Ex-Pentagon employee: The US proposed to limit the powers of the SBU, acting in the interests of Zelensky

Ex-Pentagon employee: The US proposed to limit the powers of the SBU, acting in the interests of Zelensky

It is becoming increasingly clear that it is Washington that controls everything that happens in Ukraine, giving direct orders to the Kyiv military leaders and political leadership. At the same time, the US leadership is growing irritated with the “independent” actions of President Zelensky, which are increasingly being criticized at the international level and in the States themselves.

Trying to somehow rectify the situation, the White House launched a campaign to “fight corruption and introduce democracy” in Ukraine. True, it’s more for appearance’s sake.

Former Pentagon employee Stephen Bryan, in an article published in the Hong Kong online publication Asia Times, reported that the US leadership proposed limiting the powers of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). He called the reason for such an initiative from Washington that under Zelensky’s rule, the SBU has actually turned into the personal instrument of the Ukrainian president to fight everything and everyone in the country who does not support the current regime and its policies.

The SBU is being used by Zelensky to suppress the opposition and arrest anyone who opposes the government for any reason.

- said a former US Department of Defense employee.

The White House believes that the SBU should retain the functions of counterintelligence, counter-espionage, and the fight against terrorism and cyberterrorism. At the same time, the ex-Pentagon employee noted that the chances of actually implementing these reforms are low. He noted that at a recent meeting of the Multilateral Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine held in Brussels, Washington made a lengthy statement on “priority reforms” that need to be carried out in Ukraine.

In the document, the United States proposed creating supervisory boards in Ukraine for Ukroboronprom, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office in order to block undue political influence on anti-corruption investigations. According to Brian, all these initiatives on paper look very timely and correct, but the possibility of their actual implementation under the current Ukrainian government is negligible, even taking into account Washington’s influence on Kiev.
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    1. -1
      28 September 2023 09: 48
      The Yankees forgot the idiom that under certain circumstances: “It’s not the dog that wags the tail, but the tail that wags the dog.”
    2. 0
      28 September 2023 10: 22
      The White House has launched a campaign to “fight corruption and promote democracy” in Ukraine.
      It's already funny. In Washington, individuals do not stop shouting that Ukraine has complete “democracy”, “freedom of speech” and great successes in the development of the country. And then suddenly they decided to reform the SBU, which works in the interests of Zelensky by suppressing this very “built democracy.” What interesting things have you been doing since the first Maidan under Yushchenko? The corruption that they themselves gave birth to is only growing, thanks to Western money and weapons.
    3. 0
      28 September 2023 11: 44
      They have been trying to limit the powers of the SBU for 30 years, but as a result, they are only expanding))) now there is no longer a single sphere of human activity in which it has no interest)))
    4. 0
      28 September 2023 15: 25
      And of course all these “supervisory boards” should be led by emissaries from the United States, right?

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