Candidate for Prime Minister of Slovakia: There are fascists in the Ukrainian army, this is the Azov regiment

Candidate for Prime Minister of Slovakia: There are fascists in the Ukrainian army, this is the Azov regiment

One of the leaders of "Azov" * S. Palamar ("Kalina")

The leader of the party that won the elections in Slovakia, Robert Fico, again spoke out about the Ukrainian armed conflict. According to a person who is trying to form a coalition in the new Slovak parliament, he does not understand why and how to help Ukraine at all if there are outright fascist formations in its army.


The Ukrainian armed forces include the Azov regiment (*terrorist formation banned in Russia - note VO). This "Azov" is fascists. Even their symbolism speaks about this.

According to the former Prime Minister of Slovakia, he cannot get used to the idea that the red carpet is being rolled out for these Ukrainian fascists in some countries.

Fico called this an outrage against the memory of the anti-fascists who launched the Slovak uprising during the Second World War.

The politician running for the post of Prime Minister of Slovakia noted that the fact of the presence of fascists in the Ukrainian army cannot be neglected.

Let us remind you: earlier in the United States, journalists said that Fico’s victory in the elections could destroy the entire pro-Ukrainian coalition.
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    1. +42
      2 October 2023 20: 34
      So the president of Ukraine is also a fascist. Who else can give a standing ovation to a former SS man? Zelya knew exactly who he was.
      1. +26
        2 October 2023 20: 46
        Anyone who helps the fascists is a fascist himself.
        And the Anglo-Saxons are generally fascists in life. It was they who invented the concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer War, Hitler only added poison gas there, the rest of the “technology” was worked out by the Anglo-Saxons.
        Current crimes are secret prisons, where people are kept without trial, secret biological laboratories. Yes, for one murder of dozens of children in Syria for the sake of a “beautiful” plot about the use of chemical weapons, the entire English island should be drowned.
        And you can’t forgive people for helping Ukrainians either...
        But in the Kremlin they will forgive, they have already forgiven - they don’t even make accusations of fascism
        1. +8
          2 October 2023 21: 11
          Earlier this year, doctors at a US military hospital in Germany made a disturbing discovery while examining a wounded Ukrainian soldier. His infection turned out to be resistant to almost all available antibiotics. The episode, detailed in a paper published last month by the US Centers for Disease Control, is the latest evidence that the health effects of the war have spread far beyond Ukraine.

          What laboratory could this one come from?!... so democratic-fascists are the same as fascists.
        2. +13
          2 October 2023 23: 40
          Quote: Shurik70
          Anyone who helps the fascists is a fascist himself.

          And the photo attached to the note attracts attention:
          One of the leaders of "Azov" * S. Palamar ("Kalina")

          What is this, hidden advertising for Natsik?
          There should be a photo of Fico instead!

          Authors, finally think about what you are doing!
      2. -1
        3 October 2023 01: 41
        Kalina is not a fascist, he is a complete idiot! He did not show himself in any way in battles, but calmly surrendered. Why they were brought back is a question for Vova, he is our ideologist now...
    2. +23
      2 October 2023 20: 35
      Fico called everything by its proper name. "Azov" - terry Nazis
      1. +17
        2 October 2023 21: 10
        In addition to Azov, more than half of the population in Ukraine are fascists. Simply due to their underdevelopment, they do not understand this.
        1. +11
          2 October 2023 22: 21
          I don’t understand, how can you not understand? I can understand Arab mercenaries, Wahhabis. But they were that. They understand everything... and it’s not the drugs that they’re being fed.
          I persuaded my friend to send a photo... a shell... or rather a mine 122ya... he argued, and then they found the shank. I immediately... said that she... because I received it myself.
          Who... will answer.???? I saw a photo of his daughter.... I was torn... better than that mine.... Yes, it would be better for me to fly again. I would give my life for her!
          What kind of creature do you have to be... to shoot at civilians! These are not fascists... they are just bastards! Six months ago, Anya was sitting on your lap....kissing her uncle on the neck. And now she's gone. Yes, I’ll go against the ambergris with a sapper’s shovel. All. Yes, I don’t care about the basics anymore... I’ll fucking kill everything and take Kyiv.
          Z.y. Today the military enlistment office refused.... yes, we know who you are. I don't care what you know. I've been at it for 1,5 years while the guys are at zero... someone died... someone was wounded... and now 7o hold me
          ZY I spoke out
          1. +7
            2 October 2023 22: 37
            What kind of creature do you have to be... to shoot at peaceful people?

            For them, these are not their own, but Russians
            1. +6
              2 October 2023 23: 03
              I’ll fight my way through my own people to zero. I’m tired of seeing.... The slab really only exists.... the guys are solving the issue right now. They said we'll solve the problem. The Ministry of Defense refused today
              z.y. I won’t say the place... the old horse doesn’t spoil the furrows. Grozny and Komsomolskoe.
            2. +7
              2 October 2023 23: 27
              This is the essence of Ukrainian fascism, for them we are not people, just as the Untermensches were for the German fascists, one to one.
    3. +3
      2 October 2023 20: 42
      I wonder if the Eastern European department of the CIA now works 24 hours a day or 25?!
      1. 0
        2 October 2023 22: 51
        Yes, 868545 has been on our ears since the beginning of the special Great Patriotic War... and they are 911 explosions there
        or maybe
    4. +9
      2 October 2023 20: 47
      Fico, a fairly experienced politician, is serving as prime minister for the third time.
    5. +9
      2 October 2023 20: 48
      It's funny. Who are Right Sector?
    6. +15
      2 October 2023 20: 50
      Fico: The Ukrainian armed forces have the Azov regiment (*terrorist formation banned in Russia - note VO). This "Azov" is fascists. Even their symbolism speaks about this.

