Politicians in France and Poland believe that Zelensky could not have known that he was honoring an SS division veteran in the Canadian Parliament

Politicians in France and Poland believe that Zelensky could not have known that he was honoring an SS division veteran in the Canadian Parliament

The scandal surrounding the honoring of Nazi criminal Yaroslav Gunko (Gunka) continues to gain momentum. Canadian reporters the day before got through to a veteran of the SS division “Galicia” (*an extremist formation banned in Russia), and he stated that “he was prevented from living the rest of his life in peace” and now, you see, he is preparing to leave Canada and “move to his friends to South America."

The interpretation is interesting: that is, the Nazi is not bothered by the fact that he took the lives of others as an SS man, but he is worried that he is not allowed to “live in peace.”

In this regard, the French politician Florian Philippot said that it is generally interesting how the SS men avoided trial and lived for decades in different countries of the world, with their hands up to their elbows in the blood of innocent victims.

According to Filippo, if in Canada the parliamentary protocol service initially stated that “they did not know that Gunko was in the ranks of the SS division,” then Zelensky, who honored the Nazi, by definition, could not help but know for whom and against whom this Gunko fought.


Both Trudeau and Zelensky should leave their posts if they have any respect for the victims of Nazism.

The Polish government said that “honoring a Nazi criminal who served in a division that was marked by the extermination of thousands of Poles and Jews cannot go unnoticed.”

The very fact that the ethnic Jew Zelensky applauded the veteran of the SS division causes shock in any adequate person.

Perhaps Zelensky would be happy to resign and go to a quiet life in Canada, but will his Western handlers allow him to do this? Of course not. He is urged to hold elections in 2024 and take part in them, in order to further promote his interests in cultivating anti-Russia through Zelensky.
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    1. +9
      29 September 2023 07: 03
      Everyone knew everything, they wanted to do something nice for the little Jew Seltz, but they ended up diving into a cesspool.
      1. +4
        29 September 2023 07: 11
        ..but I wonder how it will all end..??
        1. +11
          29 September 2023 07: 24
          In principle, everything is already over, in the sense of “blood” there will be no more. They removed the speaker of parliament who had invited, and the rest pretended that they didn’t know who they were applauding.
          Trudeau apologized. Canada is a refuge for the Nazis, so there is no particular threat to him.
          1. +4
            29 September 2023 07: 40
            Both Trudeau and Zelensky should leave their posts if they have any respect for the victims of Nazism.

            What kind of respect for the victims of the Nazis during WWII can Zelensky and Trudeau talk about if they themselves are Nazis?! And Zelensky’s hands in Ukraine are now up to his shoulders in blood!
            They are like bees against honey!
            1. +7
              29 September 2023 07: 52
              A Canadian deputy also demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Trudeau because of the honoring of a Nazi in the country's parliament. But this is not enough!

              Canadians need to demand including and the resignation of the granddaughter of the Ukrainian Nazi Mikhailo Khomyak and government member Chrystia Freeland (55 years old) - She is now the current Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Canada.
              Moreover, Canadian President Trudeau is under strong Nazi influence.
              I must say that Chrystia Freeland has been preparing Washington for several years now (since 2013) to become NATO Secretary General instead of Stoltenberg. And the closer she gets to this appointment, the greater her influence on Trudeau and the entire Canadian government. She is their ideologist of Nazism and fascism.

              Hristia Freeland (born Christina Alexandra Freeland) is a Canadian politician, former journalist, editor and writer. Member of the Liberal Party. Current Deputy Prime Minister from 20 November 2019 and Minister of Finance of Canada from 18 August 2020 of the year.
              She also member of the House of Commons from November 24, 2013. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada from January 10, 2017 to November 20, 2019, Minister of Relations with Provincial Governments of Canada (2019-2020), Minister of Foreign Trade of Canada (2015-2017).

              When Chrystia Freeland, the granddaughter of the Ukrainian Nazi Mykhailo Khomyak, was appointed head of the Canadian Foreign Ministry in 2018, information surfaced that During WWII, Mikhailo Chomiak worked as editor of the Nazi newspaper Krakow News in occupied Poland, an instrument of fascist propaganda.
              This newspaper glorified the Third Reich and justified the extermination of Jews. Even a photo of Mikhailo Khomyak with Emil Gassner, Goebbels’ direct subordinate, has survived.
              According to media reports, Chomyak worked under the authority of the organizer of the Holocaust on Polish lands, Governor General Hans Frank, who was hanged by a tribunal in Nuremberg after WWII as a war criminal.

