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Fourth Generation Asymmetric War

Fourth Generation Asymmetric WarIn 1989, the Marine Corps Gazette (Oct.89, pp 22-26) published an article, the authors of which marked the beginning of a discussion about the “fourth-generation wars”

“... The previous generational shifts, especially the transition from the second to the third generation, were marked by an ever stronger emphasis on certain central ideas. At least four of them, in all likelihood, will pass into the fourth generation and, moreover, will have an even stronger influence.

The first such idea is the “mission-type order”. Each time the transition to a new generation was marked by an increasing dispersal of forces on the battlefield. In a fourth-generation war, the battlefield is likely to include the entire society in whose name the enemy is fighting the war. Under these conditions, dispersal, as well as, in all likelihood, increasing the significance of the actions of very small groups of combatants, will require from combat units even the lowest level of flexible actions based on knowledge and understanding of the intentions of the higher command.

The second is a reduction in dependence on a centralized logistics system. Dispersion, coupled with the ever-increasing importance of speed, will require a high degree of readiness to maintain existence at the expense of the surrounding terrain and the enemy.

The third element that the fourth generation will probably inherit is a greater emphasis on maneuver. Massaging and firepower will no longer be the deciding factor. Moreover, mass character can be an unfavorable factor, since it makes it easier to find targets for destruction. There will be a tendency for small, highly mobile and mobile forces to prevail.

The fourth key idea will be the direction of actions to achieve internal collapse of enemy forces, and not to their physical destruction. The targets for defeat will include such “things” as support for war by the population and the culture of the enemy. Of great importance will be the accurate identification of the strategic foundations of the enemy’s combat potential.

On the whole, it appears that fourth-generation military actions are likely to be highly dispersed and for the most part undefined; the dividing line between peace and war will be blurred until it disappears completely. The war will be non-linear to such an extent that, quite possibly, it will lack identifiable battlefield and front lines.

The distinction between “civilian” and “military” is likely to disappear. Actions will be simultaneously directed to the entire "depth" of the parties involved, including their entire society, understood not only in its physical, but also in its cultural aspect. Large military facilities such as airfields, fixed communications centers and large headquarters will become rare due to their vulnerability; the same is likely to affect their civilian equivalents, such as government residences, power plants and industrial sites (this applies not only to the manufacturing industry, but also to the "knowledge economy"). Success will depend heavily on the effectiveness of joint operations, since the dividing lines between tasks and the responsibilities of different participants will be blurred. Again, all these elements are present in the wars of the third generation; the fourth generation simply strengthens them ... "

It can be seen that all four signs have largely already manifested themselves in the Syrian war. The enemy of the Syrian army fully mastered the strategy of waging the war of the fourth generation while the Syrian army is fighting, based on the ideas of the previous generation of wars. The most important characteristic of the third generation was the maneuver in time and space as the basis of operational actions. However, operational art was powerless against a completely different way of conducting military operations, which spread to the entire operational depth - throughout the country. Space for maneuver left.

This is what can explain the strange fact - the poorly trained and much more weakly armed militants of the SSA and the “Front of Nusra” on equal terms oppose the more numerous and possessing much greater firepower to the troops of the Syrian army.

In fact, the militants have managed to turn the merits of the Syrian army into its shortcomings - which explains the obvious paradox. The question arises - how is it possible that the illiterate, poorly trained detachments and the command of the militants manage to develop so advanced a strategy of warfare, conduct training, work out the interaction ... Most likely, we are talking about the fact that the militants are just a tool for developing new technologies and the ideas of warfare, which are managed by completely different people, sophisticated in military advanced science.

Nevertheless, the Syrian army with blood, losses in people, territory, civilian population, material losses and the colossal destruction of the country's economy is amazingly fast learning to fight and resist a completely new way for it to conduct combat operations.

One of the main innovations that the Syrian army has apparently begun to use at the tactical level is that on the basis of different types of troops, small general mobile groups have begun to be created, capable of conducting military operations in isolation from the bases and main forces. Judging by the information in progress, it is such groups that conduct operations in the suburbs of Damascus, in Aleppo and Homs. The “ordinary” army performs more intrinsic tasks — intercepts roads, creates roadblocks, conducts combined-arms operations against militant groups. It is difficult to say how quickly the Syrian army will be able to adapt to such advanced methods of war - however, the fact that during the 2012 of the year it managed to repulse large-scale offensive events of comparable masses of militants three times shows that the training takes place quite within a reasonable time. The question arises - when the Syrian army will be able to move from defensive to offensive, given that it is not clear where exactly to attack in such a war. Apparently, it depends on the answer to this question - who exactly will be able to win this war and when.

