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USA: “Give up hope everyone entering here.”

I. Michael Snyder: “We are really damned”

At the end of November, US President Barack Obama and his former election candidate Mitt Romney snack turkey and grilled chicken salad in a private dining room adjacent to the Oval Office. At dinner, they talked about America’s leadership position in the world and their future preservation.

While two mister devoured turkey with spices, opposition activists collected information about the hungry in America. Millions of people in the United States at Christmas and New Year had nothing to eat.

In August, 2012-th number of people receiving food stamps in the United States rose to 47,1 million. For comparison: in October 2008, the corresponding number of Americans was 30,8 million. Growth starving - more than half. Every seventh American and every fourth child in the USA lived on food stamps in 2012. With this, they stepped over the frontier of the new, 2013, year.

According to the US Census Bureau, the number of Americans living in poverty in 2011 has risen to a new record - 49,7 million people. And the number of Americans living in poverty grows by about 6 million every year. According to the same Bureau, the poverty rate among children living in the United States is almost 22%, and about one in four workers in the US brings home wages that are at or below the federal poverty level.

"In the old days, - пишет progressive journalist Michael Snyder - it seemed that if something bad was happening in the United States, then only from time to time, but now, it seems, huge problems are pouring on us as if from a bag. Today, many Americans have experienced “crisis fatigue” ... a feeling has arisen that our problems never seem to end ... ”

Snyder also reminds of American poverty. During the time Barack Obama is in power, the number of Americans receiving food stamps has increased from 32 to 46 million people. According to the United States Census Bureau, in the whole country 49% of Americans live in families where at least one person receives benefits from the federal government.

In America, not only people are starving, but cities are dying. For example, many streets of Detroit, which has suffered greatly over the past forty years from falling population, reducing the tax base and the unbearable burden of budget deficits, have become wastelands framed by burnt buildings ... In this city, the 2011 self-defense kill rate has increased by 79 in a year %

According to the FBI, the author points out, now in America the number of gang members is 1.400.000 people. Since 2009, this number has grown by 40%. (But extra. Information from another source: in Chicago, 200 police officers oppose gangs of about 100.000 members: 500 to 1).

Americans have become heartless people. Recently in Arlington (Virginia) a car hit a man. Many people passed by him. He was lying and bleeding, and no one came up to him. All this was recorded on a surveillance camera.

Americans are massively suffering from an "anxiety epidemic." Referring to the Business Insider and a recent World Health Organization study, Snyder reports: 31% of Americans suffer from anxiety (compared to 25,3% in Colombia and 24,6% in New Zealand - countries that occupy 2 and 3-e in the “alarming” list).

We should assume, says the journalist, that people in developing or unstable countries should have more problems than Americans, but this is by no means the case. Today, the US is becoming the global champion of anxiety.

In the US, television shows and TV shows about the family are constantly being filmed, but at the same time America leads the world in the number of divorces.

"We probably set an example to the rest of humanity?" - the author is sad.

Along with all this, the United States is pursuing a political nightmare: after all, present-day America has no real leaders. The last four presidents, by author, were the worst presidents in stories USA.

In Obama’s face, according to M. Snyder, the American people elected an incompetent person. Almost all his decisions are wrong, and almost everything that he undertakes is doomed to failure.

The journalist concludes: America is cursed.

Ii. Welcome to Hell!

In the 21st century, America cannot be called a country of free people. Rather, it is an enhanced version of the German Gestapo.

In the old days, buying a house and a land plot was considered an indispensable component of the “American dream”. But today, thanks to totalitarian laws, the ownership of the house and land has turned from absolute to relative. The fact is that in the USA everything is regulated and controlled: from meetings and the number of guests in the house to the procedure for using the property for its intended purpose. Guardians of order can find fault with any little things. “Wrong” use of property is punishable. In the house of an American can break in due to the fact that the grass on the lawn is too high. Have you decided to improve, rebuild your house? You will not be good either: you have to demolish everything and pay fines. For example, Mr. Hoffman, the owner of the tea business, forty years ago began to implement a grandiose architectural plan: he dug a pond in the valley near the slope, built a tea house decorated with dragons and a tiled roof, and also erected a tower above the moat. However, the authorities did not like all this, and they decided that Hoffman needed to demolish everything, and also pay fines totaling more than 200 thousand dollars.

Older Americans often evicted from their homes for not paying property tax. In some cases we are talking about the sum of only a few hundred dollars. Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase are engaged in this terrible business: they buy tax liens all over the country. Such commerce is extremely profitable and can bring income up to 50% per annum.

An 81-year-old woman from Rhode Island owed some 474 $. The corporation bought her house in tax bids for ... 836 dollars and 39 cents. The woman was evicted from the house where she lived for more than 40 years, and the corporation immediately resold the house for 85.000 $. In Montana, a similar case occurred with a woman who owed 5000 tax dollars. She was evicted from her home, losing about 150.000 $.

In the US, a homeowner can easily cut down a garden and dig up seedlings. Denise Morrison grew more than a hundred plant varieties in her front and back yards. Back in August last year, Morrison grew lemons, stevia, garlic, onions, grapes, strawberries, apples, mint, walnuts, and more. This garden was both her life and her medicine. But the government deprived her of the garden.

And none of the neighbors do not care. No, people in the US are much more concerned with entertainment. That there is a neighbor or a neighbor, when Tom Cruise is shown on TV, Kim Kardashian's new dress or talk about what Jennifer Lopez reinsured silicone ass.

Moreover, it is dangerous to openly resent America. After all, the watchful eye of “Big Brother” is watching you everywhere.

The possibilities of observation, tracking and control in the United States today are much greater than before. The rapid growth of information technology in recent years allowed government, as well as large corporations, to use such means of observation, which dictators of the past could only dream of. Not far off is a sad time when privacy will simply disappear. "Big Brother" - he is everywhere. Some of the "crazy" technology of the XXI century, tested in the United States, are described below.

1. Crime Predictor Cameras (Pre-Crime). BRS Labs has developed surveillance cameras that, allegedly before committing a crime, can determine what this or that person is up to. This crazy idea "developers" promote quite seriously. Dozens of “predictive” cameras have already been installed on major transportation highways in San Francisco. BRS Labs is actively developing the metro: the cameras are installed at 12 stations, up to 22 pieces each. They will be able to track up to one hundred and fifty people simultaneously in real time; their memory of suspicious behavior will gradually increase.

2. Fingerprinting at a distance of twenty meters (POPSCI technology). IDair (Hanwisll, Alabama) is finalizing a system that can scan and identify fingerprints over long distances. It is assumed that this system can allow or deny access, for example, to the office, at a distance. There is no need to stop a person to check his data. The main customer "IDair" - the military. But the firm plans to carry out "civil" projects.

3. UAVs in defense of American democracy. Law enforcement agencies throughout the United States use UAVs for internal espionage. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has launched a program to “facilitate and accelerate acceptance” of small UAVs for police and security agencies, is now looking for options to use aircraft for use by local authorities. UAVs over the heads of Americans will soon become an everyday occurrence.

4. Mind control. The US military is going to get an opportunity to capture the minds of citizens. They plan to do nothing more than convince terrorists that being terrorists is not good. The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an agency of advanced defense research projects, wants to understand what makes people cruel and then find ways to implant false but plausible stories into the brains. Thus, the military, having rummaged in the minds of their opponents, hope to artificially soften the character of the latter and bring about peaceful thoughts: “We are friends, we are not enemies.”

5. RFID microchips. They are steadily becoming part of the life of Americans, because they contain credit and debit cards. Many Americans in offices use security cards, which also contain the appropriate chips. RFID microchips are about to be used in Texas - to track student movement (good goal: to prevent absenteeism). In Northside County, students are expected to track students in the next school year on two campuses with the help of technology implanted in student ID cards. Ultimately, it is intended to use all 112 educational institutions in the district and about 100 thousands of students.

