The DPRK Constitution was amended to accelerate the development of nuclear forces

The DPRK Constitution was amended to accelerate the development of nuclear forces

North Korea continues to work to strengthen its armed forces, including its nuclear forces. In addition to this happening in practice, the country is working on an appropriate legal framework.

According to the state news agency KCNA, the country's Supreme People's Assembly adopted a law on some amendments to the DPRK constitution. The amendments concern North Korean nuclear forces and consolidate their status and accelerated development. These forces guarantee the country's right to exist, deter war and protect peace and stability in the region, the North Korean news agency reports.

The amendments note that the DPRK is a responsible nuclear state, and its armed forces are called upon to defend “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, the rights and interests of the people, the socialist system and the gains of the revolution.”

KCNA notes that deputies of the Supreme People's Assembly unanimously supported the amendment law.

According to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the introduction of these amendments is “historical event" and "powerful political weapons", which will contribute to the accelerated development of the country's nuclear forces.

North Korea has been developing its nuclear program for a long time. On October 9, 2006, the first nuclear explosion was carried out at the test site. And in April 2012, the country's authorities introduced amendments to the DPRK constitution regarding its nuclear status. In the West, experts perceive this information as further proof that, to put it mildly, it is not always possible to achieve goals and objectives through sanctions.
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  1. +2
    28 September 2023 09: 56
    And no doctrines on its application are needed; they were briefly written down in the Constitution and woke up. Why fence a garden and take on a bunch of obligations. It's simple - don't bother and you'll be happy, that's what the Constitution says.
    1. +3
      28 September 2023 10: 02
      When the United States under Trump threatened to erase the DPRK by sending aircraft carriers to their shores, Kim calmly and quietly, without bluff, declared that we have a lot of missiles with nuclear weapons and we, at least in a small part, will erase your allies Japan and South Korea, and in addition military bases in the Pacific ocean and possibly mainland US cities. And the United States believed in the seriousness of its intentions and fell behind. Respect to the leadership of the DPRK!!!! If only the Russian leadership would throw out the red pencils and firmly declare something like this.
  2. 0
    28 September 2023 10: 01
    In the West, experts perceive this information as further proof that, to put it mildly, it is not always possible to achieve goals and objectives through sanctions.

    This has reached the experts, but not only the local leadership.
    Iran successfully launched its own launch vehicle into space yesterday.
    The DPRK is doing the right thing by acting contrary to the wishes of the West.
    And all we can do is “thank you” for the sanctions he imposed...
  3. -1
    28 September 2023 10: 27
    "The DPRK Constitution has been amended to accelerate the development of nuclear forces." Somewhere on the islands, sad Japanese people are doing hara-kiri... Of course, this is just an assumption.
  4. 0
    28 September 2023 10: 27
    More US sanctions mean more nuclear and space powers.
  5. 0
    28 September 2023 10: 38
    These forces guarantee the country's rights to existence, deter war and protect peace and stability in the region
    They guarantee it for sure. If the DPRK did not have nuclear weapons, the United States and its allies would certainly try to turn the situation on the peninsula in their favor. And so Trump drove two AUGs off the coast of the DPRK and was forced to retreat to his homeland, verbally insulting the leader of North Korea. The ROK and Japan are very “brave” in words only, but just as Kim Jong-un launched his missiles, he continues to launch them, keeping his opponents in suspense and testing his weapons.
  6. -1
    28 September 2023 11: 26
    Understanding that without nuclear weapons any state formation in the world becomes defenseless against external aggression is the key to its proliferation.
    The limiter on the proliferation of nuclear weapons is not a formal one, which can be abandoned at any time, as is practiced by the United States, but an economic, scientific and production potential.
    The main threat to the existence of the DPRK comes from the disparate standard of living in the DPRK and neighboring state formations and the dynastic form of family rule of the Kim clan.
  7. +1
    28 September 2023 15: 10
    Wow, friends and foes!
    I value everyone’s opinion, the truth is born in disputes, but there are nuances,
    1. This is where there is a huge field for our native diplomacy, coupled with the diplomacy of our strategic allies and partners, including the DPRK!
    2. From high and low world stands and platforms, you need to repeat and develop sacramental long-known theses - your own safety is inseparable from the safety of your neighbor-partner or neighbor-enemy, as well as your partner or enemy, but not your neighbor within the borders of the world! This is what the Russian Federation requested before the start of the MNS (Treaty on Guarantees of Mutual National Security). As it turned out throughout the centuries-old history of world civilization, the False West never fulfilled its obligations from the beginning of the formation of civilization and the colonial conquests of foreign states and peoples!
    3. The entire foreign policy of the False West is erroneous in its originality of its advantage over the world in Unipolarity in the person of the world hegemon!
    4. The continuation of such a policy in the conditions of emerging multipolarity and New Centers of Power is fraught with the death of the entire human civilization, since a clash of interests of many countries of the emerging Global North, Global South, Global East and West with Latin and South America is inevitable! These vital interests of the majority of the people of the planet must be defended and won (the West will not give up its financial global flows and the greedy interests of the Hegemon without a fight) by building a new strategy and new organizations to replace those that have exhausted trust (UN, ICC, IAEA, etc.), to achieve political and technical by eliminating threats from the military blocs NATO, ANZUS, etc. and their collapse!
  8. +1
    28 September 2023 15: 21
    When on the issue of protecting national interests and the inadmissibility of someone else’s interference with the sovereignty, I want to look “how it should be” - I always look at the DPRK (in the absence of the USSR)... I used to also look at China - but last summer, I freely let the old witch go to Taiwan and without responding to this with anything, the Chinese fell significantly in my chart of strong states that do not allow red lines to be crossed.
    And the DPRK is an example in a golden frame: how not to be offended.
  9. 0
    28 September 2023 23: 00
    "KCNA notes that deputies of the Supreme People's Assembly unanimously supported the amendment law."
    We unanimously approve. Well done North Koreans!

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