A floating berth capable of supporting two nuclear submarines at once was launched at the Vostochnaya Verf shipyard.

A floating berth capable of supporting two nuclear submarines at once was launched at the Vostochnaya Verf shipyard.

Vladivostok "Vostochnaya Verf" continues to fulfill the contract for the production of floating berths for the Pacific fleet. The next floating semi-heavy metal berth of the PM-61M1 project has been launched, the press service of the enterprise reports.

The new floating berth was assembled as part of a state defense order and will be handed over to the military in November of this year after completion work. After acceptance, it will be disassembled into sections and will most likely be sent to Vilyuchinsk, where it will provide parking for new nuclear submarines. Upon arrival at the site, the pier will be assembled and installed in place.

As part of the execution of the state defense order, the Vostochnaya Shipyard (Primorsky Territory) launched a floating semi-heavy metal berth of the PM-61M1 project

- said in a statement.

Last year, the Pacific Fleet command reported that the floating berths manufactured at the Eastern Shipyard were intended for the base of the Pacific Fleet submarine forces in Kamchatka. In July 2022, the fleet received one berth; it was installed in Vilyuchinsk.

The berth provides simultaneous parking of two submarines or two surface ships, supply of water and electricity from the shore, telephone communication, as well as loading and unloading operations along the entire length of the berth using pneumatic wheel and crawler cranes.

As previously reported, by the end of the year the Pacific Fleet should receive a new nuclear-powered missile submarine "Emperor Alexander III" of the "Borey-A" project, as well as a multi-purpose nuclear submarine "Krasnoyarsk" of the "Yasen-M" project.
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    1. -2
      5 October 2023 14: 43
      It won't turn over with the tap?
      It would be nice if there was another such barge like a catamaran, but like this...
      Or is the crane just behind on land?
      1. +4
        5 October 2023 15: 01
        It will definitely turn over. After all, everything is exactly as it was intended.
      2. 0
        5 October 2023 15: 49
        The crane is not at the pier. The cranes will be automatic and small.
        Another question is, is it so difficult to make an iron pier on barrels and run water supply and telephone wires there? To present this as a high achievement of our shipbuilding. By the way, today there was news that the eastern shipyard was wrested from the owners and transferred to the management of the Amur shipbuilding company, part of the USC, which had previously been transferred to the banker Kostin.
        1. 0
          5 October 2023 20: 14
          Of all the comments, only one is on topic. Usually the substation for a floating berth is installed on a root on the shore. All nets go along the deck of the floating pier. The floating pier is connected to the shore through holding rods securing the floating pier to the shore root. A bridge is installed between the shore and the floating pier. The whole system works in height, depending on the height of the tide. There are such reports of ebbs and flows. In Kamchatka, if your memory doesn’t fail you up to 4 meters. A truck crane arrives at the pier and loads the square. Nothing new, all this was invented in the Soviet Union. A distribution column for electrical and water can be installed on the PM deck
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. +3
      5 October 2023 14: 50
      Great!!! Finally we will have a normal shore, with all communications!!!
      And moreover, simultaneously with the construction of submarines, and not “somehow later.”
    3. +3
      5 October 2023 15: 24
      Good news, but for the fleet it’s just a holiday...
      1. 0
        7 October 2023 10: 08
        The USSR built them in batches. And now, one has been built, and there are pumps, fireworks, ribbons and balloons for the year ahead. Try building a floating dock. Thousands per 50 tons. To replace the SRZ-82 sunk in Rostyakovsky.
    4. 0
      5 October 2023 15: 38
      What is the advantage over a regular pier? Tides?
      1. +1
        5 October 2023 15: 52
        Easier. I drove it, moored one end to the shore, and it was ready. Can you imagine building a concrete pier...
        1. +1
          5 October 2023 16: 03
          The pier is a vertical wall in the water (!!!) with a height of... well, at least 10 meters, that is, the draft of the submarine + the traditional 7 feet under the keel.
    5. +1
      5 October 2023 17: 05
      The photo is missing the root pontoon with the transformer substation. But if they reported that they passed it, it’s a good thing!!!
    6. 0
      5 October 2023 19: 15
      Well, should you also write about the pier, about the built toilet, like a toilet?
    7. The comment was deleted.

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