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Kevin McCarthy: Until the White House solves the problem with the US border, Ukraine will not receive much money

Kevin McCarthy: Until the White House solves the problem with the US border, Ukraine will not receive much money

Ukraine will not receive large sums from the United States until the Biden administration resolves the issue with the Mexican border, through which thousands of migrants enter the United States. This statement was made by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy.

In an interview with CBS, a Republican representative said that his priority is the United States, not Ukraine, so first it is necessary to resolve issues in America, especially with illegal migrants who are crossing the border in thousands, and only then can we deal with the problems of Kiev. Moreover, the White House has three billion for Ukraine, so Zelensky will not be left without help.

My priority is America and our borders. I support securing Ukraine weapons, which she needs, but I strongly support the border issue first

- said the speaker of the lower house of the American parliament.

McCarthy also stressed that Kyiv will not receive large amounts of military assistance until the White House led by Biden resolves the problems with the situation on the border. According to him, if the administration runs out of money for Zelensky, the White House can turn to Congress, and they will come up with something there.

They [Ukraine] will not get some big package if the border is not secure (...) The White House needs to understand one thing: they better prepare to secure the American border

- added the politician.

It was previously reported that Biden signed a temporary budget for 45 days to avoid a shutdown. To make this temporary decision, 6 billion in military aid to Ukraine was deleted from the project. Only after this was a compromise reached that satisfied both Democrats and Republicans. The Ukrainian press today writes that Ukraine has been leaked.

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  1. Myths
    Myths 1 October 2023 19: 38
    Those. did he set a ceiling on the amount for development?! The border is just a populist excuse. It is not the opinion of one politician that decides, but the interests of certain individuals.
    1. phrases
      phrases 1 October 2023 21: 17
      One hundred thousand and fifty proof that bipartisan creatures are exclusively engaged in searching and dividing the spoils. For some it is Ukraine, for others it is the border with Mexico. Or India. Or Taiwan... the gang is looking into all the cracks where they can hit the jackpot, but in general it doesn’t matter what their main public clowns are called.
      1. Lev_Russia
        Lev_Russia 1 October 2023 22: 27
        Moreover, the White House has three billion for Ukraine, so Zelensky will not be left without help.

        For Zeli and his team, three billion is enough for exactly three sniffs... They are already accustomed to figures of a completely different order... Or while the States are solving their internal problems, the already suffering Europe will have to pay for the banquet...??? In the EU countries, the topic of Ukraine is already becoming poisonous and acidic... The elections are won by the rightists, who promised to pay attention to internal problems, and not to Ukraine... Or only the States can do this...??? In general, gentlemen Anglo-Saxons, give it up, squeezing money from Zelya, otherwise he will stop loving you and leave you... He is so unstable...
        We advance and retreat
        And together we move back...
        Shooting at civilians,
        We lie that the Russian is to blame...
        We loot, we steal,
        We do drugs, we rob, we drink,
        Kissing the owner's boot
        We secretly spit at him...
        And the “West” doesn’t need to anger us -
        You really need it desperately
        So that they take us to NATO sooner
        And yours, what’s her name...??? EU....
        We protect all of Europe
        From the “Russian barbarians” now..,
        Pay or "full GOPA"),
        The war will end for you...
    2. Mikhail Ivanov
      Mikhail Ivanov 1 October 2023 23: 33
      A chatterbox, like all mattresses... He promises, chats, then cuts the budget...
  2. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 1 October 2023 19: 38
    This statement can be considered a response to pressure on McCarthy by the White House. Biden, when signing the interim budget, demanded that McCarthy put forward a legislative initiative to provide assistance to Ukraine. This will be more accurate about what is happening in the United States now (everything is based on publications in the US media). McCarthy showed no sign.
  3. Viktor Sergeev
    Viktor Sergeev 1 October 2023 19: 50
    I’m shocked, what kind of assistance to Ukraine can we talk about for a US patriot, and what does the border with Mexico have to do with assistance (wasting and stealing funds) to Ukraine? Maybe it would be better to throw money to help the Americans?
  4. Roust
    Roust 1 October 2023 19: 56
    You give a referendum in Texas to legally join Mexico!
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 1 October 2023 20: 01
      Why should Texas join Mexico? Why should Mexico join Texas? lol
      1. opposite28
        opposite28 1 October 2023 20: 10
        And between them to build a new Western Wall with the help of free masons, New Corfagen was able to build, which means they will be able to build a new Western Wall. Let's see which side the line will be longer, and the violators who climbed over the wall will be handcuffed and go to Ukraine for corrective work to clear the battlefields of corporate parties from the United States. And we’ll see who’s who “they” “them” or “their” “they”, and in the end the janitor will come and disperse everyone with a broom, accompanied by profanity, indicating the exact route to follow (without an alternate route) and the name of course of the point of permanent deployment angry good drinks
    2. DymOk_v_dYmke
      DymOk_v_dYmke 1 October 2023 20: 10
      Quote: Roust
      You give a referendum in Texas to legally join Mexico!

