Russian aviation inflicted fire on a facility containing vehicles, equipment and warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Konstantinovka

Russian aviation inflicted fire on a facility containing vehicles, equipment and warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Konstantinovka

Russian troops continued to strike targets of the Kyiv regime in the part of the territory of the DPR occupied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. After the morning strike on personnel and military equipment accommodation facilities in Kramatorsk, there followed a daytime strike on targets in Konstantinovka.

The Ukrainian side states that the arrivals took place at a transport enterprise. At the same time, the proteges of the Kyiv regime in Konstantinovka do not say that the transport was used to transport personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as to transport weapons and ammunition closer to the line of combat contact. The enemy is also silent about the fact that they used warehouses at the facility to store military cargo.

The strike was carried out from the air using aviation bombs. Moreover, if the object was purely civilian, as representatives of the Kyiv regime are trying to pretend, then why was it necessary to hide the specific place of arrival and retouch the photographs? The reason is clear: if the so-called “regional prosecutor’s office” published the full version of the images, then one could see losses among the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mangled military equipment.

And so they showed a crater and a rising cloud of smoke.
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  1. -3
    30 September 2023 20: 42
    The funnel is especially old... photos of it were circulating a couple of months ago
    1. +2
      30 September 2023 20: 55
      Quote from Enceladus
      the pictures were circulating a couple of months ago

      Well, photos that are not related to the article are often used here.
  2. fiv
    30 September 2023 20: 47
    Well, oh well, they just started cooking the gas tank in the repair area without steaming it. So it boomed, and there was an air conditioner nearby.
  3. +6
    30 September 2023 20: 59
    They really took the pigs’ rear seriously, they’ve been burning the deep rear for a week now, there’s an idea that this is not easy...
    1. 0
      30 September 2023 22: 33
      It looks like we're still shooting, but if they start getting serious, I think the volumes will be different.
  4. +5
    30 September 2023 21: 31
    Enough about civilian infrastructure; in war, all infrastructure is a legitimate target. Today a diesel locomotive is carrying a passenger train, and tomorrow a train with military equipment. Diesel and electric locomotives need to be knocked out first. And since in Ukraine there is a railway. The gauge is Russian size, they have nowhere to get new ones, they don’t produce them themselves for a long time, and repairing heat-electric locomotives is a complicated and time-consuming task. NATO will give them tanks, weapons, etc., but how can they transport it across the territory of Ukraine if we methodically knock out day after day traction composition.
    1. +1
      30 September 2023 23: 03
      Why such details? We need to wet them, talk less and finish faster.
      Because it also works in the opposite direction.
      Let's wait for NATO to also say that all Russian infrastructure is a legitimate target. And you’ll think about whether to take a ticket for Sapsan, or better yet, on foot.
  5. +1
    30 September 2023 21: 39
    Yes, judging by the cloud in the photo, there was only a hole in the ground.
  6. 0
    30 September 2023 22: 17
    So there's nothing left but a crater and smoke good
  7. -1
    30 September 2023 22: 44
    How interesting it has become now - because of just one bomb, there’s a topic to be created right away.
    They dropped one bomb - that's news, you can create a topic. The cannon was fired once, which means the Russian Federation is attacking along the entire front)).
  8. 0
    30 September 2023 23: 58
    Fashington ordered until the last banderlog - that means until the last. Working hard, brothers!
  9. 0
    1 October 2023 08: 21
    You have to hit everything, always, systematically and effectively. But we also shouldn’t forget about the effect for the population to understand that everything is bad. The Black Sea Fleet headquarters must be avenged, at least by the Verkhovna Rada. And in general, we need to focus on prevention and prevention.
  10. +1
    1 October 2023 13: 50
    Wow, friends and not friends!
    The opinions of all of you are interesting and respected, but there are nuances: now our armed forces do not need to make excuses for flying into the facility, when at the beginning of the month, before the arrival of the striped Damn Wedge, Bandernatsik hit the civilian market, blaming the Russian Armed Forces? And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation warned everyone NATO - ne nato! Legitimate targets will continue to be subject to calibration, digitization for 200-hundredths and 300-hundredths! Banderaich and NATO-ne nato! They violated all the commandments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and repeatedly, in a gentlemanly manner, warned all the Undo-Gentlemen of the False West! Now Sergei Kuzhugetovich and his warriors and patriots of the Russian Federation are talking to you, not yet in a completely harsh form, but everything is achievable in the future!
    It’s up to us and you to draw conclusions.
    I have the honor.