6. Cellular surveillance. In 2011 alone, law enforcement has made 1,3 million requests for cellular subscribers. Law enforcement agencies are actively using American mobile phones to spy on them. (It documented number of 1,3 million - the sum of responses to inquiries from AT & T, C Spire, Leap and Cricket, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, TracFone, US Cellular and Verizon. The number proves how widespread the practice of eavesdropping is in the United States. AT & T alone has over 100 employees working 24/7 to fulfill law enforcement inquiries).

7. License plate scanning technology. Automated car license plate readers are used to track the movement of a car from the moment it enters Washington until the time it leaves the city. More 250 cameras scan license plates to help police identify hijacked cars and escape killers. The police stores information from the cameras, creates databases, and documents the movements of millions of vehicles.

8. Reading faces. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created software that reads a person’s feelings by his expression. In other cases, computers even outnumber people.

9. Spy lights New "high-tech" street lights, which can really watch your actions and eavesdrop on you, as well as take notes, are installed in some major US cities. The initiator of the introduction of such lamps - DHS.

10. Internet bans: China is resting. The Internet is no more private; here, too, everything is monitored, everything is controlled and translucent. Downloading copyrighted software, video and music? The provider must follow you! Since July 12, the largest US providers have adopted a new anti-piracy plan, which is a scheme of total digital espionage. The bandwidth capacity of other users' channels will be blocked - until they sign an agreement that they will not download copyrighted materials. The plan was implemented through the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and is coordinated by the presidential administration. (By the way, Russia goes the same way).

11. Spy fridges: the brainchild of Mr. Petraeus. When he was director of the CIA, Mr. Petraeus assured that web-connected devices would change the art of espionage. They will allow to control people automatically and without errors. Everything will be tracked: from burglary attempts to putting on a tuxedo - well, let's say, when trying to penetrate a spy for lunch. It was about adding processors and web-connectivity to dumb household appliances: refrigerators, microwaves, lighting systems, etc.

12. Hidden cameras in the TrapWire network. In addition to conventional surveillance cameras, in the USA there is a huge number of hidden cameras, the existence of which the Americans are unaware. Nobody knew about the “TrapWire” network - until the leak at WikiLeaks last year. Hidden cameras are installed around “objects of special importance” and react to certain actions: photographing, frequent appearances around an object, etc. A person with a camera, say, a tourist, can easily fall into the category of some kind of “predicted” criminals.

13. Extract and process bulk data. The actions of private companies are also a great danger to personal security and privacy. Acxiom currently has collected information on 190 to millions of US citizens and 500.000 worldwide. Initially, it was created as a database development firm for marketing tasks, but since 1969, its methods and technical equipment have been improved. Today, 23.000 servers are continuously operating in Conway, analyzing data from hundreds of millions of people.

14. Hospital cameras. They are in clinics everywhere, even in the toilets. This idea is implemented in New York. In some hospitals, cameras monitor the regularity with which staff wash their hands: as if to encourage adherence to maximum hygiene.

15. Programs that track the behavior of civil servants. Today, spyware is widely used in the USA, which carefully monitors what civil servants are doing at work. The program “Spector Soft”, being installed on a computer, knows everything about the activities of its owner. Interception of messages in social networks, tracking sites, screenshots, memorizing keystrokes - anything you like. Then the information is stored in special hidden folders on the hard disk, the contents of which can be found by those who installed the program.

16. Twitter, follow and knock. We are talking about the banal data request from the company "Twitter" about its users. This is no secret. This was announced by Twitter itself in a report. It is known that in the 2012 year, the Twitter surveillance by the government increased significantly compared to the 2011 year.

Along with this, the Department of Homeland Security hastily continues to buy ammo. The total number of cartridges purchased by DHS has reached 1,4 a billion pieces - and this is only six months. After a flurry of questions from the general public and “alarmists” about why the federal agency is buying so many ammunition, this agency stopped commenting on something, and at the same time started censoring information on petitions on ammunition. (By the way, in DHS works 200 thousands of employees, and according to the results of the last fiscal year, this agency spent 66,4 billion dollars. It is not surprising that in America there is a financial crisis).

From the latest DHS purchases: 200 purchased millions of .223 caliber cartridges over the next four years, 176.000 cartridges .308 caliber - this is in addition to 25.000 previously purchased cartridges of the same caliber. Analysts are concerned about the type of ammunition. The purchase of .308 caliber cartridges hardly means the realization of training goals. Experts they say about the intended use of ammunition by well-trained snipers. One hundred and seventy-six thousand rounds of ammunition can kill an 135.384 man, James Smith calculated, based on data from the Vietnam War: while marines snipers spent an 1,3 cartridge on one manslaughter.

Earlier in March, 2012, DHS announced the purchase of 450 million expansive .40 caliber cartridges. Bullets from these cartridges can cause maximum damage to human internal organs. Why does DHS have so many of these bullets?

And then the agency announced the purchase of ammunition, breaking through the walls (it was a question of the total number of 750 million cartridges).

In addition, DHS purchased protective gear and bullet-proof checkpoints that are not afraid of fire.

Obviously, all these ammunition, equipment and technology are needed to strengthen democracy in the United States.

Even for this we need concentration camps and coffins.

Iii. The ninth circle for the enemies of the people

It is known that in the United States built up to 800 special facilities (camps) for the maintenance of people. This is only in recent years. These "objects" someone on the Internet calls prisons, someone - concentration camps.

One of the sources of Such information is the article of the American writer Rand Clifford entitled "America! You have something to fear. ” In it, the author describes an unsightly American future. According to Comrade Clifford, the US government is secretly preparing repression, waiting for the situation to deteriorate in the country. (By the way, DHS purchases of hundreds of millions of cartridges and various special equipment can be mated with this). Each "concentration camp" can take at least 20 thousands of prisoners.

According to rumors, the largest "concentration camp" is in Alaska (in Fairbanks). He allegedly can simultaneously accommodate up to two million people. Other camps are located in California, Maryland, Arizona, Texas, Virginia and other states. Prison camps are equipped with everything necessary up to the gas chambers, the roads are connected to them. There is security guarding around the clock.

“Such camps, - пишет Eleonora Mandalyan is already available in Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Arizona ... (in all the states without exception, the competent taxpayers say). One such complex was discovered and videotaped in the California Mojave Desert.

From the side it is impossible to understand that these are either abandoned factories, or warehouses, or prison zones with barracks and towers, with state-of-the-art tracking and guard systems, surrounded by strong mesh fences with barbed wire, but ominously empty. The camps are connected to railways and highways, they are equipped with airfields and helipads.

... To the numerous inquiries received by the official structures: for whom these camps are built and on what basis they were given secrecy, an unconvincing answer was received: the goal of the project is supposedly preparation for a large-scale war against drug trafficking. What was immediately analyzed and rejected, as not conforming to logic or truth. ”

The fact is that the camps are occupied by FEMA - Federal Agency for Assistance to the Population and Emergency Management, Federal Emergency Management Agency. And then the drug trade? However, in September 2010, the Congress approved the law on the new powers of this agency. Since then, it has become an additional power structure. In the US, no matter what the structure, then the power.

American alarmists sounded the alarm.

Famous Journalist Mac Slavo пишетthat the Department of National Security and law enforcement agencies began to share large objects intended for total surveillance, drones and hybrid task forces. Army chief of staff Raymond Odierno, the author of the sensational article in Foreign Affairs, is ready for anything regarding the struggle for democracy within his native country:

“If necessary, we will also deploy conscripts, especially those who have niche skills and appropriate equipment to provide civilians with a wide range of reliable and fast response options.”

In the United States today, a hybrid of army and police is actually taking shape, over which the image of the controlling Big Brother, DHS, hovers. It is worth the sheriff in his small district to suspect any citizen of the "security threat", he, the sheriff, can call on the army - and her "quick response" will eliminate the problem. Justifying this intervention of the army units, Mr. Odierno protects the homeland "from internal catastrophe", to which he refers to "insurgency" and "terrorism".

It is appropriate to recall the Decree number XXUMX, bearing the terrible name “On readiness of national defense resources”signed by President Obama 16 March 2012, and pay attention to the fact that already in 2016 year operational concept of the US Army suggests the use of armed forces in its own territory. In the latter case, the hypothetical scenario of a popular uprising in 2016 in one of the states is described as the result of the “Great Recession”.

