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October 1 - Day of the Ground Forces of Russia

October 1 - Day of the Ground Forces of Russia

Photo: Alexander Volozhanin,

The professional holiday of military personnel and civilian personnel of the Russian Ground Forces is celebrated annually at the state level. Its date is October 1st.

The holiday was first celebrated in 2006. On this day, October 1, 1550, the Russian Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich, widely known as the Terrible (Ivan IV), by his decree established the first “thousand service people.” This is how regiments of archers appeared in Rus' - the first units of the regular army in the Russian Federation. stories.

Grozny also organized centralized control of troops and supplied them with everything necessary, and also established the service of Russian soldiers on a permanent basis, and not only in wartime. This is how the first prototype of the modern Russian army appeared. From that moment on, ground forces appeared and began to develop in Rus' - the oldest and most numerous type of domestic Armed Forces.

The procedure for recruiting for military service, which has some common features with the modern system, was first used by another Russian ruler - Emperor Peter I. It was he who in 1699 issued the decree “On the admission of soldiers from free people into service,” laying the foundation for recruitment in Russia recruits. And by the end of the long and eventful war with Sweden, also called Northern, which lasted from 1700 to 1721, our country already had a full-fledged regular land army.

Today, the Russian Ground Forces include motorized riflemen, tank crews, artillerymen, missilemen and other military personnel. On the day of their professional holiday, large-scale celebrations are held throughout the country. The main one is considered to be the festive service in the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord on Preobrazhenskaya Square in Moscow. This object is considered the main temple of the Russian Ground Forces.

Today, the editors of Military Review heartily congratulate the personnel and respected veterans of this key branch of the Armed Forces. I would like to say special words of gratitude to those who are on the front line today, bringing victory closer. We wish you, dear soldiers and commanders, all earthly blessings.

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  1. Asad
    Asad 1 October 2023 04: 57
    Happy holiday infantry! To those who are on the frontline, good luck and health!
    1. Maz
      Maz 1 October 2023 09: 32
      Happy holiday to everyone involved!!! I love BMPs, I wish I could drive them around!!! Aki in his youth!!
  2. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 1 October 2023 05: 34
    “In all wars, the main branch of the army,
    ensuring the victory was the infantry ...
    For the queen of the fields - the infantry!"...
    G.K. Zhukov May 5, 1941
  3. ISKANDER_61
    ISKANDER_61 1 October 2023 06: 04
    Congratulations to all those involved and especially those at the front. We will.
  4. your vsr 66-67
    your vsr 66-67 1 October 2023 06: 14
    Happy holiday to everyone involved in the glorious infantry!
    The heaviest burden of war falls on the infantry! So be always winners and stay alive!
    Happy Holidays!
    PS And to all veterans, and older people in general, Happy Older Person’s Day!
    Health to all of you!
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 October 2023 06: 34
    Happy holiday to all those involved, who served and are in service! Special congratulations to the attack aircraft in the Northern Military District zone, return with victory alive and well.
  6. ddstan
    ddstan 1 October 2023 07: 54
    The Ground Forces include various types of troops. Holidays have long been established for wax births (RV and A, PVO, etc.).
    Mother infantry has always suffered and continues to suffer the greatest losses in wars. But the leadership of our Armed Forces (in particular, the Ground Forces) have long forgotten about this and do not remember even during the Northern Military District. At one time, proposals were received from the AGSH to the General Staff of the Army to establish Infantry Day! But alas, they referred to some day of the Ground Forces.
    Remember Mother Infantry. Give, set this day!
  7. Sanya Terek
    Sanya Terek 1 October 2023 07: 57
    Today, the Russian Ground Forces include motorized riflemen, tank crews, artillerymen, missilemen, anti-aircraft gunners and other military personnel. Happy holiday!!!
  8. Alexander Shumeiko
    Alexander Shumeiko 1 October 2023 09: 29
    I wish you to return home with Victory on your own two feet and not on prosthetics. And as many as possible alive. Don't expose yourself.
    ODERVIT 1 October 2023 09: 38
    Happy Holidays!!! Good luck in completing combat missions!!!
  10. Kojote21
    Kojote21 1 October 2023 13: 01
    Infantrymen, happy holiday to you! Long life and success to you! Hurray!!! soldier
  11. opposite28
    opposite28 1 October 2023 13: 59
    Happy Holidays to the Queen of the Fields!!! Glorious continuers of the traditions of the Fatherland!!! good drinks
  12. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 1 October 2023 14: 23
    Basically, I see they congratulate the infantry here. But the professional infantry holiday was a month and a half ago soldier :))
    And today not only the infantry is celebrating, but also all other branches of the military who do not swim or fly.
    Therefore, to ALL branches of the army included in the Army - sincere congratulations and triple HURRAY!

    And one more thing... we, old soldiers, really count on you, guys! Very!
    1. nepunamemuk
      nepunamemuk 1 October 2023 22: 23
      What kind of troops does the construction battalion belong to?
  13. storm
    storm 1 October 2023 16: 04
    Happy holiday to you, infantry, tank crews, artillerymen, all employees and veterans of the Russian ground forces!!!