The impact of a Krasnopol adjustable projectile on a hangar with military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kherson was caught on camera

The impact of a Krasnopol adjustable projectile on a hangar with military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kherson was caught on camera

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation dealt another blow to the location of military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kherson direction. Footage of the attack is published by the Telegram channel “Turned in War.”

As it became known, the target of the strike was a hangar with military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the village of Krasny Mayak (Chervony Mayak), located on the right bank of the Dnieper River, in the Kherson region. The strike itself was delivered by a high-precision 152-mm Krasnopol guided projectile guided by an Orlan-30 UAV.

In the published footage, you can see a flash and smoke at the site where the guided projectile hit. Having received information about the location of a hangar with military equipment in this area, the Russian military dealt a powerful blow to this facility.

Let us note that Krasnopol guided munitions are regularly used by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the area of ​​special military operations. Artillery units are actively working in conjunction with unmanned aerial vehicles aviation, receiving with the help drones information on the coordinates of the locations of enemy personnel, military equipment and weapons, and ammunition depots.

The Krasnopol projectile itself is intended to destroy enemy military installations and armored targets from the first shot. Such ammunition is fired from Soviet and Russian-made artillery systems D20, 2S3M Akatsiya, 2S19 Msta-S, 2A65 Msta-B.
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    1. +2
      2 October 2023 16: 42
      Data from the Russian Ministry of Defense as of October 2, 2023.
      In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, the following have been destroyed: 483 aircraft, 250 helicopters, 7359 unmanned aerial vehicles, 439 anti-aircraft missile systems, 12266 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1159 combat vehicles of multiple launch rocket systems, 6623 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 13700 units of special military vehicles.
      1. +1
        2 October 2023 21: 28
        The list is extensive and beautiful. Are all this equipment and its staff aware that they were “destroyed”?
        Or is the video from “Ivan Vasilyevich” repeated here -

        While General Konashenkoff reports every day about the destruction of mountains of enemy equipment, that equipment shoots at our troops and soldiers die!
    2. 0
      2 October 2023 16: 43
      The Krasnopol shot is very expensive. Surely modern technologies can reduce the cost of such ammunition many times over, but nothing has even been heard about plans for modernization measures.
      1. 0
        4 October 2023 16: 49
        They have released and are already using a modernized one with an increased range.
        As usual, they don’t say how much they increased. But not for a couple of kilometers...
    3. +4
      2 October 2023 16: 51
      At what range did you reach the target? The text, of course, is short, but still interesting to know.
    4. +19
      2 October 2023 17: 04
      Am I the only one who thinks that one shell is not enough?
      1. +8
        2 October 2023 17: 11
        Quote: Volunteer Marek
        Am I the only one who thinks that one shell is not enough?

        But it seems to me that the “commanders” can be accused of misuse of ammunition. fool The target is clearly area-sized, the size of a stadium, and not a point target. fool
    5. +7
      2 October 2023 17: 06
      Well, somehow the hangar didn’t work out.
      He got it, well done! But how much damage did he do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    6. +3
      2 October 2023 17: 07
      Shameful photo. For objects like this, you need not Krasnopol, but Typhoon or other MLRS... fool
      1. 0
        3 October 2023 08: 13
        Well, why are you all pestering me... “I hit it, I didn’t hit it,” “It worked out, it didn’t work out,” the calculation is new, the fighters are mastering the technique.
        1. +1
          3 October 2023 14: 15
          Guys, well, if there are still men among you, what did I say wrong?
          You all, just a year ago, and even now, sometimes, were all artillerymen. What’s wrong, you don’t shoot at objects yourself... you are given target designation.
          1. +1
            3 October 2023 15: 58
            Egeny (Evgeniya), oh, I’m belittling you and what do you think Evgeny. Not all were artillerymen; some were in the logistics department.
            There come such charming girls, just like in your avatar.
    7. +11
      2 October 2023 17: 15
      At least a FAB-250 had to be fired at this object, otherwise they just pierced the roof.
      1. 0
        3 October 2023 08: 14
        ... it was necessary, but something went wrong
    8. +1
      3 October 2023 15: 13
      It won't be enough. You need 3-4 shells. To destroy the entire building.

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