American expert: Kiev is concerned about the possible weakening of Western support due to events in Israel

American expert: Kiev is concerned about the possible weakening of Western support due to events in Israel

The aggravation of the situation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone that began last Saturday attracted the attention of the international community and the world media, and Ukraine faded into the background even on the Western agenda.

And despite the fact that the Ukrainian authorities came out in support of Israel and condemned Hamas, in Kyiv such a development of events will cause nervousness.

According to ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson, Vladimir Zelensky fears that events taking place in the Middle East will force the West, and especially the United States, to reduce military and financial assistance to Ukraine. The expert said this in an interview with the Judging Freedom YouTube channel.

Almost no one reports or discusses what they are doing there anymore

- Johnson noted, referring to the events in Ukraine.

The fact that the Ukrainian president is “afraid and nervous” in this situation is also evidenced by the change in his wardrobe, says the ex-CIA analyst. He noted that Zelensky stopped appearing in public in “a Che Guevara-Fidel Castro costume.”

Let us recall that earlier the need to redirect to Israel all funds prepared to help Ukraine was stated by US Senator Josh Hawley.

It is obvious that if the conflict in the Middle East continues to escalate, then attention to Ukraine will fall even further.
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    1. +3
      10 October 2023 13: 24
      American expert: In Kyiv concerned about possible weakening of support West due to events in Israel
      It’s too late to drink Aunt Borjomi when the buds have fallen off... request
    2. +4
      10 October 2023 13: 26
      After the start of Hamas hostilities, one day all Western media completely forgot about Ukraine.
      Now Zelensky is trying with all his might to regain the attention of his masters.
      1. +2
        10 October 2023 13: 37
        The owner now has a new “beloved wife” in his harem. There may not be enough strength for all, the owner is getting old.
    3. +5
      10 October 2023 13: 26
      American expert: Kiev is concerned about the possible weakening of Western support due to events in Israel

      In my opinion, the word concerned does not apply to this situation. Such thoughts make their hearts burn. This is the end of the Ukrovermacht.
      1. +4
        10 October 2023 13: 30
        Interest in Ukraine has disappeared, as in a prostitute. It's quite normal.
        1. +2
          10 October 2023 13: 37
          John Kirby, a retired admiral, nearly burst into tears when he mentioned the 11 dead American-Israeli citizens.

          I don’t remember that anyone from the American establishment shed a tear at the (deserved) death of ordinary American wild geese in Ukraine...
    4. +2
      10 October 2023 13: 27
      So in passing. On the night of October 8, the pressure dropped on the Baltic Connector underwater gas pipeline between Estonia and Finland. Work was stopped. Is the yacht Andromeda and the Ukrainian crew in the gallery again? bully
    5. +3
      10 October 2023 13: 30
      Zelensky stopped appearing in public in the “Che Guevara-Fidel Castro costume” -

      - Have you really changed into your old clothes? ...

    6. +1
      10 October 2023 13: 32
      In Kyiv, such a development of events will cause nervousness.
      In this situation, panic is not far away, despite Biden’s statements that Ukraine will not be abandoned under any circumstances. When the need arises, they will quit without blinking an eye. And our victory will contribute to this. Taking into account the fact that today the attention of the world media is diverted from Ukraine to events in the Gaza Strip, another major provocation on the part of Kyiv is highly likely.
      1. +2
        10 October 2023 13: 46
        And at this time, while Zelensky is worried about Western help
        “From 4 am, the Russian Army began an incredible artillery barrage in the Mariinsky and Avdeevsky directions. Artillery preparation is still going on. Fuel and lubricants, ammunition depots and enemy equipment are burning. At these minutes our fighters are going on the offensive."... "Aviation and artillery of about 200 guns are working. The Russian Army is pressing from the flanks. The advance of the Russian Armed Forces (for 8 hours) at these minutes is up to 200 m. According to interceptions, some units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have BC ended. The enemy is retreating"
        Telegram channels write.
    7. NW
      10 October 2023 13: 37
      The more pampered the body, the closer the “own” shirt is to it. We have not yet been able to get under the West’s shirt and tickle him noticeably. If Islamic radicals can do this at the cost of terrorist attacks in “decision-making centers,” then the focus of the Western plebs will really shift. Without this, it’s unlikely.
    8. +3
      10 October 2023 13: 43
      What are you Zelya crumpling titi, the fear of moving from the beloved wife of the West, led by America, into an unloved concubine who is owned but not given gifts causes panic attacks? Well, it's time to realize that you were and will be a disposable pad. Oh, the trouble is when a cheap comedian pretends to be a strategist.
    9. +1
      10 October 2023 13: 51
      How much does this Larry get paid for his misinformation? They can’t throw ukrov, it’s impossible
    10. 0
      10 October 2023 15: 50
      “Here Sharikov got scared and opened his mouth slightly. “I can’t stay without food,” he muttered, “where will I eat?” © MiM
      1. -1
        10 October 2023 17: 14
        Looking at the outskirts, one can guess that Professor Preobrazhensky still has not stopped operating on dogs.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    11. +1
      10 October 2023 15: 55

    12. 0
      10 October 2023 17: 47
      So it will be. Ukrainian map of the beat - Zelya did not live up to Biden's hopes. Nothing personal, just success. And where he ? Soon the weather will turn bad - then it's all nuts. As soon as Ukraine is abandoned, mass sobriety of Ukrainians will begin. And this is the only thing that can save them.
    13. 0
      11 October 2023 05: 32
      It feels like all this was started specifically to quietly drain Ukraine.

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