Israeli armored personnel carrier "Zelda M-113" from an anti-tank missile system
    Everyone to Bandera, thank you Hezbollah.
    1. credo
      credo 11 October 2023 12: 23
      This movement initially threatened to open a second front if Israel cleared the Gaza Strip, so such an escalation was expected.

      The hottest months in this region (June, July, August) have passed and, due to the autumn coolness, the outbreak of hostilities may indeed continue intensely until next summer, unless, of course, the United States razes the entire Lebanon to the ground with its aircraft carrier groups quickly approaching the shores of the Middle East. hi
  2. bondrostov
    bondrostov 11 October 2023 12: 12
    Right. Israel has created outright chaos in Gaza. Actually genocide. Therefore, let them be hammered from the north as well. We need to get rid of their arrogance
    1. Smoker
      Smoker 11 October 2023 12: 24
      As they write on the Internet - Hamas is the brainchild of Israel!!! Founded in 1987 by the Israeli military administration... as a counterweight to Yasser Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization!!
      now realize about the unexpected emergence of ISIS (near Israel and on the territory of its enemies!) and Al-Qaeda... In addition, there are facts when Israel evacuated the leaders of ISIS units from Syria along with their families to Israel...

    2. The black
      The black 11 October 2023 12: 27
      Plan 3.0 is already coming to an end: the boiling water in Israel will now set Europe on fire and it will be completely crushed by the migrants who are there in trainloads.. US profit at the finishing stage
    3. NOT malicious
      NOT malicious 11 October 2023 12: 42
      Yes Yes Yes Yes! Kaneshna!!!!!!
      And the fact that the heads of peaceful Jewish children were literally sawed off is a trifle. Probably, if your children, father, mother, had their heads cut off by a crowd, you would also be thinking about the eternal “who is right and what to do?”
      1. igorbrsv
        igorbrsv 13 October 2023 06: 57
        I hope you already know that this is fake
  3. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey 11 October 2023 12: 12
    Only through joint efforts will the Arabs be able to force Israel to peace.
    Israel has not and is not looking for common ground with the Arab world; it needs everyone to die, and this one is very bad.

    The Arabs just have to force the Jews to respect themselves and take into account their opinions.
  4. 8200
    8200 11 October 2023 12: 14
    Quote: 75Sergey
    take their opinion into account

    With the opinion that Israel should be destroyed?
    1. bondrostov
      bondrostov 11 October 2023 12: 21
      No, Israel should not be destroyed. But Gaza and Palestine in general should not be destroyed. Implement the UN resolution so that they create their own state. And now there is simply genocide. A complete blockade (of food, water, it is impossible for people to get out of there.) And carpet bombing with phosphorus.
      1. Heel
        Heel 11 October 2023 12: 58
        but the opinion of Hamas and Hezbollah is precisely that Israel must be destroyed, those Arabs who think otherwise have made peace with Israel, and the current invasion of Gaza was precisely intended to disrupt the signing of peace with the Saudis (but without a signed peace, relations with the Saudis were if not warm, but quite even) there is no peace with those whose opinion is precisely to destroy Israel, and as for the blockade, it is not clear why your complaints are towards Israel, why not towards Egypt?
        1. bondrostov
          bondrostov 11 October 2023 23: 33
          Egypt, of course, still... But they at least offered humanitarian aid. But you bombed the border checkpoint. And they clearly made it clear that there would be no humanitarian aid.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 October 2023 12: 21
    The Israel Defense Forces are striking Lebanese territory... Hezbollah troops have begun storming Israeli borders
    A new and rather weak player joined the conflict. And Hezbollah is armed with real missiles, not tubes with explosives and welded tails or shells from MLRS.
    1. Heel
      Heel 11 October 2023 13: 00
      Hamas also has normal missiles, pipes with tails do not fly for 120 km, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are covered with them
  6. kakvastam
    kakvastam 11 October 2023 12: 26
    If there are indeed massive strikes in response to a single ATGM, then this is definitely a disproportionate use of force.
    Not even the Old Testament, where an eye for an eye, and not all teeth for one. I remember that Jewish experts interpreted this norm precisely as a limitation of retaliatory violence.
    Anyone who wants to be the most terrible must understand that they always try to eliminate the source of fear.
    The radicals on both sides are disgusting enough, but the extermination of civilians is unacceptable.
  7. A17ttt
    A17ttt 11 October 2023 12: 38
    It’s time for Israel to honestly admit that they are implementing a completely different game in their plan - having realized over several decades that this territory is not the best territory (Mecca) for living and well-being. Compared to the Western and American territories. When more than a dozen people live on 1 km2 and there is a problem with water supplies.

    Therefore, the card for a successful relegation to the major leagues and other territories is played by the management.
    As for the citizens, that's a third matter.
  8. 9PA
    9PA 11 October 2023 13: 27
    Russians, I am with you to the end! Russians and Ukrainians showed today that there are still 2 peoples (more precisely, one) who are ready to die for their Motherland! Well, let's see whose spirit is higher, Israeli or Arab. Inshala