              The Family Secret of Chrystia Freeland is that her grandfather, Mikhailo Khomyak faithfully and devotedly served Nazi Germany until its surrender, and the Khomyak family’s move to Canada took place only after the defeat of the Third Reich by the Soviet Union with the support of its allies - the USA and Great Britain.

              Hans Frank (May 23, 1900 - October 16, 1946) was a German statesman and politician, lawyer, Reichsleiter (1934).
              In 1940-1945 - Governor-General of occupied Poland (the so-called “General Government”). One of the main organizers of large-scale terror against the Polish and Jewish population of Poland. After the end of the war, he was arrested and sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials.
              A complaint
              1. +1
                29 September 2023 10: 28
                Small clarification. Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada. Canada has no president.
                1. -1
                  29 September 2023 15: 16
                  Quote: Sergej1972
                  Small clarification. Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada. Canada has no president.
                  Thank you for the correct and important clarification!

                  Yes, there really is no Canadian President in Canada!
                  In Canada there is a so-called "Canadian monarchy" Namely, that's what it is.

                  Canadian monarchy is a constitutional monarchy in which monarchical power is hereditary. The monarch, representing the Canadian Crown, is the head of state. Now this post is occupied by Charles III, King of Canada. His official title is Charles III, by the Grace of God King of the United Kingdom, Canada and other Kingdoms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. He has reigned over the country since September 8, 2022.
                  Most of the powers of the King of Canada (i.e. Charles III) in his absence are exercised by the Governor General, although the monarch has exclusive powers. The Governor General has a direct relationship with the monarch and on occasion presents himself as the de facto head of state.

                  King Charles III of Great Britain, the legal representative of the Crown office in Canada, is also the head of state in fourteen other countries, independent of Canada. This is a result of previous colonial relations between these countries and Great Britain, but today they are all independent and each country has its own monarchy.

                  The official representing the King of Canada (i.e. Charles III), which is a member of the Commonwealth and recognizes the British Monarch as head of state, is Governor General of Canada. (English: Governor General of Canada, French: Gouverneur général du Canada).
                  From July 26, 2021 to the 30th Canada's Governor General is Mary Simon, Canada's first Indigenous woman to hold that position.

                  In the video below:
                  - Governor General of Canada - an elderly woman wearing a red painted shawl, similar to a Russian or Ukrainian painted shawl. Apparently, this is a sign of her expressing her special reverence for the Nazi Zelensky and his Ukroreich;
                  - Chrystia Freeland is a lady with long hair and a light checkered jacket.

                  In general, as we can judge, one way or another, the strings of honors for the Nazis by the authorities in Canada stretch to Great Britain - to the royal house of the family of Elizabeth II.

                  The President of Ukraine met in Ottawa with the Governor General of Canada. Details
                  1. 0
                    29 September 2023 16: 01
                    What could it actually be like? The Governor General of Canada, who is also the head of the Canadian Armed Forces, can be seen in the example of the former Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette, who visited Ukraine 5 years ago - i.e. even under Poroshenko!

                    Canada is a member of the G7 countries.

                    See video:
                    Governor General of Canada Julie Payette visited Ukraine. Published 5 years ago. -
        2. +1
          29 September 2023 08: 08
          Nothing. Trudeau will not resign, much less Zelensky. Like, few veterans live in Canada. And Gunko will calmly go to South America to join his SS friends
          1. 0
            29 September 2023 10: 31
            And Gunko will calmly go to South America to join his SS friends
            But we definitely have to wait for this. Firstly, South America is not NATO Canada. And secondly, kill them all there later in bulk.
      2. +2
        29 September 2023 07: 22
        he, you see, is preparing to leave Canada and “move...