Last year, Paul Joseph Watson, author and editor of the Planet Prison Dot Com site, described the reorientation of the army towards “domestic needs”. In the article "Warning shots will not be" He told how the US Army will act in case of internal conflicts. The article by Comrade P. D. Watson is based on an analysis of the instructions of the American military police on conducting operations in civil unrest. This instruction has become known only recently. She describes how military resources within the United States can be used to quell unrest. Speech in her about a lot: from the confiscation of firearms weapons and ending with the destruction of American citizens.

The text explains how and against whom military means can be used in order to restore and support the legal order in case of mass unrest and declaration of martial law. It is stated that military means will be used to “disperse unauthorized assemblies and patrol the zone of violations to prevent illegal actions”. This document also establishes that during operations to “restore order,” military forces have the right to resort to demonstrating forces, arrange roadblocks, crush crowds, use toxic agents, use forces or security reserves, and perform other operations.

The instruction reports on the restriction of the sale, transfer and storage of gasoline, firearms, ammunition, and explosives to the population, which will help "the police forces to minimize some forms of violence." As for firearms, the instruction provides for measures up to their full withdrawal from sale.

We are also talking about what to do with those American citizens who have been implicated in the violation of the rule of law, in other words, with dissidents. For these dissidents, the instruction provides for the status of prisoners (internees) and the creation of temporary camps, in full accordance with another instruction - US Army FM 3-19.40 “Operations on internment / transfer”.

Here you have the meaning of creation, and information about the appointment of 800 "objects".

It is also curious that the instruction even provides for the "re-education" of internees. The goal of "reeducation" is the development of a "positive assessment of US policy" among prisoners. (I wonder if not with the help of the DARPA program "Mind Control"?)

FEMA camps are supposedly builds Halliburton. The price of this pleasure for US taxpayers is 386 million dollars.

Writer Rand Clifford says:

“... Like the Nazi concentration camps, the FEMA camps are also divided into“ red and blue lines ”: the“ Red List ”is the enemy of the New World Order. Two weeks before the introduction of military control, they should be sent to camps for immediate destruction. These are real and potential leaders, or activists. The Blue List is also the enemies of the New World Order, but not the leaders. After the introduction of military control, these people must be captured for "reprogramming" in the camps. The survivors will be used mostly as slaves. ”

Popular columnist alarmist Alex Jones in addition to this indicatesthat millions of plastic coffins were made for the federal government. They were then distributed over closed FEMA bases. The manufacturer is “Polyguard and Co.”.

"It all started with, - пишет E. Mandalyan, - that not far from Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, slightly away from the main road, one American accidentally came across a strange, unguarded, open-air vault. In the vacant lot, among the grass that had burnt out under the sun and stunted rare bushes, an endless wall of neatly stacked each other (17 pieces) rectangular containers of black ribbed plastic stretched in the amount of 500 thousand to a million pieces stretched — it was not possible to count them. And it looked as though they had only been delivered yesterday: neither dust on them, nor dirt, nor fallen leaves. ”

Participants in many disputes about the "concentration camps", the procurement of millions of plastic coffins, the reorientation of the army to domestic needs and recent acquisitions of the Department of National Security agree: all the measures described were taken by the US government in case of a collapse of the US economy, which will inevitably lead to civil war. At the same time native America will be provided with free labor.

Moreover, the Americans have experience in the direction of such activities. A rich experience, historical, during the war between North and South:

“The gates opened, and our group, pushed from behind by the bayonets and butts of the Confederates, entered the camp. We, experienced soldiers of the Civil War, barely restrained cries of horror, surveying the picture that had opened inside. We were surrounded by some kind of living skeletons, dressed in tatters, covered with dirt and swarming with insects, only at a height reminiscent of the healthy young unionist soldiers that they were just a few months ago.

These creatures silently looked at us and stretched their hands towards us. Many of our group, the most superstitious, because of the terrible heat that was that day, began to seem very seriously that they went straight to hell. But this place was the work of human hands. It was Andersonville ... "

There was no shelter in the camp: people lived there year-round in army tents set into muddy swamp muck. Lack of normal nutrition, stench, quagmire of sewage were the causes of the slow death of prisoners of northerners from dysentery, scurvy, typhoid and exhaustion. A frivolous wound in this atmosphere could be the cause of gangrene, which was “treated” by amputation. Andersonville became the prototype of the death camps of the future: after all, there was tested tactics of protection and maintenance of small forces of large groups of prisoners and their gradual destruction without the direct intervention of the administration.

USA: “Give up hope everyone entering here.”

The supporters of Lincoln were as cruel as the Confederates. If not more. These guys organized 11 concentration camps, the worst of which was Douglas.

This federal camp was created in February 1862, Lake Michigan. It contained prisoners Confederate military and civilians from the territories of the southern states. The Austrians in Talerhof and Terezin subsequently copied much from the Americans - especially for the Russians from Galicia.

Minor food rations, lack of medicines, overcrowding (tens of thousands of prisoners living in tents at any time of the year), cold, illness and death - this is a brief description of the camp.

“... According to contemporaries, they were often flogged until the metal edges of the buckles penetrated the skin and muscles to the bone.

The prisoner was placed barefoot in the snow for several hours. The guards ensured that the prisoner did not move. ... Many after such a punishment were left without fingers, because they froze them ...

If a person reacted too slowly to the lift command, he was hung for several hours by the legs. Also, as a punishment, prisoners were forced to stand in a bent state, head down, on straight legs, until blood began to run out of the nose, and the flow of blood to the eyeballs did not force the prisoner to scream in pain ... "

Now, if we forget about the new "concentration camps", while empty, the United States keeps the world record level for the number of prisoners per every hundred thousand people in this blessed country - with its "dream factory", apple pies, Christmas turkey and reference democracy with all of the resulting rights, freedoms and values.

The US penitentiary system is now self-destructing. Perhaps, therefore, the camps are being prepared, that soon there will be no place to keep prisoners in the United States. After all, prisoners are no longer included.

If in the 1980 year in the United States, 220 people were detained for every 100 thousand inhabitants, in 2010, the number of prisoners per capita increased threefold - 741 people per 100 thousand. Analysts point to 2018 as the date of the upcoming social explosion. Most crowded according to Steve Nolan, Californian institutions - in 33 prisons for adults, designed for 80.000 people, contain 140.000 prisoners. By 2018, the “over-standard” number of prisoners is projected to be 45%. Now, according to the Bureau of Prisons Network, prison overcrowding is 39%. Instead of cells, prisoners sleep in the gymnasium classrooms, on beds in sports halls, and in laundry facilities.

The US penitentiary system is also overloaded because the influx of prisoners has increased over the past five years. The cell cells, designed for one, become a haven for three, and bunks rise in three tiers.

In the 1972, there were fewer than 300 thousands of prisoners in the US, 1990 million in 1, and today in the US 2,3 million convicts pushed through prisons (25% of all serving sentences in the world, and this with the US share in the global population of 5%). The number of prisoners per 100 thou. Population brought America to the world's prison leaders. There are half a million more people in prisons in the United States than in China, although the population of China is five times larger than the population of the United States. And if we add to the number of prisoners those Americans who are subject to conditional and parole procedures, it turns out that the punishment system covers a total of 7,3 million people (approximately every fortieth resident of the country). And the 5 of millions of Americans who received sentences are outside of prison — those who did not have enough space behind the bars. Therefore, US prison statistics are often different: sometimes analysts include prisoners and those who do not fit into prisons. And many of these people are repeat offenders ...

The US prison system, on 1 / 10, is private, and, moreover, allowing to “rent” work for private companies, is primarily a business and only the second (or rather, forty-ninth) punishment.

