Footage has appeared from the military parade in Abkhazia in honor of the 30th anniversary of the victory in the war with Georgia

Footage has appeared from the military parade in Abkhazia in honor of the 30th anniversary of the victory in the war with Georgia

On September 30, a solemn military parade dedicated to the country’s victory in the war with Georgia of 1992-1993 began in the capital of the Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum. In Abkhazia, this holiday is officially called Victory Day in the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia.

All parts of the Ministry of Defense of Abkhazia, as well as representatives of the republic’s law enforcement agencies, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Migration Service, the Customs Committee, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the State Security Service, and the State Security Service are involved in the solemn event.

In addition to Abkhaz military personnel and security forces, units of the 7th Russian military base and the Border Directorate of the FSB of Russia in Abkhazia, as well as Cossacks living in the republic, are participating in the parade. The military parade was opened by veterans of the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia and volunteers from Russia, who took part in the hostilities at that time.

The parade was hosted by the Minister of Defense of Abkhazia, Colonel General Vladimir Anua, and the parade was commanded by the Chief of the General Staff and First Deputy Minister of Defense, Colonel General Beslan Tsvizhba. In total, more than 1,7 thousand people took part in the parade, as well as 70 units of military equipment and aviation. For the first time, a squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles participated in a military parade in the republic.

After the military and security forces, the Abkhaz Immortal Regiment marched through Freedom Square - residents of the republic with photographs of relatives and friends who died during the war with Georgia.

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  1. -3
    30 September 2023 14: 28
    And they like parades? Then I have bad feelings about the security and well-being of Abkhazia...
    1. +7
      30 September 2023 14: 54
      Do you have the same bad feelings about France, with their annual military parade on Bastille Day?
      1. 0
        1 October 2023 10: 23
        If they are as pompous as ours, if tens of thousands of military personnel are distracted for months from real combat training, and only do step training (I myself, while studying at the academy, twice participated in parades on Dvortsovaya, so I know all this cuisine is not by hearsay), then yes - bad. And by the way, what did the French army become famous for in World War II? In Algeria? Indochina? Sahel? What episodes from the military history of France of the last century do you mean by offering, apparently, France as an example of a successful combination of love for parades and real combat readiness of the army?
        PS In Stockholm, every day at the royal palace they hold the most beautiful parades of the guards, but they have a small unit allocated for this show for tourists, and the rest of the army is not affected by these circus performances in any way, so I have no bad feelings about Sweden. They'll be fine. What I would like to wish for both us and Abkhazia.
        1. 0
          1 October 2023 11: 36
          So many chaotic letters... I'm afraid I won't have enough for a longer comment.
  2. +6
    30 September 2023 15: 03
    It would be better if the Airport in Sukhumi was restored.
  3. +4
    30 September 2023 15: 42
    You can immediately feel the power of the army! It is immediately commanded by two colonel generals! Hooray!
  4. -5
    30 September 2023 16: 30
    By supporting Abkhazia, we lost Georgia.
    1. +3
      30 September 2023 16: 56
      Quote: Arzt
      By supporting Abkhazia, we lost Georgia.

      We would have lost Georgia in any case; in the 90s there was a stalemate, so bad and so bad. 2008 Georgia showed its true face, now it has no chance in both Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I hope the latter will become part of Russia.
    2. +4
      30 September 2023 18: 08
      Quote: Arzt
      By supporting Abkhazia, we lost Georgia.

      In the 90s, no one really supported the Abkhazians. They could not remove all the weapons from Abkhazia... So the Georgians got a lot of things from Soviet warehouses. Georgia was the first to start anti-Russian hysteria, closed Russian military bases... Well, the Abkhazians had nowhere to go except to be friends with Russia.
    3. +5
      30 September 2023 18: 21
      We lost it as soon as all sorts of Gamsakhurdia and Shevardnadze came to power.