The President of Russia called attempts to establish a unipolar world order doomed to failure

Президент России назвал обреченными на провал попытки установить однополярный мировой порядок

The modern world is multipolar; attempts to establish a world order with one center of power are doomed to failure. This statement was made by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at the Valdai Forum.

According to Putin, rapid changes have begun to occur in the world over the past 20 years. When the usual world order changes, time seems to compress, the head of the Russian state emphasized.

The President noted that the West was not going to listen to Russia, and its arrogance simply went off scale, and this led to the results that we can now observe in Ukraine. The United States and its satellites, according to the leader of the country, have set a course for their own hegemony on a global scale. Therefore, they ignored the admonitions from Russia and believed that they would again be able to ensure their dominance through expansion.

Russia, according to Putin, can make a huge contribution to the construction of a new multipolar world order, but this readiness should not be mistaken for submission. As for the position of the West, the “counterparties,” as the president called the Western countries, have completely divorced themselves from reality and violated all the rules.

However, in a system based on arbitrariness and the dominance of the strongest, any state could be under attack at any moment, the whole “guilt” of which would be that it does not like American hegemony, the Russian president concluded.
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  1. +2
    5 October 2023 17: 07
    Well, how are we? For China, the Tigers of the East, the Global South and Latin America? Suppliers of food and energy resources. That is, will we serve this multipolar world?
    1. -6
      5 October 2023 17: 29
      Quote from: dmi.pris1
      Well, how are we? For China, the Tigers of the East, the Global South and Latin America? Suppliers of food and energy resources. That is, will we serve this multipolar world?

      Why serve? You will trade with them. And what is wrong?
      1. +2
        5 October 2023 17: 40
        Quote: Aron Zaavi
        Why serve? You will trade with them. And what is wrong?

        What’s not so here is that there is a budget deficit from such trade:
        According to the law on the federal budget for 2023 and the planning period 2024-2025, Russian budget revenues in 2023 are planned at 26,13 trillion rubles (17,4 percent of GDP), expenses - 29,056 trillion rubles (19,4 percent of GDP) , deficit - 2,925 trillion rubles. Throughout the three-year period, the budget is planned to be deficit: in 2023, the deficit will be 2,0 percent of GDP, in 2024 - 1,4 percent of GDP, in 2025 - 0,7 percent of GDP.

        Suffice it to say that during Putin’s reign, budget debts amounted to about 6 trillion. rubles...During Nabiullina’s tenure as head of the Central Bank (since 2013), the ruble depreciated more than three times, and debt payments increased almost tenfold and amounted to one and a half trillion. rubles, which is three times more than expenses for housing and communal services and 120 billion rubles more than expenses for education... At the same time, a third of this amount is the Moscow budget deficit - 436 billion rubles... And the budget of this city is 3 billion rubles more spending on national security and law enforcement...
        1. +3
          5 October 2023 17: 56
          Don't confuse warm with soft. If you are talking about trade, then you provide data on the trade balance, and not on the budget - these are different things. So, we have a trade balance surplus. The budget has a deficit and it will be covered by issuing money and increasing debt, which we have one of the lowest in the world and which means it can be increased if necessary.

          But Nabiulina should be shot for the exchange rate of the ruble, you can’t argue with that
          1. +2
            5 October 2023 20: 19
            Quote from: parabyd
            Do not confuse warm with soft.

            You are right.
            We must fight with all our might for the right to sell resources and buy everything else. Regain your place as a raw materials source in a multipolar world. After all, so much has already been done for this! From education to industry, stickers of your own nameplates.
  2. -2
    5 October 2023 17: 09
    The President of the Russian Federation is undoubtedly right. And the war in Ukraine is a struggle for influence on the one hand and economic confrontation on the territory of Ukraine that has turned into a forceful solution to the conflict.
  3. +4
    5 October 2023 17: 13
    Well, as it were, nothing new was discovered in the words of Himself.
    If SAM had said it, the SVO would end on 07.11.24/XNUMX/XNUMX.
    It would be interesting.
    1. +1
      5 October 2023 18: 10
      Quote: Petrol cutter
      If SAM had said it, the SVO would end on 07.11.24/XNUMX/XNUMX.
      It would be interesting.

      This would only mean that the SVO is guaranteed NOT to end on 07.11.24/XNUMX/XNUMX.
    2. +3
      5 October 2023 18: 17
      Quote: Petrol cutter
      The SVO will end on 07.11.24/XNUMX/XNUMX.