Researcher problem "prison slavery" Vicky Pelaez in the article “Prison business in the USA: big business or a new form of slavery?” indicates:

“These corporations include the very cream of the American corporate community: IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT & T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom's, Revlon, Macy's , Pierre Cardin, Target Stores and many others. All these companies were enthusiastic about the rosy economic outlook that prison labor promised. From 1980 to 1994, profits rose from $ 392 million to $ 1 billion 31 million. "

Doctor of Economic Sciences V. Katasonov noticesthat the prisoners of the southern states are in a particularly difficult situation, where they continue to work, like slaves, on cotton plantations. The infamous high security prison in the state of Louisiana - "Angola". Her prisoners farm 18 with thousands of acres of land on which cotton, wheat, soybeans and corn are grown. For their labor, the prisoners earn from 4 to 20 cents per hour. Yes, and this is actually taken away from them: they leave half of the money earned, and put the other half into the account of the prisoner for payment to him upon release. But out of the "Angola" units - 3%. Most of those planted have very long terms, in addition to merciless exploitation and poor conditions of detention, they die early.

As for private prisons, in the American press they were dubbed the “prison-industrial complex”. This economic "branch" quickly took a prominent place in the production of many types of products. It’s a paradox, but the US prison industry produces 100% of all military helmets, uniform belts and shoulder belts, body armor, ID cards, shirts, trousers, tents, backpacks and flasks for the army, 46% bulletproof vests. It is likely that future prisoners of the “concentration camps” will be engaged in similar production, thereby strengthening the combat potential of the army, police and DHS, whose forces will actively participate in operations to replenish not only plastic coffins, but also FEMA bases. The circle is closed.

* * *

Thus, subject to the further strengthening and improvement of the American Gulag system in the form of camps, prisons, surveillance technologies, and even the “prediction” of crimes, American corporations can be advised to stop outputting production to China. The economically successful future is here, inside the country. It is in the concrete walls of the chambers, in tents, behind barbed wire. Its price is a few cents per hour. At your service, gentlemen capitalists, workforce for every taste and every need - from a laborer to a programmer.

As for the American government, neither the former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, nor the current President Barack Obama, who in the autumn vied with each other about programs to deal with the crisis and create new jobs, were not fooled. They are honest guys. There are more and more prisoners in America, and more and more, therefore, in the country of new jobs. Very cheap places to which thrifty masters from “Microsoft” or “IBM” simply let their mouth water.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    Survived - a child will be born TIME HIM A CHIP UNDER SKIN and that's it - it has become a BIT or a BYT
    in which case you can erase WITHOUT PROBLEMS.
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 8 January 2013 11: 36
      And given that in the prisons of the homeland of shit democracy more than 200 rapes per year, this country smacks of very disgusting!
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        RT Channel Video on Prison Slavery:

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          CAPITALISM — however!
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            Read the book and watch George Orwell's 1984 movie to find out what the United States is becoming.
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            Capitalism finally rotted to the very distress. In the 80's we all sniffed with pleasure the smell of a decaying west, and now it's just stinking!
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          I forgot to write that this is a STATE channel, which means that there can be no talk of any kind of objectivity.
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          2 prisoners, this is the same number of practically free workers. and this is used in the interests of business and society as a whole. Capitalism is all. But so much I apologize for "sedentary" And this society should all take as a model for their development ????
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        Quote: vadimus
        And given that in the prisons of the homeland of shit democracy more than 200 rapes per year, this country smacks of very disgusting!

        Does this surprise you?
        Personally, not a bit of me. The USA is a typical product of the advertising industry and PR, with all the attractiveness of the outer wrapper under it, it is very vile and stinking, disgusting muck.
        Well, at least now, little by little, they are starting to show this true snout of shit democracy on the submarine.
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        it would be interesting to know how many wear and tear in Russian prisons ..
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      How in Russia love articles about "poor" America ... laughing laughing laughing

      I want to add that the article is exaggerated, they certainly have problems, but mainly for freebie loaders ...

      For Russians, I don’t advise reading such propaganda, if someone wants to know how they live in America, chew there for 6 months, a good way to drive a car across several States !! good

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        Cheloveck 8 January 2013 16: 24
        Quote: VashEstambid
        For Russians, I don’t advise reading such propaganda, if someone wants to know how they live in America, chew there for 6 months, a good way to drive a car across several States !!

        PozhеOf course, you can. laughing
        And, especially, a ride - the car window is so good and you can see everything softly!
      2. Ziksura
        Ziksura 8 January 2013 17: 36
        Quote: VashEstambid
        I want to add that the article is exaggerated

        A quarter of all prisoners in the world with 5% of the population ????? !!!!!! what
        1.400.000 active members of the organized crime group ??????? !!!!!!! what
        49,7 million poor people (according to American statistics) ????? !! what
        Such a super-efficient economy that it is not able to exist without an annual huge issue of money supply (they will have to solve the next issue within two months) ????? !!!!!! what
        Just an exaggeration ????? what
        Or is it your New Year jokes ??? good
        Well then, Happy New Year! bully
      3. Atlon
        Atlon 8 January 2013 18: 01
        Quote: VashEstambid
        For Russians, I don’t advise reading such propaganda, if someone wants to know how they live in America, chew there for 6 months, a good way to drive a car across several States !!

        State of New York, the city of New York (allegedly the largest city in the world (nonsense, in fact)).
        13:00, New York subway. Visit purpose: look at the American metro in order to compare with Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Yerevan.
        Impressions: Slums are golem! Garbage, garbage can, a haven for homeless people and inadequate elements. Mountains of trash on platforms and along walls. Carnivorous looks of young, strong representatives of not white youth.
        The reaction of the "correct" Americans to this "trick" of the Russian guests: SHOCK!
        General condition at the time of the visit: The greatest discomfort and feeling of worry.

        In general, everything is like in that movie; "-I saw beautiful houses, went out ... -There are beautiful houses ?!" (Brother 2)

        Harlem's visit was delayed until his next life. laughing
        1. Sergh
          Sergh 8 January 2013 18: 35
          Quote: Atlon
          state at the time of visit: The greatest discomfort and feeling of worry

          He also heard from his friends who visited the States (he himself reached West Germany), the exact opposite of Hollywood blockbusters. So as told to visit the underground in France, where even the police do not advise to visit him after eight in the evening, nigger crime.
          Here at my place in Novosibirsk I go to any nooks and crannies at any time of the day or night, I don’t even see a hint of aggression. Of course, there is also crime, but nobody forbids growing apple trees and raspberries in the country.
          1. Vashestambid
            Vashestambid 8 January 2013 19: 34
            I come home and wonder how much attention was paid to me

            Cheloveck - Russian teacher

            Ziksura - math teacher

            Quote: Atlon
            State of New York, the city of New York (allegedly the largest city in the world (nonsense, in fact)).
            13:00, New York subway. Purpose of visit: to look at the American metro in order to compare it with Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Yerevan.
            Impressions: Slums Golem! Garbage, garbage can, a haven for homeless people and inadequate elements. Mountains of trash on platforms and along walls. Carnivorous looks of young, strong representatives of not white youth.
            The reaction of the "correct" Americans to this "trick" of the Russian guests: SHOCK!
            General condition at the time of visit: The greatest discomfort and feeling of worry.

            Was that you at Queens ??

            Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.
            1. knn54
              knn54 8 January 2013 20: 13
              You haven’t been on Indian reservations yet.
              1. Egen
                Egen 9 January 2013 09: 46
                Quote: knn54
                You haven’t been on Native American reservations yet.

                Ha! this in what ?! Where is the casino? :) Even on the border with Mexico, the Indians are exempt from taxes and sell silver (and more fakes) cheaper than white neighbors! Blacks and Indians live best in the States! They also receive these benefits, i.e. live off whites! :( It is clear that only their apex rides on the Cadillacs, like gypsies here, but they won’t break off like others, either.
                1. 11 January 2013 00: 27
                  Quote: Egen
                  Blacks and Indians live best in the States! They also receive these benefits, i.e. live off whites! :( It is clear that only their apex rides on the Cadillacs, like gypsies here, but they won’t break off like others, either.

