US press: The German concern is forced to produce outdated ammunition for Leopard 2 tanks supplied to Ukraine

US press: The German concern is forced to produce outdated ammunition for Leopard 2 tanks supplied to Ukraine

The German concern Rheinmetall was forced to start production of obsolete tank shells for Ukraine, since the German Leopard 2 tanks supplied to the Ukrainian army are not equipped to fire the latest ammunition. This was reported by Army Recognition.

Modern versions of Leopard 2 tanks use DM53 and DM63 shells, but Ukraine received modifications of the tank developed in the 80s that are incompatible with the latest ammunition. The Germans tried to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with a batch of DM53 shells, the Ukrainian press even wrote several laudatory articles about how the Leopard 2 MBTs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces would destroy Russian tanks with “the latest shells,” but it did not work.

According to Army Recognition, in order to use new shells it is necessary to update the EMES-15 fire control system of the Leopard 2A4 tanks that entered service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces. But this is associated with certain difficulties; it is easier to supply outdated 33 mm DM120 armor-piercing finned sabot projectiles (BOPS), especially since they demonstrate “successful” penetration of up to 470 mm of armor at a distance of 2 km.

Among the Leopard 2 tanks that Ukraine received are 14 former Polish Leopard 2A4s. These tanks have not been updated to work with the new DM53 and DM63 shells

- reports the publication.

In general, Germany decided that the compatibility of shells with tanks was more important than firepower. Now the concern has launched the production of DM33 shells, Ukraine will soon receive the next batch of ammunition.
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    1. +2
      11 October 2023 09: 20
      The German concern Rheinmetall was forced to launch the production of obsolete tank shells for Ukraine -

      — Ukraine will soon become a nuclear power!
      - What is it?
      - Soon we’ll be firing cannonballs...
    2. +1
      11 October 2023 09: 25
      That’s why they have problems with ammunition.... Old shells, new missile launcher systems.... Complete gimmick.
    3. 0
      11 October 2023 09: 28
      May their torment not last long. These old tanks will burn out and there will be no need to resume production.
      1. +1
        11 October 2023 09: 30
        So they have already resumed. And really, if the old Leos are burned, who will need this ammunition? Can the new fire control system interact with old ammunition?
    4. +6
      11 October 2023 09: 31
      They are even ready to start producing old types of shells just to fight. Where and when else will you find such idiots ready to fight with Russia for other people’s interests.
      1. +3
        11 October 2023 09: 36
        That is why they are “valuable” for the West since they are fighting with us.
        1. 0
          11 October 2023 10: 46
          .... rather “priceless”, but the fact that idiots... never mind, Ukrainians are giving birth to new ones.
          1. +1
            11 October 2023 10: 49
            From whom, I’m embarrassed to ask, did they kill the males?
    5. +1
      11 October 2023 09: 31
      The German concern Rheinmetall was forced

      Forced by whom? First names, last names, positions?
      Or is this how they admit that they are forced supply weapons?
    6. -3
      11 October 2023 09: 37
      Zelensky will continue to sell old Leopard tanks and ammunition to Hamas.
    7. Des
      11 October 2023 09: 43
      Well, you shouldn't get it.
    8. -3
      11 October 2023 11: 14
      Peremoga ....
      That is, the rest of the tanks, besides these 14, have been updated, etc.?
      And these ones are not written, can they even theoretically shoot them?

      We remember that old 125mm tank barrels also cannot use the latest shells - they seem to be longer. Change the barrel.
      Peremoga ...
    9. 0
      11 October 2023 22: 08
      If I'm not mistaken, the T-72B has a total armor resistance of 500mm. Therefore, either close or on board, otherwise it’s useless.
      I'm not even talking about the T-80BVM and T-90M.

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