Most likely, the experience of the Syrian war will be most seriously studied among the technologists of warfare and must be applied against Russia as soon as it is decided to transfer the actions to its territory. How serious the Russian military will be to the Syrian experience is an open question. I would like them to study it before they have to learn from their own ...

... The main task that the aggressors have managed to accomplish is to create a mobilization structure that continuously supplies militants through training camps with a dynamic that surpasses the dynamics of their extermination by the Syrian army. It has already been pointed out that an almost network-based structure for managing war in Syria has been organized, where the mobilization is the responsibility of the CIA-led commanders of Islamist groups, who have authority among the military units and groups of the entire Middle and Near East, which are a kind of “military commissariats” recruiting for holy war.

It is obvious that the worked out interaction of such a structure with the system of training militants in the camps of Fezzan, Iskenderun, Lebanon, the Pakistani Tribal Zone and the Sunni radical groups in Iraq will be in demand in the future. Destroying such a structure, thus breaking the enemy’s mobilization capabilities, is almost impossible - firstly, due to the fact that the destroyed camps will almost immediately be recreated in other places or right at the site of the destroyed, secondly, due to their dispersion throughout the “Gray” territories, completely uncontrolled by the authorities of the states on whose nominal territory they are located.

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  1. fenix57
    fenix57 7 January 2013 08: 44
    1. esaul
      esaul 7 January 2013 09: 17
      Quote: fenix57

      And you, namesake, with a holiday. hi
      But it was not bad to find out your opinion on the article, otherwise it turns out somehow torn - an article about one, and the post "from another opera."
      And for me - the article - the game of the mind of El Murida, based on careful monitoring of the situation in Syria. Plus, the author for his unflagging empathy with the Syrians in their struggle with the mercenaries of the West.

      Syrian army with blood, losses in people, territory, civilian population, material losses and the enormous destruction of the country's economy learns amazingly fast fight and confront

      For this phrase from the text I would like to note that "If you want to live, you will not get so hot yet ...!" and it is not superfluous to remind those who fiercely advocated direct military intervention of Russia in the conflict that if Putin had succumbed to numerous pseudo-patriotic calls of this kind and sent our guys to shed blood, then the Syrians would not have learned the art of war, but would have turned into freeloaders in the likeness of the Afghan regime, protected by the Soviet Union.
      1. YARY
        YARY 7 January 2013 09: 25
        MERRY CHRISTMAS Valery!
        I'm glad to see you!
        1. esaul
          esaul 7 January 2013 09: 36
          Quote: Ardent
          MERRY CHRISTMAS Valery

          Mutually, my friend! hi
          Quote: Ardent
          I'm glad to see you!

          Sincerely and mutually, buddy! fellow
      2. Vito
        Vito 7 January 2013 13: 53
        esaulGood afternoon, dear! drinks
        Judging by our disputes (I mean, our entire friendly Internet community), especially no one called for active military operations by our soldiers and officers! Personally, I spoke out (several times), for the speedy delivery of the latest weapons and equipment, for the Syrian military to obtain the latest intelligence and other useful information from our military and other sources (even diplomatic) and support by military specialists!
        BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT! It was not necessary to chew your own snot at the beginning of this difficult crisis, but clearly and clearly state that SYRIA is a zone of our vitally important interests! It was necessary to show political will.
        Maybe then the story would develop in a different scenario?
        I join in the congratulations.
        Happy holiday, ORTHODOX !!!
        1. esaul
          esaul 7 January 2013 20: 32
          Quote: Vito
          esaul, Hello dear

          Merry Christmas buddy! hi
          Me speaking
          Quote: esaul
          It’s worth reminding those who fiercely advocated direct Russian military intervention in the conflict,

          - did not speak from the bay-flounder. I remember very well how accusations like - "Syria is being drained, stsuki!" etc.! And accusations of the lack of sufficient will for the Russian military solution of the Syrian issue - the same was heard here not long ago. If you work hard, then finding is not a problem.
          Quote: Vito
          deliveries of the latest weapons and equipment, for the receipt by the Syrian military of the latest intelligence data and other information useful to them from our military and other sources (even diplomatic) and support by military specialists!