                  Search YouTube for "$ 16 Trillion. Dreams May Come".
                  Maybe this will change your mind.
          2. Egen
            Egen 9 January 2013 09: 42
            Quote: Sergh
            the exact opposite of Hollywood blockbusters

            Blockbusters are different :) In fact, there is a lot of variety in the States - from sample areas to almost the ghetto. My family and I went to Paris in an empty subway and in an empty city, and at 11 - it’s somehow not so scary ... What do you have in Nsk, what we in the neighborhood agree more calmly. But you take into account the difference: a lot of people still live in our nook and cranny :), but grandmothers generally have everything in sight constantly :) In Germany, almost everything is either built up or under cameras in Germany. And in one-story America, the back streets are really deaf - among them there are those where a person’s foot hasn’t gone for years :) Everyone drives there, bandits or tourist tourists wander into the back streets :) It was like that 20 years ago, there were a lot of back streets on foot (alas, the student didn’t have money for the car :( :)), I learned a lot of interesting things :)
            Speaking of apple trees and raspberries. So the plot for the cottage or in the village you have the same target, it must be grown on it. And you try NOT to grow. The father-in-law died, the mother-in-law was disabled, they took him to her, in the summer with his wife they were able to master 2/3 of the 12 hectare plot - we had enough, and even once. The people came running from some administrations and bodies, drove to write fines for misuse of the site and nettles not torn around the perimeter 2 meters from the fence (even from the forest). Well there are connections, and so would ...
        2. Ascetic
          Ascetic 9 January 2013 00: 07
          Quote: Atlon
          Slums are golem! Garbage, garbage can, a haven for homeless people and inadequate elements. Mountains of trash on platforms and along walls. Carnivorous looks of young, strong representatives of not white youth.

          Comparative analysis of the Moscow metro and New York

        3. Egen
          Egen 9 January 2013 09: 18
          Quote: Atlon
          Harlem's visit was delayed until the next life.

          20 years ago, accidentally confused the congresses and drove a little bit to Harlem in broad daylight. Before that, he lived in the States for six months. I will say one thing - it became scary :(
      4. YuDDP
        YuDDP 8 January 2013 19: 41
        I traveled all states from east to west a few years ago. He took the car in New York, and handed it in Los Angeles.
        He returned home with the firm conviction that I would never go to the states again.
        From impressions: houses made of chipboard, whole blocks of residential trailers on the outskirts of cities, ugly fat people dressed in T-shirts and flip-flops (for a total of $ 3), TV advertising in a cafe on Brighton Beach: "if you are tired of American clothes and you want to dress decently, come to some kind of shopping center, we have the arrival of European clothes, Chinese goods in Western stores with a cowboy assortment, disgust on the face of a white American when she saw that the store she entered with her husband is Vietnamese ...
        So here, Igor ...
        1. Vashestambid
          Vashestambid 8 January 2013 20: 28
          Sorry, but I can not agree with you !! No.

          USA Wonderful country with wonderful people (of course, some have problems with being overweight)

          Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.
          1. Atlon
            Atlon 8 January 2013 20: 53
            Quote: VashEstambid
            Sorry, but I can not agree with you !! USA Wonderful country with wonderful people, (of course, some have problems with being overweight) You looked not worth it !!

            You are welcome! Americans about their country:
            Look from THIS side.
            And here are just pictures, without comment, as they say ... Enjoy!
          2. Guun
            Guun 8 January 2013 21: 10
            Quote: VashEstambid
            You looked do not stand it !!

            And on the other hand, even worse =)
            They banged the normal president for a long time and he was Kennedy. He tried to stop the enemy as human beings and got a bullet. Do you even know the history of democracies, you know that way? I know for sure - no! She appeared in ancient Greece, by the way there were the first semblance of transvestites, the murder of newborns - It seemed to the elder that the baby was weak (Sparta), blue couples and many democratic values, looked at BBS. Beautiful life in America ONLY for the rich from abroad.
          3. oops
            oops 8 January 2013 23: 07
            Gentlemen, America is good for those who earn $ 100000 +, who live on campuses and whose neighbors also have incomes of at least one hundred kilobaks !!! VashEstambid, obviously, belongs to a similar category. And he knows where to go in America, and which areas are better to go round ...

            For VashEstambid:
            know that the average income in the USA is about 40 kilobax. Such earnings from waiters in the poor suburbs or carpenters, for example! Talk to them, and then tell us what America is! By the way, a 40 kilobax life for a family person is survival, not life!
            1. Egen
              Egen 9 January 2013 09: 56
              Quote: Oops
              knows where to go in America and which areas are better to go round

              Quote: Oops
              US average income of about 40 kilobax

              All right! And the average income IMHO is even less. But everything is relative - you consider the standard of living. Americans are used to living at a level higher than us, and therefore they want more money. And milk and gasoline are cheaper there, and people don’t plant potatoes :)
            2. halt
              halt 9 January 2013 19: 23
              Little boy ... those who receive 100000+ are not called in America, they live in paradise, and there are millions of them. Those who get 50000+ are also driving Mercedes and their millions of diasiatics. But as for the working class, if a good qualification from 12 dol v hour .... on paper. At Toyota, Caterpillar, Ford factories, the timid start from $ 15 per hour. .Konyichno on such diengs with "show-off" nipozhivesh, but live life tak so that it does not hurt excruciatingly for ...... you can without problems. My writers, my fiction writer, my ninagliadny ...
          4. Nick
            Nick 9 January 2013 01: 59
            Quote: VashEstambid
            You looked do not stand it !!

            Any thing has at least two sides ...
        2. Egen
          Egen 9 January 2013 09: 53
          rode south or north?
          at home, yes, from chipboard - and why from brick when there is T always "+"? :) There are a lot of carriages - and you know what taxes for a house and a plot? :) On this I agree with you, this is "-", but you must have traveled through the lowland states, Grand Canyon, Phoenix? Why not write about the beauty of the national parks, the Phoenix lake area in the middle of the desert, the durability of "true" Levays, etc.? In everything, that's right, there are either 2 or more sides :)
          1. YuDDP
            YuDDP 13 January 2013 00: 56
            Indeed, landscapes are unusual for a Russian. But it was not about the continent, but about the state.
      5. merkel1961
        merkel1961 8 January 2013 22: 08
        The entrance is round-handed, but the exit backward is unpredictable ....
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 9 January 2013 04: 02
          New York, January 9th. In the US states of Ohio and Texas, free teacher training courses have been opened, RIA Novosti reports.
          The purpose of the classes, according to the organizers, is to prevent tragedies like the one of the massacre, the victims of which on December 14 last year in Connecticut, were 26 people, including 20 children.
          According to Reuters, over 900 teachers and school staff have already enrolled in three-day courses conducted by the Ohio Firearms Association. Ohio and Texas are not the first states to open shooting training courses for teachers.
          It is worth noting that just a few days after the tragedy in Connecticut, about 200 teachers in Utah attended these classes.
          What happened in Connecticut renewed debate in the United States about the need to limit the free circulation of weapons, and American society was divided into supporters and opponents of weapons of teachers.
          Obama promised to take action to put an end to such tragedies. In turn, the National Rifle Association of the USA - proposed the introduction of armed guards in American schools.
          1. Alex 241
            Alex 241 9 January 2013 04: 09
            If they say about us that we are born with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, then they are clearly with a lack of brain!
            1. Alex 241
              Alex 241 9 January 2013 04: 14
              They’d give them a howitzer!
      6. fokino1980
        fokino1980 13 January 2013 20: 53
        Have a nice one you too!!! drinks
    4. Egen
      Egen 9 January 2013 09: 00
      Quote: lehatormoz
      Everything goes to
      Alas, this is probably the universal direction of the development of mankind, or rather, the control of one part of it over another. Science fiction writers in the United States wrote about the total observation of robotic police robots over people and the subsequent extermination of humanity by them back in the 50s and 60s. About all sorts of later films I’m silent :) America is simply the most advanced and richest country, it has these processes that are faster and more visible, that’s all.
      Is it true that there are only 200 police officers in Chicago? Of course, with their salary, it is purely economically profitable to install a bunch of cameras, etc., than to hire and teach new people. Here, fortunately, so far the opposite is true :) But we must not forget that there is also a National Guard in the USA. This is certainly not the police, but weighty support behind them. Plus a bunch of large and small militarized private firms. Moreover, the population has a lot of weapons. On the North-East it is somehow imperceptible, but on the South-West, in the cowboy states, many "good cowboys" just openly carry revolvers and often go to the desert to shoot with guns.
      This whole complex and restrains crime.
      For the time being, it does not have a unidirectional vector. And the FBI is implementing the slogan "divide and rule" on a strategic scale. Taken together, it turns out to be a rather large crowd watching the people. And we have it all - one police. Is it better or worse?
    5. halt
      halt 9 January 2013 11: 48
      Nonsense, in America there are no starving people, potomu cto eats a lot of programs to help the poor. You just have to look for nothing. Although they are still far from European socialism.
    6. SSR
      SSR 9 January 2013 16: 52
      Quote: lehatormoz
      a child will be born ONCE HIM CHIP UNDER SKIN and all-

      the seal of Satan ........
      and in general the situation is just like from American films .. everywhere there is a big eye of a big blat .. daily injections turning off emotions .. a suitable person is used on organs ... the Rothschild business. Morgan their blue dream ...
    7. 11 January 2013 00: 08
      Quote: lehatormoz

