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Belarus accused Poland of violating the border by a Polish Air Force helicopter

Belarus accused Poland of violating the border by a Polish Air Force helicopter

A Polish Air Force helicopter again violated the state border of Belarus, twice in one day. This was reported by the press service of the Belarusian Ministry of Defense.

According to objective control data, on September 28 at 15:20, a Polish helicopter crossed the border of Belarus, going deeper than one and a half kilometers. The second time the helicopter violated the border at 16:22, going deeper to a range of up to 300 meters. To stop the violation, it was raised into the air aviation forces on duty, but the intruder managed to escape into Polish territory.

Today at 15.02, radar detection equipment of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces detected the approach of a Polish aircraft to the Belarusian border. At about 15.20, the aircraft crossed the border of the Republic of Belarus, going deeper to a distance of up to one and a half kilometers. At 16:22 the helicopter again violated the state border, going 300 meters deeper

- said in a statement.

Despite the confirmation, Warsaw denies violating the state border by helicopter; the Republic's Ministry of Defense claims that all flights were carried out exclusively on its own territory. The operational command of the Polish Armed Forces stated that not a single Polish Air Force helicopter flew close to the border, and all accusations from Minsk are a provocation. At the moment, Belarus is establishing all the circumstances of what happened and is preparing a note of protest.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time a Polish helicopter has violated the border of Belarus; in early September, a Mi-24 of the Polish Air Force crossed the border and went one kilometer deep into the territory. Despite the fact that Poland was presented with all the evidence of this, Warsaw accused Minsk of lying.

With a high degree of probability, Poland is deliberately organizing provocations in order to accuse Belarus of unlawful use weapons in case of helicopter damage.

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  1. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 28 September 2023 20: 39
    If a Polish helicopter crashes on the territory of Belarus, Poland will remain completely silent. Likewise, Belarusians recently flew to Poland in helicopters for 3 km and nothing. They exchanged notes and that’s it.
    1. Lev_Russia
      Lev_Russia 28 September 2023 20: 45
      A hyena is also a hyena in Africa, even if it is European...
      Sher Khan was the most important in the Jungle -
      Tobacco was just a jackal ...
      He is behind Sherkhan wayward
      Leftovers, silently, picked up ...
      He also yapped at the neighbors
      Started scandals with them,
      And how in the face who will call,
      Sherkhan called for help ...
      He came and understood
      He sowed fear and death in the Jungle,
      But still, one day I screwed up
      When the bear beat him...
      He beat me for being to the Belarusian ...
      He often pestered bison
      Our bear was a Russian soul -
      In Russian, he gave a tiger in the mouth ...
      Whine still Tobacco,
      Well, our toothless Sherkhan,
      Don't get into a fight right away
      Even afraid of monkeys...
      1. Nikolay Ganapolsky
        Nikolay Ganapolsky 29 September 2023 14: 38
        You can't shoot down an enemy helicopter with poetry...
    2. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 28 September 2023 20: 46
      Back in the 60s, we killed an American intelligence officer, so he fell in neutral waters near the Kola Peninsula, and they beat him in territorial waters. The Americans ate our evidence in silence, your plane fell in our terrorist waters - these are the wreckage. lolNow this number won’t work anymore.
      1. suhorukofal
        suhorukofal 29 September 2023 00: 22
        Yes, now nothing will work at all, they don’t even try anything other than muttering about the next red lines, soon the phrase about the Chinese warning against this background will be forgotten
  2. polynet
    polynet 28 September 2023 20: 41
    You need to stretch the wire with electricity, you'll see it will touch you when it flies again.
    1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
      Andrei from Chelyabinsk 28 September 2023 20: 46
      Quote: polinet
      You need to tighten the wire

      Pull... someone definitely needs to be there
  3. fruc
    fruc 28 September 2023 20: 42
    ..........and all the accusations from Minsk are a provocation.

    Considering that this is not the first violation of a Polish ship, next time shoot it down so that it crashes on Belarusian territory. So there will be a provocation for the Poles with further continuation.
  4. Alexga
    Alexga 28 September 2023 20: 42
    With a high degree of probability, Poland is deliberately organizing provocations with the aim of accusing Belarus of unlawful use of weapons in the event of a helicopter being hit.