          But a lot of this was done, buddy! Just talk about it was - not the time!
          Quote: Vito
          It was not necessary to chew your own snot at the beginning of this difficult crisis, but clearly and clearly state that SYRIA is a zone of our vitally important interests! It was necessary to show political will.

          Vito, my friend, why do we so quickly forget about how Churkin laid siege to the Qatari representative in the Security Council? Is this chewing snot? And the blocking of all Western "initiatives" on Syria? Isn't this an EXPRESSION OF POLITICAL WILL?
          Why do we so quickly and easily level and forget our bold and extraordinary decisions taken against the will of the "democratic" shobla at the UN?
          Personally, I remember a lot and "write down" laughing
          Why do we easily believe in spiteful, deceitful and pointless cries like "Your Putin can't give a shit!" ?
          Is this for this reason?

          Believe me, "It's a shame for the state!"
          Happy Holidays Once Again, VITO drinks
          1. Vito
            Vito 7 January 2013 22: 15
            Thank you for your congratulations Buddy! And all the best to you!
            Regarding our DIPLOMAT Churkin, I absolutely agree with you. I have already spoken about our deep corps. These are people worthy of RESPECT !!!
            But ChURKIN in general then grappled with the whole Western world and finally besieged the Qatari representative! I saw his fight in the news and on the Internet.
            Full respect, and Lavrov, a young man with the right manners and a calm expression, never says anything and does not allow too much! As they say, a diplomat from God.
            Regarding the belief in evil and deceitful cries, well, the question is not for me, I have already lived enough in this world and I have my own opinion on everything that happens in the world and in the COUNTRY.
            The United States and other Western countries have stated openly that they are beginning to support this Wahhabi scum (and nothing, as if it should be so), that our national leaders had to act just as decisively!
            Get up to the microphone in the press center and declare publicly the full support of the regime or the authorities (whoever you want), and not act out with half-phrases and hints!
            At the expense of arms supplies, well, God forbid, if all this is carried out in the proper quantity and quality!
            Recently passed infa that "ISKANDERS" appeared in SYRIA?
            Honestly I really, really want to believe, but in my opinion this is a newspaper duck!
            Well, that’s all I wanted to tell you, if that’s sorry for the obsession (it hurts to talk to you interestingly)!
            Happy holiday again! drinks
    2. AndreyAB
      AndreyAB 7 January 2013 11: 53
      Thank you and a great holiday !!
      1. 755962
        755962 7 January 2013 14: 54
        Peace and joy to all on the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ!
  2. YARY
    YARY 7 January 2013 08: 49

    The article is entertaining but not shallow.
    At the beginning of the article, there is a certain opus devoted to the desire to transfer hostilities to convenient ground for bandit warfare, and this is quite understandable, since this is very beneficial for our potential adversary.

    Militants liquidated in KBR wanted to carry out terrorist attacks on Christmas

    NALCHIK, Jan 7 - RIA News. Three militants who were liquidated on Sunday evening in Kabardino-Balkaria were preparing to carry out terrorist attacks at Christmas in the churches of the KBR and the Stavropol Territory, according to the operational headquarters in the republic.

    On Sunday, law enforcement officers on the territory of the Baksan district of the KBR conducted a special operation to detain persons suspected of preparing terrorist attacks. When an attempt was made to stop a Gazel car for a document check, the persons in it showed active armed resistance.

    "As a result of the clash, three bandits were neutralized. According to available information, members of the underground gang intended to commit terrorist acts in the churches of Kabardino-Balkaria and the Stavropol Territory during the celebratory services," the department notes.

    During the inspection of the scene, an assault rifle, a Stechkin pistol, a traumatic pistol converted for firing live ammunition, ammunition, and three improvised explosive devices ready for use, with a total weight of about a kilogram, were found and seized.

    "None of the law enforcement officers and civilians were hurt," the headquarters said.

    1. YARY
      YARY 7 January 2013 08: 57

      The head of state put forward a peace plan, proposed holding new elections and called the rebels puppets of the West.
      Several thousand jubilant supporters greet President Assad as the winner. Even in wartime conditions, he turns to the Syrians not from some bunker, but from the stage of the Damascus Opera House.

