Bloomberg Analyst: Attack on Israel Signifies End of American Peace Era

Bloomberg Analyst: Attack on Israel Signifies End of American Peace Era

While Israel is carrying out Operation Iron Swords, the world press is already trying to analyze what is happening and assess the situation. One of those questions to which most experts cannot find an intelligible answer is this: how was it even possible that the Israeli army, considered one of the best armies in the world in terms of equipment, training and combat experience, received such a painful blow from the so-called paramilitary formations?

The American Bloomberg published an article by Hal Brands, where the analyst draws far-reaching conclusions from what is happening. In his opinion, the lightning attack on Israel showed the end of the era of Pax Americana - a world in which the United States and its allies had a large-scale superiority in all respects, including the military component.

This is evidence of the end of an era of American peace.

An American observer writes that the attack on Israel was evidence of a crisis in the global security system and the failure of the US intelligence community to assess what is happening in the Middle East. The reference goes to the recent statement by Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, in which he asserted that there are no prerequisites for escalation in the region, that the Middle East is “calm.”

Let us recall that the day before, other foreign analysts had already begun to express complaints against the United States, especially after the statement by the head of Egyptian intelligence. Let us recall that he announced that he had sent information to his Israeli colleagues about military preparations in the Gaza Strip on October 5-6. The chief Egyptian intelligence officer, Abbas Kamel, said that he was very surprised at the passivity with which the Israelis accepted this information. In Israel itself, Kamel’s words were called a lie, and then data appeared indicating a request from Israeli intelligence to US intelligence regarding the reliability of Egyptian data. It is alleged that the CIA said that no special “military preparations” were taking place in Gaza... A few hours later, a large-scale attack followed on Israeli cities, taking control of hundreds of square kilometers of territory.
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  1. Msi
    10 October 2023 06: 36
    Data has emerged indicating that Israeli intelligence has made a request to US intelligence regarding the reliability of Egyptian data.

    What does Israeli intelligence receive money for? By what right do you eat bread, so to speak? Why are you needed then?
  2. +6
    10 October 2023 06: 42
    Some kind of kindergarten. Intelligence of Egypt, the USA... And the Mossad is just for decoration? I am sure that the “lower classes”, starting from the agents, knew everything. Naturally, now they will have big questions for the top, and after a settlement (if there is one at all), they will be presented to the political and military leadership of Israel in full.
  3. +7
    10 October 2023 06: 52
    Or an attack on Israel was also part of the plans of the CIA..... And other instigators of the global fire.....
    But the CIA “didn’t have time” to report this to the naive Kamel in time... .

    Modern Jews are generally characterized by a feeling of their own absolute overwhelming superiority everywhere. (Even dad Friedman didn’t know and he had to make a stop in Moscow, even Galkin and Pugachikha didn’t know) laughing
    But it doesn't always happen like this. It wasn’t the USA that was attacked..... Anything can happen in life!!
    1. 0
      10 October 2023 09: 00
      Quote: ivan2022
      Or an attack on Israel was also part of the plans of the CIA..... And other instigators of the global fire.....
      But the CIA “didn’t have time” to report this to the naive Kamel in time... .

      I agree, but indirectly. The United States is currently not in trouble with the blazing Middle East. Here is a different question: did the Israeli government itself allow the conflict to escalate? Netanyahu is now out of favor, a wave of protests has swept across the country, and here... a holy war. No time for strife. The conflict will sooner or later die down, no, it has not ended, but will again turn into decay, and then it will take at least ten years to lick the wounds.
  4. +6
    10 October 2023 07: 00
    The lightning attack on Israel showed the end of the era of Pax Americana - a world in which the United States and its allies had a massive superiority in all respects, including the military component
    Events in Israel were only a continuation of this conclusion, and the beginning was laid first by the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan, and then in Ukraine, where NATO in full force, using its seemingly “huge” capabilities, tried to “defeat” Russia with the help of the Ukrainians already in the summer of this year. The attitude of Israeli intelligence to Egypt's warning and the lack of response to these warnings seems strange. Belief in your “unlimited” capabilities, incl. and technical, if necessary, the help of the main ally of the United States played a cruel joke on Israel.
  5. +5
    10 October 2023 07: 12
    Bloomberg Analyst: Attack on Israel Signifies End of American Peace Era

