The US Congress rejected proposals to reduce military aid to the Kyiv regime

The US Congress rejected proposals to reduce military aid to the Kyiv regime

The US House of Representatives held a meeting on the adoption of the defense budget for the coming 2024, which begins on October 1. At the meeting, the US Congress rejected two proposals to reduce military assistance to the Kyiv regime.

The first of these amendments was proposed by Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz. His idea was to completely stop funding from the US budget for military assistance to Ukraine. The initiative was supported by 93 congressmen. However, 339 legislators voted against it.

We lose the vote. But we win the argument

- Goetz wrote on his social network page after the vote.

An amendment introduced by Arizona Republican Andy Biggs also failed. He proposed not to include in the military budget the $300 million that was intended for Kyiv as part of the security assistance initiative. This money should not go to weapons and equipment stored in warehouses of the US Department of Defense, but to finance contracts between the Pentagon and defense enterprises for their production. Biggs' proposal was approved by 104 members of the House of Representatives, but 330 congressmen did not support it.

The draft US defense budget for the 2024 fiscal year was developed by the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress back in June. Its size was 886 billion dollars. The document, among other things, provides for expenses to help the Kyiv regime and to “contain Russia.”
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  1. +6
    28 September 2023 09: 31
    Yes, it was clear that they would in no case refuse to kill us with the wrong hands
    1. +6
      28 September 2023 09: 53
      Who would doubt that even if anyone comes to power in the United States, they will not trample against the military-industrial complex. Who dares to join Kennedy. The whole point of America is getting rich from war.
      1. +1
        28 September 2023 12: 01
        Everyone knows this, this is the American “raison d’etat”, and it doesn’t matter which self-propelled grandfather is in power now. Every monkey understands this, except, perhaps, the propagandists of Channel One, but they must say that this is work.
    2. +3
      28 September 2023 10: 17

      Lord Palmerston: “How hard it is to live when no one is at war with Russia.” 
      This quote from a Briton accurately characterizes the attitude of many countries around the world towards Russia:
    3. +1
      28 September 2023 12: 17
      This is understandable, but they themselves now have a stalemate. They have not been able to approve a new budget since May; the deadline for adoption expires on October 1. And the main stumbling block is migration policy and military spending. There is a real chance that the work of their Government will be stopped for some period. Elections are approaching and the situation with Ukraine could work against the Clinton team...
    4. -1
      28 September 2023 14: 42
      You can downvote, but this will all last until the last Russian. The Americans clearly said that they made a big mistake by allowing Russia to maintain its nuclear weapons and state integrity. Now they have set a course for the complete depletion of our country, its collapse and the destruction of our nuclear weapons, first taking them under international control. Demilitarization of Russia and those countries that are formed on its territory after the collapse is the main condition. In Ukraine, the world has not converged like a wedge; when the forelock runs out, they will be replaced by proxies from the countries of the former, our “Warsaw Pact” and PMCs.
      1. +2
        28 September 2023 19: 27
        it won’t work, they’ve already lost, then there’s only a direct clash and mutual destruction, they’ll have to fight back with their own people, and their experience is crap, there’s no more need to drive the bidouins
      2. +2
        3 October 2023 22: 36
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        Now they have set a course for the complete depletion of our country, its collapse and the destruction of our nuclear weapons, first taking them under international control.

        It will not happen. You'll see everything soon.

        Quote: Monster_Fat
        In Ukraine, the world has not converged like a wedge; when the forelock runs out, they will be replaced by proxies from the countries of the former, our “Warsaw Pact” and PMCs.

        404 is irreplaceable. Where will you get proxies and PMCs in number?
        half a million or more?
        And, most importantly, how much equipment did she have?
  2. +2
    28 September 2023 09: 47
    The confrontation between the parties “For the continuation of the war in Vietnam” and “For the withdrawal of mother troops” lasted several years. And the divide was not along the lines of Republicans and Democrats.
  3. +2
    28 September 2023 10: 09
    Do not create illusions that the West will abandon its mad dog, Ukraine... They will fight until the last and for as long as possible.

    There will be no agreements that our multi-movers dream about so much. There will be a proposal for the surrender of the Russian Federation with multi-billion dollar reparations....
    So get ready to fight for a long time.
    1. +2
      28 September 2023 10: 51
      And then you look at the media and there’s everything on the globe that Ukraine is about to be merged and they won’t give money from the United States. It is obvious that they will continue there as long as they need, and the expenses are actually not large in the context of how much the United States previously spent on conflicts.
  4. +3
    28 September 2023 10: 11
    Wow, friends and foes!
    The bloody show of the puppeteers and vassals of the False West continues. Regardless of Shatun’s grandfather’s re-election even to a relatively adequate prezik, let’s remember the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963, most likely ordered by the deep state of AmeriKa! (America with K - that's right! the clan of the shadow state of America, which rules the world);
    Russia, according to the rules of good naval and land-air practice, “needs to consider itself closer to danger” and not relax in front of the False West, any negotiations are only on Russia’s terms, there is no faith in the enemy during the period of many thousands of Russian civilization!
    The so-called actions continue. technical impact of the Russian Federation on the tails and the Beast itself in the face
    False-West, our task, in addition to military victories, is to build the internal and foreign policy of the Fatherland, so that the spiders of the False-West devour themselves on contradictions (the hyena Geyropa, the country of the descendants of Napoleon, etc. to help us, as well as neo-Nazis who were not killed in the Second World War around the world! - to reveal them before all countries whose citizens died from the cruelty of former fascists, including in the Promised Land, recalling the Holocaust and other events of the Second World War), to develop the economy of the Russian Federation, not forgetting about the education of current and new generations in the spirit of the development of patriotism, the national idea, remembering daily racial and interethnic processes in the countries of Geyropa and the United States (Russia is united with all its multinationality!), to continue the development of interreligious relations with all the multi-confessional religions in the Russian Federation.
    De-dollarization is a long process, but the ice has broken and further, under the catalysts of the Global East, Global South with our West (South and Latin America), death
    Uncle Syoma's greenery is inevitable!
    I have the honor
  5. 0
    28 September 2023 10: 15
    We lose the vote. But we win the argument
    It would be better if you won the vote and lost the argument. Well, the refusal to reduce, let alone terminate, aid to Kyiv was not expected, so it was not surprising. The war will continue until the Bandera regime breaks its neck on the battlefield.
  6. 0
    28 September 2023 10: 24
    The point is clear, there are no “doves of peace” in the United States, unlike Putin’s circle.
    That’s not why they put the Judeo-junta in Kyiv. The goal is clear - after the division of the USSR, to continue the division of the Russian Federation. According to their analytics, the situation is ripe. Ukraine was armed and zombified for war. The top power in the Kremlin is rotten, creating not a sovereign economy, but a “pipe” for pumping resources out of the country. At the same time, the liberals appointed to the government by Putin destroyed the national currency and carried out deindustrialization of industry, reforms to degrade the army, healthcare, education, and replaced ideology with consumer psychology. Migrants who are alien to Russian culture and mentality are being intensively brought into Russia, which will inevitably lead to national tension and even riots.
    The electorate is debilitated and goes to the polls of a specific person and a specific party, determined by the oligarchic elite.
    Pseudo-projects to create the Eurasian Customs Union have failed, the CSTO is falling apart. China rules the SCO and BRICS.

    Therefore, the Anglo-Saxons will go to the end, and for Russia the hour of testing is coming.
  7. 0
    28 September 2023 14: 41
    Financing the defense industry from the state debt (in fact) will not bring good results to the Americans.
    The outskirts have no money, the rest is dancing around the printing press.

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