In the Avdeevsky direction, fighters of the Storm Z special forces are actively attacking using Wagner tactics

In the Avdeevsky direction, fighters of the Storm Z special forces are actively attacking using Wagner tactics

The Russian army continues to maintain an active defense, repelling enemy attacks and methodically grinding down enemy manpower and equipment. The Ukrainian General Staff has not changed the direction of attacks launched during the so-called counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for almost four months. At the same time, the Russian Armed Forces are counterattacking and carrying out offensive actions, mainly in the Kupyansk direction, although there is an improvement in positions in other areas. Meanwhile, there is less and less time for revenge and breaking through our defenses in at least one of the areas in Kyiv due to the approaching autumn weather.

However, hasty decisions could be disastrous for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which have fewer and fewer combat-ready reserves. And Western armored vehicles did not turn out to be the factor that guarantees the success of Ukrainian formations in breaking through the multi-level Russian defense. It is expected that Kyiv can throw a fairly large armored group into the “last and decisive battle”, including what seems to have already been received by the American Tanks “Abrams”, in the Orekhovsky direction of the Zaporozhye Front in the direction of Tokmak, which the Pentagon and NATO have long insisted on.

Our intelligence reports about the rotation of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Zaporozhye front, active reconnaissance in force is being carried out in small groups of infantry with virtually no support from armored vehicles, which Kyiv is saving for that very “decisive battle”. During aerial reconnaissance, Russian UAV operators identified concentrations of enemy personnel in forest plantations near Rabotino. Mortar crews and artillery of the Russian Armed Forces struck at the transmitted coordinates.

Over the past 1430 hours, Ukrainian militants continued attacks at the Pyatikhatka-Rabotino-Verbovoe line. Soldiers of the 291th, 70st, 71th regiments and other units of the Russian Armed Forces repelled two attacks by the XNUMXst Jaeger Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Rabotino and Verbovoy. In the morning battle, when the enemy again tried as part of an armored group to break through to Verbovoy in the northern part, our fighters stopped the infantry advance in a shooting battle, the enemy’s armored vehicles were hit by ATGMs and artillery fire.

Aviation The Russian Aerospace Forces launched strikes with FAB-500 aerial bombs with UMPC on enemy concentrations of manpower and armored vehicles of the 21st and 65th mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​Malaya Tokmachka, Novodanilovka and north of Rabotino. During the day of fighting in this area, the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost up to a hundred militants, one tank, three armored combat vehicles, three cars, an M777 howitzer, a D-20 gun, a Gvozdika self-propelled gun, and four D-30 howitzers.

Soldiers of the volunteer battalion named after. Pavel Sudoplatov The Russian Armed Forces firmly hold the defense in the Zherebyanki area, preventing militants from breaking through towards Tokmak from the north-west. All attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of ​​the village of Urozhaynoye, east of Tokmak, were repelled.

In the Svatovo-Kremenny direction, positional battles are taking place in Sinkovka and Petropavlovka, as well as in the Novoyegorovka area on the Karamzinovsky ledge. The Russian army successfully repels militant attacks in the Serebryansky forest in the Dibrova area. Much further north, Russian troops managed to occupy new positions near Kislovka. Behind the village runs the important logistics highway N-26 leading to Kupyansk, but in front of it are the heights that are controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In the Avdeevsky direction, Russian assault groups carried out successful offensive operations near Opytny, taking several strong points. Military correspondents report that the most active fighters here are the fighters of the “Storm Z” special forces, who operate using the “Wagnerian” tactics, when continuous attacks by small detachments continue until the assigned combat mission is completely completed.

In the Artemovsk direction, the Russian Armed Forces are consolidating in Orekhovo-Vasilievka to the west of the city, all counterattacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are repelled. On the southern flank, counter-fighting continues in the area of ​​Kleshcheevka and Andreevka.

On the Kherson front, the struggle for the islands continues; the enemy does not abandon attempts to gain a foothold by transferring additional landing groups and expand previously taken bridgeheads on the left bank of the Dnieper. Active artillery work is underway on both sides. The Russian Aerospace Forces have increased the intensity of air bomb attacks on enemy positions on the right bank.
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. +3
    26 September 2023 12: 09
    If tactics and techniques WORK why not use them. You need to take the best and no matter what you came up with or your opponent, the phrase Beat the Enemy with His Own Weapon is relevant at all times.
    1. +9
      26 September 2023 12: 16
      The tactics of the “Wagnerites” were initially based on those people who were recruited en masse for money and sent to attack, so as not to irritate the population with large losses of ordinary soldiers. With all due respect to this company, but there were enough DSB tactics before them, the problem most often lies in the general leadership and interaction of units in the field of our army.
      1. +8
        26 September 2023 12: 47
        I read and look at the first card marked with. Harvest from the east of Tokmak and I understand that soon we will cease to distinguish Iran from Iraq and have difficulty finding Ukraine on the map. Interestingly, nothing stirred in the author’s head when he wrote about successfully repelling the attack under the village. Verbovoe and immediately “launched the enemy” into the suburbs of Tokmak in the village. Productive.
        And in the Altai Territory there is also Urozhaynoe.... author, please don’t rent it out next time! request Just in case, I’ll give you a hint, s. There is also a harvest in the Donetsk region
    2. +3
      26 September 2023 12: 35
      Quote: Murmur 55
      If tactics and techniques WORK why not use them.