      “A revolution must be based on an idea. She must have leaders. And who led this "revolution"? We fight terrorists who profess al-Qaeda ideas that are alien to Syrian culture and Islam. To confront them, they need universal mobilization. This is not a conflict between the authorities and the opposition, but a nation with its enemies! With the enemies of God who go to hell! ” - said Assad.

      Determination and confidence are in every word of the President. The huge Syrian flag behind - from photos of those who died in battles and terrorist attacks.

      But a gang of criminals, as Assad calls the rebels, at this time again shells residential areas ...

      Assad offers the Syrians a conflict resolution plan. First, the West and its allies stop financing terrorists. “We are convening a government conference on national dialogue. And then - the creation of a new government and the declaration of a general amnesty. But only for those who did not betray Syria. There will be no negotiations with the puppet opposition, which is being armed and supported from without, ”the Syrian leader emphasized.

      The so-called opposition and its foreign consultants would least like to hear these words. But the audience explodes with applause. Exactly 51 minutes lasts the speech of the Syrian leader. The siege of Assad and Syria - almost two years.A poster with portraits of those who fell for their homeland, against which the President spoke, was his idea.
      The president wanted to remind everyone involved in the shedding of Syrian blood that no one had been forgotten. And that they all, in turn, will pay for it.

      In Damascus, they say that the rats really wanted to know where the president would speak. They boasted that they would definitely "arrange a surprise" for the show. It is clear that nothing good could be expected from them. However, nothing worthwhile came out of their attempts. And the President addressed the jubilant hall, where many residents of the capital gathered. They greeted him, and even almost fell in love with him at the end of the performance. He, of course, could have spoken from his office or made a recording in advance - and they would have listened to him anyway, but he did not want to change himself and performed the way he likes to speak - in front of the audience, and not in some hidden place.
      The rats were so furious that they did not even believe their eyes and decided to say that the President did not actually speak in Damascus, but in Iran. Maybe this lie would have passed through them if a lot of people did not remember what the Opera House in Damascus looks like.
      E. Gromova
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 7 January 2013 09: 04
        Quote: Ardent
        Several thousand jubilant supporters greet President Assad as the winner.

        Merry Christmas Andrew!
        I won’t be surprised if these shots will be shown on the western channels with a comment that Assad saved the guard from an angry crowd.
        1. YARY
          YARY 7 January 2013 09: 23
          MERRY CHRISTMAS Alexander!
          Victory is not far off!
      2. sergo0000
        sergo0000 7 January 2013 11: 39
        In Russia, only Stalin enjoyed such a love of the people! + hi
        Great video Andrew! good
        And merry christmas! drinks
    2. tan0472
      tan0472 7 January 2013 10: 23
      Quote: Ardent
      The article is entertaining but not shallow.

      Maybe the article is not deep, but, in my opinion, the main words in it are: “How serious the Russian military will take the Syrian experience is an open question. I wish they had time to study it before they have to study on their own ..."
  3. Zhenya
    Zhenya 7 January 2013 09: 08
    For me, the Syrian army (if it is still a year old) will be the most combat-ready army in the world, because they are fighting, not at the expense of drones, high-precision weapons, etc., and in this house, in that someone else's, the order to knock out ( hello Chechnya, military operations in urban conditions, where the use of aviation is not always effective) and, of course, on your mistakes (which is sad, but you can't do without it), if you throw such a "cool" and "efficient" army like the United States into such hostilities I think the coffins would have gone home with a lot of stars and stripes.

    Merry Christmas! Orthodox Russia!

