Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has ruled out recognition of Kosovo's independence, despite external pressure

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has ruled out recognition of Kosovo's independence, despite external pressure

Serbia will never recognize the independence of Kosovo, the latest events that occurred in the north of the self-proclaimed republic only confirmed this. This statement was made by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

The Serbian leader held a press conference on the incident in northern Kosovo and Metohija, where several Serbs were killed during a clash with Kosovo Albanian special forces. Vučić blamed international forces for the incident and stressed that Serbia will never recognize Kosovo’s independence, despite external pressure.

Everything that happened strengthened my belief that we will never recognize the independence of Kosovo. You can do whatever you want, we will never recognize the independence of Kosovo. Serbia will never recognize Kosovo's independence

- Vucic emphasized.

According to reports, during the clash with the Kosovo police, three Serbs were killed, two were seriously injured, and the fate of another person is in doubt. According to Vucic, although he does not support the murder of a policeman, the so-called authorities of Kosovo and Metohija have brought the Serbian population to open clashes. And all this with the full support of the West, which opposes any Serb initiative.

According to our information, three Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija died, two definitely from sniper fire from a long distance, when there was no need to eliminate them. Two more were seriously injured. And there is a danger that a fourth person has died

- added the Serbian president.

Let us recall that the day before, the police of the self-proclaimed Kosovo reported a blockade of a group of 30 armed men in the area of ​​the Banska Orthodox monastery in the north of the republic. Clashes occurred throughout the day; by the evening the situation had stabilized; the Kosovo authorities announced the liquidation of three and the detention of five more “attackers.” There is no information about where the other 22 people went.
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    1. +6
      25 September 2023 06: 46
      You can do whatever you want, we will never recognize the independence of Kosovo.
      This is how the Chairman of the NATO European Development Committee, Günter Fehlinger, has already responded to this, calling on the alliance to launch strikes on Serbian territory. This is how issues are resolved in the EU and NATO today. Therefore, it is obvious that something will definitely be done to drive Serbia into the “stall” defined for it by the West.
      1. +1
        25 September 2023 07: 12
        Quote: rotmistr60
        Chairman of the NATO European Development Committee Günter Fehlinger

        This office does not belong to either the EU or NATO, the chairman is not a European official...
        This is the same as how I would call myself the head of the “Joint Committee of Chiefs of Staff”, yeah, yeah...
      2. +5
        25 September 2023 07: 37
        What is allowed to Azerbaijan is not allowed to Serbia.
        Law of the jungle: whoever is stronger is right.
    2. +5
      25 September 2023 06: 49
      It looks like there weren't 30 heavily armed militants and other weapons. And there was a clash between the Kosovars and the Serbs. And if this is not a provocation (and judging by the loud and coordinated screams of bombing Serbia, it is very likely) they decided to hang the noodles and the special forces and armored personnel carriers and successfully blocked the monastery. (People were probably just looking for salvation)
      1. -1
        25 September 2023 08: 04
        Quote: Arkadich
        ...And if this is not a provocation.....

        If we remember the provocations and demonization of the Serbs before the destruction of Yugoslavia ---- there can be no IF here. The manual has been written and is not abandoned.
    3. +3
      25 September 2023 07: 03
      Of course, one can have different attitudes towards Vučić, but in this case, he simply expresses the opinion of all healthy Serbs who are not sick with European values. And he is trying to maneuver between Russia and Europe... Lately, by the way, the political wind has been turning the weathervane of interests towards the EU. There are reasons for this. The geopolitical situation is quite delicate for Serbia and the Serbian leadership. Not everyone likes Alexander's rhetoric. Let him now gravitate more towards the EU than towards Russia (in fact; does he have a choice, again?). In Europe itself there are non-humans who, against the backdrop of tension in Kosovo, declare the need to “bomb Belgrade.” Or rather, one non-human: the head of the European Committee for NATO Enlargement, Fehlinger. And these words about the inadmissibility of recognizing Kosovo will come back to haunt Vucic, like all Serbs. Despite his difficult situation, we see the presence of “red lines” of Serbia’s interests, which Vucic actually voiced. But we know to whom these “red lines” are like a “red rag” to a bull. Yes, God bless them! Strength and patience to all of them. And we expect concern from our side.
      1. 0
        25 September 2023 21: 32
        And he tries to maneuver between Russia and Europe...

        Everything you said is correct. But this multi-vector Vucic is trying very hard to maneuver.

        According to Vucic, although he does not support the murder of a policeman, the so-called authorities of Kosovo and Metohija have brought the Serbian population to open clashes.

        And even he was forced to say these words out loud.

        Now let’s remember at least his last statement by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at an official reception with US President Joseph Biden, which he personally announced on social networks on September 22:

        The constant intensification of economic cooperation between Belgrade and Washington has caused an increase in investment by American companies in Serbia, an increase in trade turnover, especially in the service sector, and is characterized by “significant financial support through various development programs.”

        In his speech on Thursday at the UN General Assembly, Vučić said that Serbia is developing relations with the United States, which will only get better in the future, [...], but at the same time does not interrupt ties with Russia.

        And also, during a recent visit to Belgrade by the commander of the Ohio National Guard, Major General John Harris, Vucic, once again, said that Serbia is committed to strengthening already comprehensive relations with the United States.

        You shouldn’t have dragged Fehlinger here and, even more so, connected him with NATO, to which he has nothing to do. So, it stuck, “the Austrian son of Lieutenant Schmidt.”
    4. 0
      25 September 2023 08: 12
      This is a serious statement. Of course, prostitution is a common thing in politics, but here it seems that the Serbian president will not be able to take back his words and backtrack. And it seems that this is the opinion of the majority of Serbs, who are ready to fight if necessary.
    5. +1
      25 September 2023 08: 19
      Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic: “Russians! I am now addressing all Russians; residents of Ukraine and Belarus in the Balkans are also considered Russians. Look at us and remember - they will do the same to you when you become disunited and give in. West, chained mad, the dog will grab your throat. Brothers, remember the fate of Yugoslavia! Don’t let this happen to you.”
      As long as Russia is a stronghold of the true faith - Orthodoxy, they will try to divide us, brutalize us (unbridled) and destroy us.
    6. +1
      25 September 2023 11: 42
      The Nazis are "riding" again!!!
      Since the Great War, killing Serbs has been allowed!!!
    7. 0
      25 September 2023 16: 53
      Karabakh is his example and imitation.
    8. -1
      25 September 2023 17: 08
      These are difficult times for the Serbs. The West saw the helplessness of the “red lines” and realized that now its hands were completely untied and that no one would help the Serbs. The most the West expects in response is incoherent muttering and an expression of concern. In such a situation, Vučić is simply a man of steel, trying to hold on until the last.. May God give the Serbs the strength to withstand.
      1. AAK
        25 September 2023 21: 37
        Well, it’s unlikely that we will hear the phrase from another president of another country (whose situation is not nearly as bad as that of poor fellow Vucic) - “...we will never make a deal with Bandera’s people...”
    9. 0
      26 September 2023 13: 45
      Politics is a so-so job. In politics, it is normal to say one thing and do another. Only time will tell whether Vucic is ready to act in accordance with his statements. But in general, good luck to the Serbs and defend theirs.

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