      By order of Obama, all newborns from January 2013 should be microchips.
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 8 January 2013 10: 52
    "Not everything is calm in the Kingdom of Denmark." After reading the article, I conclude that Obama does not pull himself out, but everything is trying to teach others. hi
    1. gladiatorakz
      gladiatorakz 8 January 2013 19: 55
      Quote: fenix57
      "Not everything is calm in the Kingdom of Denmark"

      In this case, it is correct to say: "Not everything is calm in the Kingdom of Gad." smile
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 8 January 2013 11: 03
    In fact, they turn prisoners into slaves of convicts, but the slaves once rebelled and how much blood was shed. Long live America, the freest prison in the world. wassat
    1. Armata
      Armata 8 January 2013 11: 33
      Hi Sanya.
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      In fact, they turn prisoners into slaves of convicts, but the slaves once rebelled and how much blood was shed. Long live America, the freest prison in the world.
      Do not forget that for them this norm of life. They believe that everything is in order and that they live like that everywhere. So you should not wait for a revolution, but the criminalization of society will constantly grow in this situation.
  4. anchonsha
    anchonsha 8 January 2013 11: 54
    Hair stands on end from such a democracy ... It's a shame that the media work so well for such a false democracy, including in Russia. Of course, our liberals - Khodorkovsky, Shats, Berezovsky, Lebedev are ready to give everything in order to remove Putin, then to rob people again.
    1. Armata
      Armata 8 January 2013 12: 02
      And what about GDP, robbing less steel? Just ways more sophisticated. What do you think a pensioner will be able to pay for an apartment? And then suddenly the board of trustees says that they are ready to pay 4000 rent per month on bail. Is this not a robbery? And I gave only an 1 example.
      1. djon3volta
        djon3volta 8 January 2013 16: 47
        GDP didn’t rob me. By the way, I’m a thief myself, because I live in Tatarstan and sit on an oil pipe wassat
      2. nickname 1 and 2
        nickname 1 and 2 8 January 2013 21: 10
        Respected! us. retirees, a lot and do not. As the saying goes: we went through hunger and abundance. Somehow, we also survive! We would: our native country would live! ..... We would not hang noodles on our ears! Oh, we somehow learned how to count: how to work hard to ........
        When, about 50 years ago, they told me that in SyShya, as soon as they take on an apartment and a car and a summer cottage, etc., I already doubted that it was not a divorce. And when is it possible to work out for this? And salaries .... Scam it! Then I already understood.

        Quote: Mechanic
        And what about GDP, robbing less steel?

        And what is wrong? I am sure that they did not steal as much as was written before.
        Purgamet is charged and still sweeping. We suckers are bred and you are bred. Less would you believe OBS (one woman - Clinton - said)
        1. Egen
          Egen 9 January 2013 12: 39
          Quote: nick 1 and 2
          us. seniors, a lot and do not

          Dear Nick, what are you talking about all pensioners, it just turns out that you retired - that's it, life ended :( I have not reached it a bit, but nonetheless.
          Quote: nick 1 and 2
          as soon as they take a job so immediately, both the apartment and the car

          Why a divorce, that's right, here's everything for you at once, on credit, but pay off all your life. And if you do not know how to live within your means and plan how to calculate, sorry, it’s his own fault. In this regard, many Americans are more unconsciously counting on the Russian "maybe", since the roast cock did not peck them.
          But, about pensioners, here they are well done, you can’t say anything. You need to start with the fact that voluntary pension contributions from them are not taxed. Progressive, and very rather big! Therefore, it is more profitable to postpone from salary to retirement. When you retire, this deferred money is transferred to the main account - without tax! Only if he took the money before retirement, then they will be credited to the fullest. Again, consider yourself as your best. It is necessary to take into account their small inflation and loss of purchasing power, as well as longer life expectancy. Therefore, many retiring receive large retirement money, often millions. And then the rest of my life - about 30 years - with this money they ride around the resorts and enjoy life.
          15 years ago he lived in Arizona in the same family. There, of course, the climate is healthy, but still surprised when the father of the head of the family left the hospital after knee surgery and resumed not just jogging in the morning, but rather serious jogging. He was 95 years old!
          I also watched there a bunch of buses and cars with pensioners enjoying life in the order of expensive hotels by European standards.
          Of course, there are people who spend everything, there are people who don’t know how to save, there are people who simply don’t want to work hard. About how much insurance companies earn on pension money, in general, a separate conversation :)
          But they have opportunities for a simple middle class of pensioners, alas, not like ours :(
    2. vyatom
      vyatom 9 January 2013 13: 43
      Hodor must definitely sit. And everyone else too.
  5. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 8 January 2013 11: 55
    For what they fought for it and ran into it, they wanted democracy-that’s eat it, behind the barbed wire!
    1. halt
      halt 9 January 2013 20: 11
      So, a suitcase, the RODINA station (even though you are ugly), or again the departure is delayed until next spring?
  6. Slevinst
    Slevinst 8 January 2013 12: 01
    I may be cruel, but that in the United States is bad for me in joy. Of course, I feel sorry for those few who still remained human there.
    1. halt
      halt 9 January 2013 20: 17
      in Russia every year 30 thousand die from home-made vodka, I also feel sorry for them, although they are not people .....
  7. omsbon
    omsbon 8 January 2013 12: 06
    These eccentrics with the letter "m" are trying to teach everyone, to bring the light of crap to the whole world. RAVE.
  8. Etna
    Etna 8 January 2013 12: 08
    Either the American government is a great admirer of the film Equilibrium, books by W. de Guin "The Left Hand of Darkness" and the Strugatsky brothers "Inhabited Island", or the authors drew plots for their works from the realities of life there. The Srtugatskys looked into the water more than 40 years ago ...
    1. Syrdon
      Syrdon 10 January 2013 10: 13
      Island Empire) by the way, according to the internal structure of the United States, it is getting closer to the Island Empire where they lived in the Center almost like paradise, and on the outskirts everything was allowed up to cannibalism, but you could never get to the Center from the outskirts. And brainwashing about Towers also guessed)) They were seers.
  9. andrei332809
    andrei332809 8 January 2013 12: 14
    Long live democracy in its most vivid manifestation. hoopoes, damn it
  10. Fox
    Fox 8 January 2013 12: 21
    earthly paradise is straight ... although, if you think about it a bit ... God's servants in paradise ... they are worthy of it, but they have been brought up with such that we are planted and violently crammed in. The task is to prevent this from happening with us.
  11. prophetic
    prophetic 8 January 2013 12: 21
    you might think everything is fine with us
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 8 January 2013 16: 49
      and have you been on the street for a long time? go from the 90s you’re all at home
      1. prophetic
        prophetic 8 January 2013 17: 33
        you're wrong friend, today was, just as they say in someone else's eye ....
      2. NKVD
        NKVD 8 January 2013 17: 58
        Quote: djon3volta
        you might think everything is fine with us

        Much more beautiful and better ...