    That's interesting by the way, maybe they’ve already seen, but still
    1. ATATA
      ATATA 7 January 2013 10: 12
      At the end there is Russian speech, is it an announcer behind the scenes, or the voice of a volunteer?
      1. ATATA
        ATATA 7 January 2013 13: 57
        Explain what is the minus? )))
  4. fenix57
    fenix57 7 January 2013 09: 15
    Quote Yary: "At the beginning of the article, there is a certain opus dedicated to the desire to transfer hostilities to a convenient ground for bandit warfare, and this is quite understandable. Since it is very beneficial to our potential enemy." a hypothetical scenario on the territory of Russia?
    1. YARY
      YARY 7 January 2013 09: 32
      Oh yeah. And he "rode around" in Chechnya.
  5. Zhenya
    Zhenya 7 January 2013 09: 20
    It seems to me that this scenario is quite logical
  6. CCA
    CCA 7 January 2013 09: 24
    Most likely, we are talking about the fact that the militants are only a tool for developing new technologies and ideas for warfare, which are controlled by completely different people, sophisticated in military advanced science.
    And this is absolutely true ... To begin the conduct of such wars, UN approval is not necessary ... And it is absolutely true that it is almost impossible to influence the mobilization centers of the side that was attacked ...
    Most likely, the experience of the Syrian war will be most seriously studied among technologists of warfare and will certainly be applied against Russia as soon as it is decided to transfer actions to its territory. How serious the Russian military is about the Syrian experience is an open question.
    I have no doubt that we are studying the experience of opposing such an enemy in full swing, taking into account the experience of two Chechen wars.
    1. buga1979
      buga1979 7 January 2013 10: 04
      I didn’t understand what new methods, what war, 4 generations, it’s all simpler to destroy the militant bases in Turkey and close the border, as well as the classic sabotage war
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 7 January 2013 15: 29
        The camps will move ... but at least to Germany, at least to England. "Tourist groups" will begin to arrive in Turkey and leave for battle. And closing the border ... is problematic, it's still not against drug couriers. Yes, and from those not very good.
  7. fenix57
    fenix57 7 January 2013 09: 38
    esaul: "... who fiercely advocated direct military intervention of Russia in the conflict ..." - this is who we have, no proposal from the White House as always. Don't fucking do there.
  8. Ross
    Ross 7 January 2013 10: 09
    And it would be nice for our specialists in tactics to undergo training together with the Syrians. And then in their academies to teach new ideas.
  9. fenix57
    fenix57 7 January 2013 11: 06
    Ross ^ "It would be nice for our tactics to get trained" - specialists, they are specialists ... they are where you need to eat.
  10. srha
    srha 7 January 2013 12: 26
    In the article, it seems to me, there are, to put it mildly, tensions under the given signs.
    Well, I cannot define the actions of the Basmachi as "an advanced strategy of warfare." Comrade Sukhov and his associates ("mobile groups of small numbers") managed to cope with this. And Russia too.
    There are no advanced strategies there, but only money, money and money again. Hiring and bribery.
    And the phrase: "Large military installations such as airfields, fixed communication centers and large headquarters will become rare due to their vulnerability; the same is likely to apply to their civilian equivalents, such as government residences, power plants and industrial sites" - a clear appeal to disarmament and folding the legs to the top even before the war. You will propose this to amers - to replace aircraft carriers with boats, and to disband the factories of BOEING, GENERAL MOTORS and others ...
    Just the Syrian events once again confirm that the strong beats the weak, the smart beats the strong, and the vile beats the smart.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 7 January 2013 15: 32
      From your comment just follows - you need to fold the legs and that's it. Will the vile win anyway? Why then bother?
      1. srha
        srha 7 January 2013 16: 02
        Well, why, the chain (story) is not over yet - forewarned means armed.
    2. kulpin
      kulpin 7 January 2013 17: 55
      I agree with you. +. In general, all those who talk about "new" wars do not take into account that the latest examples are not WARS, but just conflicts with not just overwhelming, but CRUSHING superiority of one of the opponents. If we recall the classical formulation of von Clausewitz that WAR IS A CONTINUATION OF POLITICS, then everything immediately falls into place without any pseudo-scientific mysticism of the "fourth" or any thirty generations. A leadership that has and firmly implements a clear intelligible political line, in principle, has no problems with a "mobile" enemy. The Wehrmacht in Europe had practically no problems with the "rebels". And Iosif Vissarionovich decided the "issue of the North Caucasus" at twenty-four hours. The presence of political WILL determines everything. But when her (will) is absent, flirting begins, then with world opinion, then with representatives of the public, that is, the military are instantly put in the position of "scapegoats", with all that it implies. Again, according to von Clausewitz, the WAR is won by the one who agrees to lead it with maximum tension, i.e. the one who is willing to pay the PRICE. The one who wants to win the WAR by "maneuvers" and first of all by POLITICAL MANEUVERS remains beaten. Is always.
    GELEZNII_KAPUT 7 January 2013 12: 39
    And that Russia had no experience of such a war? What about Chechnya? There, such a tactic was also wiped out, well, not immediately of course. I think that our military helped with the organization of such tactics.
  12. wax
    wax 7 January 2013 13: 03
    About poorly trained rebels - this, I think, is a delusion, if not a deliberate lie. Actually, the author contradicts himself, since his "ideas" of warfare require aerobatics in the training of individual fighters and network-centric continuous control of combat operations and material and technical supplies, combined with intelligence and information warfare, for their implementation. As for the "untrained". then they, too, are in the role of simple cannon fodder (miners, drivers, shooters, provocateurs ...). Real pros (of which there may be only about five percent) rarely die in military clashes. We all remember what Khattab alone was worth.
  13. plebs
    plebs 7 January 2013 13: 04
    I think this tactic stems from relatively small theaters of war in both Chechnya and Syria. And one cannot but take into account climatic conditions that are not very severe in these regions. But in general it is not clear in Syria a civil war or an anti-terrorist operation like ours?
  14. Magadan
    Magadan 7 January 2013 13: 06