      If only “Azov” were fascists, there are a dime a dozen of such scumbags there - “Aidar”, “Kraken”, etc. Nationalism has been elevated to the rank of the national idea of ​​the Ukrainian Reich.
      1. GGV
        3 October 2023 08: 34
        Yes, even the army men have SS chevrons and all sorts of other abominations. And these listed ones are simply 100% fascists.
    7. +7
      2 October 2023 21: 00
      He says the right things, but we should wait for real actions, according to the statements made. The Americans are quite capable of turning it 180°.
    8. +3
      2 October 2023 21: 34
      Fico is still playing an incomprehensible game for us. He accepts a country with a 7% budget deficit, and he left after the fake political murder of a journalist with a seemingly 3% deficit. The West has not forgiven him for his visits to Moscow during his premiership and his bold speeches, not without economic benefits from Russia. He has yet to become the second Orban. Who knows what the Slovaks have with reactors from Rosatom - they switched to Westinghouse?
    9. +8
      2 October 2023 21: 42
      I have always had sympathy for Slovaks. Five years of my life in the seventies were spent in a military garrison in the city of Rozhnyava. I was accepted into the pioneers at Dukla. This is a huge complex dedicated to battles. Duklensky pass. A strong impression. I was a boy. In 2016 I went there with my son and grandson. Slovaks treasure their memories tightly. Ordinary people, anyway. I understand that they will be broken anyway without our help. And, no help is expected from us (someone would help themselves). It’s a pity.
    10. 0
      2 October 2023 22: 07
      Somehow their eyes began to open to all this a bit late... and there are already a dime a dozen of these fascists in every country of Gay-Europe...
    11. -3
      2 October 2023 22: 08
      Judging by the fact that our president and not only him are fans of Ilyin, it is not a sin to be a fascist.
      1. 0
        2 October 2023 23: 25
        Check it out. Put on a headband with a swaston and walk down the street to the first police patrol.
        1. +1
          3 October 2023 07: 04
          You are talking about something else, fascism may not develop into Nazism and then the politician is quite a respected person. We are erecting monuments to the leaders of the white movement, and they will soon begin to study ideologists in schools...
          1. +1
            3 October 2023 13: 25
            There has been a monument to the Nazi henchman General Krasnov since 2006; Medinsky unveiled a memorial plaque to Mannerheim in Leningrad/St. Petersburg, but that’s different...
      2. -1
        3 October 2023 10: 13
        Ilyin was a monarchist and a patriot of Russia. He never collaborated with the Germans during the Second World War, although they persistently offered to do so. So don’t whistle with your Bandera tale, it’s better to read books for self-education.
    12. +6
      2 October 2023 22: 21
      if you look closely. Then there is not only the ASOW regiment! but also the Edelweiss regiment, Svoboda, the Sich regiment, the Donbass regiment and many other right-wing radical regiments in the Ukrainian army! And anyone who helps these Nazis is a Nazi himself.
    13. +4
      2 October 2023 23: 22
      The difference between "Azov", "Aidar", "Tornado", etc. and conventional formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is approximately the same as during WWII between the Waffen CC and the Wehrmacht. Both there and there are Nazis, just of varying degrees of stubbornness. It is not necessary to be a member of the NSDAP, it is enough to be loyal and “just follow orders.”
    14. +2
      3 October 2023 04: 06
      Yes, there, besides Azov, there are a lot of units wearing the symbols of the SS troops. Tattoos on the bodies of prisoners from all sorts of elite airborne and armored units were also delivered - even the Germans did not have such ideological partaks laughing
    15. 0
      3 October 2023 06: 32
      Thank god we have countries in eastern Europe that stand up to the west and call out the Zelensky regime.
    16. +2
      3 October 2023 10: 59
      When “these” were taken out of Azovstal, many interesting tattoos were revealed. In addition to fascist/Nazi and other radical views, I was surprised how many openly Satanic tattoos there were with features, goats, Baphomet, etc. For some reason, this is not covered much, although the level of misanthropy is off the charts, even if compared with the Nazis. Now, of course, I’m no longer surprised by anything...
      1. 0
        3 October 2023 13: 27
        A photo of a tattooed member of the DSRG “Rusich” was shown online. So there is something there that any “Azovite” can be envious of. Probably made by one master, from one catalogue.
    17. -1
      3 October 2023 11: 25
      When they say the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Waffen SS comes to mind, and Azov is synonymous with the 36th SS Grenadier Division "Dirlivanger".
    18. 0
      3 October 2023 12: 14
      Quote from LeutnantTom
      And anyone who helps these Nazis is a Nazi himself.

      I agree!
      And the first helper, “our”, dear special representative of the president, R. Abramovich!

      It was he himself (or on behalf of someone) who fed them tiramisu, bought each Nazi an Iphone, with an annual payment.
      And then these people gave interviews and promised to kill Russians again.

      PS the draft law banning the exchange of Nazi prisoners (initiated by Wasserman, supported by Volodin) was never adopted.
    19. 0
      3 October 2023 13: 22
      But they are also among the formations on the other side of the LBS - DSRG "Rusich", for example.
    20. 0
      4 October 2023 10: 19
      We came to our senses. All their state regalia and chants are the same as in honor of Hitler the liberator. How did Russia generally support diplomacy with them from the moment these regalia appeared again? If Russia had put pressure on them right away, all this wouldn’t have happened now...
    21. 0
      4 October 2023 14: 03
      Our regiment has arrived. Another smart person appeared on the horizon.
    22. -1
      9 October 2023 19: 35
      Why is there only Azov? - there are fascists in half the country
    23. 0
      9 October 2023 20: 40
      Regiment "Azov" - seasoned Nazis....

    "Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

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