        ...to their historical homeland, Ukraine
      3. +4
        29 September 2023 07: 51
        Of course I knew! These “gunkas” march through Khreshchatyk and Lvov every year, all this nonsense is legalized in Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have entire battalions with the same names and standards. This clown from the 95th quarter wanted to show that the underdog SSovsky from the USSR supposedly fought with the Russians (so the USSR was part of the anti-Hitler coalition), but it turned out that the whole world saw that Russia is currently fighting against Nazism, and this ideology is led by an ethnic Jew, so how the story turned out. By the way, a clear signal was sent to the Mossad to eliminate both this Gunya and Zelensky, the addresses are known.
        1. 0
          29 September 2023 10: 36
          By the way, a clear signal was sent to the Mossad to eliminate both this Gunya and Zelensky, the addresses are known.
          So we'll see what the Mossad does. If they don’t do anything, then Israel and all Jews, just like Canada, cover and contribute to the SS and all fascists.
    2. +12
      29 September 2023 07: 08
      Both Trudeau and Zelensky should leave their posts if they have any respect for the victims of Nazism.
      The French politician, voicing his demand, proceeds from the fact that it is directed to people who still understand what morality, standards of behavior and simply conscience are. But he is deeply mistaken, because... Trudeau and Zelensky have none of the above. The provocation honoring the SS man was thought out, prepared in advance and timed specifically for Zelensky’s arrival in Canada. It’s just that the Canadian authorities, for some reason of their own, considered that this would take place without an international scandal and would only affect the reaction of Russia, which was doing this in defiance and retaliation. Two freak drug addicts decided to make fun of our country and suddenly they themselves found themselves at the center of an international scandal. “Don’t prepare a hole for someone else, you will fall into it yourself,” says a Russian proverb. It's a shame that in the end everything will be put on hold.
      1. +5
        29 September 2023 07: 34
        This is the usual next Overton window in attempts to whitewash Nazism and make it the official dominant ideology of the West.
        As it was before with homosexuality and, more broadly, sexual perversions. As well as the institution of marriage, the demonization of the communist idea, etc.
    3. +2
      29 September 2023 07: 11
      Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Zelensky - resign! They knew everything perfectly about Gunko, the fascist underdog.
    4. +2
      29 September 2023 07: 22
      And the SS man himself knew that he was an SS man.
      1. +3
        29 September 2023 07: 43
        This fascist must apologize for his crimes to his victims in the next world.
      2. +1
        29 September 2023 08: 00
        Now he wants to go to his SS friends in South America
    5. +2
      29 September 2023 07: 30
      In fact, the open celebration of the Nazis in Ukraine began in the 90s of the last century, and the godfather had a hand in this. The fact that European people have begun to “condemn” this indicates that an “agreement” is being prepared. And if we add here - filling the country with immigrants, the creation of private armies by “princelings”, and even on a national basis..., the question arises, how can this end for our country? One gets the impression that it was not we who started the SVO, but the West that started its SVO against us, not without the help of, of course, “bad” forces in Russia itself.
    6. +2
      29 September 2023 07: 31
      if in Canada the parliamentary protocol service initially stated that it “did not know that Gunko was in the ranks of the SS division”
      Why the hell was he even invited to this event? Options like “he snuck in by knocking out the security” are not accepted for obvious reasons.
      1. +2
        29 September 2023 08: 02
        There is a photo of him in the reception room of Prime Minister Trudeau before his speech in the Parliament of Canada
    7. +3
      29 September 2023 07: 32
      The world community has already begun to get tired of the “Ukraine” project and has latched on to this Nazi in order to spin the scandal and at least somehow slow down the hysteria around Ukraine...
    8. +4
      29 September 2023 07: 33
      I am simply amazed at how disconnected the elites of all countries of the world are from the people. Society needs to be cleaned, as is done in an open-hearth furnace, where they simply rake up and dispose of the slag and debris that has floated to the surface.
    9. HAM
      29 September 2023 07: 35
      Note that it all started only after the Jews became indignant... and again they have double standards --- when they killed Jews, it was a sin, when a Jew killed - "Oh, what's wrong with that!?"..
    10. +2
      29 September 2023 07: 42
      Politicians in France and Poland believe that Zelensky could not have known that he was honoring an SS division veteran in the Canadian Parliament
      So I want to understand whether they created a storm in a teacup to stir up their own political affairs, or whether someone really cares about “universal justice”?
    11. +3
      29 September 2023 07: 53
      There was a malfunction in the kingdom of crooked mirrors, it turns out that memory remained, fascism killed not only Russians, as Western puppeteers impose.
      1. 0
        29 September 2023 22: 45
        Quote: tralflot1832
        There was a glitch in the kingdom of crooked mirrors

