The New York Times named the reasons for the successful Hamas attack on Israel

The New York Times named the reasons for the successful Hamas attack on Israel

It came as a big surprise to everyone that the Palestinian troops managed to prepare and organize a daring attack on Israel, which no one was able to repel in the first hours. And many people wonder how they managed to beat the Israeli security system, which is considered one of the best in the world, including the army, intelligence services and technical capabilities.

The American newspaper The New York Times is trying to answer these questions. In this case, the publication refers to the words of four senior Israeli security officials. The newspaper writes that the successes of Hamas militants were the result of major mistakes by the Israeli intelligence services. These mistakes include Israel's over-reliance on remote monitoring systems across the border. There was also not enough intelligence from informants, according to The New York Times. Here I would like to quote the words of the head of Egyptian intelligence, who said that Israel was informed by them that Hamas was preparing something large-scale.

If you believe the publication's sources, they highlight the following miscalculations of the Israeli security service:

• failure to control key communication channels between Hamas leaders;
• insufficient reliability of border surveillance equipment, disabled by militants;
• poor analysis of intercepted telephone conversations of Hamas leaders, which led to erroneous judgments about the readiness of Palestinian militants to attack.

According to former US Deputy Chief of National Intelligence Beta Sanner, Hamas’s success is primarily due to its refusal to use digital technologies. He noted that Hamas militants did not use technical means of communication, but split into groups that acted according to a single plan.
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    1. 0
      11 October 2023 11: 40
      The New York Times named the reasons for the successful Hamas attack on Israel

      One can assume a third option, perhaps the Israeli intelligence services believed that Hamas was not dangerous for them, because... joined the ranks of their supporters in the fight against their opponents.
      1. +5
        11 October 2023 11: 47
        We can propose a fourth, where Massad’s ears stick out behind the successful Hamas raid and
        The result is obvious: Israel is finally solving its problem, and the United States is projecting its further desires in the Middle East with its aircraft carrier groups.
        For example, the change of power in Turkey.
      2. 0
        11 October 2023 12: 00
        Well, the special services of no country are not involved in “protecting and defending fences”...

        For this, any special service can have “punctures” or “shortcomings”, but IN TIME detect the approach to a protected object (perimeter) in a prohibited area, even a “small group”, even a bulldozer, even a “single person” and raise the alarm to the assigned guard , a unit of a checkpoint or “opornik”, this is the task of a sentry or observer (watch), not Mossad or Shin Bet...
        1. 0
          11 October 2023 13: 01
          Of course they don’t do it directly.

          Apparently I misled you by putting the words in one sentence
          Mossad, CIA and Hamas.
    2. +4
      11 October 2023 11: 42
      Probably, if they dig well, they will lead to themselves. Someone gave the Tskhalavians to slaughter for their global goals. Is there a jungle on Israel’s border? The Hamas soldiers can be seen to the horizon.
      1. 0
        11 October 2023 13: 42
        yes, there is a jungle on the border, a hundred meters from the fence very dense development is already beginning
    3. +7
      11 October 2023 11: 43
      The most realistic option is that Israel deliberately “slept through” the Arab attack in order to gain a pretext for eliminating the remnants of Palestine.
      1. +2
        11 October 2023 12: 08
        I think that this is the most “intriguing” option for the idle public, but very far from reality...

        As in their time, the Russian “democratic” media (“independent”, of course...) very obsessively pushed the version that the explosions of high-rise buildings in Moscow were “organized by the FSB”...

        Well no...

        The intelligence services, when it is necessary to start a war, organize “Gleiwitz” or “shelling” from the territory of their country from the “adjacent” territory (the so-called “Winter War”). Which is quite enough for further political justification and propaganda support for subsequent actions...

        And not a REAL MASS MASSACRE of its population and its military personnel...
    4. +4
      11 October 2023 11: 52
      The New York Times seems to be trying to justify the defeat of the IDF, which thundered throughout the world, in the first days, citing intelligence failures: weak agents, lack of radio monitoring of Hamas leaders, confidence in its technical security equipment, etc. And why did the Israeli soldiers jump out in their underwear, where their guards and military guards were (they weren’t quartered for a walk)? Of course, there will be a showdown in Israel, and perhaps some people will have to resign or be fired.
    5. +3
      11 October 2023 11: 59
      Israel, in terms of relations with its neighbors, has had 75 (!!!) years of continuous mistakes with its own enormous arrogance and conceit. During such a period, the country was obliged to establish at least neutral relations with its neighbors and not endlessly refer to the fact that the neighbors are barbarians, savages and want nothing more than the destruction of smart, civilized, fair Israel. If they were really smart, civilized and fair, then in 75 years the issue would have been resolved, but it turns out that some are worth others.
      It didn’t work out in 75 years, then I must say, good people, make peace between us and our neighbors, we’ll do everything as you say!
      They started a hundred-year war here... And if you don’t agree, then maybe there was no need to build a country here, maybe this place is cursed, for some...
      America, which is the United States, if indeed Israel's first friend, would give up part of its territory to the new Israel, also somewhere in the desert. Jews would go there even more actively from all over the world than to present-day Israel.
      1. 0
        11 October 2023 13: 46
        well, we reached an agreement with almost everyone, even almost reached an agreement with Arafat, but he jumped off at the very last moment, well, they don’t want to, what can we do?
    6. +1
      11 October 2023 12: 01
      Jews simply do not work on Shabbat (i.e. Saturday)
    7. 0
      11 October 2023 12: 18
      Isn’t it a mistake that crowds of “demonstrators” hung freely right on the border for several months? While the militants in the crowd were planting explosives in the fence, studying the locations of cameras and machine guns, the Israeli military allowed the crowd to go wild, probably because it was very democratic...
      1. 0
        11 October 2023 13: 48
        no, well, they tried to drive them away from the fence, they even shot a few, but there was a universal howl that they shouldn’t be offended
    8. +1
      11 October 2023 12: 35
      The Czech Republic supported Israel. So let’s write it down - President Pavel is a hidden Jew.

      Israeli media:

      The EU prepared a tough statement, but Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark and Spain refused to recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization.

      Ireland, Spain, Denmark and Luxembourg blocked the EU's ban on financial aid to Palestine. Thus, financial assistance will not be blocked.

      And the representative of Ireland in the European Parliament, Claire Daly, told the Head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen:

      Who do you think you are? You were not elected to this position and do not have the power to determine EU foreign policy. Europe is not on Israel's side. We are for peace, and you cannot speak on our behalf.

      The IRA is rising from the ashes...

    9. 0
      11 October 2023 13: 31
      Some strange excuses. According to the footage of the seizure of the base with tanks, there was no one there. The Palestinians just walked in. Jews do not want to admit that someone from the internal leadership of Israel helped the Palestinians very seriously

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