US administration: there will be enough money to support Ukraine for another two months, but in the meantime, other allies could allocate funds to Kyiv

US administration: there will be enough money to support Ukraine for another two months, but in the meantime, other allies could allocate funds to Kyiv

The US administration issued a statement saying that currently there is no more than two months left in the agreed budget for financing Ukraine. All funds previously agreed upon between Congress and the administration can be fully spent by the beginning of December of this year. That is, Washington may not have enough money to provide further full-scale financial and military support to Ukraine even until the end of the year, although completely different plans were initially made.

In this regard, Joe Biden, who confirmed the difficulties with allocating money to Kyiv, decided to take a “different route.” He began calling the heads of states actually controlled by the States and declaring the need for financial support for Kyiv on their part.

The list of those to whom the US President imposed options for continued funding includes Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, Head of the European Council Michel, Prime Minister of Italy Meloni, German Chancellor Scholz, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida, Chairman of the European Commission von der Leyen, President of Poland Duda, French Foreign Minister Colonna, President Romania Iohannis, British Prime Minister Sunak. I also called NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg.

In all these telephone dialogues, one message was heard: the finances previously agreed upon in the United States for Ukraine are running out, the Pentagon has several billion left in its assets to continue supplies to Kyiv weapons and military equipment, but maximum until December. Therefore, Biden “asked” members of the G7 and other “allies” to fork out their money. And neither Duda nor Iohannis and Scholz can say anything against it. Otherwise, with the light hand of the Western propaganda machine, they will quickly find themselves among the “enemies of the free world.”

In order to somehow push Western “friends” to allocate new billions (I remember the meme about the tense Zelensky from Elon Musk), the Ukrainian regime threw its next reserves into the attack in the Rabotino area.

Fighting is taking place near Verbov again, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces are also trying to advance to Novoprokopovka. There is still a significant possibility for Ukrainian units to find themselves in a fire pocket.

In any case, the Kiev regime is again carpeting the Zaporozhye steppes with the bodies of its soldiers for a picture with a flag against the backdrop of a village barn in the hope that the West will throw in new billions.
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    1. +7
      3 October 2023 21: 18
      First, we rode on the Maidan. Then they are slaughtered like pigs. I hope that the fate of the gypsies awaits the Ukrainians. (With all due respect to the gypsies) There is a nation. There is no state. GAMERYKA is with you.
      1. +9
        3 October 2023 21: 25
        They have been on the path of self-destruction for so long, they jumped, jumped, jumped to democratic values, you have the right to grunt as much as you want, but if you go to the slaughter, you have to. Get ready, all vassals, the sheriff is starting to squeeze you...
      2. +12
        3 October 2023 21: 43
        How American this is - to make a mess and blame all the problems on an ally.
        1. +3
          3 October 2023 22: 08
          Quote: marchcat
          make a mess and blame all the problems on an ally.

          They won’t continue to throw this mess into this mess, it won’t be the end of it! Well, either they’ll dump everything on Europe and they’ll start a showdown with China themselves
          1. +3
            3 October 2023 22: 37
            I think it would be logical. Europe has been harnessed against us - now they can meet with China “once in a while.” If I were the American leadership, I would also try to step away from leading roles in supporting Ukraine, and if possible, I would generally negotiate “peace” with the Kremlin, bypassing Europe and China. Trading Ukraine for Russia's anti-Chinese position would be very attractive to me as an American leader. I think the Russian elites would also think hard about this: they would also offer Ukraine, and the lifting of sanctions, and again peace-friendship-chewing gum...
            However, as an American leadership, in the event of a victory over China, I would eventually try to make even the most loyal Russia not just loyal, but strictly controlled. But that comes later.
            1. +3
              3 October 2023 23: 20
              don’t throw China at the Russian Federation, this is simply suicide in reality for the Russian Federation) the USA is logical to do so, Europe is butting heads with the Russian Federation, arms supplies have already been scheduled (700 lyam residents of the EU and the USA are not a lot of money for the economy, patents they are already withdrawing from China and limiting it) USA clamp everything puts more clothes around China) while the Russian Federation is playing humanists in the UkrR, the USA and Europe are accumulating more and more bases and weapons) and the Ukrainians are given as much as is enough to restrain the Russian Federation, or the Russian Federation is restraining itself in the UkrR! The US media is controlled by the US and Europe, they will write at least something) the US and Europe's goals did not change the victory on the battlefield! The USA is waiting for hyper sound or what kind of weapon! Well, this is nothing more than a conspiracy theory))))
              1. 0
                4 October 2023 18: 54
                I don’t like to be rude to people, but you’re just forcing me, forgive me. Uh... well... let's go... it's not an easy thing to be rude. Well, let's begin... Commas!!!
            2. +2
              4 October 2023 00: 04
              If they need a coalition against the Russian Federation, then with China “one time at a time” will not work.
              1. +1
                4 October 2023 00: 41
                When did China fight? paper dragon, it will work out once in a while
                1. +3
                  4 October 2023 00: 46
                  That's right, even with their Sun Tzu, the Chinese have been raking everyone for a thousand years. Only now China’s economy has skyrocketed and its army is one million strong. They bake the fleet, aviation, and other weapons like pies. So at the moment, not everything is so clear. Yes, and now their leader apparently has cocks, made of something harder than plasticine!
                2. The comment was deleted.
      3. +3
        3 October 2023 21: 48
        Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
        First, we rode on the Maidan.