      Why then? In Afghanistan, the US forces have been harassing the population for twenty years, three presidents have changed, and nothing.
  4. +3
    5 October 2023 17: 24
    In a war, you must first win, don’t care about these orders, just chatter about some kind of world order. A master scratching his tongue.
    1. +3
      5 October 2023 17: 33
      Meanwhile, the ruble exchange rate again exceeded 100 rubles against the US dollar.
      1. +4
        5 October 2023 17: 48
        Quote from Denissdaf
        Meanwhile, the ruble exchange rate again exceeded 100 rubles against the US dollar.

        No matter what the president says, unipolar or whatever, everyone follows the dollar exchange rate and builds economic policy. Is the Central Bank against the president’s ideas? laughing what
        1. -1
          5 October 2023 18: 18
          Quote: fa2998
          Is the Central Bank against the president’s ideas?

          You might think you didn't know this. Of course, the Central Bank (or Baba Yaga) is against it.
      2. -3
        5 October 2023 17: 50
        Quote from Denissdaf
        Meanwhile, the ruble exchange rate again exceeded 100 rubles against the US dollar.

        And to hell with it. The Japanese have been paying 100 yen for one “buck” for half a century and not making a fuss. We will exchange gold for TVs by weight.
        1. +2
          5 October 2023 17: 56
          That's right. But the Japanese have had a stable exchange rate for 60 years. In Russia, the currency has depreciated more than 25 times in 15 years!
      3. 0
        6 October 2023 03: 17
        Budget expenditures are record high; the weakening ruble helps replenish the budget from exports.
  5. +3
    5 October 2023 17: 29
    I'm listening now at
    how water flows.
    1. 0
      5 October 2023 18: 20
      And whose vile face is smiling there? I don’t know any of them by sight.
      1. +1
        5 October 2023 18: 37
        Might be on this list
  6. +13
    5 October 2023 17: 33
    Everyone heard what correct words he read from a piece of paper on the forum.
    And here’s what he said about our oligarchs and companies that Russia should admire:
    “We need to work more closely with companies so that they also understand their responsibility. It is clear that the economics of companies is important for us too - it is the goose that brings the golden eggs, we must treat them with care, everything is clear. But nevertheless, I would ask you to react to current events more quickly,” 
    - the president emphasized.
    I can’t say for sure, but I can guess in whose basket these “hens” and “roosters” lay their eggs. And this is not a consumer basket at all, the cost of which for an adult is 14 rubles, for a pensioner - 344 rubles, for a child - 91 rubles. Most likely, the “golden eggs” fall into the baskets of those who determined the taxes for our home-grown rich at 5% personal income tax... By the way, the cost of fish (herring) in the amount of 639 kg in this basket is determined by the price of 13. 6 rubles...Fantastic animation!!!
    Our guarantor didn’t even bother to explain why we should take care of this “broiler herd” of 110 heads, which are squeezing and squeezing the last juices out of the country’s resources (not from themselves, not from their own reserves), forgetting about all decency, honor and dignity ...If they hate our Russia so much that they cannot live here, then with what preferences does Mr. Guarantor allow them to plunder our country? Is he in the same league with them or is it the interests of these hundred that are above the interests of one hundred and fifty million Russians for him? This is something he understands. But this does not mean that we should treat this with understanding.
    How much can you ask these people, how much do you need to persuade? Why are the security forces in the hands of the president and the executive branch? Tell them that they can do something besides using budget funds...
    1. +3
      5 October 2023 19: 57
      Quote: ROSS 42
      By the way, the cost of fish (herring) in the amount of 1 kg in this basket is determined by the price of 58 rubles...

      The consumer basket has always surprised me. Especially in relation to pensioners. Medicines cost pennies and medicine is free. belay
      But towards multipolarity and exclusivity.
      "Vice-Rector for Science of the Russian State Social University (RGSU) Vasily Urozhenko confirmed the development of a social rating system at the university.
      The platform called “We” will form a rating of citizens based on a number of parameters. A report presented in 2022 said the system would help divide Russians into classes based on their usefulness to the state.

      RSSU expects that the system will be in demand by authorities at all levels. The developers of the system propose to link it with citizens’ passport data, their SNILS, INN, and also with their phone number. "
      "Rambler". Next:
      I wonder if Goebbels’ instruments for measuring skulls and other gadgets will be used?
      PS The name of the establishment contains the word "state".
    2. -6
      5 October 2023 20: 43
      Is he in the same league with them, or is it the interests of these hundred that are above the interests of one hundred and fifty million Russians?

      Can not be!
  7. +2
    5 October 2023 17: 42
    The modern world is multipolar; attempts to establish a world order with one center of power are doomed to failure.