    The answer to this kind of aggression can only be a patriotic, highly moral population that knows how to hold weapons in their hands. The best example is our pre-revolutionary Cossacks. Already in the territory of the Don such militants would not have long extended
    1. Normal
      Normal 7 January 2013 13: 20
      Quote: Magadan
      The answer to this kind of aggression can only be a patriotic, highly moral population that knows how to hold weapons in their hands.

      Right! You got ahead of me.
      If we consider that the ideas and principles of the fourth generation war mentioned in the article are correct, then opposing such a method of warfare only the Armed Forces is not effective. Here even the Cossacks will not be a panacea. Cossacks could not defend the autocracy in the Russian Empire.
      Exit in the Militia as a permanently armed population. The Swiss experience here could be useful. But! in order to arm the population, power must be with the population. And I have great doubts about this.
      Our government is afraid of people and therefore, I think, the "fourth generation" of wars is very dangerous for our country.
      1. stranik72
        stranik72 7 January 2013 13: 40
        It’s already the 4th generation war is going on in Russia, on 5.01.13 g, in Moscow, almost near the Kremlin, 7 immigrants from Chechnya attacked 3 police officers, they were in civilian life and without weapons. The Czechs beat them a little, shot from injuries, damaged the car and drove off. A few hours later they were taken, they turned out to be arriving for 7 they had 5 traumatic pistols in the main. And after all, such messages come almost monthly, that it’s like not mobile groups, you don’t even have to talk about the Caucasus cities there, these guys can practically kill anyone they need at any time, but I’m afraid they’ll be able to sort things out easily. Our authorities urgently need to learn, and first of all, restore and encourage Cossack associations, drive all sorts in the Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories, squeeze them into their mountains, and then bring them back to normal Soviet behavior and you need to do this as much as possible faster.
      2. 101
        101 7 January 2013 13: 51
        Yes, our government does not like its people and does not know, and this is very dangerous in peacetime
      3. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 7 January 2013 16: 04
        Well said. Very true.
  15. basal
    basal 7 January 2013 13: 52
    The article did not like.
    What kind of network wars are there? Rave.

    Normal guerrilla warfare with an unlimited number of mercenaries, with unlimited funding and hostile environment (Turkey, Jordan)

    Judge for yourself how long the Wehrmacht would have lasted if the Belarusian partisans had received ammunition by echelons, and reinforcements by regiments and divisions.

    So it is here. What size should the Syrian army be in order to reliably hold any village with practically open borders and a constant influx of mercenaries? Syrians do what they can. Honor and glory to them!
    1. Egen
      Egen 10 January 2013 07: 30
      Quote: basal
      Ordinary guerrilla warfare

