India has demanded that Canada recall more than 40 Canadian diplomats from the country.

India has demanded that Canada recall more than 40 Canadian diplomats from the country.

The diplomatic conflict between India and Canada continues to gain momentum, whose authorities have accused New Delhi of involvement in organizing the murder of the leader of the Sikh community Hardeep Singh Nijjar in the city of Surrey in the Canadian province of British Columbia, which occurred on June 18, 2023. In India, Nijjar, who advocates the creation of an independent Sikh state of Khalistan in the Indian state of Punjab, is accused of terrorism. Since 2016, New Delhi has been unsuccessfully asking Ottawa to extradite him.

After the incident, the Canadian Foreign Ministry declared Indian Embassy employee Pawan Kumar Rai, who allegedly headed the Indian foreign intelligence station in Canada, persona non grata. In response, an unnamed senior diplomat from the Canadian Embassy was expelled from India, whom the country's Foreign Ministry declared as “the head of Canadian intelligence in India.” In addition, New Delhi suspended negotiations on signing a trade agreement with Ottawa.

Speaking to Canadian parliamentarians in late September, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he personally called on his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi to cooperate in the investigation into the murder of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nijjar at the recent G20 summit. At a press conference after his speech in parliament, Trudeau noted that Canada intends to continue to adhere to its democratic principles, calling on the Indian government to “take this seriously.” The Indian Foreign Ministry expressed protest after the statements of the Canadian Prime Minister.

The diplomatic war between the two states did not end there. A number of Western media reports that India has demanded that Canada recall more than forty employees of its diplomatic service in New Delhi by October 10. According to the British newspaper Financial Times, we are talking about 41 Canadian diplomats out of 62 working in this country. In case of failure to comply with this requirement within the prescribed period, all of them will lose diplomatic immunity. Earlier it was reported that India suspended the issuance of visas to Canadian citizens from September 21.

To date, Ottawa has not provided evidence of an “Indian trace” in organizing the murder of the leader of the Sikh community. But Trudeau managed to ruin relations with New Delhi, in the same way as Joe Biden did earlier. Last July, the US President named Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud responsible for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which occurred in early October 2018 in Istanbul. After this, the once allied relations between the two countries deteriorated sharply.
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  1. +11
    3 October 2023 11: 38
    The rift between the Western Bloc and the rest of the world is deepening. Let us hope that soon the arrogant Saxons and Geyropa will remain in passive solitude, hostile to the whole World.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +6
      3 October 2023 12: 18
      It is high time to understand that Canada is a haven for all Banderaites, Nazis and terrorists.
  2. +4
    3 October 2023 11: 43
    And at the G 20 summit, the Indians deprived Trudeau of his coconut)
    Thus completely demoralizing him.
  3. +7
    3 October 2023 11: 48
    Is the world waking up? I mean a world different from the West. I really want to believe that these are not one-time incidents, but a stable and, most importantly, long-term trend. Or, as they say - a trend(?).
    1. 0
      3 October 2023 12: 16
      Quote: Volunteer Marek
      Is the world waking up?

      The great Enrico Fermi formulated one social law:
      "All predictable historical events happen much later than we expect them."
      Today, in particular, this applies to the timing of the Victory over the Ukrainian fascists.
  4. +4
    3 October 2023 11: 54
    How nice of the Canadian side, the Chinese got them by putting two Canadians under firing squad in the PRC, the Indians need to follow the example - as long as there are about 10 Canadians in India, and the article will be found. The Americans can do it. By the way, in the Arab Emirates, an American woman was jailed for a year , the exceptional one did not want to undergo inspection before departure with passion, oh with undressing, she resisted. (Chocolate African American) good
    1. +3
      3 October 2023 12: 11
      spending a year in an Islamic prison would not be enough for her. Traditionally, he will get hit on the heels with sticks a couple of times for being a greyhound - he will immediately calm down.
      The Turks, for example, still beat prisoners on the heels with sticks for insubordination.
      1. +3
        3 October 2023 14: 33
        Quote: Nexcom
        The Turks, for example, still beat prisoners on the heels with sticks for insubordination.

        Several years ago in the morning at a conference call (a morning conference, as they say now, but I prefer the old way), I promised to beat the engineering staff on the heels with sticks for not following their orders.

        Surprisingly, many of the middle and lower command level engineers believed...
        And the most amazing thing is that there was a leak, the “news” went to the masses and the rank and file of the company accepted it with such enthusiasm that, they say, they drank vodka after work because of my leadership style.
        1. +1
          3 October 2023 14: 36
  5. +4
    3 October 2023 12: 00
    A year ago, Xi told this Trudor that he was going, did not draw any conclusions, a year later history repeats itself with the same result.
  6. +1
    3 October 2023 12: 08
    All this is gratifying. There’s no point in dealing with them at all: where is India and where is Canada...
    And India is part of BRICS...
    1. +1
      3 October 2023 12: 17
      Now it is no longer India, now it is Bharat. They changed their names. So now they are not Hindus but Bharatians (well, or Bharatians). laughing

      It turns out that BRICS will probably have to change its name somehow. What to respect Hindus.... oh Bharatiyas. They changed their names in order to completely disown the colonial past.
  7. 0
    3 October 2023 12: 10
    The diplomatic conflict between India and Canada continues to gain momentum
    Trudeau, a “democrat” in colored socks, with the necessary Western orientation with India, has obviously ruined relations completely. After which he got into a political scandal with an SS man invited to parliament. The foreign policy of another narcissist is not working out. But relations and friendship with Zelensky are inseparable, and this probably compensates for his arrogant ego. And the Western “incubator” continues to churn out such shots in batches.
  8. -2
    3 October 2023 12: 43
    Wow, friends and not friends!
    God, Allah, Buddha - help us all, as in a fairy tale - a heap of stars, as they said in a well-known Russian cultural work - you shoot in a heap, this means that no one can really count how many glorious sons and daughters in high positions she has lost America may soon lose Geyropa!? A long-haired, finely shaved face with a red Push button, discrediting the name of Lisa, will not let you lie and all their last ones, or else there will be... Th-oh-oh-oh... like our famous compatriot V. Vysotsky rightly foresaw the course of history, I agree with uv. Rumata and the geniuses E. Fermi and A. Einstein:
    I jump with delight
    I avoid temptations
    Convenient religion
    Indians came up with!

    Your soul strived upward
    You will be born again with a dream.
    But if you lived like a pig,
    You will remain a pig
    I have the honor.
  9. +2
    3 October 2023 13: 02
    Eh, our Foreign Ministry should learn from the Indians how to communicate with all sorts of show-offs. I didn’t like the prime minister’s speech - 2/3 of the embassy staff “wouldn’t have liked the ambassador” to go home.
    This is not “concerned Masha” at all. This is the level of self-esteem.

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