US press: Olaf Scholz blocks the supply of missiles to Ukraine due to possible accusations of escalating the conflict

US press: Olaf Scholz blocks the supply of missiles to Ukraine due to possible accusations of escalating the conflict

The supply of Taurus air-launched cruise missiles to Ukraine is being blocked by Olaf Scholz. According to The Wall Street Journal, the German chancellor fears Germany will be drawn into the conflict.

Germany would have supplied Ukraine with missiles long ago if it were not for Scholz’s blocking of the transfer. According to the American publication, the Chancellor fears that Russia will perceive as direct participation in the conflict on Kiev’s side the sending of German specialists to Ukraine, who will have to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces maintain the missiles. That is, sending missiles itself will not lead to escalation, but the arrival of Bundeswehr troops in Ukraine very well could.

Today, Germany's ruling coalition is ready to approve the deal, but this cannot be done without Scholz. The Chancellor himself demands that parliament vote on the issue of the potential sending of German military personnel to Ukraine in order to relieve himself of responsibility in the event of an escalation of the conflict.

It is also emphasized that there is no plan to “immediately send” missiles to Ukraine; it is possible that Scholz will nevertheless lift the blockade if the United States begins to supply Kiev with “similar weapon"However, there is a well-founded fear that Kiev will strike the territory of “old” Russia with German missiles. And for some reason the Germans are not convinced by London’s assurances that Zelensky will not use British Storm Shadow missiles without the approval of Great Britain.

At the same time, everyone understands that sooner or later Taurus missiles will still end up in service with the Ukrainian army. Therefore, Germany intends to significantly reduce their flight range by installing limiters. So far it is stated about 300 km, but it could be less. In Kyiv they object in advance, they need missiles with maximum range so as not to endanger the remnants aviation.
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    1. +2
      27 September 2023 17: 58
      Apparently we don’t know about all the red lines and apparently some still work.
      1. 0
        28 September 2023 20: 54
        According to the American publication Politico, 80% of Germans support THIS decision by Scholz.
    2. -2
      27 September 2023 18: 10
      That is, instead of some kind of resistance, some people in the Kremlin naively hope that the same Scholz has balls and he will not follow the lead of Ukraine and supply them with missiles?
    3. +3
      27 September 2023 18: 12
      Olaf Scholz blocks the supply of missiles to Ukraine due to possible accusations of escalation of the conflict

      The grandmother groaned that she was not a girl!
      And whose golden “nihtshisnu” was screaming from the damaged “Leopard?!” What else do you need to be declared a participant in the conflict? There is a Leopard full of Krauts. Take DNA, record it, freeze the remains. Through networks, contact your relatives - they will confirm whatever you want, just to bury their own in family crypts, near grandfathers with crosses...
      1. 0
        27 September 2023 20: 34
        Dear colleagues!
        Well, you are all adults, with certain life experiences.
        After all, of course, it’s a “duck”, soldiers’ front-line stories about the Bundeswehr crew “Leo”. A week has passed, nothing has been officially presented, unfortunately...
    4. +2
      27 September 2023 18: 14
      The son of a Nazi excuses himself, he cheats - he senses with his heart that he will have to answer.
    5. +2
      27 September 2023 18: 16
      The bald creature senses that it will soon have to answer. And not to sleeping Joe, but to more serious people. winked
    6. 0
      28 September 2023 08: 41
      “It is also emphasized that there is no plan to “immediately send” missiles to Ukraine; it is possible that Scholz will nevertheless lift the blockade if the United States begins to supply “similar weapons” to Kiev.” (With)

      I think everything is much simpler: there is simply an intensive study of procedures for the delivery and preparation of missiles, and the rest is “fog of war.”
      The missiles will be on their way to their targets when the SS grandson takes his pen off the signed paper.
    7. 0
      28 September 2023 10: 49
      Liver sausage is probably not forgotten.
      But the missile range of 300 km is an international agreement; further missiles are not exported. And if this missile flies further, Germany will violate an international treaty. And they apparently don’t know how to reliably limit the range of this missile, which cannot be hacked.
      So the sausage is apparently innocent here.
    8. 0
      28 September 2023 12: 22
      Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).
      Category I (consists of 2 sections) actually prohibits the transfer of missiles to other states as a whole with a maximum range of 300 km or more with a payload weight of 500 kg or more (it is possible to recalculate the payload weight into a range and vice versa). It is also forbidden to transfer complete systems (engines, control systems, software, technologies) used for complete delivery vehicles.

      International documents of the MTCR at the national level, at the level of each member state of the Regime, are transformed into national documents on export control while maintaining the main provisions of international documents.

      In Russia today, the necessary legislative framework for export control has been created, including the issues of the MTCR. The basis of this framework is the “Law on Export Control”, adopted in 1999. Additions have been introduced to the Criminal Code providing for penalties for violations of export control rules.

      Decrees of the President of Russia have approved (and are constantly updating) restrictive lists that comply with the Technical Appendix of the MTCR. The government establishes procedures for licensing the export of missile technologies.

      All fundamental issues regarding export control, incl. and on issues related to the MTCR, the Commission on Export Control under the Russian Government considers and decides (for example, on the application of force majeure under a specific export contract).

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