    It looks more like NATO is probing the air defense radar posts of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.
    1. fruc
      fruc 28 September 2023 20: 50
      AlexGa .......NATO is probing the air defense radar posts of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

      One thing is clear: these violations of the state. boundaries are intentional. And they check the readiness of the air defense forces on duty and the reaction of the country's leadership.
  5. bear cub
    bear cub 28 September 2023 20: 56
    Not the first time, and not the last time this happens. Provocations happen all the time and, in my opinion, will become more and more aggressive. The more troops and equipment the hyena gathers under the border, the more aggressive it will become and the more it will want to bite. Fortunately, the father reacts calmly and does not succumb to such provocations.
  6. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 28 September 2023 21: 00
    Lukashenko’s hand won’t waver, he’ll tell them to get lost. Ask the Americans, they probably remember the incident with the balloon. It seems that the guys flew up to the balloon on an MI 8 and from the Kalash along the skin - balloonists must have parachutes - they jumped out. But there was a problem with the parachutes.
    1. Alexga
      Alexga 28 September 2023 21: 12
      Ask the Americans, they probably remember the balloon incident.

      Yes, colleague, few people remember about those cases. But after that there was only an incident with teddy bears in the Grodno region.
    KVU-NSVD 28 September 2023 21: 04
    It's like teasing. Flew for a kilometer and immediately returned. Even to waylay such a thing and shoot it down is more expensive for yourself, it will still make it across the border and crash there, and then there will be a howl about aggression and possible consequences. And you can't prove anything. If you throw it down, then let it fall in Belarus. In the meantime, notes and protests against the decisive rejection
  8. Sergey39
    Sergey39 28 September 2023 21: 08
    It is necessary to shoot down the “Pshekovsky” helicopter over the territory of Belarus, then the Poles will not refuse. Ah, all these disputes, shaking the air.
  9. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 28 September 2023 21: 08
    deepening up to one and a half kilometers
    Why weren’t they shot down?!
  10. Dva parovoza
    Dva parovoza 28 September 2023 21: 14
    Fuck these notes? They hit me and let the psheks write notes.
  11. Reindeer herder_2
    Reindeer herder_2 28 September 2023 23: 19
    Belarus accused Poland of violating the border by a Polish Air Force helicopter

    Türkiye first shot down the Su-24, and then accused the Russian Federation of violating borders.
    Do you know why no one contacts Jews in matters of “taking hostages and then demanding something”?
    The first thing that comes to my mind: the Munich Olympics
  12. dump22
    dump22 28 September 2023 23: 57
    If it flies one and a half kilometers, then it’s time to shoot it down.
    Let dad take the example of the Turks in this.
  13. matsur
    matsur 29 September 2023 02: 04
    I dropped off whoever I needed and flew on. What? Should spies and saboteurs cross the border on foot?
  14. Fangaro
    Fangaro 29 September 2023 05: 13
    One and a half km, 300 meters.
    Is this a provocation by Poland against Belarus?
    Or some Polish pilot hasn't had sex for a long time?
    Flying 300 meters may not even be intentional, but a mistake.
    At 1,5 km it looks more like hussarism.
    And... In every country, in every army there are those who become “heroes”, and they find out about it when they come to their senses.
  15. Graz
    Graz 29 September 2023 06: 45
    Well, when it flew at 1.5 km it was necessary to shoot it down. provocations will continue
  16. Yuras_Belarus
    Yuras_Belarus 29 September 2023 06: 46
    I will answer all those who like to “shoot down”. Firstly, can you give a guarantee that the helicopter will be shot down and fall in Belarus, and will not just be damaged and make an emergency landing in Poland? In the latter case, a “war of evidence” will begin, accusations of Belarus and the Russian Federation of “shooting at Poland” and as a result PiS will remain in power with a new portion of money from the United States. Secondly, can you say that there will be no “civilians” on the helicopter? Like “the helicopter was carrying out a humanitarian mission to remove the local population from a dangerous zone”, and “the Belarusian cannibal dictator stabbed them to death”?
  17. sgr291158
    sgr291158 29 September 2023 07: 25
    So you have to shoot it down, then they won’t deny it.
  18. Lako
    Lako 29 September 2023 07: 34
    On the eve of the elections, the Polish ruling party PIS has another escalation. They poured money into strengthening the border, closed the border crossings, and there were no migrants or Wagnerites there. Maybe the Belarusians will at least fire at the helicopter?
  19. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 29 September 2023 10: 28
    But there is no need for the aircraft of the duty forces... they should have been shot down from the ground right away. Even if he reaches his territory, it’s not drying at a height of five kilometers, it’s a maximum of a couple of hundred meters... from the ground, any border guard will be able to film this on a smartphone. So there will be no problems with evidence.