      Then the Texans will rush across the new border into the states. Yes
  5. antivirus
    antivirus 1 October 2023 19: 59
    Control of the border with Mexico is control of the situation until Panama. Migrants.
    Is the backyard coming back? Will he be a cattle animal or an economic community?
    China and its money in Latin America are under attack
  6. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 1 October 2023 20: 00
    The border issue is important for Republicans because (among other things - drugs, banditry, prostitution, unemployment among emigrants, etc.) these emigrants are becoming the social base of the Democrats in the upcoming presidential elections in November 2024.
    McCarthy fights for the party interests of the Elephants and, among other things, earns points with ordinary Americans by declaring that there is not enough money to solve problems within the United States. Nowadays all the dances with tambourines around the budget are subordinated to the race for the presidency.
  7. wwDevil
    wwDevil 1 October 2023 20: 01
    Aaaah, is this the devil who until recently flaunted the fact that he would not agree to a deal with Biden on the national debt? Another categorical statement from this buffoon? Funny.
  8. Iris
    Iris 1 October 2023 20: 11
    That is, the tens of billions of dollars already spent on supporting the trousers in 404, and more planned, are not a lot of money?
  9. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 1 October 2023 20: 19
    Great. We need to send VSuk to defend the borders of "NEZALEZHNAY GAMERYKY". It makes them happy.)
  10. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey 1 October 2023 20: 20
    One way or another, the Nazis of Ukraine will not be left without finance.
  11. Xenofont
    Xenofont 1 October 2023 20: 21
    What a repremand! There is an elderberry in the garden... I remember an anecdote from the time of the Pinochet Junta about a rally at a factory on this occasion. ....And if these bastards don’t let Luiska Corvalan go, then I won’t go to work tomorrow!
  12. Real Pilot
    Real Pilot 1 October 2023 20: 29
    Quote: tralflot1832
    Why should Texas join Mexico? Why should Mexico join Texas? lol

    Right! And she is already doing exactly that, simply with the feet of the Mexicans themselves.
    There, hundreds of thousands cross the porous border every month, with rabble from all over the world using this loophole to enter the United States. Most of all Latinos, of course...

    Scandals with the border are constantly boiling, and Fox News is constantly reporting.

    For example, not long ago, the Biden administration hastily disposed of unidentified sections of Trump's Wall at the price of scrap metal, on which huge amounts of money were spent. This super fence was ordered and manufactured, but not yet installed everywhere at the time the new president took office - so they got rid of the existing part at great losses, which is pure sabotage and sabotage!
    And so on ... hi
  13. KVU-NSVD
    KVU-NSVD 1 October 2023 20: 35
    All these are graters for access to the common fund and influence over financial flows. If the Democrats had shared the heat from cutting aid to Ukraine, then you see the Republicans would have resisted less. But in the end they will decide, divide it up and throw a piece at Ukraine. A raven won’t peck out a crow’s eye... I would like... yes, like in our civilian life, so that brother against brother, so that with hunger, with typhoid barracks, so with interventionists and the rise of banditry... so that then for thirty years in the outside world They couldn’t get in, but for the right to return, they had to pay the sacrifice, like we did in the War. The bastards are snickering and not afraid of life...
    1. Oleg220675
      Oleg220675 2 October 2023 09: 24
      I fully support you, I have always expressed myself in the same way, but many people think that ordinary people have nothing to do with it. Although the West is introducing all sorts of sanctions against us so that it is the common people who begin to live worse and, as a result, demolish the current government. I wish the West to experience the same thing as our country!
  14. rocket757
    rocket757 1 October 2023 22: 00
    The Ukrainian press today writes that Ukraine has been leaked.
    . It’s funny... they’re behaving like a kept girl, all that’s left is to throw a public hysteria, with all the skakuasia.
  15. Romanenko
    Romanenko 1 October 2023 22: 35
    The Ukrainian press today writes that Ukraine has been leaked.

