Footage of the destruction of the Ukrainian Su-25 at the Dolgintsevo airfield in Krivoy Rog has appeared

Появились кадры уничтожения украинского Су-25 на аэродроме Долгинцево в Кривом Роге

Filmed with the help of drone objective control footage depicting the moment a new modification of the Russian loitering ammunition "Lancet" hit a Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft at a distance of more than 70 kilometers from the front line. It is reported that a Ukrainian military aircraft was destroyed at the Dolgintsevo airfield in Krivoy Rog.

The footage shows how a Ukrainian military aircraft stationed at the airfield is accurately hit by Russian loitering munitions, after which the aircraft is reportedly completely burned out.

Published footage indicates the significantly increased capabilities of the updated Russian Lancet loitering munition. Previously, footage appeared of the destruction of a Ukrainian plane at a distance of 69 kilometers from the line of combat contact, but this time the Ukrainian Armed Forces board was destroyed almost 10 kilometers further.

At the same time, in all likelihood, the Lancet was not launched from the front line itself, which means the range of new modifications of the loitering ammunition may turn out to be an unpleasant surprise for the enemy. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the conduct of objective monitoring, indicating a stable connection at such a distance.

The possibility of ensuring objective control also indicates the focal nature of Ukrainian air defense. Currently, the main threat to the Russian aviation represent the calculations of militants of the Kyiv regime, equipped with Western-made MANPADS, which NATO countries have filled the Ukrainian army with. However, the effectiveness of these calculations against UAVs is very doubtful.

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    1. +8
      11 October 2023 11: 13
      Published footage indicates the significantly increased capabilities of the updated Russian Lancet loitering munition.
      Just top ten!!! good Well done drone pilots!!!
      1. +2
        11 October 2023 11: 18
        Was it really the Lancet? Maybe it was the Italmas BBP.
        Freeze frame from the video. The silhouette does not look like the Lancet.

        This is the information available on the Internet.

        New Loitering Ammunition

        The main focus of the video footage is on the new loitering munition, capable of flying up to 120 kilometers. This drone is a high-tech system that can cause serious damage to a target and pose a serious challenge to modern air defense systems and aviation systems.
        1. +7
          11 October 2023 11: 22
          They used to say - artillery is the God of War, but now Lancet is the God of War!)
          The West is in shock; the Ukrainians cannot do anything against this ammunition. There are so many port wines alone that have been unwound with this tool, and this is not the first tourniquet on the plane.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. -1
          11 October 2023 14: 27
          Quote from Orange Bigg
          Was it really the Lancet?

          Who cares if the plane is really destroyed.
        4. +1
          11 October 2023 17: 14
          Quote from Orange Bigg
          Maybe it's BBP Italmas.

          This is what Italmas looks like:

          And now look at a still from the video. Both the approaching drone and especially its shadow show the characteristic plumage of the Lancet.
    2. +10
      11 October 2023 11: 14
      We still have the opportunity to brazenly film the result of the strike. Is there no air defense at the airfield? good
      1. +2
        11 October 2023 11: 25
        I am also interested in this question. Last time, when two planes were hit, there was also video recording. Considering the distance from LBS, the question arises: how was this filmed?
        1. +1
          11 October 2023 14: 49
          which from above is okay, if it has an altitude of, for example, 1 km, then the radio horizon is 140 km,
          but it’s interesting how the attack drone was controlled, at its altitude the radio horizon is only 25 km

          perhaps a repeater on the drone on top
      2. +2
        11 October 2023 11: 25
        the remnants relocated to Israel...but seriously, it looks more like a sabotage group with a low-power UAV
    3. +2
      11 October 2023 11: 16
      Hmm, not the size of a lancet at all. Small. It’s as if agents near the airfield launched a drone
      1. +3
        11 October 2023 11: 31
        You judge by the projection of the aircraft, approaching the target at an angle.

        By the way, what prevents the DGR from making its way along the former bottom of the Kakhovka reservoir, which has already been overgrown over the spring and summer to reduce the distance?
      2. +3
        11 October 2023 11: 45
        Quote: Tlauicol
        Hmm, not the size of a lancet at all. Small. It’s as if agents near the airfield launched a drone

        Then the agents needed to launch at least two drones, one for destruction, the second for control. Isn't it too much for Stirlitz?
    4. +3
      11 October 2023 11: 23
      Straight into the lantern. This is what the operator’s experience and improved performance characteristics of the Lancet mean. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “defenders of Ukraine” again start writing about the layout and cunning of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
    5. +4
      11 October 2023 11: 31
      Couldn't this be a drone based on an observation drone?
      1. KCA
        11 October 2023 13: 16
        Somehow, they don’t write about possible drone carriers Orions or Siriuses at all, although the process of their production is in full swing, apparently there’s an ace in the hole since they’re quiet
    6. +1
      11 October 2023 12: 15
      Good morning, Aunt Khaya, there is a parcel for you from Shanghai... Now let the banderoges rack their brains over the question - what was that?
    7. +1
      11 October 2023 13: 11
      in the video there is some kind of weak rupture, at the lancet 5 kg of explosives there the front part of the plane should have been torn to shreds
    8. 0
      11 October 2023 16: 57
      Kalashnikov's Zala Lancet drone has once again proven to be one of the most formidable Russian weapons in this war.
    9. +1
      11 October 2023 20: 08
      Insufficient... If they had been in wait with the pilot at the ready, it would have been double luck for the damn Bandera.

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