    The American world will end with the end of dollar dominance. How this will happen and for what reason, I cannot say. But only the absence of unprecedentedly organized support for this currency by the economies of world countries can put an end to American parasitism...
  6. +2
    10 October 2023 07: 26
    But in my opinion, guys, everything is simpler. The era of professional patriots who were not afraid to make mistakes for the sake of the cause has simply ended. Instead, incompetent and selfish politicians and officials rule. Everywhere. Now - in the Mossad. Imagine: such an instance gets information that tomorrow the bearded lads “in slippers” are planning to make a grand attack on those around them. Is he his own enemy, so that he can ring all the bells and raise a great fuss? And if earlier he also noted with the statement that “everything is fine, beautiful marquise”? Yes, they will fire him and put him on trial! So he begins to check the information, send out requests, raise agents... But the guys in slippers did not wait - they hit at the first move of the enemy. And what does Pax Americana have to do with it? This is now the case all over the world.
  7. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  8. And my opinion is this: global technological processes are taking place in all countries of the world...
    I) At the same time, in developed countries:
    1) The main thing: the so-called power, political, economic and financial ones have rotted. "elites"/
    2) Important: the middle class as such is being destroyed.
    Replaced by AI in intellectual and scientific fields. production sector.
    3) Important: the destruction of the working class is coming.
    Replaced by AI and robotics in production. trading, service, etc. activities.
    4) There is degradation and stratification of society.
    II) For undeveloped countries, everything is clear.
    III) There are more and more unnecessary people for production, but more for consumption.
    And as we know from history, many empires were destroyed by less developed countries and peoples.
    What is happening in Israel is happening everywhere: the strong are not so strong, the weak are not so weak, and AI is easily destroyed with a sledgehammer.
  9. -1
    10 October 2023 09: 00
    So there are the same experts in intelligence as in VO))))
  10. +2
    10 October 2023 09: 54
    It is too early to rejoice at the end of an era of American peace. Capitalism blooms and smells, not like Russian, not like Chinese. Even the Russian authorities are guarding this type of relationship with chatter about multipolarity..
  11. +4
    10 October 2023 10: 16
    Hamas said it had achieved all its goals in Israel.

    And Iran benefits from this:
    A large number of Israeli military personnel, including high-ranking ones, were killed, and some were captured.
    Israel has received the most colossal image blow in recent decades. The image of the IDF, Mossad, Merkava, Iron Dome, etc. was hit.
    Iran acts as the main informal protector of Palestinians and Muslims, competing for this role with Turkey.
    The war in Gaza has already led to the suspension of negotiations on the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.
    After a long time, Sudan again restored relations with Iran.
    The atrocities committed by Israel in Gaza have and will continue to attract large numbers of radicalized young recruits throughout the region into the ranks of the Iranian proxy collection.

    Iran's goal is to weaken its enemies - the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia - through wars through its proxies - Hezbollah, AnsarAllah, Hashd-Shaabi, Kataib Hezbollah, Hamas...

    (c) Colonel Сassad
  12. +1
    11 October 2023 09: 15
    It looks like the West is living in some kind of mania world created by its own propaganda, which, having a virtual monopoly on global propaganda, the USA/NATO has clearly gone overboard with.
  13. 0
    11 October 2023 12: 11
    An American wrote about how bad everything is for them. In fact, the opposite is true - excellent for both Israel and the United States. Everything goes according to plan. Israel has a reason to solve the problem of Palestine in its own way. And it will be dealt with harshly. And just according to the plan of the USA and Israel. And it is possible to deal with Iran. After a new September 11 and a new Pearl Harbor.