      That's it, and it seemed to me that a similar thing started back in 1812 :) Here, the theoretical foundations for the guerrilla-sabotage movement at a new level of technical equipment and coordination of actions were simply summed up, and by and large ...
  16. ziqzaq
    ziqzaq 7 January 2013 15: 46
    Gorbachev p_i_d_a_r_a_s
  17. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 7 January 2013 15: 55
    A very good article. Scary effective strategy. After all, what do aggressors spend on war? Resources? Your warriors? Not at all. Money. Only money, and this is dust! Green empty trash! On the other hand, the economy is collapsing, fighters and, much worse, civilians are dying. Those civilians who make the existence of the army and country possible. And as much as garbage is needed, so much will be printed. Result? The attacked country is destroyed, the infrastructure is broken, industrial facilities are blown up. People are partly killed, partly fled (how to blame them? Not Rimbaud, kids, wives ...)
    And what did the aggressor lose? Nothing. He gathered from all over the world (inexhaustible mobrezerv. And how many attacked?) People, taught them a little bit, threw them into battle and burned them. Looking for "super pro"? With what hangover ?! All these "rebels" are disposable condoms! One attack failed? Let's pay one hundred. Have you killed a hundred groups? So this is just great! We won't pay the dead. What is lost by the aggressor? Some equipment, weapons and ammunition. That is, nothing at all. For the void we have saved, we will hire another hundred groups and trample what we have decided.
    Superprofiles still, that look, will survive. Yes, it is not known after the case against whom the weapons are turned. So when a Syrian dies, killing a hundred enemies, his enemy dances with joy. Because the Syrian died, and in place of hundreds of dead meat, the enemy with an unshakable hand will lead a thousand.
    Syria is on the verge of collapse and is about to die. Why? But was there such a war that was won by pure defense? And the Syrians are engaged exclusively in defense. Moreover, they defend weakly and there is no chance of escalation. Why haven’t they attacked us like that yet? Because in response we are able to attack. Do not defend, it is absolutely useless and hopelessly repelling mosquito attacks, but attack for real.
    In no case should retaliatory strikes of such a war be delivered on its territory. It is absolutely impossible, there is nobody to hit. The destruction of gangs is not an attack. Truly effective blows will be delivered in Washington, New York, London, Paris ... ORGANIZERS must die in agony. The enemy’s infrastructure must be destroyed, and these are not camps in Turkey, it’s ridiculous to think so. These are training centers at Fort Bragg! That's why we are still not torn to pieces - we can. And the hand does not flinch, and dope enough .... Assad is sorry, but he is doomed.
    1. kulpin
      kulpin 7 January 2013 18: 06
      Quote: Mikhail3
      Truly effective blows will be delivered in Washington, New York, London, Paris ... ORGANIZERS must die in agony.

      For SO to be, or for a real threat to such a course of events, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is needed. The fundamental mistake of all Assads, Gaddafi, Husseinov, etc., was that in their time instead of REALLY supporting the USSR, they tried consciously to sit between two chairs. The result is logical.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 7 January 2013 19: 56
        The USSR carried the grains of its inevitable destruction. Stalin held him, there was even a chance ... but, starting with a betrayal of the Russian Empire, he destroyed Stalin and began self-destruction. Simply because, forced to justify betrayal in every way, he cut himself off from Russia. You read any propaganda materials of the USSR. And you will meet there through any two paragraphs the statement that Russia was hell. And the USSR, respectively, is paradise.
        Sorry, but they don't believe traitors. This is simply unrealistically stupid ... Here are all our "friends" and betrayed. It was impossible to betray Russia with impunity. "God will punish for Russia." And after all, all as one - sooner or later received for the betrayal of Russia in full measure! Why? Because Russia did not betray. The Russians did not have this in the factory either, we were dying but did not betray. Us - yes. We are not! The Russian warrior was unstoppable, invincible. Of course, we have always fought for the truth! And if not - and we will not win, our strength is not to protect "geopolitical interests." Note, whose word of all the politicians in the world is the most weighty now? Putin's. And why? And Putin keeps it. The only one of all the politicians in the world. And who is the most-the-most?
        Russia, that Russia that was once, would not have been abandoned. Many would have laughed (we were always betrayed. It was paid very well. Our enemies were struggling to buy ...), many would have staggered back ... but many would have used our side no matter what. They believed us, because the Russians themselves will die, and a friend will help out. The USSR had no right to such a long time ago. So everything is natural ...
    2. Egen
      Egen 10 January 2013 07: 28
      Quote: Mikhail3
      there is nobody to hit

      right! This can be seen on the basis of a simple game like "Heroes of Might and Magic" - whoever has more resources inaccessible for the enemy to capture, will win :)
      But why are you so sad about Assad, the money will also run out sometime :(
    3. olvoln
      olvoln 11 January 2013 12: 14
      Michael3, you are right!
      This war is being waged by strangers. And the aggressor can be defeated only ideologically, depriving the enemy of the core of action