    2. Ziksura
      Ziksura 8 January 2013 17: 50
      Quote: prophetic
      you might think everything is fine with us

      Waited !!!!!!! That's all I thought: "Well, when will someone bring this" reinforced concrete "argument?" Everything is fine only for the addict in the moment of euphoria, while everyone else has problems. Everyone, everywhere and always. The question is different. Only those who themselves have managed to achieve great success in this can teach something. We teach the world how to live ???? Does America have the right to teach the world "democracy" ???? THAT'S THE QUESTION. This is what the article is about.
      PS When they talk to me about the economic success of the United States in previous years, I always give the argument: "Give me the right to print without restriction at least 10 ruble bills and you will gasp at my financial success and ability to do business." In 100% of cases there is nothing to cover hi
      1. nutmeg
        nutmeg 10 January 2013 11: 46
        First you learn how to make Boeing, Caterpillar, Ella, Microsoft, the Mars rover went to Mars, and then stutter about the machine. In the meantime, lick on the stove and spat on the ceiling, in the summer you are certainly in front of the entire planet ....
    3. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 8 January 2013 20: 06
      Here is a good answer to your question:
      "Why did I come to Russia?" American Tim Kirby

      not that I agreed with him in everything, but as an outside view, it’s interesting.
  12. Onotollah
    Onotollah 8 January 2013 12: 24
    I think it would be nice for them to splash kerosene so that it blazes properly.
    Let them live a little in a civil war. You look at international ambitions and calm down.
  13. valokordin
    valokordin 8 January 2013 12: 26
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    In fact, they turn prisoners into slaves of convicts, but slaves already once rebelled and how much blood was shed. Long live America, the freest prison in the world wassat

    I would add to this that the willing democrats of Russia, led by Chubais, are welcome to the free states of America, without the right to return. But only confiscate property acquired by overwork.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 8 January 2013 12: 58
      Quote: valokordin
      that wishing Russian democrats led by Chubais welcome to the free states of America, without the right to return

      Yes, in fact, they have their homeland there, many are sitting there and many will dump everything themselves, you just have to shake them well in Russia.
  14. Atlon
    Atlon 8 January 2013 12: 27
    The big American dream turned out to be a big American hoax ...

    I recommend everyone to see!
    1. Guun
      Guun 8 January 2013 23: 16
      I’m not surprised if the cartoon is banned in the United States and the Eurozone. And who watched it in the United States and Europe languish in prisons or hospitals.
    2. Temer
      Temer 14 January 2013 05: 09
      Ndaa .... The cartoon makes you think. But we have almost the same crap going on.
  15. gribnik777
    gribnik777 8 January 2013 12: 30
    Hollywood bullshit - come to life!
  16. boris.radevitch
    boris.radevitch 8 January 2013 12: 53
    Americans you are in vain buying a lot of weapons is bad ending! tongue
    1. botur2013
      botur2013 8 January 2013 15: 48
      Well, after all, all these trunks should start shooting sometime? And a little provocation will be enough.
  17. Mails
    Mails 8 January 2013 12: 55
    The United States is already beginning to resemble and prepare for the role of the state describing in science fiction films and books, for example, the same film "Time" (replacing the truth resource "time" with money).
    What the United States expects.
    And God forbid the rest of the world.
    And then we will see the cyborgs of prisoners not in vain, from the sick schizoid paranoia of the American elite and bankers.
  18. Oleg Rosskiyy
    Oleg Rosskiyy 8 January 2013 13: 09
    Only the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, is allowed to plant gardens on lawns. Now it is clear why there was such a stir about the adoption of the "Dima Yakovlev Law", the list of candidates for American human rights violators, will be endless.
  19. StrateG
    StrateG 8 January 2013 13: 16
    A truly free and honest person has nothing to fear - he does not need any cameras or any other tracking devices. What does it mean? All who have real power in America are all cowards. But what are they afraid of? Perhaps a new rebellion? Trying to control everything. However, by their actions they themselves bring this rebellion closer. At least I think so.
  20. Zomanus
    Zomanus 8 January 2013 13: 52
    Good article. Especially about the camps pleased. Why the hell didn’t they start poking in the face with these camps in response to screams about the Holodomor and the Gulag?
  21. Region65
    Region65 8 January 2013 13: 56
    OGO! Yes, in the US there is a violation of human rights! it's high time for carpet bombing of Washington, capture and castration by hanging and drowning of dictator Barack Obama, burning out the entire US territory with napalm !!!!! forward "friends of america" ​​it is the turn of the American spring))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and just in general there is a very good site "The Dark Side of America" ​​there is all the truth about life in the states, and here the tipok with the avatar of the Terminator carried some kind of nonsense, apparently he was not more than twenty years old, still plays shooters and drags on from Hollywood.
  22. Byordovvv1
    Byordovvv1 8 January 2013 14: 05
    Would you like to leave for the USA from the bloody Putin regime? Welcome, they are waiting for you there.
  23. sergskak
    sergskak 8 January 2013 14: 11
    It's time to stir up the revolution. I don’t know what they are waiting for. Experience can be shared with them or in kind are so stupid.
  24. Oleg Rosskiyy
    Oleg Rosskiyy 8 January 2013 14: 31
    The former Soviet, and now the Russian Army has excellent combat experience, the liberation of concentration camps, we will help soon, and the local population will support it.
  25. zevs379
    zevs379 8 January 2013 14: 52
    It is necessary to adopt a law to prevent the import of goods in the production of which slave labor was used. Where there is a ban on meat. By efficiency, how vigorous a loaf of pindozhdy will kick good
  26. CCA
    CCA 8 January 2013 15: 14
    And glory to GOD that such information began to appear more and more often in the media (even if only on the Internet) ... Otherwise, it turns out that the West is looking for specks from us, and the logs in our eyes are spreading so that we have these specks make out ... Let everything be known in comparison. And youth must be educated in justice ...
  27. Apollo
    Apollo 8 January 2013 15: 29
    Thanks Oleg for the review! good

    I will say this. I suppose that soon in the foreseeable future the USA will receive at its home, the so-called orange or another color, no matter whom, the Revolution. Then, with rapture of the soul, we will observe all this in a box. laughing

    Thanks Oleg for the review! good

    I will say this. I suppose that soon in the foreseeable future the USA will receive at its home, the so-called orange or another color, no matter whom, the Revolution. Then, with rapture of the soul, we will observe all this in a box. laughing
    1. knn54
      knn54 8 January 2013 19: 13
      You look at the photos, what revolutionaries are with them, so are the Buzoters. A leader like Martin Luther King is unlikely to appear in this country of morons. The powers that be had a fuss: all production (except for arms and space-rocket) was taken out of the country e there is no hegemon, some lumpen well and office proletarians.
      One hope is that someone will nibble the army well (and this, with their habit of meddling everywhere, will surely happen), the soldiers will rebel and there is no way to miss the moment ...
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 8 January 2013 19: 48
        Quote: knn54
        A leader like Martin Luther King is unlikely to appear in this country of morons.

        But he appeared!
        Martin Luther King (Eng. Martin Luther King; January 15, 1929, Atlanta, Georgia, USA - April 4, 1968, Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
    2. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 9 January 2013 06: 07
      Quote: Apollon
      I will say this. I suppose that soon in the foreseeable future the USA will receive at its home, the so-called orange or another color, no matter whom, the Revolution.

