A protege of the Kyiv regime in Nikolaev explained why the air raid alarm in the city sounds after missile strikes

A protege of the Kyiv regime in Nikolaev explained why the air raid alarm in the city sounds after missile strikes

In Nikolaev, air raid signals have been sounded recently after missile strikes by the Russian Armed Forces were carried out on objects in the city. The protege of the Kyiv regime in the city, Alexander Senkevich, tried to give his explanation for this strange situation.

According to the head of the city administration, such “work” of air threat warning systems may be associated with a ballistic missile attack. The air defense systems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot detect ballistic missiles in time, and accordingly, they cannot notify about it.

As a result, the missiles hit targets before air defense systems have time to react. Sienkiewicz said that just last week there were three attacks of this type, and in all three cases there were explosions first, and only then air raid sirens sounded.

The type of missiles used to attack is still unknown, but it is known that after them great destruction occurs and a fire occurs

- said Sienkiewicz.

Nikolaev is one of the priority targets for missile and UAV strikes by the Russian Armed Forces in the southwestern direction, given the large number of military facilities in this city and the infrastructure that is used by the Kiev regime for military purposes. In addition to Nikolaev, in the south-west of Ukraine, attacks are actively being carried out on military facilities and logistics infrastructure in the Odessa region, including Odessa itself and the Danube ports of Reni and Izmail.
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    1. +7
      30 September 2023 14: 44
      This is so that the shells of the “valiant” Ukrainian air defense will soon fall on stupid heads. And the missiles have long since destroyed everything...
    2. +3
      30 September 2023 14: 44
      Well, what about “everything is a bit messed up”? Zrada! Senkevich to the answer! To the peacemaker!
    3. +7
      30 September 2023 14: 55
      It’s just that the real danger begins after Russian missiles fall, because they hit a military target, but after they hit the city, air defense missiles begin to fall on the city, and this is only dangerous for civilians.
    4. 0
      30 September 2023 15: 02
      Soon Bulgarian missiles will be delivered and mass shelling from the S300 will begin
    5. +2
      30 September 2023 15: 03
      If this is true in the words of the Nikolaev mayor, then with his words he “greatly helped” civilians to believe in the protection of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the terrible Russian missilemen.
    6. +2
      30 September 2023 15: 20
      Yes, his grenades are of the wrong system (c) White Sun of the Desert
      He would also complain that we are cheaters good
    7. +2
      30 September 2023 15: 47
      Oh! I saw that air raid alarm! There is a car, a passenger car. Near her are a couple of policemen. There is a tape recorder on top of the car. They turn it on, it sounds “Air raid warning. Go to shelter” (in Ukrainian, of course.) The recording is repeated 3-4 times. The police are standing nearby. People calmly go to the market or to the store. Believe it or not, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nikolaev also announces it.
      1. +2
        30 September 2023 16: 50
        Fidget, it is necessary to add “For ragulya: please additionally put it on heads, salad bowls, colanders, pots or troughs.”)
    8. +1
      30 September 2023 16: 03
      The Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot detect ballistic missiles in time, and therefore cannot notify about it
      Strange. And they say that they shoot down everything, from "daggers" to "Iskanders"
      The type of missiles used to attack is still unknown
      How is it possible, in the Ukrainian news, all types of missiles are identified instantly, they don’t even have time to arrive (they are all shot down), or ask Klitschka, he is an unsurpassed missile specialist, he will immediately determine. laughing But seriously, there is this issue with anti-aircraft siren signals, not only in Nikolaev, but in all Ukrainian cities. Either he just plays ten times a day and the same at night, or he starts playing after he arrives. And this is not the last week, but from the very beginning of the war. There is even such a sign that if the alarm sounds, then you can be calm, it won’t come again.
    9. +1
      30 September 2023 16: 18
      Greetings to you from our brothers from the DPRK and Iran.
    10. KCA
      30 September 2023 16: 57
      Because they are detected already when the target is hit, okay Geranki, maybe they are detected, but X-22/32, 555, 101? They will find out about them after they are hit
    11. +1
      30 September 2023 17: 04
      Apparently what kind of bombs are planning...
    12. 0
      30 September 2023 19: 48
      Not everything they write is true. Their air defense works to cover the necessary objects, in Nikolaev they don’t see such things, or they don’t shine on purpose. Therefore, there is no need to tell the Ukrainians about this. We still hit military and strategic forces at night, when people are at home and not at work. The main thing is that everything works out for us, we just need to work systematically, steadily and incrementally. And there are enough goals.
    13. +1
      30 September 2023 23: 14
      Wow, friends and not friends!
      I think the Nikolaev Banderaite can be trusted, because Russia has long since run out of missiles, and this is all entirely the work of UFOs and other unknown “Shaheds” who have taken a liking to the land of the BanderReich. The wife of the main Nazi from Kukuev personally called for shooting down everything flying with jars of cucumbers and tomatoes, there were even videos of the successful use of such super weapons! And now what, are the banks really running out? Urgently contact Geyropa for a supply of jars of cucumbers, eggplants, beans, and other bunches for combat use!

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