    The main thing is that the Russian Federation has the strength and technology and who supports the Russian Federation! otherwise order with one center of power will crush everyone and everything!
  8. +5
    5 October 2023 17: 43
    He himself just confirmed that there have been no rules for a long time and the entire West, led by the USA, has violated all conceivable and inconceivable rules and restrictions and the rights of those who have power are the law of the Middle Ages. So why the hell do you continue to chew are the tough answers to the West and the USA?
  9. +4
    5 October 2023 17: 49
    Putin will be surprised when he realizes that they want to treat us like Indians, but nuclear weapons turn out to be useless.
  10. +3
    5 October 2023 17: 49
    Our elites often love to mutter some kind of mantras or spells; they apparently inherited this from the days of their carefree Komsomol youth. When I hear these chants about a “unipolar world” and a “multipolar world,” I’m immediately drawn to “ha-ha.”
    It's time to wake up - the world HAS BEEN UNIPOLAR FOR A LONG TIME. All these spells are nothing more than the burlesque of the periphery for attempts to move a little closer to the center of this unipolarity.
    You see, there is a certain center - a group of countries where R&D and technology are born, a set of studies and research is conducted aimed at the creation and, no less important, the development of a technological product capable of creating super-profits and giving those who have it an overwhelming advantage over those who are “excommunicated” .
    The “excommunicated” will of course flutter, but in the world of competitive advantages this will sharply reduce the number of niches from which they will derive profit. Their ability to focus resources on the entire spectrum of what is important will narrow, their expenses, on the contrary, will increase because they will have to catch up and develop themselves, including the most basic things that have long existed in proven versions that have paid off on development.

    A “unipolar world order” is not what many imagine when they imagine a large American flag flying over the planet, for example. No, this may well be a model when there will be a chain of states in which there will be technology, research, education and product - and there will be states in which gradually there will only be a product, and that too, becoming more expensive and unstable. Unipolar order is a model in which there is NO antagonism between the conditionally “order” and “another order” - this is a model in which there is “order” and there is “entropy”, reveling in its unpredictability and fluctuations, regularly tearing its guts for Brownian jerks back and forth, and just as regularly falling into prostration.
    We ALREADY live in a world that no matter what GDP is seen in some analytical reports.
    And this world doesn’t even think about ending)))

    Here, many are looking hopefully at the PRC, believing that they can be something like “forge 2.0”. They may well, but do they really want to...? It’s one thing to rivet cheap screwdrivers and plastic jars and flood world markets with them, even cars, even electronics - and quite another to rivet this based on the FULL range of YOUR technologies and taking into account the developments of ADVANCED ones.
    Then it won't be so cheap, I assure you!
    Are they interested in this, are they ready for this? Order is not just a bunch of tank planes and spectacular parades - in the 21st century, order is a complete complex from the idea to the drawing board, and from the drawing board to the hardware - everything, absolutely everything.
    The "Western World" HAS this complex. Is there such a thing, even in its infancy, that it is trying to build itself into some kind of alternative? I don't see this. And I do not see a break in this trend.
    And I also do not see a break in this trend in what GDP does (and does not say).
    I still have the feeling that with these spells we hope to lure the genie back into the lamp, still not believing that he is real.
  11. +3
    5 October 2023 18: 52
    He and others said the same thing more than once....
    But in reality - “judge by deeds.” To what extent was this unipolarity and how much does it depend on Russia? If China has long been the 2nd economy, Europe has also long been one of the centers, etc.
    All sorts of Arabs, China, Europe, Asia and others have developed quite well from the 80s to 2020s...
    Our president showed their presidents the Cossacks, ate hamburgers, lobbied for Boeing, and suddenly...
    Here you are, "doomed to failure" it turns out...
    It would be nice if, like Stalin, he led the country to new industrialization. But no.
    The failure of import substitution, poverty, which has been struggling for 20 years, the untouchable “elite” and half a million dead Russians in Ukraine (because they are Russians, according to Putin and the Kremlin), a gigantic export of both resources and money...

    All that remains is for everyone to come forward with explanations....
  12. +5
    5 October 2023 19: 29
    There is no multipolar world. There is always a locomotive behind which the rest of the countries move. This locomotive, from one or a group of the most powerful countries, dictates the conditions for everyone else. But it is also impossible to be outside of someone’s locomotive; it will simply run over another locomotive. request You can only choose which side to take if her interests coincide with yours.
  13. 0
    5 October 2023 23: 47
    Ghoul. He sold our resources to the west, the west rejoiced, as did our thieves. I decided to change the place of sale, because in the West they rebelled, like so, we have agreements with your oligarchs. And now he doesn’t know what to do. Just gmo. Forgot to change the leading letter

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