    Is this a surprise to anyone? It seems that in the Ukrainian Reich people are not distinguished by their intelligence and intelligence, the USA betrays and merges ABSOLUTELY ALL of its satellites, for them there are no universal concepts of duty and conscience, only business.
  16. ZovSailor
    ZovSailor 1 October 2023 22: 35
    Wow, friends and foes!
    The opinion of each of you and us is important for peace on earth, but there are nuances:
    1. The mentality of the majority of the multinational and multiracial people of America is focused on business, financial relationships even among close and distant relatives, not to mention migrant Americans, aliens and refugees and peoples of other countries, which local native Americans care deeply about, believe my experience and the word of a true gentleman!
    2. Those in the know can confirm the constant political shows to drain competitors and profitably cut up the budget dough even in the high offices of the Congress and Senate, not to mention the White House, as our people say - God himself commanded and catch your luck while it’s hot !
    3. The timing was not chosen by chance, namely, to nibble off a fatter piece for yourself during the start of the election race: in Russian, to catch a goldfish in troubled waters!
    4. But this person expresses the right thoughts - the time has long come to strengthen not only land borders, which resemble a colander with large holes, but also air borders, bearing in mind the history of supposedly Chinese or Russian strategic balloons, which with ..... attempts were shot down by the valiant Air Force of America (K)i! And then it turned out, true or not, no one knows that these balls were generally peaceful for scientific and research work due to global climate change on the planet?
    In secret, I am disclosing a military secret without disclosure - large amounts of finance are needed to protect the long maritime borders of the US, first of all the Atlantic, secondly the Pacific, since it was possible to come to an agreement with Sergei Viktorovich in the world, and Sergei Kuzhugetovich receives instructions only from one person , you understand, the God of the seas Zeus and “Poseidon” do not need much persuasion, but this is my personal opinion!
    It's up to you and us to draw conclusions.
    I have the honor.
  17. Maks1995
    Maks1995 1 October 2023 22: 56
    IMHO, we are being fooled.
    The problem with the Mexican border has been promoted in our media for a long time, in waves, it was claimed that the Mexicans were going on the attack in waves.... In the end, nothing. no waves, no shocks...
    And there was also a lot of zilch with “America won’t give you money”

    Alas, he gives and will give. And all sorts of soap bubbles inflated by the media naturally end in nothing...
    In general, Kevin McCarthy is separate, and money is separate. there will be.
  18. Dmitrii
    Dmitrii 2 October 2023 00: 36
    It will be difficult for most of us to believe, I myself did not believe it until a person I knew told me about a young family that fled from the North Military District to Canada. First, they crossed the border between Mexico and the United States as illegal immigrants, they were taken there, as in 1000 videos on YouTube, processed and quietly released into the United States. Then they officially crossed the border between the USA and Canada. In Canada, they issued an allowance for each of them for 2200 bucks (approximate amount) and they live, do not bother, and do not want to return. It’s just not clear how this happens, their benefit is 2200, and the pension of an ordinary American is 1100 (according to Tucker Carlson). Well, it looks like complete nonsense. And the real problem with the border is worse than what we have in Central Asia. It turns out that the policy of helping migrants, including illegal ones, is a worldwide agreement, and donkeys are easier to manage. I really want to believe that we have come out of this agreement. I have already become familiar with the new law on tightening migration policy, and I am glad that movement in this direction has begun.
  19. evgen1221
    evgen1221 2 October 2023 03: 23
    Another election show for the whole world with a long-known result. The intrigue was only with Kennedy Sr. and Trump, the rest is predictable.
  20. Vladimir Mikhalev
    Vladimir Mikhalev 2 October 2023 15: 17
    During the Chechen war, it turned out that he reached an Al-Qaeda cell. I had to pretend to be a Muslim and “build” the Caliphate with them. So, then I found out a number of their plans for our country. They boasted about how smart they were. To begin with, I’ll tell you about the very scheme of constructing this education. In general, they cause unrest in one country or another, after which people flee this country, along with the caliphates. Where over time they create unrest and chaos among the Muslims of another country. Where people are already tired of fighting, they come to power, peace and order. People are starting to support this system. A number of Muslim states emerge. And then the unification. We were interested in the regions of the Caucasus, Bashkiria, Tatarstan, the Urals, and Siberia. In general, since the authorities worked clumsily, they had to gather two groups of their mostly one-party members (I’m a nationalist), but not only nationalists took part in the game. But also people of other parties, the main thing is knowledge of the Arabic language. The first, led by Martsinkevich, scared off with videos of how we treat immigrants. The second, less numerous, worked on social services. networks, glorifying that in the West it’s good, but here it’s very bad. The flow of immigrants flowed to the west, and not to our country as Al Qaeda had planned. The same scheme went through with the blue ones. It's a pity that Maxim was killed. Now maybe I could help with my own too. So, good or bad, you can play it on their border. Look, the supply of weapons would stop.
  21. Asker
    Asker 2 October 2023 16: 08
    Strange unrest for a country that successfully prints money for the whole world.