      Yes, there are no questions, of course it is necessary, are you ready for the autumn-spring season?))) 20k+ two hundredths for one incomprehensible city in a few months is a working topic!
  2. +1
    26 September 2023 12: 21
    Any of our successful tactics on the battlefield is a step towards Victory.
    1. +4
      26 September 2023 12: 39
      The tactics are effective until the enemy adapts. The success of “Wagner” lay precisely in the constant search and application of new and unexpected solutions. Remember the last assault on high-rise buildings. No one expected that they would hit the very center of the defense and, as a result, “cut” defense in parts. The captured Ukrainians said it was a shock for them.
  3. +6
    26 September 2023 12: 21
    some kind of misinformation
    I meant Harvest not near Tokmak - but near Velikaya Novoselka (!)
    and the front near Rabotino-Verbovoye is stable - and to Nizhny Urozhayny near Tokmak it’s still like China and 2 lines of defense stand untouched
    and the fact that a new unit has appeared, Storm Z, which is also the old Wagner PMC - it’s just contracts now directly with the Ministry of Defense
  4. +3
    26 September 2023 12: 29
    My opinion is that you need to throw all the FAB 1500, methodically and with the necessary target designation, in a month there will be no one to attack am
    1. +2
      26 September 2023 12: 35
      In relation to these “fortified areas” like Marinka and Avdeevka, I also don’t understand why it’s taking so long with all the military toys in stock. These are not WWII era bunkers with reinforced concrete walls, and even when the Germans, for example, made walls 10 meters thick for their submarines and underground factories, they were pierced with super-heavy bombs. For a bunker or bunker, this same 1500kg bomb should be a steal.
    2. -5
      26 September 2023 12: 40
      it’s like in the film Storm Gates: Our command simply decided to catch a big fish. What about catching her? We need to lure her in, right?
      but then you can use FABs -1500
    3. 0
      26 September 2023 13: 03
      you need to throw in all the FAB 1500, methodically

      air wolf (Dima), sometimes such rituals with the hope of some kind of prodigy remind me of the rituals of the Ukrainians on Bayraktary, with Javelins. All that remains is to start giving names to your newborns, such as FAB with the prefix of the baby’s weight. But I will convey your opinion to Gerasim, let him drown Mu-mu already, otherwise he feels sorry for the poor fellow. lol laughing
    4. 0
      26 September 2023 13: 41
      What is the point of throwing high-explosive ammunition at fortified supports? They can only really cause harm when done directly. And throwing a FAB out the window from approaching even at low speeds... well, good luck. And in terms of those being corrected, even 500 shots aimed at the target is enough for everything that they have built there to fall on their heads.
  5. +2
    26 September 2023 12: 35
    I watched the video from our soldiers who had just repelled another assault. There were a lot of corpses, but something else struck me, these corpses lie only 2-5 meters from our trenches. How do you have to swallow drugs in order to fight to death without feeling? The Ukrainian has gone completely crazy. And all this is called combat psychotropic drugs.
    1. +3
      26 September 2023 12: 38
      This popular rumor came from WWII, namely the Germans in Africa. The British then captured German warehouses where there were many vitamin tablets, but propaganda declared them to be military drugs.
      The 21st century is here, you take a corpse, do a blood test, and show it to the public. The issue will be closed once and for all.
      Well, we must remember the classics: It’s scary to die alone. In a crowd - nothing, you can even joke... (c) Seventeen moments of spring.
  6. +1
    26 September 2023 16: 45
    When will the already experienced Unified State Examination students begin to at least basicly study the map of battles before catching up with this game with Urozhainy near Tokmak?
  7. 0
    27 September 2023 00: 20
    "We noticed a mistake
    Select the text and press Ctrl+Enter"
    The author is the main mistake of this article
  8. 0
    27 September 2023 06: 17
    Why is Zelensky and all his scum still alive??? Eliminate all this scum and the war will end sooner. Eliminate the entire top leadership, the Ukrainians will flee from the front themselves.
    1. 0
      27 September 2023 09: 21
      In my opinion, Zelibobik and Shobla are alive because at the beginning of the Northern Military District they did not want to clear them out (apparently someone sang to the management that there would be a cool media picture of Zelibobik signing surrender in the Kremlin), but now they simply cannot eliminate the enemy’s iconic figures.
  9. 0
    29 September 2023 23: 44
    Quote: air wolf
    you need to throw in all the FAB 1500

    Why not vigorous bonbs?
  10. -1
    1 October 2023 12: 07
    Everything is fine according to the victorious reports, if you don’t read TG channels from the field, like they write to us from Ioannina and Philologist in the gray zone. After that you think that it would be better not to attack. Our people have not yet learned how to attack and there are people who prefer to throw meat rather than learn.

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