        Embroidered shirts, salwars, Maidan and life is good, walk the flaw from the ruble above. But here's the problem:
        Summer red sang;
        I did not have time to look back
        As winter rolls in my eyes.
        She crawls towards the Ant,
        Do not leave me, godfather!
      4. The comment was deleted.
    2. ASM
      3 October 2023 21: 31
      Are they not good with mathematics at all? Either the Ministry of Defense says that they have six months left for the outskirts, then Biden talks about another program, where in reality there is only a couple of months left. Where is reality? Is it impossible to bring different programs together? Either they are stupid people or they are trying to shake more out of the EU.
      1. +1
        3 October 2023 21: 52
        damn, the media tell them and do what they want, they even create misinformation with specialists) there are no fools sitting there! that the EU that the USA did not change plans, victory on the battlefield they will find money) that’s when the equipment and ammunition stops going to the Ukrainian Reconstructionist Republic, that’s when something happened to them) they will want to change the rules of the game)
    3. +1
      3 October 2023 21: 42
      Therefore, Biden “asked” the members of the G7 and other “allies” to fork out their money.

      I don’t understand anything in Ukrainian, but I see that the USA is an outsider (especially if we relate it to GDP)
      1. +1
        3 October 2023 22: 05
        Quote: Reindeer herder_2
        I don’t understand anything in Ukrainian, but I see that the USA is an outsider (especially if we relate it to GDP)

        Not about that. This is the level of public support for financing the former Ukraine.
        Most of all, this is supported by the population of Ukraine itself, 83% - give me money, give me money, give me money GIVE!!!!
    4. +1
      3 October 2023 21: 48
      well, someone doubted that the EU was a stalemate, but that the USA was a stalemate again) it’s just that the plans are simple, they didn’t change the USA, the money will be found) for them it’s more profitable than a world or nuclear war, it’s not the sons of Europe and the USA who are dying) well, either I’m wrong and soon the Russian Federation will make a cunning plan and defeat everyone !
    5. +1
      3 October 2023 22: 07
      Measuring everything in “dollars” is a Protestant trick (honor, love and revenge are the machinations of pagan gods))).
      But it turned out that even pieces of paper, even virtual zeros, suddenly ran out. And they need to be confirmed with something, but there is absolutely no honor, love and conscience left.
    6. 0
      3 October 2023 22: 09
      there will be enough money to support Ukraine for another two months

      And you have to feed it for the rest of your life. Their monthly budget is negative, it won’t become positive for a long time
    7. +3
      3 October 2023 22: 16
      There is no money, but you hold on. (With)
    8. +4
      3 October 2023 22: 26
      We are being provoked to attack so that a wave of victims will destroy our country. As for me, attacking with the same weapons and butting heads over the “forester’s hut”, losing tens of thousands of soldiers, is stupid.
      You should invest in the military-industrial complex and attack only with weapons that minimize losses. For now, the focus should be on economic warfare to deprive Ukraine and its allies of income. To begin with, stop all supplies to the West and introduce a moratorium on the transfer of dividends. Let them lie on deposit until the sanctions are lifted.
    9. +4
      3 October 2023 23: 03
      The Ukrainian regime threw more of its reserves into the attack in the Rabotino area.

      Do you really need to talk about FABs? My dream. Shouldn't they be abandoned in the Rabotino area?
      FAB-9000 with UMPC are ready - in fact, powerful gliding bombs. For the same Avdeevsky fortified area, 2-3 are enough, and it will be gone. We don’t use it yet, so as not to hurt the myrtle. But the enemy becomes immeasurably impudent, causing disaster to fall on his own head in the form of 9 tons of explosives. But sooner or later it will arrive.
      1. +2
        4 October 2023 00: 21
        Do you really need to talk about FABs?

        One-and-a-half-barrels have already been used, although we had to develop a CPC for them from scratch, because from two hundred and fifty and five hundred they are not suitable
    10. +5
      3 October 2023 23: 49
      Wow, friends and not friends!
      All your opinions are important, but there are nuances:
      1. The last time the Russian Federation and other honest nations - not the gentlemen of the False West - already believed in the Minsk agreements and other calls for peace! We know the results. Therefore, the next show is being played out with the aim of lulling the vigilance of the Russian Federation and its allies, including the PRC.
      2. The enemy in the person of the striped, small-shaven and tailed Geyropa is preparing the next adventures: things are no longer entirely stable in the Transcaucasus, middle and central Asia (according to statements by the leaders of individual countries).
      3. Our response and a serious signal and warning to the False West can only be decisive and victorious actions of the patriots of the Russian Federation in the Northern Military District zone, whom we help, whoever we can, for whose lives we pray!
      I have the honor.
    11. +1
      4 October 2023 01: 21
      Oh suddenly the machine failed?
      Only 1 aircraft carrier is more expensive than the entire outskirts
    12. +1
      4 October 2023 03: 53
      Joe Biden, who confirmed the difficulties with allocating money to Kyiv, decided to take a “different route” -



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