Russian manned and unmanned aircraft carried out strikes on enemy targets in the area of ​​Kupyansk, Izmail, as well as in Vinnitsa, Kirovograd and Nikolaev regions

Russian manned and unmanned aircraft carried out strikes on enemy targets in the area of ​​Kupyansk, Izmail, as well as in Vinnitsa, Kirovograd and Nikolaev regions

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The Russian armed forces continue to attack enemy targets in rear areas. At night, the Russian army launched strikes against Kyiv regime targets in a number of territories, including the Odessa region. Reported use of mainly percussion drones type "Geranium". As a result of the strikes, fuel and lubricants warehouses in the Izmail region, which contained fuel used in the interests of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, were hit.

Explosions, detonations and fires have been reported in the Nikolaev and Ukrainian Armed Forces-occupied parts of the Kherson region. By warehouse weapons and ammunition, as well as at enemy manpower locations, the Russian bomber aviation, using FAB-250 and FAB-500 aerial bombs. According to preliminary data, as a result of these attacks, the enemy lost at least 80 personnel killed and wounded, and about 30 more people are still listed as missing in action. Over 100 tons of ammunition, which the enemy intended to use in operations in the southern direction, were destroyed.

The night before, Russian aviation attacked positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kupyansk area. With the help of aerial bombs, enemy positions near the Kupyansk-Uzlovaya station were destroyed. This is the southern part of Kupyansk, Kharkov region.

In the Kirovograd region, strike drones inflicted fire on facilities where Ukrainian mobilized troops were undergoing combat coordination. According to some reports, there were also up to hundreds of foreign mercenaries from different countries, including the Baltic countries, the USA, Poland, Britain, etc.

A series of explosions occurred at facilities of the Kyiv regime in the Vinnytsia region. According to preliminary data, Russian troops attacked trains with military equipment and ammunition at stations in this region. Information about the military equipment destroyed as a result of these strikes is being clarified.
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    4. +5
      28 September 2023 07: 39
      Get a fascist grenade! Delivered to your home.
      1. +1
        28 September 2023 10: 09
        Mercenary carcasses are hovering in the sky - a rocket hit the barracks.
    5. +11
      28 September 2023 07: 39
      Russian bomber aviation, using FAB-250 and FAB-500 bombs
      More and more often, compared to the beginning of the year, not to mention the past, there are reports of the use of FABs by Russian aviation, and this gives optimism. And blows to mercenaries are doubly pleasing. The less of this evil spirit gets to the LBS and does not have time to escape home, the better.
    6. +3
      28 September 2023 10: 59
      Wow, friends and foes!
      Those who quickly and in time understood the warnings of the Russian Federation, fled to Geyropa and beyond, those who slowly understand from the potheads (the consequences of epidemics of syphilis, gonorrhea, etc., brought by the Geyropeans to the western regions 404 several centuries ago! will we be merciful?!), have already been left without hands, legs or 2 hundred!
      Next, lovers of “greenery” and Russian safari, hired by Uncle Sema and his tails Geyropa, are preparing special gifts for you from the Fatherland in the form of FAB-1500, FAB-3000... etc. bets to increase when playing Poker. Tens, even hundreds from NATO - ne nato! have already appreciated the power of the Russian "Daggers", "Iskanders" and other soft-sounding names, did any of the former officers accidentally die in a traffic accident in the US, fall on Mont Blanc in the summer while skiing, or drown in a hotel pool from an excess of feelings?! Everyone was warned - Don't fight the Russians!

      Why are you in trouble?
      Hollywood foreheads
      The course of the battle is predetermined
      Don't fight the Russians

      Even the dead fear us - don’t fight the Russians!
      I have the honor. And now, TsIPSota, you can minus, it’s not scary - we’ll break through!
    7. 0
      28 September 2023 19: 13
      Just this morning we were discussing how many drones the Ukrainian had shot down, and now there is confirmation that believing a Ukrainian means not respecting yourself.

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