        The crash is very surprising. I didn't expect this. hi
    12. +1
      29 September 2023 07: 59
      Everyone who supplies Ukraine with weapons is helping the Nazi Jew. And now they’re whining about how a Nazi is in power, they’ve been treated like suckers, but they can’t stop
    13. +2
      29 September 2023 08: 01
      The victims of the Holocaust now have a hard time in the next world: a new term “Judaeus-nazi” is in use on Earth. (President Zelensky)
    14. +3
      29 September 2023 08: 10
      It seems to me that they are being foolish or are they really such idiots? Everyone knows, everyone understands what kind of bastard fought against the Russians (Soviet) - the undead SS bastards and their Bandera brothers-in-arms!
    15. +4
      29 September 2023 08: 16
      The French themselves supported the Nazis for most of the war. There were fewer people in the resistance than those who worked hard for fascism.
      1. +1
        29 September 2023 14: 52
        The entire fascist West either directly fought for Hitler or supported him.
    16. +4
      29 September 2023 08: 28
      It’s surprising that there was even a fuss about this, because in Canada, over the time of the USSR, all sorts of fugitive Nazis lived, even at the request of the USSR, when there was already an evidence base, they could not send the punisher.
    17. +4
      29 September 2023 08: 31
      Yes, they will applaud even the devil, even the devil, even Hitler, the main thing is that the one who is applauded fought against the Russians. We need to remember about this hatred towards us, not to forget in any case
    18. +6
      29 September 2023 08: 33
      Where is the local Israeli Aron Zavi? interesting to hear his opinion,
      Is Israel, at the direction of the United States, ready to rehabilitate Hitler and apologize for the slander of the German people with the payment of appropriate reparations and recognition that this was intra-ethnic cleansing, and Hitler was just an ordinary executor of the conspiracy?
    19. +3
      29 September 2023 08: 35
      drain the herbs slowly......................
    20. +4
      29 September 2023 09: 00
      Why be surprised? Among the Tribalts, these remnants have been openly marching for more than 30 years, and a little later - on the outskirts.
    21. +2
      29 September 2023 09: 37
      I will say more, both moral monsters knew this very well. Only the very stupid or lazy do not know that there is a large population of banderlogs in the Canadian region.
    22. 0
      29 September 2023 10: 30
      And what country in South America is this Gunko going to go to? Most countries in this region have good relations with Russia. To Colombia?
    23. +1
      29 September 2023 10: 35
      A shortcoming of our special services. Now, of course, they have a lot of work, but where they were before is not clear, including during the KGB times. At the same time, we would have trained once again - sending agents to an enemy country without weapons, searching for a target, working to eliminate and cover up traces, going back.
    24. 0
      29 September 2023 14: 04
      Both Trudeau and Zelensky should leave their posts if they have any respect for the victims of Nazism.
      Well, you can still agree about Trudeau, but Zelensky. who shouts - Glory to Ukraine! - when meeting with Ukrainian Nazis. Why on earth? After all, he wholeheartedly welcomed the scum with which his grandfather fought. And before that, he had been “hello” and “handling” with the last of this SS creature in Ukraine (illegally occupied territories of Russia) for more than one year...
    25. 0
      29 September 2023 14: 35
      In their capital there is a street of the fascist Bandera, didn’t he know that either?
      the ethnic Jew Zelensky applauded the veteran of the SS division, causes consternation in any adequate person.
      these Jews fought for Hitler with all their might, and his party was pushed to power by Western industrialists, headed by everyone who knew who he was, so this has long been the norm.
    26. -1
      29 September 2023 18: 56
      Many never realized that this was a touchstone. Further more. In two or three years, history will be rewritten. Hitler will be declared a fighter for democracy and a victim of the USSR attack on Germany in 1945.

      Do not believe me?
      Then ask the Japanese,
      who dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

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