      Last time, in order to get out of the great depression, they organized the Second World War, so that it won’t work on TV.
  28. Твtvjag
    Твtvjag 8 January 2013 15: 40
    Well, here it is, the "American Dream" of the 21st century, coffins, concentration camps, and young white Americans begging in the streets.
  29. cdrt
    cdrt 8 January 2013 15: 56
    What nonsense ... The American author is clearly one of those whom Lenin once called "... useful idiots ...".
  30. serg1978
    serg1978 8 January 2013 16: 17
    CRYSIS 2:
    "This is our future son. This is War."
  31. Cynic
    Cynic 8 January 2013 17: 46
    You have to pay for everything!
    No wonder now in the states such a PR company to strangle the second amendment.
    They will suffocate and everything, it starts, adequate to the zones, others will peacefully and stupidly chew bigmaki. Universal happiness! Orwell is resting!
  32. Alexej.Taran
    Alexej.Taran 8 January 2013 18: 59
    New World Order
  33. Gogan
    Gogan 8 January 2013 19: 32
    If only we would not forget about the old tradition of Uncle Sam: in case of problems, solve them at the expense of others. Feces from disturbed by hunger citizens of the Great Democracy can be enough for everyone.
  34. wax
    wax 8 January 2013 19: 45
    Zombies are not capable of revolution. They are happy masochists to glorify America. X-hour will be severe, but our truth must stand against the external and internal enemies of man, his conscience and freedom.
  35. sergeybulkin
    sergeybulkin 8 January 2013 19: 46
    It turns out that the fourth Reich is emerging, so far without Hitler, but this will not be the case. I feel sorry for the poor, ordinary Americans.
    There has been no democracy in the United States for a long time, and the freedoms that the Americans had are quietly abolishing.
    The government needs only good reason to declare a state of emergency in the country, and then to the citizens of Amreikans Kirdyk. After all, with a state of emergency, the constitution does not work and the president becomes actually a dictator.
  36. LAO
    LAO 8 January 2013 20: 07
    Interesting article! I remembered youth - the distant 70s! Down with the damned capitalism and aggression! Give developed socialism and the worldwide victory of communism !!!
    It’s just not clear what we are building now (all CIS countries, except Belarus)?
    They have food stamps for the poor, and we have salt that you can sprinkle on a penis to make it easier to lick.
    Unique research and technology that the author is not even able to understand!
    All this crap with plastic coffins is just "fanar and bullshit"
    Look at your gulags and remember the Stalinist ones.
    Let's, first, put things in order, and then you can see behind the fence.
    Let this western silk-feather come to the CIS countries - let's see what he writes then! In Russia, mobile phones and SIM cards for passports, and they have a gun on sale! We cannot be compared with them.
    Another mindset, another life. Thousands leave there, from CIS countries — units return, from Europe and the USA — few come and no one remains! Raising a country from the ruins is a matter of honor for every Citizen, but spit around and throw mud on others (including rivals) Disgusting!
    1. zevs379
      zevs379 8 January 2013 21: 18

      That is, it’s up to you to fuck us up and we should be silent in a rag?
      But do not you go where usually?
    2. Guun
      Guun 8 January 2013 21: 19
      Here's a personal example for you that I saw with my own eyes. There is such a dead end city in RK Zhezkazgan. There, a considerable delegation of Italians came to stay for permanent residence, they walk, smile and enjoy life. They speak Russian, I go to Natalie’s store and see how they are to the seller describe life in Italy, emigrants in bulk, garbage everywhere, life becomes more expensive there, the slow breakdown of a traditional family. Then I bought cigarettes and left, in a hurry, the guys waited, it was necessary to go. That's it, but the city there is almost quiet and beautiful, although from the south, dikri and spoil the order there and in the summer back to the auls cattle graze.
  37. Simple
    Simple 8 January 2013 20: 42
    More than anything else, US bigwigs fear civil war
    the people of the country in which they live.
    And the process is already irreversible, it is like global warming.
  38. Yrsh.2008
    Yrsh.2008 8 January 2013 21: 38
    "The gentlemen are going the right way ..."
  39. Comrade1945
    Comrade1945 8 January 2013 21: 43
    Roth Front, comrades.

    I am now reading the famous novel by George Orwell "1984" ... what
    So, what am I talking about ... Recalled, you know.
  40. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 8 January 2013 22: 50
    Mdya and our human rights activists who feed on American handouts praise us American democracy as the best option for all of humanity ...
  41. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 8 January 2013 23: 21
    Orwell wrote in his novel what the crappy West could turn into if the USSR had won, he had thoughts about the Gulag and Stalin ... he would have turned over in his grave if he had learned that the "cradle of democracy", so to speak, "lives" like according to the "textbook", about his work ... or maybe it is already whirling around.
  42. zevs379
    zevs379 9 January 2013 01: 36
    It's time to rename the usa in the sbb-country of big brother bully
  43. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 9 January 2013 06: 11
    How stupid children damn it rejoice and gloat men, if everything is true, what is written in the article, then we are on the verge of a great schukher and there is nothing to rejoice about.
  44. zevs379
    zevs379 9 January 2013 11: 55
    16 And he will do that for all, small and great, rich and poor, free and slaves, a mark will be laid on their right hand or on their forehead,
    17 and that no one will be allowed to buy or sell, except for the one who has this mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    18 Here is wisdom. Whoever has a mind, consider the number of the beast, for it is a human number; its number is six hundred sixty six.

    1. Cynic
      Cynic 9 January 2013 15: 52
      Quote: zevs379
      16 And he will do what everyone

      Recall also that Mr. Obama, with gloves on the Bible, took the oath, and was completely unable to pronounce it further on points ...
      In fact, what we see is the ulcers of any purebred society. States as the most, most vividly and hypertrophically manifests them, but, fortunately, there is so far a one-story America, which essentially represents USA as such. That's just from her and her ideals less and less.
      Surprisingly, while reading comments I am convinced once again
      History teaches only one thing that it does not teach anything!

      Why do some see only the bad and do not see the good, while others only the good and point blank do not notice the bad.
      Orwell described an apocalyptic society by extrapolating the development of the USSR, preventing such development for his society.
      Orwell did not know the main thing, the rigor of our laws is balanced by the non-bindingness of their implementation.
  45. Marrla
    Marrla 9 January 2013 16: 58
    I didn’t read it to the end - there weren’t enough nerves. Yes, I, like any normal person, are disgusted by the duplicity and meanness of the cradle of shit democracy, but:
    - Try, without coordination in different instances, to build with us something capital on the site.
    - Remember Shavenkova. How many people passed by when she hit the girls?
    - Let us also remember the "shield" of cars with civilians in Yekaterinburg, on the Moscow Ring Road, in Belarus?
    Shit is everywhere.
    PS: While I drink coffee I will read the article.
  46. Marrla
    Marrla 9 January 2013 17: 20
    Yes, I forgot to write: You can dig shit to any country. Truth in UWB and it is not necessary to dig.
  47. WW3
    WW3 9 January 2013 17: 28
    In America, not only are people starving, but cities are dying.

    The United States is a country of contrasts .....

  48. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle 9 January 2013 23: 51
    Here we still did not have enough American problems, but they’re unleashing a little war if they don’t get stuck. Rejoicing in the mess in America is the same as rejoicing in the mess in Russia, or any other country with nuclear weapons. They also have sober-minded people, though they are more and more in prisons. The so-called isolationists, they want the country to deal with internal problems in order to collapse all bases in the world, reduce the army and navy, and finally stop teaching the whole world how to live. But before they were famously pressed, now it seems to be less. There is a Texas governor there, he watched it on TV. And then after all their candy wrappers and the pipe will collapse, then there will be a crisis!
  49. halt
    halt 10 January 2013 14: 07
    Latvija biez okuoantov ..... minia zabanirovali, xotia nie odnogo negativnogo komenta niebilo .... Vot ona svoboda slova po rosijski .Welcome back to 1980.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 10 January 2013 14: 13
      Quote: halt
      Latvija biez okuoantov ..

      Russia without the disadvantages of the SS and NATO sixes. Now another ban will be wink
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 10 January 2013 14: 20
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Now another ban will be

        Alexander, leave flawed alone. They come to visit us (the Russian-language site means to visit us) and write to foreigners. Come visit - follow the orders of the hosts. Do not comply - flawed. And over the sick, we know that laughing is not good.

        Good afternoon, Alexander.
    2. Cynic
      Cynic 10 January 2013 15: 10
      Quote: halt
      .Welcome back to 1980.

      And why in the 80s?
      Well, why is it interesting ?!
  50. asf32wesdg
    asf32wesdg 10 January 2013 18: 40
    It just can't be !!! The FSB has created this database about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. Really was really scared
    there are a lot of interesting things about me (addresses, phone numbers, even my photos of a different nature) - I wonder where they dug up this. In general, there are good sides - this
    Information can be deleted from the site.
    I advise you to hurry, you never know how to fumble there ...