The results of the opinion poll showed a drop among American citizens in the level of support for arms supplies to Ukraine

The results of the opinion poll showed a drop among American citizens in the level of support for arms supplies to Ukraine

In the United States, fewer and fewer citizens are inclined to support the supply of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine. This follows from data from a sociological survey by Reuters/Ipsos, reports the Reuters news agency.

According to the source, the survey showed that supply support weapons Ukraine is falling among supporters of both political parties – both the Democratic and the Republican. Only 41 percent of citizens surveyed support the thesis that the United States should help Ukraine with weapons.
Another 35 percent of respondents do not agree with statements about the importance of arms supplies to Ukraine, and the rest of those surveyed were undecided on their answer.

Such data from a sociological survey indicate that Americans are growing tired of the armed conflict in Ukraine that has been going on for more than a year and a half. In both the United States and Europe, people are beginning to tire of constant military and financial assistance to Ukraine, and this sentiment of the masses is being captured by opposition politicians who are beginning to blame the current governments for the deterioration of the economic situation and well-being of the population.

For now, it is hardly worth predicting a complete cessation of support for Ukraine, since this would mean an almost immediate collapse of the Kyiv regime. But the fact that support for Kiev from Western countries will decline is already an almost indisputable fact, just like the political crisis in the United States, which began precisely because of the issue of military assistance to Ukraine and its inclusion in the federal budget.
  • U.S. Department of Defense
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  1. +3
    5 October 2023 15: 24
    Second day about the same thing........................
    “Poll: almost half of Americans believe that Ukraine needs to be pushed into negotiations” Yesterday, 16:23
    It's the same there.
    1. +4
      5 October 2023 15: 27
      Uprun hi, especially since nothing depends on these citizens, even if they write boiling water about support for Ukraine, it will be as the ruling people in Washington decide.
    2. +1
      5 October 2023 15: 30
      Transfusion from empty to empty. Help will not stop, this is obvious. Most likely, even more will come from the same Korea and Japan. The Americans are calculating everything, the degree of risk and all that. Why did they leave Afghanistan? Transfer finances and weapons from Afghanistan on the outside...They expected that hostilities would begin soon. It would really be impossible to sustain these two fronts
      1. +1
        5 October 2023 15: 33
        dmi.pris 1 hi, from Afghanistan there is nothing but dope and gain, but from Ukraine it’s like a cornucopia.
        1. -2
          5 October 2023 15: 37
          I don’t know about the gain, but the fact is that this “dope” is worth a lot. With its help, the bastards are corrupting and killing the population of many countries. Quietly and quite effectively. So where is this “cornucopia”, a moot point
  2. +2
    5 October 2023 15: 44
    The Americans will simply shift all funding for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukraine itself to the EU. Their goal is completely different, they need to lower the EU to the level of Ukraine
  3. +1
    5 October 2023 15: 49
    Well, they may not support it, but their power is the opposite. Therefore, this does not mean anything other than numbers.
  4. 0
    6 October 2023 09: 37
    Will Hungary's GDP start to grow now? Or Slovakia?
    It’s good that you can go to VO and read about everything.
    But I couldn’t find anything on VO about the rising cost of fish food.

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